Have you ever felt really capable, but still unable to get things done in life?

I know I have, and I know how the experience is.

The constant feeling that your life is going nowhere, though you try to make changes so that things take a turn for the better, but nothing happens.

Things start going downhill a little faster when you try to make everything right.

The greatest cause for the failure of highly competent and able people time and again has been the habit of procrastinating.

About putting things off until later and not finishing what you’ve started.

My life was slowly going downhill

Find your Focus Habit of Procrastination

I was in a job, I didn’t want to be, but was too scared to quit, not knowing what I’d do without a job.

I had lost confidence in my abilities to work hard, accomplish things and get myself a job I loved.

I wasted my time doing a job I didn’t care about only because I didn’t believe in myself enough. At home, anything I started, I failed to complete. Be it my children’s DIY projects or a task my spouse wanted me to take up.

I was a constant disappointment for my family that always looked up to me.

I was ashamed of myself and couldn’t believe I had turned into such a big failure at life. My life failed each time because of my habit of procrastinating, but I just could not get myself to focus.

I was not able to give 100 percent of myself to anything that I was doing, and that was the main reason I was not able to finish things.

I had hit rock bottom

I spent most of my time pondering over what happier people did in order to be happy.

What made some people successful at anything they started out with, and why I could not be like those people.

What did these people do so differently that got them ahead in life?

I had friends from school, who were academically average, but we’re doing great in life and in their relationships. I so desperately needed to know what their secret was and to follow it in my own life.

I wanted to be unstuck

Find your Focus Turn your Life Around

I was at the lowest point in my life when someone suggested to me a program called “Find your Focus” by Zach Browman.

He had witnessed people using this technique become successful in whatever they were doing in life and thought it would inspire me too.

I was skeptical about anything that made me pay and didn’t want to buy this program. But one night, I realized that if this program worked, I’d finally be able to turn my life around.

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Buying the program

Before I bought the program, I checked reviews on it, and boy was I amazed.

The internet had a lot of satisfied customers, and I was happy I had landed here. I watched the introductory video and it was nothing like anything I had watched before.

The author is really inspiring and does a great job at motivating you.

He explains his own story of how, after months of research and being a chronic procrastinator, he was finally able to turn his life around. His life story, though embarrassing, shared on the video, was an incentive powerful enough to buy this program.

I have never been sorry about this life decision and will recommend this program to everyone else that feels a need for it.

What’s inside the program?

Find your Focus Whats inside the Program

This program has the following modules built into it.

Module 1: Why you procrastinate

This module explains the psychology of procrastination and how your thoughts affect your habit of procrastination and keep you trapped in an endless loop of procrastination.

Module 2: Drive

In this module, you will learn more about the Reward Loop.

This activates your brain’s pleasure centers every time you work or accomplish something.

It also discusses the importance of the way in which you set goals and how this affects everything else that follows. This module discusses the four crucial goal-setting mistakes people make that put them on the road to failure.

Also, there is a ’30-second, 2 door technique” which you can use anywhere to flip your ‘drive’ switch to become more optimistic about the work lying in front of you.

Module 3: Focus

This module teaches a technique called the ‘Focus Magnet Technique’ that embeds focus triggers in your work and hooks your attention to them so that the attention remains and you do not have to put in extra effort to stay focused.

Focus associations’ technique to be able to enter a state of deep focus each time you start working.

A technique called the Reverse Magnet technique works wonders with avoiding distraction with Social media sites and is discussed here.

Module 4: Indecision

Self-doubt is one of the main reasons we choose to put off work for later and lack the focus to carry it through to completion.

In this module, the author discusses techniques to wisely eliminate self-doubt.

Sometimes, we are so focused on being perfectionists that we tend to lose control over the time spent on the job. A technique discussed in this module helps the readers learn when good enough is good enough and not let perfectionism hold back progress on your work.

This module also teaches a technique called the ‘Ready, fire, aim mindset that helps you prevent over planning and plan only for things that you can perfectly achieve.

Module 5: Anxiety Avoidance

This module helps you curb anxiety at its roots, by cutting off the fear that causes this anxiety.

Also, there is a technique to discuss the elimination of the fear of failure, judgment, and hesitation, which are strong deterrents to moving forward.

This module explains the importance of ordering things, and why it makes a big difference. Also, the importance of prioritizing things and why it can be a source of anxiety is covered in great length here.

My Experience with this program

Find your Focus Experienced the Joy of being a Doer

After I started applying the steps outlined in this program, I truly started experiencing the joy of being a doer.

The simple concept put forward by Zach, made me think about how effectively high achievers use this technique all their lives to accomplish so much success.

When I started putting this technique into practice, I slowly watched myself transform. Things that I felt were too boring, now felt like challenges to me.

