When you prepare your survival kit, bug-out bag, or even just your home bag, what is one thing that you definitely need to put inside it? Make sure that you have waterproof fire starters in it.

The Lifestrike waterproof lighter fire starter is not just something that you can use to light a cigarette. You can also use fire starters to seal the end of nylon cords or open a stubborn jar.

Why should you buy a waterproof lighter?

Lifestrike Lighter Set Why should you buy a waterproof lighter

According to Globe Surfer, “There are many times when a lighter will fail to work.” Having an easy way to start a fire in your survival gear is an important part of making it through extreme situations. You need it to cook your food, dry your clothes, sterilize your drinking water, or illuminate your shelter. There are many other ways to set things ablaze without a fire starter. You can rub two sticks together, strike a flint, or use a Ferro rod. However, survival life experts suggest saving your energy for more important matters and just using a fire starter in such situations. 

A Perma match or regular lighters can do the job. However, if you plan to add the fire starter device to your survival life set, it is a better idea to purchase a little more reliable product. Most regular lighters fail when they get rained on. To survive in any adverse situation, you need a reliable product even if you carry it in your pocket through a flood or torrential rain. You will need a lighter that is waterproof. “All it takes is the single spark of a lighter.”

Essential Components

The Life strike lighter consists of some essential components which will surely make you buy it.

  • It has a stainless steel key ring, which is one of the most practical parts of the lighter, which enables you to attach your keys to the lighter’s ring, and thus, your keys will be a lot less likely to be lost; they will be in one place with the firestarter.
  • Unlike the standard day-to-day lighter’s flint wheel that you see, this lighter’s flint wheel has a different design. 
  • The steel fuel capsule is one of the waterproof segments of the lighter. Your lighter may accidentally fall in water or even get run over by a car; yet, you will still be able to fire up the lighter; allowing you to use the lighter in harsh and rough conditions. 
  • The lighter has a fully adjustable wick, which allows you to smoothly fix the wick’s length and thus, can also control the size of the flame.
  • It has a unique ultra double O ring feature, which makes sure that there is no shortage of fuel, and thus, provides you a decent supply of fuel.
  • The lighter’s flint rod allows you to strike up to 30,000 times, because of which you can use the instrument many times.
  • The rayon batting feature of the lighter enables the lighter to absorb one hundred percent of the fuel ensuring that you have enough fuel supply and can use the light many times.

Why choose a lighter that can get wet over waterproof matches? Tap here to know more.

Lifestrike Waterproof Lighter Why choose a lighter that can get wet over waterproof matches? Tap here to know more

A lighter that is designed to be submerged underwater and lasts longer than any match. With the former, you are limited to the number of matches you can fit inside your bag. You are forced to ration your use of them because they will run out eventually. Since lighters use lighter fluid, you can get a few thousand uses out of it before it runs out. You won’t need to ration your use of it.

If you want to ignite something using matches, even the Everstryke match, you may need to use both hands. With a lighter, the process of starting a fire is easier. You can do it with one hand. This feature is useful in situations where you need to carry an object in your other hand. Additionally, you can use your other hand as a shield against the wind or the rain.

Finally, with lighters, you get easy access to the tool. It does not need to be stored in a waterproof container. Just slip it into the outer pocket of your bag or attach it using a clip. If you are in a situation where survival fire starting must be done as quickly as possible, being able to do so without having to unpack and unwrap your fire source is a huge advantage. For any survivalist, this is an essential feature. You won’t want to waste too much time unpacking just to get to your survival tool.

Must-Have Features for Waterproof Lighters

Lifestrike Lighter Must have Features

It must be truly waterproof

First and foremost, a lighter that is waterproof must be waterproof. It should still work perfectly even after being submerged in water. For some waterproof models, you can’t remove its cap underwater. You don’t want to accidentally break your lighter due to carelessness. You also want a good seal because this keeps the fuel from evaporating. With faulty o ring seals, the lighter fluid will be gone in a few weeks. You don’t want to be in a situation where you need a heat source, and you can’t use the lighter because all, the lighter fluid has evaporated due to a faulty o ring.

