Do you want to feel protected and get rid of the assaults from robbers and thieves? If so, then read our article about the Shockwave Torch review.

Each day has become a nightmare for people to prevent assaults. Ordinary people are attacked each day and beaten, abused, and even killed. These bump activities occur to people of any age or gender. Therefore, you must know how to tackle the situation in the best possible way. That’s why we have brought to you this Shockwave Torch review.

Shockwave Torch Review:

Shockwave Torch Use as a Blunt Weapon

The Shockwave Torch is a standard, high-quality torch. But, it is much more than an ordinary torch. It features:

  • 100x more light to blind attackers
  • Sturdy enough to use as a blunt weapon
  • Integrated Stun gun to paralyze attackers

Actually, the Shockwave Torch is a self-defense weapon that happens to be a torch and comes with three defense mechanisms. However, the stun weapon is deadly, so you should beware of it. The lamp is made from aluminum. So, it is lightweight, sturdy, and will protect you from the electric discharge from the stun gun, and there isn’t any big risk unless you use it wrong.

Creator of the Shockwave Tactical Torch:

There is less focus on the creators and more focus on the designers and developers. This shows that the torch has been made for specific purposes. A company called “Concerned Patriot” claims that they are the creators of the Military grade torch. Therefore, it has been welcomed by advanced military units and delta force units. Although there are several copycats in the market, there is none exactly like this one. Only this company calls their device Shockwave Torch. All the copycats call their torches something else.

How Does The Shockwave Tactical Torch Work?

The Shockwave Tactical Torch is an ideal self-defense weapon against assailants. You can use its bright light to blind your assailants, giving you some time to be able to run away.

Not only that, but it is also designed with a sharp crenulated bezel that is capable of cutting or tearing an attacker’s soft tissues, such as the cheeks or the eyes. It’s extremely multi-functional, which is why this type of tactical torch is often used by NAVY Seals and others.

How Do You Operate It?

If you want to shine light on a large area, you may press the long switch that is located on top of the tactical flashlight. Meanwhile, if you want to turn on the shock mode, you can switch on the button at the bottom. Then, press the small circle if you want to stun an assailant.

Shockwave Torch Features:

Shockwave Torch Features of the Product

Here are some unique features of the Shockwave Torch:

1. Extremely Bright LED Bulb:

The LED bulb of the torch is 800 Lumens. Thus it isn’t only super bright to find your way in the dark, it is also quite powerful to blind an assailant, and with 800 Lumens, your attacker will be totally confused and won’t launch a further attack.

2. Powerful Stun Gun:

The torch contains a 2 amp – 4.5 million volt stun gun. If you think that this is too much, you are right. If the attacker comes within the range of the stun gun, he will be stunned badly, which will give you plenty of time to help you escape.

3. Hand-to-Hand Combat Weapon:

Another amazing feature of the Shockwave Torch is its in-built crenulated bezel. The bezel is made to be used in hand-to-hand combat when the situation comes. The edges of the bezel are designed to tear skin and provide protection if you choose the torch as a blunt-force weapon.

4. Rechargeable Battery:

The Shockwave Torch is rechargeable and comes with a convenient charging cable to ensure that you aren’t stuck without a charge. Moreover, the NiCad battery 6.5 inches x 1.5 inches, charges quickly and lasts for a long time too.

5. LED Bulb Made to Last:

Although the LED light is quite bright, it won’t burn out with usage. The 800 Lumen Bulb lasts for a long time and doesn’t become dim in any way, and the LED flashlights cause less damage which makes them an excellent choice for everyday carry devices.

6. Sturdy Aluminium Casing:

With a high-grade aluminum casing, you aren’t at the risk of damaging the Shockwave Torch easily. Moreover, the aluminum makes the self-defense torch an amazing option because it helps to deliver a severe blow to the attacker if the situation arises.

7. Wrist Strap Included:

In a self-defense situation, it is essential to have a firm grip on the weapon. The torch comes with a handy wrist strap that helps you to hold the torch firmly when it matters the most, and a holster is there if you want to carry the Shockwave Torch on your belt.

