Who doesn’t want to explore their higher self? Consider the amazing things you can do to achieve success or the happiness you are after? Certainly no one. But before you attract that happiness and success, you should be self- conscious.

Do you really understand who you are? What are you best at? What are your weaknesses and how are you handling them? However, consciousness is not only restricted to aspects within oneself.

Well, we all have distinct aspirations in life, some want to experience a higher level of happiness, some to utilize their talents to the fullest. Moreover,  some want to overcome life’s tussles while others still even don’t know who they are. I don’t know your story but I might have a long-lasting solution for you.

There is no better solution than going through this book’s review. It offers you a wider view of how you perceive things, realizing your true self. Not-forgetting it aims at helping you maximize your potential and do even more amazing things that you have never imagined.

Trust me, you will achieve that happiness, success or life-fullness you are after.

Beyond Consciousness What is a higher consciousness

What is a higher consciousness?

Dr. Steve G. Jones defined higher consciousness as the awareness of something beyond the ordinary, that is, the consciousness of a higher self. It is that portion of a person’s brain that surpasses all other aspects. This is why this book’s review is really important for everyone because it will change your thinking and perceptions for the better and you will experience life in its fullness.

Beyond Conciousness Techniques

What is higher self?

The higher self can be described in simple terms as the superior attribute in a person that can be achieved and embraced in the physical domain. It is the character in a person that sees, recognizes and comprehends at the maximum level possible. As this happens, the physical aspect of a person is also transformed in the third dimension.

As you begin to explore your true self and achieve higher levels of consciousness, your attributes and the higher self will combine rapidly. And as you experience yourself as a combined higher self, superior levels of understanding, knowledge, and wisdom that the higher self ‘is’ begin to be who you are. Sounds amazing, right?

With this personal evaluation, your perception towards life will change completely because of the awakening and you will actually enjoy it.

So, your higher self is the real you, your complete consciousness and am sure as per now you are just a projection of your higher self’s consciousness. Your higher self is the true you that isn’t worried what other people think or even frustrated by life challenges.

But don’t forget that despite the fact that you haven’t attained that high level of happiness or success in your life, you aren’t connected to your true self. Let me surprise you, it has access to your ambitions, meditations, feelings, and even your plans.


Reconnecting with your higher self

Well, you are now aware that you are connected to your higher self-i.e. beyond your conscience. And if you can attain your true self, believe me, you will enjoy life the most. First thing I can recommend to you is to buy this book “Beyond consciousness”

To some people reading is not that interesting and they would rather listen. But try to go deeper because before long you will realize something greater in you is missing and you will find answers to many life questions that have been bothering you. When the answers seem wiser and knowledgeable than you usually do, trust me you are headed in the right direction to super life experience.

Also, try as much as possible to listen to your inner self. Sometimes it sounds like intuition, a threat or even a voice of motivation, happiness. Or rather it may say “He is your happiness, you can’t lose him!’’ If you are sensitive, you can easily recognize your higher self’s voice.

What happens beyond consciousness?

Once you have attained your true self, you start to think differently as you will be more knowledgeable and with wider perceptions. True happiness comes beyond consciousness because you will have listened to the inner you and not your ego.

You will be able to make wiser decisions that will steer you towards achieving that level of success or happiness you have never comprehended. Exploring oneself comes with maximizing that potential or a talent in you that is blocking your success or happiness.

Once you’ve reconnected with your higher self, feelings that accompany frustrations and life challenges cease to exist because a pure revelation of your life path and all that you are meant to achieve is laid right before you. And you will realize that you are in total control of your happiness and you are capable of turning negatives into positives.

Once the higher self is attained, you are able to make your decisions without seeking other people’s opinion. Finally, you appreciate everything in life including the challenges because you understand that everything is working in your favor.

8 Subconscious techniques to change your life

1. Astral Projection:

Dr. Steve G. Jones through the book, “Beyond consciousness” highlights how to discover the power of astral projection as used in overcoming the shortcomings of physical realms. By projecting your spirit, you can explore realms beyond your imagination. It makes use of your astral body to explore universal realms. This, in turn, enables you to have the spiritual ability to view different dimensions and have psychic knowledge of what to expect when at the brink of various realms.

Beyond Consciousness Astral Projection

2. Self-Hypnosis:

This technique enables you to access your subconscious mind. Learn how self-hypnosis can be used as a valuable tool for self-improvement. By learning and appreciating the four core principles of self-improvement hypnosis, countless benefits are guaranteed.

3. Opening the “Third eye”:

The third eye, located both in your brain and in the spiritual realm of your subconscious, has the potential of unleashing the power that lies beneath your conscious mind. Opening the “third eye” is a significant milestone in the journey of self-improvement.

The third eye

4. Meditation:

This is a simple and popular method of getting in touch and unleashing one’s spiritual and mental energy. Meditation is a simple practice that can be performed within minutes daily. By learning to meditate, you improve your health and well-being. Meditation also sharpens your decision-making skills.

Woman meditating in the woods

5. Paying the Akashic records a visit:

Akashic records, being the divine records of universal knowledge, should be the ideal place of visit in one’s quest for true wisdom and knowledge.

6. Lucid Dreaming:

The world of dreams is one’s own utopia. Lucid dreaming is a special practice that allows you to gain full control of your mind through a spiritual dimension. It can be practiced by anyone desiring a greater dream experience. Learning the practice will help you be self-aware even when unconscious.

Lucid Dreaming

7. Astral sex:

Astral sex is a practice of pure energy and sexual pleasure performed by partners in a real and intimate setting. It results in pleasure in the physical and spiritual realms. With astral sex, one can learn how to maximize their pleasure, attraction, and love.

8. Reading Auras:

Reading a person’s aura is as close as reading their minds. An aura is an energy field generated by everyone. Dr. Steve G. Jones teaches how to read auras to and use the readings to your advantage. Reading auras can help reveal other people’s moods and physical states.

Pros of buying the book:

  • The English used is quite simple and easy to understand.
  • The book widens your scope of thinking and how you perceive things thus helping you to have a deeper revelation of yourself.
  • It helps you realize that it is never too late to attain your higher self and there is much more to live for.
  • It will guide you on how to maximize your talents and skills.
  • Provides tips to attain infinite happiness and intense energy beyond the physical domain.
  • The review is a must read.

Cons of buying the book:

  • The only drawback is that the book is not available in hard copy but that is even better because softcopy is flexible and convenient considering technological advancements.


To conclude my review, I can advise you that if life’s frustrations have weighed you down, it is that point that you need to shade off negative things and attributes in your life. I assure you that life will be more enjoyable and you will experience a high level of happiness.

Give the techniques described in the book a try and you won’t regret. Many people have shared their reviews with family and friends and the feedback is overwhelming. They are now happy; they don’t regret buying it.

It is not too late. Order yours today and buy your key to a happy and fulfilling life.

Beyond Consciousness

Go Beyond Consciousness, and use the lessons you’ll find inside to completely transform the way you think to attract success & happiness into your life!

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  1. It connects you with your spiritual strength so that you boost your abilities. With this book, you can learn to enter the astral plane of consciousness through the wisdom granted by these reviews.

  2. Kevin Sheilds

    This book is very detailed and written with the betterment of mankind in mind. The authors downloads have been meticulously researched to confirm their factual authenticity. It is not just a one and done book, it is a book and message which never stops giving that I regularly refer to.

  3. Kevin Newland

    It’s important to know that preconceived prejudice affects scientists’ attitudes toward the NDE. A reluctance to comprehensively understand this phenomenon unmasks such prejudice.

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