It must be durable

Another factor to consider is durability. Most waterproof lighters are designed for survival situations. This means they are designed for rough handling. If you want a lighter that can withstand getting dropped or stepped on, make sure that you get a fire starter with a rubber or plastic casing. This is one of the problems with a regular match. The wood can break, so people must be very careful in getting it to spark up.

It must be easy to use

Speaking of casings, you might want to choose a lighter that is easy to grip. Being in water means everything will be slippery. It will be quite hard to start a survival heat source if the device keeps slipping out of your hand. People also need to find a tool that can be operated by one hand. This is the shortcoming of using a Ferro rod or a flint and steel. You can’t get sparks with these unless you use both hands.

It should hold sufficient fuel

Next, you have to consider the fuel that is used by the equipment that you are considering. Waterproof lighters are refillable, so all you will need to do is buy lighter fluid, and you will be able to refill it as many times as you want. You may also have to look into the amount of fuel that its chamber can hold. Smaller models are handy, but they contain less fuel.

Finally, we consider the extras as a factor for choosing a survival lighter. One of the most important frills you can look for is the string or lanyard to attach the fire starter to your bag or pants. When you are in a situation where you need a heat source as quickly as possible, having to root inside your bag to look for the lighter is a downside. The bottom line is if you can’t find it, you won’t be able to use it. If you attach the gadget to your bag or your pants with a string, you’ll be able to yank it out easily and make a fire quickly. Let’s see if the Lifestrike Lighter has these features.

What is Lifestrike Lighter?

The Lifestrike Lighter is also known in the market as the Lifestrike Pro or the Everstryke Pro. It is made by the manufacturer of the Everstryke Match. This is a small, waterproof, stainless steel match replacement gadget designed for survival situations.

Let’s see how this one stacks up against our buyer’s guide and find out how you can get a free Everstryke.

Lifestrike Lighter is truly waterproof

Lifestrike Lighter Waterproof

Is it waterproof? Yes. People who have tried it outpost in their reviews that the Everstryke fire starter is truly waterproof. It has a built-in o ring seal. Besides keeping the water out, the seal keeps the fuel from evaporating. According to users, evaporation is not an issue with this gadget. In fact, one customer refilled his Everstryke Pro and attached it to his bag. Three months after, we are happy to report that the Life Strike Lighter still lit up on the first try.

Some reviewers put the waterproof claim of the Life Strike Pro to the test. In a video with thousands of views, they submerged the Everstryke Pro completely in water for an hour. When the user tried lighting it up, it ignited on the first try. There is no need to worry if you need to wade through water as this gadget has very good waterproofing.

Lifestrike is durable

Lifestrike Lighter Durable

Is it durable? Since its casing is stainless steel, it will survive in even the roughest circumstances. Its shape and size also ensure that it will withstand being dropped, getting stepped on, and even being run over by a car. This is extremely important if you are planning to use this device in survival situations. Based on reviews, its original design received several comments of its top falling off easily. After its latest redesign, the problem of the cap and the bottom separating easily has been addressed. User comments are not mainly positive. The stainless steel material also makes it rust-proof. This is important for any tool that is exposed to the elements often. If your lighter easily rusts, you won’t be able to use it effectively. Soon, the material will fall apart too. This is not going to happen if you buy an Everstryke lighter.

Lifestrike is easy to use

Lifestrike Lighter Easy to Use

Is it easy to grip? Its shape makes the unit easy to grip even if the material is not as slip-proof as rubber. Another great thing about its shape is that it can stand on a flat surface. This means you don’t have to hold it the whole time. You can use both hands to hold your wood pieces over it to start a fire. You can even stand it under a can for a quick way to heat a canned food. This is not something you can easily do with even the Everstryke Match.

With the Everstryke Pro, you don’t need two hands to strike the match on the flint. Unlike the Everstryke Match, you can operate the Everstryke Pro using one hand.

Lifestrike Pro holds enough fluid and is refillable

Lifestrike Lighter Sufficient Fuel

Finally, does it hold enough fuel? Given its small size, you would think that it will not hold enough fuel. Well, it does. The flame you will get from your Everstryke Pro is long-lasting. Additionally, you can easily refill it with lighter fluid which you can buy from any camping supplies store.

