Have you ever met someone for the first time, accidentally bumped into them a week later, only to realize with horror in the middle of the conversation that you have no idea what their name is?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Such situations are not only embarrassing for us but also quite likely to be offensive to the other person.

So it all comes down to poor memory right? WRONG. You have a great memory. In fact, your brain is literally a supercomputer. You just haven’t trained your brain to fully utilize its amazing capacity and power.

Improving your memory and hence sharpening your brain doesn’t mean you need to read your way through to a super memory. Instead, you BUILD your memory. And this is something everyone can work on; it’s not just reserved for the so-called ‘geniuses’.

But wait, why are we talking about memory in the first place and why does it matter if it is poor, average or superb?Memory Professor Program

Why memory matters

1. Public Speaking

Do you feel scared of the idea of public speaking, fearing that you might forget what you had to say and make a complete fool of yourself? Most people are absolutely petrified of speaking in public. They feel they will freeze on the spot, unable to recall what they had planned to say. This could be any form of public speaking ranging from a presentation at school to giving a toast at a wedding.

In the work environment especially, not being able to recall numbers and facts is associated with laziness and incompetence – character traits we most certainly don’t want to be associated with!

On the other hand, quick recall is associated with smartness and sharpness and hence helps a person climb the ladder of success with ease.

2. Workplace

Have you ever sat in a meeting with your fellow colleagues who are confidently quoting facts and figures, wishing you could be half as smart as them?

Imagine what it would be like going into a critical meeting at work and being able to:

-quote numbers and pages with confidence and accuracy

-address everyone at the meeting by their first name (even if you have met them only once in your life!). Being able to refer to people by their names is linked to emotional intelligence (EQ) which is considered far more important in the workplace than IQ.

-make an exceptional presentation without having to refer to any notes

3. Learning New Things

Do you wish you could quickly learn and review historical and political facts, new vocabulary and even a new language with ease? Having trained your memory to learn faster and with ease, things such as learning a newMemory Professor Program language doesn’t have to be a long and arduous process anymore.

Why should you maximize your memory?

Our memory is not just about recalling names and dates; it is literally the foundation stone for everything that we lean!

It’s hard to admit but the standard way to judge a person’s intelligence is the amount of information they can retain in their head. The sharper your memory is, the greater the likelihood of being considered smart. Hence your relationships, chances of promotion, partnerships and high regard by others are all directly linked with your memory.

Maximizing your memory means maximizing your skills and knowledge and hence your intelligence. Imagine if you could sharpen your memory using multi-sensory association techniques in order to:

  1. become a super learner and outshine everyone at your workplace
  2. learn new and valuable skills in your free time
  3. remember hundreds of people’s names, even if you have met them only once!
  4. be referred to as a human dictionary by remembering facts quickly and easily
  5. increase your life’s productivity and sense of achievement
  6. boost your self-confidence by tapping into your true potential

Unlock your memory’s hidden potential

So how does one discover and decode this mysterious, hidden power that we all seem to be blessed with but so few of us actually uncover? There is no magic wand that we can swish around our heads that turn us overnight into geniuses. Also, insane amounts of reading and repetition are not the way either. It’s all about techniques.

Kit Stevenson has put together the Memory Professor System, a step by step playbook that guides you how to maximize your brain’s capacity. The program is designed to teach you techniques that will help maximize the way you learn and retain information. Reviews of the product show that it delivers exactly that which it promises!

The program promises to:

  • be fun and easy! You don’t need to kill your brain trying to figure out what to do – you simply need to follow tried and tested techniques to get the results you want
  • actually work. As long as you are willing to put in the time and effort to follow the steps, you can double your memory capacity in as little as 14 days
  • combine techniques used by the sages of Ancient Greek with the memory competitors of today’s day and age, to provide a uniquely comprehensive program that will maximize your brain’s capacity
  • give you techniques that you can apply immediately. Not just that, but the program helps track the progress that you are making along the wayMemory Professor Program

What will I master with the Memory Professor System?

Working on improving your memory is like taking your brain to the gym. It’s an investment and it will surely pay off. Training your memory in the way it processes and retains information helps keep it in excellent shape, regardless of your age.

