Hi there, I’m writing this review of The Driving Fear Program, hoping it will be useful for you who, as I did, are struggling with the fear and anxiety of driving. My story comes very differently from common driving anxiety reasons. I didn’t have an accident or couldn’t drive one day. Please read to learn where it came from and how I got over it.

Driving Fear Program

I lived in the north of Mexico for a while, when the war on drugs happened. I had been driving for around 8 years and had been involved in minor car bumps, but nothing serious. Furthermore, I always drove confidently, and I was not even aware that there was such a thing as driving fear or anxiety.


One night, I was coming out of a club with a friend. I was going to drive him home. On the way, I noticed a white mini was following us. Normally, I wouldn’t have had any kind of adverse reaction, but I had a bad feeling in the north of Mexico during a violent time.

I tried to lose the mini, but I couldn’t make it, and I didn’t want to risk our lives further, so I told my friend I was going to pull over, and he and I should leave everything in the car and walk away, since robbing cars was a common occurrence in this city.

As I pull over, the mini reaches us, and a guy with machine-gun points to my forehead and asks for money and cell phones. We did as demanded. He left, we left. We drove to his place nervously, I spent the night, and I figured it was completely understandable that I was nervous, but I would get home in the morning. That would be it.

Fear of driving sets in

Well, things were completely different. As I said goodbye to my friend and started my car, my body started to sweat, and my pulse immediately rose. I noticed I was driving very nervously.

man driving a car which have angel of death

I saw a white car coming from behind on the way home, and my mind immediately got into panic mode. For me, that means aggression. So, I held on to my steer wheel, and I was ready to crash against this white car if it meant stopping another aggression.

The car, with a family inside, went by, of course. Nothing happened, and I had to pull over and cry for around an hour.

I had these kinds of reactions for almost a year no matter where I was in the world, the pattern was the same, I was driving, I saw a white car behind me or next to me, and my mind would panic, and I eventually would have to pull over to hyperventilate, cry, or both.

Now think of how common white cars are. This would happen to me at least 6 times a day or more. Finally, I couldn’t bear it anymore, so I decided to take action.

Getting support from other people?

First, I think I did tell my family, but since it had already been a while, they just invited me to get over that occurrence and move on. Then, I told my friends some of them had a similar reaction. Some were compassionate but didn’t know where to start or how to help since this is not a common occurrence.

Driving Fear Program Getting support from other people

I appreciate fear. It has helped me get away from dangerous situations or know when someone is trying to take advantage of me. It has saved my life. So, I didn’t want to live without fear. I just wanted it to work for me again, not against me. To come up when it was needed, not on random occasions. So, of course, I went to a therapist. She was amazing and helped a lot, but my fear was very specific, so she pointed out The Driving Fear Program.

Because of the reaction of my family and most of my friends, I remember feeling embarrassed about my problem. “I am an adult. I should have control of this,” I would tell myself, repeating what they had said. And you know what, maybe they were right, but the reality was

I didn’t have control; I needed help!

So, I went through the Driving Fear Program’s website, read, watched the videos, looked for reviews. I found their approach relatable to my situation. Because of the traumatizing situation, I had been through. I associated it with driving. I was afraid of driving alone, traffic lights, etc. So, knowing that they were contemplating this made me feel comfortable.girl working while driving car

Then, the practical approach and something very important for me: No drugs! I don’t want to be dependent on any substance to live a normal life, I like my freedom, and that was what I was looking for when I looked for help. I was not going to exchange my peace of mind for a substance, so the fact that no drugs were used, made me feel reassured.

I’m thankful that I was directed to the course and that it addressed my main issue: A traumatic experience associated with life-threatening situations with driving.

Fear can come from different sources

I know that for many of you reading this review, it could be impossible to remember when or how this fear originated. However, the fear is not based on a logical situation. For example, when I was driving, I was not getting robbed every time, and one part of my mind knew it, but the other part immediately went into panic mode, which is the common pattern for many of us who struggle with this.