This Everstryke Pro fire starter is super easy to refill. When you get yours delivered, the first thing that you need to do is to fill it with lighter fluid. Remove the cap and slide out the interior piece. Thanks to its smart design, the component can be removed by hand. Soak the cotton inside the tube but don’t overfill it. Tap it back into the bottom piece and let it sit for a few minutes to let the fuel fully saturate the wick. After that, you can spin the striker wheel, and it is ready to go. There is a video that you can watch to see how easily this gadget can be refilled.

Top off your Everstryke Pro before you set out for your next adventure so you can be sure that your gadget won’t die out on you when you need it the most. Refilling the Everstryke Pro will help you save money in the long run.

Table of Contents of Everstryke Pro’s other features that are crucial to survival life

It is an all-in-one fire-starting set. When you get an Everstryke Pro, you get the replaceable wick and replaceable flint in one compact case. This feature makes it similar to the Everstryke Match.

Because it is a set, you won’t have to buy a special case for its components. Plus, since this Perma match replacement is in a compact, keychain form, you can just hang this on your bug-out bag using its metal clip-on holder. You won’t have to hunt for it inside your bag when any need arises.

Lifestrike lighter burns hot

According to numerous reviews, one of the features that people like about the Everstryke Pro is that its flame strikes hot. The flame burns at over 600 degrees Fahrenheit, just like with the Everstryke Match. This is important, particularly if you are using it to light wood pieces for a campfire.

Its design means you won’t have to hold your fingertips too close to the flame to keep it going. You won’t burn your hand on a Lifestrike Lighter. Many customers praise the gadget for producing a wide, strong flame. This is important if you are planning on using this gadget to ignite kindling. Plus, the strong flame is not as susceptible to blowouts.

Life strike lighter is built to be used for a long time

Its manufacturer built this gadget to last long. While a regular lighter can function properly up to three thousand strikes, the Everstryke Pro is capable of up to 15,000 long burning strikes. This is practical in the long run because you won’t have to replace the lighter too often. Because the lighter features a replaceable wick and striker, this model should last you indefinitely. When you notice that the wick has burnt down a little, you can grab a pair of pliers and pull it out a little. Once the wick is fully consumed, you can replace it using the replacement wick. You will never need a match again.

Life strike lighter has a lifetime guarantee

Lifestrike Lighter Money Back Guarantee

Another important feature of this model is its lifetime guarantee. Lifestrike Pro stands by its product and values the satisfaction of its customers. That is why each piece comes with an Ironclad Lifetime Warranty. If something is wrong with your gadget, simply report the problem, and their customer service representative will be happy to address your issue.

You can get a free Everstryke Pro today

If you want to see if the Life strike lighter is something that you can use in any survival life situation, you can go to the family protection association website to get it. You will see great reviews after great reviews from people who already tried using the Everstryke gadget. Besides featuring a video of how it is used, the website also contains a link to how you can get the gadget for free. What’s the catch? You just need to give your review about the waterproof fire starter. If you can send us your comment about this match alternative and your comment name, it would be highly appreciated. Once you’ve tried it out, you can tell your friends and family about this gadget so that they can review it too.

Getting your hands on a free Everstryke Pro is easy. Just go to the Family Protection Association website. Tap on the green “Continue to Shipping” link. Fill out the form and tap the submit button. You will receive a message in the email address that you used, confirming your order.

Not only will you get the free Everstryke Pro, but you will also receive another product that you can include in your survival gear. Plus, you will receive a membership to the FPA. As a bonus, you get to purchase other tools that you can use in survival situations at a discount. Don’t forget to post your review once you’ve tried the free Everstryke gadget.

Last Thoughts

A good tool for starting a blaze is an important part of any bug-out bag or survival kit. It will let you start a fire when you are in a survival situation. The Lifestrike Lighter is a good choice because it is truly waterproof. The material and design make it extremely durable. The lighter is easy to grip, use, and refill.

Lifestrike Waterproof Lighter

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