Have you ever wanted to get closely in touch with your spirit and the spirit world in general? Although it sounds like magic, it’s actually not.

The Art of Astral Projection can help you with that, and this century-old technique will help you discover yourself in ways you never imagined.

But what are the Astral arts all about? Well, in this review, we will look at everything it has to offer, including why you should use it to nourish your soul.

What is The Art of Astral Projection?

The Art of Astral Projection Features of the Product

“Inner peace is a goal that we all strive to acquire.”  The Art of Astral Projection paperback is based on the idea that every person has an astral body that is connected to his or her physical body through the belly button. There is more to the human’s mind than what you think while you are awake.

When you think about the dreams you dream of and the moments of déjà vu that people experience, it tells you that there is so much to tap into your mind. The Astral book helps with that through a series of meditations and hypnosis ideas.

If you ever wanted to achieve body experience, this would be a great program for you. The book will help you to explore your mind and all its power. You will be able to develop Extra Sensory Perception skills (ESS) that will help you find your purpose, passion, and happiness in this life.

Who Wrote the Astral Projection Guidebook?

It is always important to be familiar with the people who write these types of guides in order to see just how credible they are. Well, The Art of Astral Projection is not any different; in fact, this book was written by Dr. Steve G. Jones.

Dr. Jones has been a mentalist and hypnotist for over 25 years and has learned all the necessary theories needed to master The Art of Astral Projection safely. He has taken all this paperback knowledge and put it into the guidebook so as to make esoteric ideas understandable even for the average guy.

Dr. Jones is also a very experienced fellow with a reputable name in esoteric ideas. He is the president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists.

If you want to have that positive astral journey and explore astral realms safely, then this art and practice series will give you all the occult knowledge you need for astral travel. The paperback is here to simply get you started.

What are some of the features of the Astral Plane?

The Art of Astral Projection Features of the Product

There are a total of up to 14 audiobooks included in the paperback or digital book. All these modules are going to help you master the astral plane while you develop some incredible occult knowledge.

They will help you in the practice of astral travel, making it easier for you to start exploring astral knowledge and astral realms safely. Here is a breakdown of all these sections:

Module 1: What to Expect

The first section of The Art of Astral Projection guidebook is indeed an explanation of what to expect. The world of astral realms can be very intimidating if you are not an experienced astral traveler. This section introduced you to some of the concepts here so that you are ready for what is to come from the free app or the paperback book.

Module 2: The Art of Breathing

There are also a lot of unique breathing movements that will be crucial in the art and practice of astral travel. Exploring The Art of Astral Projection is not easy, and it involves a complete mastery of your mind.

This cannot be achieved without these breathing exercises. Your eclectic teacher will walk you through these breathing phases in the free app and before you know it, you will have become an astral warrior with an uncanny ability to master astral travel.

Module 3: The Power of Positive Affirmation

Just like the breathing above, positive affirmations are also important in helping you transcend your mind and body. This section will help you align your spiritual energies with your gaol. You will see that it is fun exploring your body encounter. In the end, tapping into talismanic magic without dark entities will be so easy.

Module 4: Clearing your Chakra

It is also very important to learn the occult power of clearing your chakra as it will be crucial in helping you achieve that out-of-body experience. This is actually one of the hardest parts of The Art of Astral Projection guidebook, but once you learn it paperback, you will get details about how to unleash a pure state of bliss in your life.

Module 6: Astral Projection Trance Work

As part of your astral journey, you will also need to learn how to achieve a constant state of trance. This is how you will transcend your mind and body. This section will teach you all the techniques that you can follow in the practice of astral projection.

Module 7: Binaural Tones of The Art of Astral Projection Hypnosis Session

In this module, you will learn to acquire the ability to shift through different brain waves, with each wave designed to enable you to have different levels of relaxation. Through the help of binaural tones, hypnosis will guide you to the Delta level of your mind. At the Delta level, you will experience some of the deepest spiritual experiences of your entire life.