Fear can come from different sources

Here’s the thing, every time this happens, and we let it go unnoticed, our brain immediately assumes that this is the correct response to the situation we are facing, driving, in this case. And as we go on with life without dealing with this situation, the brain then follows our habit of panicking, and it keeps reacting. Yes, it’s a habit! So we contributed to condition ourselves.

But, this is not a blaming game. Please don’t get me wrong. It’s to point to the source. We didn’t know, we were afraid, and that’s it.

Our brains, as evolved as they might be, they still have some cave dwellers stuff going on in there. So, if we find ourselves in a threatening situation, this part, almost always, gets triggered, and that happened to us, only stronger.

Dealing with your fear privately

The last part that helped me to decide to buy finally was the privacy factor. I immediately got the videos and PDF ebooks in my inbox, so I didn’t have to wait for shipping and whatnot.

Driving Fear Program

Click here to get access to The Driving Fear Program, and you’ll soon feel the feeling of fear and anxiety disappear, and you’ll probably even start to love driving!

Driving Fear Program Dealing with your fear privately

The first thing that I noticed is that it is easy to read and relate to. I mean, it includes other people’s experiences and how they overcame their anxiety.

Also, I found comfort in how the system is built around privacy. You do your own thing by yourself, without unnecessarily bringing other people to the process, and very importantly, without exposing yourself to difficult or unmanageable situations.

The Driving Fear Program in a nutshell

Right from the start, after you buy the program, you get everything delivered to your email inbox, privately, nothing flashy. You get the eBook in PDF format, the videos, everything. So, in a well-organized way, it’s not like your inbox will get clogged. I didn’t order the physical version, print, and DVDs, so I can’t talk about it, but I will about the digital version.Driving Fear Program The Driving Fear Program in a nutshell

So I got:

  • The complete manual
  • An audio version of the manual (my favorite)
  • The S.A.F.E. series
  • The Fast Lane Audio Session
  • The Anxiety Helix
  • The Complete Overdrive System
  • The Driving Fear Interviews

This sounded too much for me, but everything is manageable and easy to follow, so don’t panic. The manual book, the core of this, was immensely helpful. It contained easy-to-follow exercises that I could do without falling into panic mode or overexposing myself to situations where I could easily lose control with no return.

Who Is the Driving Fear Program For?

You can probably tell by now that the entire program is designed for those who have always struggled with driving smoothly and comfortably. However, it delves far deeper than that, focusing on the inner worries and concerns linked with getting behind the wheel.

With a scientific approach to driving, you’ll be able to examine yourself and your worries to understand what your triggers are, allowing you to drive for the first time. In addition, the Driving Fear Program is unique because it does not simply inform you that you have anxiety and must overcome it.

This program will teach you how anxiety works in the human brain. It will also teach you professional and tried-and-true ways to keep it from overpowering you when you get into a car. It’s a sophisticated program that demands a lot of attention to use.

Everyone will be able to profit from the training, regardless of whether they have previously been in an accident or have never had the urge to drive. It’s a comprehensive platform that will help you become a better driver once you’ve overcome your worries.

About the Authors

The Driving Fear Program, founded by Rich Presta and Dr. Cheryl Lane, was designed for the average driver who has a strong fear of driving. Instead of basing the training on basic tips and methods, he had dealt with anxiety and fear when driving.

They devised a program to help those in a similar predicament after consulting with a clinical psychologist (Dr. Cheryl Lane), who ultimately diagnosed him with a phobia of driving.

Presta began to conduct additional research into how other drivers may overcome their worries and drive safely without having to spend money on cabs or rely on friends and family.

This distinguishes it as one of the better anti-anxiety driving programs available, as someone with real-world experience creates it. Furthermore, the program is founded on human psychology and personal experience.

