Preparing for a disaster or a contingency is something we do every day. For example, you buy more sugar because you heard there would be a shortage or you are just saving for your old age. Even the money you put in retirement benefits schemes are all part of preparing for a future event.

The government makes all this information readily available to help you plan for the future while withholding the most important information. The government is playing a scam on its citizens. The information is so critical that the government agencies are ready to hunt any person who breaks the message to the public.

Extreme Family Survival Disaster Preparedness

Luckily there are always true patriots like Jason Richards who are willing to risk their lives in order to save your life. The message on disaster preparedness has been handled in many reviews and journals, but there is something all those materials you have been reading have always been avoiding.

This is the key determinant of the economic performance of any state.

The public debt -The national debt is in excess of 10 trillion shillings. If you can just think of the figures, you can be able to realize that the USA has got into a deep pit from which it cannot pull itself out.

It has reached a point where it can longer sustain its budget and resulted in borrowing. To make the matter worse, it has even used a considerable amount of social security and retirement funds hoping to recover and top up the balance.

Unfortunately, the situation seems to deteriorate further and no positive response has been seen from the economy. The government is not sure if at all it will ever recover.

The only sure thing is that there is a looming crisis and our main question is ‘when will it be?’ By nature, a crisis cannot be estimated to happen at an exact, concise time, but it can be predicted.

All the prediction signals are pointing to a point that is very near

Extreme Family Survival Life Saving Opportunity

  • Food packages have reduced, and prices have skyrocketed.
  • Any minor protest by the public is labeled hooliganism and as an act of terrorism.
  • Coercing or threatening of those people who try to oppose the government.
  • The government has increased its surveillance on its citizens through bank accounts and mobile devices- This is in a bid to get as much information as possible regarding your lifestyle and know exactly where to get you in case a need arises.
  • Death threats for those against the government are rampant.

All these are pointing signals that the government is trying to hide something from you. Luckily for anyone who finds this page, gets a life-saving opportunity. For those who will need to review the call and purchase the pdf, they will save their life, and for those who won’t, they will surely lose it.

When all these things will have passed the real crisis will strike,

  • You will have lost your retirement funds.
  • Social security accounts will be dry.
  • You will feel like a refugee in your own country.
  • You will literally have no future.

That is the time when you will realize that all that you thought you had planned for was actually a wrong stride on a wrong foot.

You will be exposed to danger and chaos as if you had done nothing at all.

Jason Richards has written a book called Extreme Family Survival; it is a must-have survival guide no matter how well prepared you to believe you are. You might still be among the 98 % of the Americans who have been doing the act of disaster preparation in the wrong way.

That statistic figure is nothing to ignore bearing in mind only less than 2% of all the Americans are the ones who are well prepared. In order to be able to make a concrete decision, just forget everything you know and make a decision to buy the Extreme Family Survival kit now.

This Extreme Family Survival kit will be covering these three major mistakes people do while trying to prepare for a crisis;

First mistake: underestimating the risk

Extreme Family Survival Signs of Crisis

The signs of a crisis are written all over the wall:

  • The High levels of the national debt,
  • Food and fuel prices have actually doubled in the last eight years.
  • The unemployment level has risen to more than 10%- report by Reuters
  • The inflation rate has gone up by more than 4%

What is the government doing about this?

Nothing!, just manipulating the figure in order to cheat the people that everything is alright. They are living in a state of denial. They manipulate inflation and the unemployment rate in order to portray that the economy is recovering. In a recent government report, they reported an unemployment rate of 6%, 4 % less than what it really is.

They have not started it now but rather this manipulation practice has been going on for the last 16 years. The government is certainly sure that something is very wrong and the bubble will burst soon.

Currently, as the records state only 86 million of all the 318 million US citizens is working class. The figures show that the majority of the population is actually unproductive. Worse still, future predictions are projecting that only one person will be working out of six.

What will the rest of the people do?

They will involve themselves in terrorist activities and looting since they will have no other option to make a living. They will sell their patriotism for money and betray their own nation. Terrorism will become a fight among fellow citizens.

It will be such a hard thing to control since the terrorist will be living among you. Experts predict that the chaos and terrorist activities that will hit America will be in the value of trillion dollars, it will make the 9/11 attack look like it was a mere experiment.