Module 8: Confronting your Fears and Believing yourself

The root of all your fears is the uncontrolled thoughts that dwell within you. In this chapter, you will learn how to recognize negative thought patterns and how to get rid of them. As soon as you are able to have control over your thoughts, you can overcome even the deepest of your fears. This will only be possible through practicing The Art of Astral Projection.

Module 9: Making Preparations for Astral Projections 

You will start learning how to enter the practices of The Art of Astral Projection. Here, you will obtain a complete experience of what the experiences appear to be and how they feel. You will be guided one step at a time out of your body.

Module 10: Experiences that are out of the Body

Here in this module, you will begin learning the things you are supposed to do while astral projecting. You will also get a perfect understanding of the things that you must avoid during astral projecting. Furthermore, you will get the answer to a lot of questions.

Module 11: Leaving the Fears that are related to your Physical Body

This module will teach you to improve your level and how to gain mastery through practice. Once you do that, you will be able to get rid of your fears by traveling to the 4th dimension. 

What are the Other Modules to Keep in Mind?

As noted above, there are 14 modules inside this practice of The Art of Astral Projection guidebook. We couldn’t of course, cover all of them in detail since we would have spoiled the book for you. So, in addition to the six above, be sure to check out the Hypnosis session with binaural tones. This will be the basis of your hypnosis teaching.

You will also get a full audio module from author Erin Pavlina about overcoming your fears and anxiety. Sometimes unwanted projections can occur if you are trying astral travel and projection with a negative mentality.

This five stars module will help with that occult info. There is also a module that will teach you to prepare yourself and your surrounding for astral awakening. If you have deceased loved or you are having a hard time getting rid of that trauma, author Ophiel and Erin Pavlina will help you using this great book.

Our review also shows there will also be lessons on how to exit your physical body, the feeling you get without the body experience, some details about astral sex, and a complete detailed module on strand DNA activation hypnosis.

What are the benefits of The Art of Astral Projection?

The Art of Astral Projection Benefits of the Product

There are certain benefits you will get as you start to use this 5 stars review guidebook to explore astral realms. There are so many books about hypnosis and mentalism, but The Art of Astral Projection is way different. Here are some of its benefits.

Simple to Explore

Although the concept in this astral project seems quite hard at first review, they are effortless even if you are not an experienced astral traveler.

Some people have mastered The Art of Astral Projection with the art and practice ideas in this book within a few weeks. Besides, this 5 stars book also includes creative visualization, so you will love it.

Great reviews

When you read some blog articles and reviews out of San Francisco and even some professional critics from some of the best intuitive counselor professionals, you will see that The Art of Astral Projection gets some amazing reviews.

Very Affordable

The Art of Astral Projection also offers amazing value. But when you look at the cost, then you will love the art of astral and its 5 stars rating. It’s simply a small investment that you can explore time with and get recognized authority in hypnosis.

Superb Author

Clients worldwide, even those at a young age, can be sure that this 5 stars book is based on science and experience. It is not just written by a review guy or someone who has no clue.

The authors of this book are experienced in the art of astral and they will give you the necessary theory and directions you need in life and in the function of astral.

How to Buy The Art of Astral Projection?

The Art of Astral Projection Grab yours Now

There are many directions you can take with friends to buy the book or read a review. But based on customer reviews that happen to be five stars, you must go on the official website.

Customer reviews on the best book are always a good way to gauge a book on any subject. There are even some videos about review posts as well that you can check on the other hand. As long as you are buying this paperback book from the right site, you will get excellent functions as a reader and results.

Final Thoughts

If you are interested in getting into The Art of Astral Projection and returning with memory available, this is the book for you. There is no doubt that writing has been done on transcending the mind on earth. But there are no writings that do better than this book.

Get your friends to check the reviews of the book as well. You can all enter the astral world and see how you can use the power of the universe to the right a wrong in life. This is the best astral plane function book. The occult knowledge you can get here will help you enter the astral plane, and it has assisted thousands of people. Just become a reader and see what happens.

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