Additional Resources

The Driving Fear Program also includes an Anxiety Helix Report to help you better understand your anxiety. In addition, the S.A.F.E. Series is a collection of audio tools that help you calm your mind subconsciously.

You’ll also receive interviews with mental health professionals who will provide more advice, as well as four bonus e-books (Change Your Life; Change Your Mind, Meditation for Driving Anxiety; The Law of Attraction and Your Fear of Driving; and Stress Less Living).

It’s a life-changing

As an entrepreneur, I’ve learned the value of habits and establishing routines. This whole method is based on that. This gave me complete reassurance and eliminated any scam suspicions.

Driving Fear Program It's a life-changing

There is a post on their blog about approaching situations like an athlete, and basically, they follow the same principles. I mean, in the end, this is all about mental conditioning that a traumatizing experience triggered on us so that it can be changed. So, for example, no one is born fearing driving.

So basically, it’s about creating a nice mental environment and establishing a routine. It helps our mind get around situations that can trigger anxiety safely, and through routine, we start conditioning our reactions.

You can modify your reactions

It takes time and courage, but if you are reading this already, it means you are halfway there. The main ingredient is WILL, and well, you are here.

If you have ever read the book The Power of Habit, you will know how habits control almost everything in our lives unconsciously, but we can change that. It’s not magic or affirmations. It’s mental processes.

The part that helped me the most was the audio version of the manual. I am very busy, and I seldom have time to sit down and read. So, I downloaded the audio version to my audiobooks player on my phone, and I would listen at work, washing dishes, before going to bed.


The other thing that I found extremely useful was the Fast Lane Audio Session. A series of audio guides take you through specific situations that might trigger your panic. For me, it was Driving Alone, and Letting go of Losing Control.

After following the guides, I understood that because I was having these panic episodes regarding the robbery, then my mind, on top of that, would trigger fears of getting into an accident and me being unable to handle a car by myself. So, it was fear on top of fear.

That pattern of association became clear in my mind. So, finally, I addressed it with time and eventually got over it. Then, finally, I got to the Anxiety Helix PDF. This little book is a map of how fear and anxiety work and how you can break from it.

Listen, you are not the first or last person to suffer panic attacks for whatever reasons. However, fear has been around for a generation, and you can regain control of your reactions.

The experiences of others can help you

I learned a valuable thing in the “Fight or Flight” mode. The primitive part of our mind, when triggered with a perceived life-threatening situation, like driving or having a gun to your head, starts secreting substances that boost our strength, ability, and physical skill so we can defend our life.

However, there’s nothing really to fight or run from when driving. It’s all in our mind, so all these substances stay within, and the body needs release. That’s when, for example, I would start hyperventilating or crying.

 Driving Fear Program The experiences of others can help you

After that, I would get a sense of impotence and feel bad for myself. After reading the Anxiety Helix, I was able to get over this vicious cycle and get over these reactions. No, I didn’t learn how to live with anxiety. I learned to get over it.

It was not easy. It took time and trust. First, I had to decide that this situation was actually beyond my control and, as capable and intelligent as I am as a person, I didn’t have the emotional tools to deal with this. So, when I chose to be helped by The Driving Fear Program, I slowly but surely got into a healthier state of mind.

Take action, now!

Before going through this traumatic experience, I had no idea how real fear of driving was and how our minds can make the most particular connections if we allow it. For example, getting robbed had nothing to do with driving, but my mind decided they were related, so I had to get over 2 years.

Driving Fear Program Take action, now

I acted fast, and maybe that is why I had success in less than 6 months, I can’t say. But, it took me to be tired and exhausted from being afraid and take the step, and I gladly found this guide. There were times when I wanted to give up, but I knew it once I had no fear, I could regain confidence again.

Although panicking in a life-threatening situation is understandable, it is not a common reaction. If you have lived with this fear for many years, you might think this is how you are wired, but there is no hope to be different.