The real thing will cost the US citizens their life; it will take almost infinity to recover from the loss. Everybody will be for himself and the only ones who will make it through are estimated to be less than 2%. You have the power to book your success ticket by securing this pdf copy and actually reading it.

The second mistake; – Stocking the wrong items,

Extreme Family Survival Determine your Fate

Everybody knows that the basic survival kit should consist of food, clothing, shelter or bedding materials and sleeping devices. Most of the people get lost in food only and think that they can survive on that only.

In times of crisis, you and only you determine your fate. This is not to mean that you have to take courses on survival tactics. No, these are just simple things like learning to build a toilet, how to purify water, how to keep diseases at bay, kind of clothes to wear, their color and more minor details.

These are all comprehensively covered in the Extreme Family Survival kit.

Third mistake – Not keeping your survival strategies a secret,

Extreme Family Survival Not keeping a Secret

The current state of affairs as per research is that Americans are losing out their right to privacy at a very high rate. The government agencies are too nosy that they want to track even your friends, where you live, what you drive, your age, and more information you might consider private.

Only a few months are remaining to organize your card again and hide the winning number without the knowledge of the government. Failure to do this will expose you to the dangers of starvation and execution by government officials’ or yet still getting behind bars.

If you are still living in wishes, I would strongly advise you to take an action now and head over to the purchase button and get yourself the manual guide.

Something is clearly about to happen.

  • It has been established that NSA is collecting 5 billion records a day.
  • They have more information regarding you than you may think.
  • FEMA camps are being expanded at an alarming rate.
  • The government is buying heavy war trucks and military-grade vehicles.
  • People are getting disarmed every day.
  • Large bunches of ammunition have been bought and stored.
  • Large piles of fuel are hidden in secret places by the government.


For sure, the government is preparing for something, they know something is about to happen, and they are preparing for your death. They are planning on how to eliminate you. ‘Yes,’ you the person who will be fighting against your wealth from being seized, your food being taken away, you are the target of the crisis.

The good news is that you have the opportunity to save your life and that of your family. If you try to look for all the crucial information on the internet or on other reviews online, you will find none.

Jason dug the internet day and night, spent sleepless nights while trying to compile this survival kit. Unless you want to spend much time on trial and error methods, you ought to get a copy of the eBook.

For those who will not have had the chance of getting this pdf manual, the disaster will hit them like a tsunami. Some will actually die even before the disaster strikes. It will be worse than the third world war and harsher than the great depression of the year 2007.

Your own government will become your greatest enemy. They will force you to surrender your wealth.

What is specifically covered in the guide?

The survival medicine guide,

Extreme Family Survival Medicine Guide


During times of crisis, one thing you cannot escape is the injuries and infections. This guide will show you how to save lives without any medical background; you will know the natural products to use; cure and suppress magnitude of any disease. The guide will show you where to source for the survival kit items, their cost and budget involved will just surprise you. It is very low.

The survival food guide,

The guide will take you through the storage process, how to select what to stock, how to cook with limited resources. You will also know how to grow your own food and keep the well of food flowing into your house.

Better still, if the crisis by fate falls without you having all the necessary foods, you will learn how you can access food even in a crisis. You will also learn how to hide your food in most obvious places that even the government agencies will not suspect it.

After reading the secret ingredients chapter, you will discover foods that can be consumed as a diet, be used on wounds as medicine, and also use it as a laundry ingredient to wash your clothes.

The water crisis guide,

Extreme Family Survival Water Crisis

No matter how dry the place you are living in is, the truth of the matter is that after buying the pdf, you will learn undisputed techniques to get water for your family. You will know how to dig a well and even store your water safely in the best containers. The guide shows you how to purify water without boiling it.

The home safety guide,

Your home can be a target for looters, government agencies, fire, and many more risks. You will learn how to take full control of all the entry and exit points in your home. The guide will also show you paint that is fireproof, and you can paint it on your home too.

Get your gun guide,

Extreme Family Survival having the Right Weapon

Having the right weapon when you are attacked is the only sure way to save your life. The guide will show you what to use and it will much stronger than an AA2 automatic machine gun. FEMA officials will even be scared to enter your house. Even government officials will try to get your tricks, and the guide will show you how to make use of this opportunity.

