30 Day Sharp Shooter is a top guide on turning out to be an accurate and confident gun shooter. It is one of the best investments for honing your defense skill. The guide contains top shooting techniques. It imparts the key secrets to becoming a sharpshooter.

You will learn how to obtain superior accuracy and assurance of saving yourself in the most dangerous situations. Survivalists, as well as individuals who want to defend their homes, can take advantage of this guide.

Reviews of the guide are all over the Internet. But in this review, you’ll discover what we know about it.

30 Day Sharp Shooter

Overview of 30 Day Sharp Shooter

Unlike other guides, the author goes directly to the point. Without any fluff, you’ll get everything you need to become a sharpshooter.

The author will also teach you how to care for your gun. You’ll learn how to store it properly. You’ll discover unique techniques that aren’t taught in other courses. One can only get these tips from this guide.

The author himself has acquired this compilation of the skills and knowledge over the years. Professionals use these skills and techniques. It’s important to know the right handling and shooting techniques. As a result, you’ll become a better shooter.

30 Day Sharp Shooter  Overview

Who Is The Guy Behind The Program?

A former CIA agent, Jason Hanson has learned various advanced shooting techniques. Through many years of training, he experienced different accuracy drills that give results.

Hanson had written articles at Personal Defense World. The website discusses personal defense subjects like firearms, knives and other gears.

He made the 30 Day Sharp Shooter guide based on his experience and expertise. This is because he wants to make his knowledge widely accessible to individuals. He believes that everyone needs to be confident in their shooting skills in order to defend themselves.

 30 Day Sharp Shooter  Jason hanson

Will Jason Hanson’s Program Work for You?

What comes to your mind when a former CIA agent says that he will demonstrate to you the tactics to become an accurate shooter? You may have this one thing on your mind. Why is he sharing this information? This is simply because Jason is enthusiastically generous about his knowledge.

We know that knowing how to defend ourselves is important. And we know that our nerves often get the best of us when the pressure is on. Thus, it is only logical to learn how to remain calm and accurate when it’s time to pull the trigger.

30 Day Sharp Shooter  Will Jason Hanson’s Program Work for You

Who Can Benefit From The Guide?

Whether you have just acquired a gun, a beginner, intermediate shooter, or you have shot thousands of rounds, you can benefit from the guide. You will get a ton of helpful information about gun safety, proper storage, and right usage according to gun laws.

For beginners, you will learn how to correctly handle your gun and shoot with accuracy and confidence. For intermediate shooters who aren’t fully confident in their shooting skills, you’ll gain a greater accuracy level and high confidence.

30 Day Sharp Shooter  Who Can Benefit From The Guide

What Is Included in the Guide?

The program guarantees to improve your shooting technique. You’ll gain a good chance at protecting yourself in dangerous situations. Due to its many reviews online, the guide has caught our attention. It led us to check what’s inside.

  • Correct Handling for Improved Accuracy

You’ll learn exactly how to advance accuracy. The guide discusses proper carry instructions for your weapon. You’ll also learn how to legally use your gun in order to stay safe while carrying it.

Most of the drills taught in this guide won’t need any ammunition to perform. Hence, you can practice in the comfort of your own home. The 30-day method guarantees that in just one month, your accuracy level will increase by more than 50%.

  • Sharpshooting Techniques

The 30 Day Sharp Shooter guide includes a great number of important shooting tactics. One of them is the blank panel drill. The drill’s aim is to help you hone your accuracy. This doesn’t require any ammo. Furthermore, the guide will show you step by step instructions on how to increase your level of accuracy.

30 Day Sharp Shooter  Sharpshooting Techniques

  • Effective Training and More Drills

You’ll be given effective training that can be performed from your home. Every day, you’ll get a specific drill to improve your shooting. Another drill to perform is the Draw to the Wall. This drill teaches you how to smoothly draw out your gun. You will surely allow you to hit your target in no more than 2 seconds.

The 5-Square Drill is also taught. This drill helps you level up your precision and confidence. Within the week, the drills don’t require ammunition. However, on weekends, you’ll be given live-fire drills. You will have to head out to the shooting range.

  • Defenses learned from CIA

One of the first subjects you’ll find in the guide is the ultimate trigger control secret. Of course, this is no longer a secret to a number of people who already picked up the guide. Knowing this secret will highly improve your accuracy. Many professionals and experts use this technique.

You’ll also gain access to many other techniques as you go along the program. The guide explains the precise steps you should take for each drill. The goal of the guide is to hone your accuracy. Accordingly, when you enter into the shooting range, you can effectively practice the right shooting techniques.


 30 Day Sharp Shooter  Defenses learned from CIA

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Benefits of the Guide

Having this kind of guide is essential for gun owners. It’s useless to simply own a gun. You need to understand and know how to use it and take care of it. If you’re serious about keeping your family and yourself safe, you can take advantage of the guide.