Hear it from the Experts

Read this Driving Fear Program review from a group of mental health experts:

“The Driving Fear Program is the BEST resource I’ve found anywhere,” says clinical psychologist Dr. Angela Butkevic.

“The program is right on, easy to understand, and perhaps most importantly, individuals can USE IT to make their lives better,” says Steven Diamond, founder of StopStressingNow.com.

“It provides a step by step, a realistic strategy that anyone can follow,” explains Anxiety Management Coach Karen Field.

Participating in The Driving Fear Program will put you on the road to recovery, both physically and mentally.

Final Thoughts

Driving it’s a useful activity. But unfortunately, our mind decides to categorize it as life-threatening, and our mind wants us alive, so it does our job asking us to stop. But we can train our minds, so it is OK with us to drive.

All of these are through scientific methods. Although I believe in meditation, I really couldn’t have achieved these results solely on meditating. However, proven scientific methods provided me with the solution to my problem, and I couldn’t have been more grateful.

This is why I appreciated the manual. It’s not a generic one size fits all thing. It is specially designed for people who fear driving. So everything is focused on approaching this situation without taking you through other avenues that have nothing to do with your fear.

I hope this was useful, and if not, maybe you can read other reviews of other people who have gone through the same. Whatever you decide, you must know that you have options, and living with fear shouldn’t be one.

The Driving Fear Program provides you with a healthy alternative. There is no overexposure, drugs, dodgy tricks, weird magic shortcuts.

Everything is clear, well explained, and based on neurology, psychology, and other people’s experiences like us. So I wish you can get over this fear and live a more fulfilling life regaining control of this part of your life. Good luck!

Driving Fear Program

Get rid of your driving fear today – click here to get the Driving Fear Program, and you’ll be a confident and self-assured driver in no time!


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  1. Melinda S

    I had an irrational fear of driving but I couldn’t keep it up if I was to reach my full potential. This has been a huge help.

  2. This brilliant idea has led to a flooding of the internet with numerous videos and books about how to get rid of driving with fear.who doesn’t want to be a good driver.but going to job i couldn’t afford that time.but by reading this review and ordering the book i am getting expert at this subject and will be able to drive without fear in a few weeks.by the courtesy of great author.thank you for writing it down.

  3. Thelma Nelson

    This article is meant for all those who have road fear. There have been several articles and readings about overcoming the road fear but thanks to the author that he has explained root cause of this fear. Thank you for putting it on the paper.

  4. Dianna Berrios

    The exact program that I badly needed. With my fear, I could never be able to learn driving. It became vastly essential to remove my fear of driving. This program really helped me to get over from my fear.

  5. Jared Knights

    You will no longer get panic attacks whenever you take your car out for a spin.This product will help you get rid of your driving fears.

  6. I was involved in an accident that was not my fault. I developed a deep fear of driving as a result. I tried to seek help but nothing was working. A friend suggested I try this program and it has helped me deal with my fear.

  7. The program is accessible to you in the form of two versions. There is the print version, Another version is the CD version .
    The creator of this program outlines certain techniques that will help you conquer your fear whenever you are driving.
    These techniques and strategies used by this program cannot be found in reviews of other optional programs you may have.

    The techniques used by this product are completely safe and natural.

  8. Driving Fear program has to offer, and how it might be able to give you the edge and advantage you need to push back against anxiety, nerves, hand driving phobias once and for all, you want to check out everything we share in this quick Driving Fear program review.

  9. Frank Ellis

    The manual is comprehensive and includes access to the ROAD technique, a four-step plan to help you alleviate panic, often right away. Driving Fear Program can help you overcome driving fear faster than you ever thought possible.

  10. What makes this program a huge success is that the creators themselves understand the humiliation and fear one faces when suffering from the problem. The program talks about general anxiety, suffering a panic attack and also intermittent fear attacks that one suffers from while driving a car.

  11. Jeff D Tybon

    Is it possible to talk with someone about this program? Thanks so much.


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