You, too, can practice manifestation. With the help of the Dream Manifestation program, you can start making steps towards your dream life.

Why is manifesting our dreams so hard?

We are told that if you dream it and work hard enough for it, it will come true. Some claim that this doesn’t work for them. Even if they think about what they want for their future, it still seems so far away from reality. Why is manifesting desires so difficult?

Some people can’t tell what exactly they want

For some, manifesting doesn’t seem to work because they don’t know how to imprint their goals into their subconscious. A possible reason is that they don’t know exactly what they want. In dream manifestation, you need to be specific. It’s not enough to hop on the wagon of people that get ahead in life through dream manifestation. You need to know, with all certainty, the life you want to get to live. You need to have specific desires that you envisage regularly. That way, they can be birthed easily. 

For example, if you have a business and your goal is to make it succeed, you can’t just hope that the business will be a success. You have to see the number of sold items or new clients in your mind. Yes, it’s that specific. Some see dream manifestation as a way to get just anything good. No, it is more than that. Dream manifestation is a way to get you your most pressing of desires. 

Some people still talk about the future rather than the now

Another problem that individuals often encounter in manifesting is the “someday” mentality. Whatever your goals, you need to see them happening now. The energy you are releasing will tell you that it will not happen today. 

This is important because a lot of people are scared to go for the life they want. And instead of admitting it, they hide under the guise that they just know that it will happen someday. And more often than not, that day never comes. You need to be confident and ambitious enough to want it to happen now.

Instead of being energized by the idea of inevitable abundance, you might even awaken the negative emotions because of the lack. The tiny voice sowing negativity about your longing for the future you want can block your positive intentions. You need to improve your self-awareness and change your thought patterns. You need to break through your fear and reckon that the future you desire is a possibility and before long, it will unfold before you. If you don’t do that, you might as well be your own undoing. 

Do you need a program to manifest your dreams?

Dream Manifestation Works for everyone

However, if you don’t know how to do the things mentioned above, you can still go ahead to enroll in the program. The creators have got you covered. If you don’t know how to begin manifesting your dream, you will benefit immensely from enrolling in a program that will introduce to you the proper way of visualizing your best life into reality.

If you are one of those who find it hard to fill your mind with the positives in life, or if you are already visualizing positively but are still not seeing any results, then you might benefit from buying a program in dream manifestation. Maybe you are doing something that is blocking the positive energy. You wouldn’t know until you find someone to guide you into manifesting correctly.

One popular manifestation program out there is the Dream Manifestation course started by Jester Brady. Go over this dream manifestation review to see if this class can help you achieve your dream.

Who is Jester Brady?

Jester Brady is the man behind Dream Manifestation. Well, he is the man behind the man. Let’s clarify. Jester was just like any other guy. He was someone who had a family and a job. At a point in his life, everything seemed to be going wrong. Not only was he at a dead-end job, but also they were expecting another child. And then his wife got in an accident, and the bills started to pile up. It was at this time that Jester met a man named Jacob. Jacob gave him a manifestation guide that would turn his life around.

With the help of Jacob’s guide, Jester was able to get work from a company that he was eyeing. Additionally, his son got into the soccer team and was named captain. Because Jester believed that his guardian angel, that was how he viewed Jacob, was responsible for all the good things that happened, then he decided to create the Dream Manifestation program.

Why did they Create the Dream Manifestation program?

Dream Manifestation Product that Rejuvinates you

He wanted to emulate Jacob and be a spiritual guide to others whose lives were filled with negative energy. Jester wanted to help others achieve their goals and reach their dreams. Obviously, his dream was for the people who were like him before to experience the success and happiness that he experienced in his life. And through his program, he was able to help so many.

They now help him spread the word about how the Dream Manifestation program helped them change their lives. If you read any manifestation review for his program, you will without a doubt know that it has been successful in reprogramming the subconscious mind of countless people and helped them achieve their dream life.

What comes with the Dream Manifestation Program?

Dream Manifestation Package

When you decide that you want to stop living in negativity and buy the Dream Manifestation online, you will be provided with instant access to download the eBook guide. The program comes with bonuses in the form of audio and video files.

The eBook serves as a spiritual guide that tells you what to do to see your better future. Moreover, it is your map for your daily activities with abundance and success in your mind.

Comes with lots of bonuses

One of the bonuses is the set of audio files. These are meditation tracks that are 60 minutes long each. These products are set to different natural sounds that promote calm and unleash the power of your subconscious mind.

The sound is a natural oscillator that is specifically arranged based on your brain’s frequency to guide you towards better meditation practice. They are meant to adapt to your brain’s

frequency and awaken the strength in it. The files are named Ocean Waves, Flame Healing, Autumn Fantasy, and Enchanted Forest.

What are the effects of listening to the audio tracks?

Dream Manifestation Benefits

The primary effect of the audio files is to rid you of the negative frequency in mind. The product also surrounds your body with positive energy that should infuse your subconscious mind and push out the negativities. If you listen to the tracks every day, you are going to get the following results:

  • Relief from all the stress in your life
  • Improvement in your self-awareness
  • Get rid of irregular sleeping patterns
  • Open your minds to the possibility of a better future
  • Have a clearer picture of your dream

The more you listen to the audios, the more you feel relaxed and positive both in mind and body. Listening to the meditation track series for just 60 minutes will change you.