A few of the techniques that you will learn include:

  1. Name and Face Encryption Method: how to encrypt names so that instead of seeing them as abstract, you can actually SEE them
  2. Shape System Methods: how to use auditory and visual abilities to enhance your memory capacity
  3. Hermione’s Mnemonic System aka The Major System: how to remember long strings of numbers as well as make boring information interesting. Over a 100 images, as well as instructional videos, have been dedicated to the Major System to make learning engaging and fun
  4. The Iceberg Method: how to understand the difference in the psychology of those who are successful versus those who are unsuccessful
  5. Superlearning Essentials: how to retain knowledge, fast and easy

These are just some of the multi-sensory processing techniques that you will learn with this program, put together by Kit Stevenson. They are designed to be super easy so that anyone can apply the techniques and reap from the benefits immediately.

Is the Memory Professor System really for me?

So you might be thinking, do I really have time for all this? And the answer is, of course, you do! One of the biggest advantages of learning these techniques is that it saves you LOADS of time. You no longer have to stand at the bank scratching your head, trying to remember you’re critical banking information. You no longer need to waste precious minutes, fumbling through stacks of papers while giving a presentation to search for that super important date that you just can’t seem to remember!

Or you might be wondering why it’s worth it to sharpen your memory when you can just pull out a smartphone or a laptop and get access to information almost instantaneously. The internet has by no means taken away the importance of improving your memory. It doesn’t matter what it is, a heated political argument with a know-it-all or a school debate; you will need to know your facts and figures at the top of your head and for that, you need a sharp memory.

Some might argue that they are way too old for this; they are nearing the end of their life so what is the point of working in their memory? The thing to consider is: how many unproductive years have you left behind? Would you not prefer to spend the remaining years of your life with an extraordinary memory that brings with it all the amazing cognitive benefits?

Do you need to have advanced computer skills in order to use Memory Professor System? No, you don’t, you need basic computer skills. This is a digital product consisting of E-books, online videos, study cards, and online quizzes – they can all be accessed online. The Memory Processor website has a password enabled Members Area.Memory Professor Program

Yes, I want to enroll in the Memory Professor Program!

To ensure that you feel absolutely confident while purchasing the product, there is a 60-day money back guarantee. If you buy this product and don’t absolutely love it, you can send an email to Kit Stevenson. And you will receive a refund without any questions. This is to make sure that you are completely covered! Also, as an added benefit, you will receive 6 special bonuses absolutely FREE when you purchase Memory Professor’s Big Book of Memory!

Memory Professor

If you’d like to remember useful information at will easier and faster than ever before – click this link to access the Memory Professor program today!

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  1. William Croyle

    It is true that we always want to remember most of the things we don. Sad thing is that this never happens for sure. I am delighted to have come across a post that helps me reshape this.

  2. Of course now i feel more like a professor. I have been able to boost my remembering abilities more than i imagined. This is something that i have always wanted and now i have it. Thank you to the excellent tips in this system.

  3. Memory loss is often associated with aging, but there are a number of things that can trigger short- and long-term memory loss, including injury, medications and witnessing a traumatic event.

  4. This is a PDF eBook that will enable you to get the best kind of techniques that you can use for super learning and in that way, you will be able to boost the memory that you have and become that genius that you have always wanted to be. That is what life is offering you.

  5. Memory is, without a doubt, the most powerful (and practical) tool of everyday life. By linking both your past and your future, memory gives you the power to plan, to reason, to perceive, and to understand. As long as thinking and insight are important in how we live our lives, memory will be critical as well. And the better your memory, the more information you’ll have at your immediate disposal and the better your thinking will be.

  6. Jeffrey Picard

    Super Learning is something that is learned and that is the reason why you will need guidelines and techniques that are well outlined and also well prepared.

  7. Jimmy Thompson

    The Memory Professor system even makes it possible to memorize entire lists of objects and concepts both in and out of a sequential order, such as grocery lists, the periodic table of elements, and other lengthy hard to remember facts.

  8. Shawn Osborn

    The Memory Professor system even makes it possible to memorize entire lists of objects and concepts both in and out of sequential order, such as grocery lists, the periodic table of elements, and other lengthy hard to remember facts.

  9. Jennifer Lane

    Learning can be grueling and the methods that you use may not be effective. There also comes a time when you will need to have the concept grasped in a short time. At that point, you are going to need methods that can help you speed learn.

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