  • It’s Handy

The guide comes as an eBook. For most, it is more convenient and practical than hard copies. It is easily downloadable. You can save it on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Just access it whenever you need it. You may also start immediately with the program without waiting for it to be delivered.

  • Suitable for All Skill Levels

Regardless of your shooting skills level, anyone can use this guide. Your experience doesn’t matter. In fact, the guide is recommended for beginners. Advanced shooters can also benefit from the secret techniques.

  • It’s Fun and Simply Easy to Learn

Once you’re done with the program, you will become as accurate as professionals and experts. What is really great is that the guide has clear images and diagrams. Everything is shown in a precise way.

You will not be clueless about how you should do the shooting instructions. For instance, you will clearly see the correct placement of fingers when pulling the trigger. Therefore, you will accurately learn all techniques.

  • Reasonably Priced and Efficient

This e-book is available at a very low price. Aside from its reasonable price, it’s also very practical. The author himself is an expert and an efficient instructor. Also, unlike personal classes, the guide lets you stay away from commuting expenses.

  • Fully Refundable

If the guide does not come up to its promises, you can take advantage of the full refund policy. Many people gave positive feedback about the guide though. The guide has been proven to be worth having.

30 Day Sharp Shooter  Fully Refundable

Bonus Feature: The Covert Guide to Concealed Carry

Hanson also authors this guide. This e-book actually sells separately. But you will get the e-book for free once you buy the 30 Day Sharp Shooter guide. In this guide, he teaches the secrets to pick the gun that’s perfect for you.

You’ll learn how to properly store your gun. You will also get more tips on refining your accuracy and you’ll learn the tips in finding a perfect holster. More importantly, the laws you need to know are discussed.

What’s Required of You?

Of course, your serious commitment to enhancing your gun skills plays the biggest part. As the program gives its best to equip you, you also have to put in your effort through constant and persistent practice.

One vital thing about the guide is that it won’t give you results if you don’t apply the tactics. On the other hand, you will definitely become better as you train.

Follow the handling and shooting tips on a daily basis. It is not recommended that you skip days.  If you’re inconsistent or lazy to perform drills, then this guide isn’t right for you.

30 Day Sharp Shooter  What's Required of You


The guide 30 Day Sharp Shooter covers useful tips and unique techniques. They’re not widely known among many people. The author of the guide is an ex-CIA officer. The guide will definitely help you level up your shooting accuracy and confidence.

The guide provides secret techniques, and easy to follow visual instructions. More so, it has a bonus e-book. Individuals who are serious about improving their shooting accuracy shouldn’t miss the guide.

Regardless of your skill level, if you want to gain confidence with your gun shooting, you will benefit from the guide. The guide does just what the title promises. It makes you a sharpshooter in just 30 days.

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  1. Richard Oliver

    Do you have an interest in shooting a gun? I know I do! I have played a game of airsoft – which is where you have a team and you need to shoot your opponent with pellets. But I want the real deal! So, I asked for a gun license but I need to pass some tests. Long story short, I failed twice!
    I hope the 30 day sharp shooter can help me!

  2. To those who have licensed guns, then it is a good thing for you to learn two or more tips to use it. It may be of great help when that time comes btw.

  3. Donald Shirley

    The reviews that I have seen from people who have used this one are very nice and they all say the different things that you need to know about the awesomeness of this.

  4. Whenever you are going to buy a book like this one, you will like to know the details that are available about it. That is the reason why I am going to tell you what it is all about and then you will get to decide what you think about this one.
    The book is all about the techniques that you will need to employ and why they are used that way.
    The fact that it is written by an expert who was working with the CIA is a plus because you get to learn the secrets that will make you so much better. This will give you the skill set that is not so common among many people and that is how you will know that you have it.

  5. Anyone who wants to gain confidence with their gun and shooting will benefit from the 30 Day Sharp Shooter guide and the bonus book included. It does exactly what the title promises; it teaches you to be a sharpshooter in 30 days.

  6. Emil Teitelbaum

    I love this because, personally, I am a visual learner, and hearing about a technique is much different than seeing a technique. I think this is an important aspect of the guide that makes it so worth the investment.

  7. Ronald Jones

    This is an in-depth review that will tell you more. From what I gathered when I read the user reviews, I can say that you are in good hands.

  8. There is also the fact that the reviews that have been posted by the users have positive things only to say. This is an advantage and proof of workability.

  9. You will be trained in the best methods that you can use to make the kill shot that will give you the edge and the kind of traction that you need.

  10. Sharon Morin

    The training guide includes the specific steps and strategies that Jason uses himself daily to keep his shooting skills sharp and accurate.

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