I was more than happy to quickly tick off big to-do lists and enjoy the rest of my new found freedom with my family. What felt so wonderful was how I could spend time with them, not worrying about a huge to-do list haunting me in the back of my mind.

This course taught me that I wasn’t lazy, nor I lacked will power. Procrastination had become a powerful habit for me, and I could change it.

Finally, I have started spending more time with my family, and it feels great to be able to be there for them when they need me most.

Benefits of this program

By following the steps in this program, you will experience instant transformation from a procrastinator into a doer.

You will find that you need lesser time to do things that would actually take much more and that you would find plenty of free time to relax and rejuvenate with people at home.

The concepts explained here are really easy to learn and follow.

This program helps you with techniques to make you feel good about things you have accomplished and teaches you to look at work like play.

This program helps you find success momentum in life. With your newfound ability to accomplish things faster and more efficiently, you will regain your old confidence in life.

Your social interactions and family life will begin to shine in a new light, and you will find that your relationships with people will truly begin to blossom. When there is no longer a big to-do list haunting you in the back of your mind, you will feel truly free, and it will reflect in the way you interact with people at home or outside.

You will finally begin to see the beauty of living in the present, and people will feel truly loved and cared for in your life.

My life today

I have a great job now and I’m a productivity machine and receive a lot of compliments at work for being so disciplined and accomplishing everything fast yet effectively.

There is no temptation to procrastinate, and the thought of putting things off for another time is itself so hard to digest.

I now look forward to things I should be doing and tasks to focus on, to get things done each day.

The kind of rush I get from completing tasks assigned to me, cannot be expressed in words.

I do not usually write reviews, but in the form of my review, I give thanks to the author for devising this totally awesome Mind Hacking technique called ‘Find your Focus’.

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  1. Jacqueline

    This was one of those things that just popped up randomly while I was online. Dug around a bit and I came across this. Just recently divorced, my teenage daughter is pregnant and staying with just as I got let go from my dead end job. A lot going on, no doubt this is what I need. Just wanted you to know you’ve helped me a lot on my lowest day.

  2. Vanderkoff

    Your story is inspiring, I currently am going through a huge ordeal and needed to find a way to stay focus. This will be a huge help for me and for many people!

  3. I’ve been at the crossroad of my life where I don’t know what to do, felt so helpless with the things that’s happening in my life. I don’t have a work and been stacked up with many bills that needs attention. I am given hope with this program and right now I am slowly understanding the things that I should do to make my life right again.

  4. I lost my best friend recently and have been depressed for a while. I so wanted to distract myself but could not. Then I came across this while reading about meditation recently and I am at a stage where I am bit relieved and all thanks to this really well-written post.

  5. Overcoming hard times is not an easy job. With this inspirational writing I have been successful in getting the desired results out of my life. Thanks a lot.

  6. Hermelinda Mills

    In every person’s life, comes a time when they feel stuck and unable to move on. This program is truly an angel in disguise. With this product, the author makes sure that the user is able to find the right resources to feel unstuck in life. When a person is able to flow freely with life, all good things come to him in abundance. I hope this product serves as an elixir for people to truly feel wonderful about the lives they are living.

  7. Keith Hanson

    What an amazing program! Actually, focus is the true thing that makes us achieve so many things in life, if not everything!

  8. I’m glad you shared your story with us. It motivated me to do the same, and while our stories do differ, the results are the same: we both succeeded thanks to the Find Your Focus.

  9. Jeanne Grubb

    A brilliant creation. When you are helpless and frustrated, you should try this program. I used it and got good results. It helped me teaching how to focus on things and, so, I could reach my destination at last.

  10. Find your focus is a product that i will agree it is special in it very own way. This is a system that i have been using for some time now and it has helped me understand and change so many things in my life. It is the best i have ever seen.

  11. Denise Million

    Find Your Focus is a productivity course program that helps people beat procrastination, defeat distraction, and increase productivity. It also helps increase your focus which can lead to finishing desired tasks on time.

  12. this PDF eBook promises to change the way that you view life and the way that it all happens when you decide that you are going to focus on something. Finding the focus in your life is something that you will have to do and that is why this.

  13. Melvin Vance

    I have already found my focus. I will be ask honest as i can about this system. This is because i like how it works. Very comprehensive hence being effective. I am surely better than before.

  14. It is very brilliant what is going on in this program. I can confidently say that the author of this product surely understands so much about life.What makes me love this system is the fact that it offers tips that are really easy to follow. It is a great program.

  15. Compared to some of the garbage offerings out there, I’m actually quite a fan of this product and have recommended it to a number of people from all different walks of life.

  16. Edward Sheldon

    It is an actual system, it is very easy to follow and implement it into the day to day life of the customer using worksheets and other tools to constantly keep an eye on your progress.

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