Being an outdoor adventurous person requires that you have a variety of tools to use when in the woods. Strong worker boots, strong tactical jackets, maybe a hat, and many other things. One thing that can never miss among the tools is a flashlight and a strong one at that.

A little about this military-grade Hybeam flashlight. It is manufactured by the USA-based Family Protection Association(FPA), a survivalist group whose aim is to offer safety, security, and reliability.  They are located in Austin, Texas, and offer membership benefits to registered clients. The membership benefits include video lectures, VIP status, reduced shipping price, premium customer service, and other useful items and resources.

Hybeam Tactical Flashlight Review: Features

Hybeam Flashlight Features

More about the company

The FPA provides you with a Home Survival Course with topics like Self-Defense, Alternative Energy, and Where Not to Store. The website has also mentioned something about Protein Power.

The Hybeam flashlight is truly a versatile product.  Check the detailed review of it.

“Stuck in the dark? Find a ray of bright light from the flashlight”

Hybeam Tactical Flashlight Review: Features

Hybeam tactical flashlight is a high illuminating LED flashlight. It is number one feature is the YAG LED bulbs. These have strong beams, which result in a strong output. The piece is ultra-small, weighs less, is waterproof, and is virtually unbreakable.

Through membership, you can be a survival life community member. Let us now look at some of the Hybeam tactical flashlight features.

Aircraft body

Hybeam Tactical Aircraft body

Most flashlights in the market are constructed using commercial-grade aluminum. Hybeam tactical flashlight is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum. Originally, it was made for the US military, hence the sturdy construction. The aircraft-grade aluminum material is tough and lightweight. This gives the flashlight resilience against physical impacts.

Authentic YAG LED bulb

Hybeam Tactical Authentic YAG LED bulb

What’s the secret of the military-grade Hybeam flashlight.

The flashlight features a 300 lumens LED bulb. This makes it usable by different categories of users. So, you can use it if you are a low-light kind of person or otherwise. It is as well safe for people with reading glasses.

Analytically, regular flashlights would shine 3 to 4 feet. Hybeam tactical flashlight shines more than double this. This means it can light an entire 50 square foot area. This output makes it convenient for use where strong lighting is needed.

So, when you are out camping in the woods and need to light your tent, the beams from the flashlight is enough to make your entire tent glow; no extra lighting is necessary. You can also use the Hybeam flashlight to light your way in the dark through the woods.


Hybeam Flashlight Solar Powered

The cool part with the tactical flashlight is that it is designed to accept and operate on solar power. This eliminates the need to use disposable batteries. While electricity will charge faster, the solar charge is still also the same and will operate normally.


Hybeam Flashlight Waterproof

Hybeam flashlight has multiple O- rings which are responsible for making it waterproof. The flashlight can thus allow you to run with it through the rain or swim with it without any malfunctions.

Sharp edges

Hybeam Flashlight Sharp Edges

One unique thing about the flashlight is that besides illumination, it can also be used for self-defense.

It has a ring that you can twist to reveal a beveled edge which can be used as a defense weapon. This can be handy, especially when you are faced with an attacker or a wild animal. The sharp edges can also be used as a utility tool to break or cut stuff, among others.

Power saving mode

Hybeam Flashlight Power Saving

The Hybeam tactical flashlight uses a 3-settings switch with high beam, low beam, and strobe light modes.

Once you push back the switch to put on the flashlight, the first mode is the high beam. This mode is very bright, and its illumination can cover wider areas, even make a tent glow. One drawback, though, is that this mode can consume a lot of power.

The low beam is also bright but not as bright as the high beam. The catch with it is that it shines fairly bright but saves a lot of power.

The flash strobe beam setting flickers and can be useful in instances when you need to call for help. For more details about the strobe beam setting, you can watch the video on the survival life website.

Recharging accessories

Besides the Hybeam flashlight, you will also get extra content and resources in the package. You will get both a home charger and a car charger. A step-by-step manual is also included in the package.

Long-lasting battery

Though small in size, when fully charged, the Hybeam flashlight AA battery can last for at least 8 hours. This makes it convenient for outdoor adventures like camping in the woods for days.

Fortunately, the flashlight only uses one AA battery at a time. To be safe, you can always carry two; one for use and the other for backup.

You think that a single small battery may not last long. However, some customers claim that with the bright setting, the battery works for 4 hours. There are also multiple O-rings to protect your device from water.

Hybeam flashlight emits bright light, although the size is small. The brightness of the beam is about 250 to 300 lumens. You can set the low beam, as it is bright.

Charging indicator

This military-grade flashlight has an easy-to-read charging indicator. This alerts you on how the battery is charging as well as the level of charge. The battery cell has high endurance. Once fully charged, it can retain the charge for hours or sometimes days.

Shock resistance

The aircraft aluminum used on the military-grade LED flashlight is shock resistant. Because of this, it has high resilience against physical impact. It can resist extreme conditions, and you’d be comfortable getting on the ground floor and being a beta tester for its durability.


Hybeam Flashlight Compact Size

The Hybeam flashlight is only 3.5″. This is a compact size which you can carry around easily. It can fit in any fairly sized pocket as well as small handbags. For better convenience, the flashlight features a quick and simple tail cap button. This allows for one-handed use, making it easy to hold.

Hybeam lifetime guarantee

Hybeam stands behind the product with a lifetime warranty. This is a guarantee that the Hybeam tactical flashlight will function well without any workmanship or material defects.

Hybeam Flashlight Review Conclusion

This military-grade Hybeam tactical flashlight is a handy product. It double-ups both as a torch, a self-defense gadget, and a tool. It can be an essential item for you if you are a survivalist who enjoys outdoor adventures, in the woods or underwater. With the right mode setting, it can also be used for regular daily usage.

You can check the Hybeam tactical flashlight review on the internet on the family protection association website All Rights Reserved ©  Hybeam Flashlight. Also, the survival life community website has one video on its product page showing the features of the Hybeam flashlight.

One more thing, fill in the required fields marked as *comment name*,* email address* on the survival life website to get an opportunity to review the Hybeam flashlight. About the membership, you may be directed to the waitlist page and contacted later.

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