8. Concealable:

The lightweight construction of the Torch makes it easy to conceal it wherever you go. This is quite essential because you never know when you need to protect yourself, and it doesn’t draw attention, and you can surprise your attacker with it.

Reasons Why The Torch is Amazing:

Everyone gets nervous and agitated when he hears voices; however, knowing that the torch is always with you will make you less vulnerable. So, here are the top reasons why the Shockwave Torch is amazing:

1. Built Like a Tank:

Shockwave Torch Build like a Tank

The torch is durable yet light and portable. Moreover, if you always drop things, this can be beneficial for you. Moreover, the great thing about the torch is that it isn’t activated accidentally. The torch is built with military-grade technology. Moreover, the design distributes the pressure and shock through several points of the torch and the interior is distributed well and the components don’t interfere with each other.

2. Easy to Use:

Unlike other defense items, the torch is quite intuitive. You can switch between the functions with swift movements.

  • Locks and Buttons are there to lock and unlock the shock mode.
  • Amazing grip for ordinary size hands.
  • Good signaling and colors.
  • You only need two fingers to operate it.

The torch also informs you of the function of each button, so I recommend that you should practice at home, so you become acquainted with it. It will be quite fast, and when you are adept, you can activate the stun gun in less than a second.

3. “Nuclear Blast” Bright:

Shockwave Torch Nuclear Blast Bright

A torch is a great source of light. However, if you need an ordinary flashlight, you can get a conventional torch from a hardware store. The shockwave torch features an amazing LED bulb. At night, the light feels like a truck coming towards you.

  •  The bulb is resistant to voltage interruption or changes.
  • The bulb lasts for over 100,000 hours.
  • With the help of the bulb, you can blind a person at night.

You should use the bulb wisely, and if you go camping, you should use the regular light bulb as the bright light can hurt the animals and other creatures in the surroundings.

4. Lightweight:

Shockwave Torch Easy to Carry Anywhere

The Shockwave Torch is quite easy to take with you. It is 6.55 inches by 1.5 inches and weighs only 4 ounces. You can take the torch wherever you want, and you will be fine and even put it in your coat pocket, so you can keep it within reach without being burdensome.

One Self Defense Specific Feature to Know:

The torch has 2 amps or 4.5 million volts. It can easily kill a person if he is exposed to it long enough. While it can save you from an attacker, it can also save a person’s life who needs a defibrillator, but none are close, and it is an amazing tool to save lives as long as you keep it ready for use and charge.

Does the Shockwave Torch Really Work?

Shockwave Torch Not Like other Tactical Torch

The main purpose of the Shockwave Torch is to stop people from becoming victims. Many Shockwave torch videos have been sent from the users where they have faced attackers trying to steal their belongings. People have all saved themselves by using this shockwave torch, and the amazing thing is that the quality and standard of the product are high, and the torch will help you for several years to come.

Shockwave Torch – Is it a Scam?

All the features of the torch are functional. The electrical power comes from the rechargeable battery, which expells electrical energy when the particular feature is activated. It does mean that your torch will be dead and unable to produce light after discharging it. However, if it has helped you survive an attacker, it is totally worth it. You can use it as a weapon and charge it later.

Regarding being a scam, there is nothing fake about the torch. It is also quite bright and you only need to turn it on to see that. Moreover, the edges are quite sharp, so you don’t want to accidentally touch these to see what a great defense feature they are. There is also an electrical charger, which you can hear when you flip the safety switch-off but keep in mind that it isn’t a toy and you shouldn’t let kids play with it like a regular torch

Who Should Purchase Shockwave Torch:

Shockwave Torch Who should Buy the Product

Anyone who lives in a state where the torch is legal should buy it. For example, a 30-year-old woman who works late at night and has to walk through poorly lit neighborhood lights should use this torch. The attackers mostly choose victims between twenty and thirty-five years old. However, it doesn’t exclude young adults and older adults. For anyone, the most amazing torch for defense is this one.