The extra energy from getting better sleep will keep your body alert. Your thought pattern will start improving as well. When your body is more relaxed and getting enough sleep, you get more benefits, such as:

More focused mind

The more you can focus, the more productive you can be. Imagine how this will help you in school or at work. You can learn better or finish your work faster. If you do well, then you will earn more. With more money, you can pay off any debts or buy what you need.

Better immune system

When you have good immunity, hence you won’t easily get sick. Your body will feel stronger, and you can do more. The program will allow you to do the things that you’ve always wanted to do in life.

Lessened anxiety

All the individuals who have tried this tool and listened to the audio commented that they started out feeling so much anxiety. The users experienced success in conquering that by changing the frequency by which their brains work. The program will help you rid yourself of anxiety.

Bravery to take risks

You might even want to take more life-changing risks. What is the result of this program? If you do this, you are bound to take steps that will help you achieve your dreams. As a result, you will be brave enough to do something to get you where you want to be.

More positive demeanor

Instead of always feeling negative emotions, you will feel happier when you are healthier and more productive. When you are a positive person, you can develop healthy relationships. People will naturally gravitate towards you, and you will attract the right people who will help you achieve your dreams. Finally, you will also have a better handle on your emotions.

Why should you buy the Dream Manifestation Program?

Dream Manifestation Release Negative Energy

The best thing about this program is that you don’t have to study or learn anything. There is no book to answer. You just need to download the tools from the site. By simply listening to the audio track of your choice, the neural activity in your brain will start improving.

By listening to the guidance and following the system, you will be able to follow your dreams and actually see a better future for yourself. It follows the law of attraction. When you can see positive things happening in your future, then you receive the tools to reach that dream.

With continued practice and guidance, your brain will become convinced of the good future that you are envisioning. Your body and brain will become more relaxed. You will experience better sleep and boost all the other functions of the body. As a result, with the energy and positivity you are experiencing, you will be able to reach your dream of abundance, peace, and success.

There are numerous tracks for you to choose from. You can select the file with the sound frequency that you want to hear for that day. Choose to listen to the manifestation sounds of the ocean, the forest, a healing flame, or whatever track you need that day.

Does it come with a guarantee?

Dream Manifestation 100% Guarantee

Yes, the program comes with a money-back guarantee. Brady is confident that his product is going to bring you positive results. You can read from the reviews that very few ask for their money back.

You can read more about the money-back guarantee on the program’s official website. Nevertheless, if you are unlike everyone who has tried using these tools, you just need to contact the representatives and provide your name, email used, or email address, and you will get a refund.

How can you get your copy of this Dream Manifestation program?

If you look up dream manifestation programs, you’ll realize that there is a lot of available options online. There are products in book and cd form. There are also workshops that you can join. You can watch videos on YouTube or join programs you discover from reading any review.

But know that many have proven this one by Jester Brady to have good results. You’d be able to read all their testaments on Facebook, claiming how the manifestation program helped them improve their lives. Even professionals who review dream manifestation programs agree that it is effective.

Order it from their official website

If this manifestation review has convinced you that this product is the one for you, all you need to do is go on any browser and go to the official website and click the icon for “Add to Cart.” The site will lead you to a secure order form. You will need to fill in the part for your name and your email address. Your details are secure even if it uses cookies. They use cookies to enhance your experience.

After paying, you will get instant access to the product. Download the content (manifestation PDF and MP3 files) onto your laptop, tablet, phone, or eBook reader. Once you have the files, you can begin listening to the meditation audio tracks using any MP3 player on your device. Immediately begin attracting abundance and happiness in your life.

If you have any questions, you can give the team a call, and they will gladly try to help you in using the program. Additionally, if you find that you would rather use other dream attraction programs, the product’s 60-day guarantee ensures everyone that a refund can be requested anytime. Just leave your name, email, and details. They will process your request.

Why is the program so affordable?

Other dream manifestation courses cost hundreds of dollars. Some online programs that are similar to the program that Jester Brady is offering cost almost three times. Just like the similarly popular 15-minute Manifestation program by Eddie Sergey. It offers the same kind of mp3 file that is designed to reprogram your brain and rid it of negativity. The main difference is his program is shorter, yet it is more expensive. That is why some comment that it must not be effective.

The reason behind the affordable price of this program is the motivation of the creator. Jester did not want to become rich off the successful manifestation guide handed to him by his guardian angel. Indeed, he wanted to use it to help others gain self-confidence, more money, more energy, and more happiness. His product will help others reach their goals.

Share your Dream Manifestation review on Facebook

Dream Manifestation Facebook Share

Once you’ve tried this dream manifestation program and found success, abundance, and happiness, don’t hesitate to share your experience. You can talk about how its mediation audio track series really work. Post your dream manifestation review so that other people will also discover this interesting manifestation program.

Your genuine dream manifestation review will help convince more individuals to try out the product and improve the quality of their lives. You can also comment on the testaments about your journey towards abundance.


Everyone dreams of success, but not everyone can manifest their dream life now. In this Dream manifestation review, we found out that the Dream Manifestation program offered by Brady can help you. With the eBook and audio files, you will learn how to manifest your dream. The tracks adapt to your vibrations and free your mind. It calms you down and relieves stress. Once your body releases the stress, you begin to sleep better. These things will cause a domino effect in your life and result in good things going your way.

To sum up, if you believe this manifestation review and think that your life can benefit from more positivity, then you should try this program. See if you will also be able to manifest your dream and improve your life. If the product proves ineffective for you, you have a 60-day window to get your money back.

“Visualize what you want to do before you do it. Visualization is so powerful that when you know what you want, you will get it.” Audrey Flack


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