Natural disaster kit,

Natural disasters can cause havoc to an entire society. But not to you, not to any person who will have read the Extreme Family Survival guide. The guide covers all tsunamis, tornados, drought, earthquakes and more. Any action required to be taken to stay safe in such occurrences is comprehensively covered here.

The financial survival guide,

During the time of crisis, money loses value and the mode of trade comes back to barter trade. Know how well to avoid running out of tools of the trade by reading this financial survival guide.

The martial law survival guide,

Extreme Family Survival Place yourself on Advantage

This is the survival guide that will protect you from ruthless authorities. In case the functional government fails, there is a likely merciless execution. This guide will teach you how to place yourself to their advantage and escape the assaults.

The power grid collapse guide,

During times of crisis, power is the most important thing you don’t need to lack. The guide will get you prepped to use natural resources to generate all your power needs: heating, lighting, cooking, and any other activity you were doing with electricity.

The survival mindset guide,

During times of crisis, your mind can get in a state of panic and be unable to make rational decisions. If you read through the Ebook, you will learn the proven ways to make your mind stay calm despite how pathetic the situation may seem to be.

Accompanying bonus

The purchase decision s is also graced by an additional special five bonuses including the riot safety for Patriots. All these bonuses are premium materials that can be sold on their own and still make money but for the sake of making them readily available and help as many people as possible; they are put out as free bonuses.

What if it is a scam?

Extreme Family Survival Is it Scam

The purchase is covered by 60 days money-back guarantee. To cover all, it is applicable even in our day to day lives even without the crisis. The strategies taught in by Jason Richards will help you to make a saving. This can either be on food purchase or in the real disaster preparation activity.


Extreme Family Survival is meant to enable you to survive the harshest crisis conditions.  The author of the book Jason Richards is a survival expert and has a ton of experience on how to survive crisis having worked in the army for more than a decade. He has fought in Afghanistan and Gulf wars and still managed to survive.

The guide will offer you copyright army strategies to survive. It is a real patriot savior. The time to make a purchase decision is now since the government can decide to pull down the sales page any soon. The eBook has been written based on real-life situations and some scientifically proven survival methods that are natural and human-friendly.



Get Your Family Prepared For An Emergency, Click Here Today To Get Started With The Extreme Family Survival Course!

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  1. Lucy Britton

    As my grandma likes to say – it is better to be overprepared than under. So now I made sure that my whole family knows what to do, if a disaster strikes. And this guide helped me a lot.

  2. Michele Hickman

    It presents you with knowledge and skills on how you can be able to make it through a long-term disaster.

  3. Survival in extreme conditions is an absolute necessity for a family! I’d always want my family to be safe. In this regard, this guide has equipped me with all the knowledge I need for me and my family to survive.

  4. It’s not just the guide for survival; it’s a knowledge we all must possess to help ourselves and the family members. I just bought the product out of curiosity but it filled me with some invaluable ideas.

  5. I do not think there is anyone who would not take this product because it is the best. When i go through the guide i sometimes think that the author has seen the future. If you want to be ready and actually survive you and your family then this is it. It has all the tips one needs to have to be prepared.

  6. Connie Johnson

    Extreme Family Survival is comprehensive course that is brand new to the market. Its designed was aimed at aiding people in acquisition of knowledge and skills that are important on survival.
    Showing you how you can be able to survive with your family through any sort of long term disaster. Be it man made of works of Mother Nature.

  7. Peter Hampton

    Extreme Family Survival is comprehensive course that is brand new to the market. Its designed was aimed at aiding people in acquisition of knowledge and skills that are important on survival.
    Showing you how you can be able to survive with your family through any sort of long term disaster. Be it man made of works of Mother Nature.

  8. Extreme Family Survival is comprehensive course that is brand new to the market. Its designed was aimed at aiding people in acquisition of knowledge and skills that are important on survival.
    Showing you how you can be able to survive with your family through any sort of long term disaster. Be it man made of works of Mother Nature.

  9. In this guide, you will learn how to ensure your family isn’t susceptible to any execution from law officers, such as curfews and forced relocations among others.

  10. Dustin Thornhill

    Reading is really easy. The program’s package has been organized nicely and writing in a language that is simple to understand.

  11. Anthony Acosta

    This is geared towards ensuring you are prepared fully in the event of a crisis. You are going to receive access to lifetime updates for free! Yes, you heard it right. At no cost whatsoever.

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