Pros and Cons:

In this Shockwave Torch review, we have added the top pros and cons related to the product. So, first, let us look at the pros:


1. Sturdy and Durable: The torch is aluminum-built which makes it lightweight and resistant; therefore, it’s perfectly protected from outside elements. If used rightly, the Shockwave torch will go with you for years.

2. Easy and Safe: Safety is quite important, so the torch is available with safety locks to avoid accidents, and the great thing is that you can lock and unlock the device easily.

3. Super-bright: The torch comes with a super bright LED. Therefore, it can leave a person blind in the dark when activated fully.

4. Affordable life-saver: In my opinion, the Shockwave Torch is quite affordable, and the great thing is that the lamp comes with defense mechanisms.

5. Portable: The torch is quite lightweight. So, you can put it in your bag or pocket, and it won’t be noticeable.


1. Research Your State’s Law: In several states, the torch is quite legal to carry with you, but other states might have restrictions, so you need to research and follow them.

2. Keep Away From Children: The features of the torch can be quite tempting for kids, but this isn’t a regular torch, so stay safe and keep it out of the reach of kids.

Shockwave Torch Customer reviews:

Shockwave Torch Testimonial

The main problem faced by the torch manufacturers is the availability of the tactical torches around us, which were illegally introduced by other manufacturers.

Most people who have tried the Shockwave torch consider it an amazing alternative to a firearm or pepper spray, and this torch is an amazing deterrent to animals, like large dogs.

Until today, 90% of the users have given positive comments and called the Shockwave torch an amazing self-defense tool to own. So, here are the top customer reviews.

Adam From Ohio (4 out of 5 stars):

I work in a 24/7 Customer Support Department. People bullied me on my way home. However, it didn’t happen that often but I was afraid most of the time, so I am thankful that this item has taught me self-defense and made me more confident.

Jenny From West Virginia (4.5 out of 5 stars):

I am an independent teacher working at a primary school. I used the stun gun when a guy tried to snatch my purse at night, so the Shockwave torch proved its worth and saved me from the attack.

Price And Availability:

Currently, the Shockwave torch is only available online on the official website of the company. However, it will be available at retail stores soon under sixty dollars, but you can get it online today for just under thirty dollars. You will get free shipping on an online order through your account. Thus, to get the extraordinary stun gun torch, you have got one legit solution. Ordering the torch from the official website is the best choice you can make. So, avoid third-party websites and buy the torch only from the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

In this Shockwave torch review, we have added some frequently asked questions from the users. So, let’s see them:

Q1. Is the Shockwave torch legit?

Ans. Yes, the torch is completely legit. There are also many videos online which show what it does and what it can do to assailants, so it may seem harmless, but it is quite dangerous if you know the right way to use it.

Q2. What should I do if I am not happy with the results?

Ans. The company has a refund policy with a 90-day money-back guarantee; therefore, if you don’t like the results, just visit the online page of the company and contact them through an email address with a password. So, you should avail the refund policy of the company and return the faulty product, however, if it works fine, there is no reason to send it back, and you should use the product.

Q3: Who Are The Minds Behind The Shockwave Tactical Torch?

An organization called Concerned Patriot is the one behind the Shockwave Tactical Torch.

Q4: Where Can You Buy A Shockwave Torch?

This product is only available on their official website. Any other site that sells this product is either a scam or illegal.

Q5: Will The Shockwave Tactical Torch Be Worth Your Money?

The Shockwave Tactical Torch is a multifunctional tool that does not only let you defend yourself, but can also be used for other emergencies. Hence, purchasing this product is worth your money.


“Murder begins where self-defense ends.”– Georg Buchner

In this Shockwave Torch review, we have discussed all the essential things you should know about the torch. So, the fact is that the convenience of being able to carry all the defense items in a single torch makes it the perfect self-defense weapon. So, you should definitely buy it and get a second chance in life.

Shockwave Torch

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