Watch some old movies and you will notice how people used to carry their walking sticks. During ancient times, a walking stick was used as a decorative tool. Its primary purpose was to indicate power and supremacy. Even during the 17th and 18th centuries, people started carrying walking sticks instead of swords.

As time passed, the simple walking stick saw a lot of evolutions. People started to use the same old walking staff as a hiking staff, a fishing spear, a glass breaker, and to cross rough terrain with ease. In short, a walking staff soon turned into a survival staff.

It will not be wrong to say that walking staffs are as old as humans. If you have a staff with you that is almost as tall as your body height, you can certainly do a lot of things with it. If you decide to travel through uneven terrain on foot, you can use your staff as a hiking staff.

You can also use it to defend yourself from wild animals. While you use it to hike uneven terrain, you can use your solid survival staff for hunting and also balance yourself while trekking. In other words, with a survival staff, made of wood, present with you all the time, you can forget about a fall down a mountain slope and enjoy your life to the fullest.

What Is The Crawford Survival Staff?

When you talk about a survival staff, you will the market flooded with several varieties. However, the Crawford Survival Staff is way different from its competitors. Designed by Pat Crawford, the Crawford Survival Staff is a combination of several useful things clubbed into one.

To keep it simple, the survival staff is an upgrade of the simple walking stick for the 21st century. This survival staff is designed in such a way that you can easily break it down into different sections. This helps in the storage of the staff.

When screwed together, the different parts combine into the Crawford Survival Staff. It turns into a handy, hard-anodized aluminum staff with a knurled handle. It is one of the best survival items you will come across to help you with your outdoor adventure.

The Crawford Survival Staff is 45 inches long with more than an inch in diameter. This awesome and highly professional trekking pole is a complete survival tool. If you carry the Crawford staff with you, it will mean you are not carrying just an ordinary cane or a stick made of cold steel, but a complete survival toolkit.

Different Uses of the Walking Stick Made By Pat Crawford

As discussed above, the Crawford Survival Staff is a multi-purpose walking staff. Made from his own ingenuity, Pat Crawford has put in a lot of ideas in designing the Crawford staff. He made sure that one single survival staff can fulfill multiple tasks for you.

You can use the survival staff as a fishing spear while out on an adventure. This will help you and your fellow trekkers get the necessary food to enjoy while outdoors and also indulge in some fishing adventure. Apart from fishing, the survival staff can also act as a bottle opener for you.

This excellent survival gear can also act as a knife when needed. You can use the knife for survival purposes to defend yourself against wild animals. Apart from the knife, there is a glass-breaker tip that can double as a trekking point. In order to support the guys in your camp, whether while hunt0ing or trekking, you can use this part to support them.

Whether you decide to go on an adventure trip to the jungles of Arizona or simply take a course down your steep city outskirts, the Crawford staff can prove rather useful for you. It is long enough to help you in creating a doubt in the minds of all wild animals that visit your camp.

Who Is Pat Crawford?

When it came to combining age-old word traditions with the latest and new features, nothing could beat the Crawfords in this game. Pat was no different in this. He has been a member of the Knifemakers’ Guild since 1973. He was one of the first to use titanium in his products.

Pat used to skeletonize his handles and frames. His son, Wes, helped his father integrate some of the most exotic field materials in their products, such as wood, staghorn, and ivory. The Survival Staff is the brainchild of the father and son duo. They thought about turning a humble stick into a modular survival system.

He designed the staff in such a way that it could prove to be useful for everybody in any situation. Whether you intend to go out on a fishing trip, a simple trek up a hill with friends, a walk amidst the forest, or none of these, the Survival Staff is designed to help you everywhere easily.

Crawford designed the staff in such a way that it would not be too lengthy, yet it would be long enough to fend off wild animals easily. He also ensured that the overall weight of the staff should not be too much as this may unnecessarily increase the weight of the load. Thus, the total weight of the Survival Staff is 29 ounces. This includes the weight of the sic blowgun darts.

Benefits of Using the Survival Staff

Many people like to go out on camping or hiking trips with friends or family. If you also fall in the same category of people, then you will understand the perils involved with such hiking and camping trips. If you hike without proper tools, then you might slip and tumble down rough grounds.

Thus, all the necessary tools need to be carried for a safe hike. However, carrying too many accessories and tools with you can make the journey more dangerous than you can anticipate. This is where you require a survival staff that can serve various purposes and brings down the weight of the load to half.

If you wish to review Crawford Survival Staff, you need to use it once with your hands. According to Pat, the creator of the Crawford staff, there is no need for you to carry excessive gear in order to stay safe. All you need is the Survival Staff.

If you are out on a trek with your friends or family in a forest, the Survival Staff can be utilized to create breaks in the middle of a thick jungle. This will help your team create a trail and walk properly. In other words, you can part thick tall grasses and tree branches. Similarly, if a big spider web seems to block your path, you can make some space to move by clearing the webs.

You will be surprised to find how the Survival Staff can save you from some wild animals, poisonous snakes, and bugs that are rarely seen in a town area. Simply get a good grip of the staff and create empty space to help move along your trekking expedition.

More Benefits of the Survival Staff

Plenty of bucks have been used in the making of the Survival Staff. This handy aluminum staff can help you climb a steep slope with ease and can also double as a blowgun. Go through any product review about the Survival Staff and you will come to know that different sections of the staff can be utilized differently.

If you open up the staff, you will notice that this magic wand consists of a two-piece body, an aluminum handle, a steel point, a 440C stainless steel blade, a cap, a rubber crutch tip, as well as a soft rubber grip. Join up all these parts and you get a 57-inch long hiking staff. The upper section conceals the stainless steel blade whereas the lower section works as an onboard storage space for survival accessories.

When you detach the handle of the staff along with the upper tube you will find a useful blow gun, as well as a skull-busting baton. You can use darts to fire with the help of the blowgun at wild animals. Since the sections of the tube are joined, such as the knife and spear, with the help of a solid threaded coupling, the blowgun cannot be used with the other parts.

The blowgun is made in such a way that it can easily accommodate .625 caliber commercial darts. The darts are a combination of heavy steel nails and plastic cones. Thus, in conjunction with the bore size of the staff, these darts can work pretty effectively in the short-barreled blowgun.

You can use the storage of the staff to store the darts, which you can use with the built-in blowgun during any emergency. It has a very convenient design that lets you access survival accessories easily.

Where to Buy the Staff?

The Survival Staff is available for purchase from their official website. You will not be able to find it on any other website or at any store. This is to safeguard the original staff against possible duplicates. You will also find the staff at a very nominal price, considering the features you find in the staff and the numerous benefits you can enjoy with the help of it.


  • The Survival Staff can be used in any situation
  • It can work as a knife, spear, and has the ability to save you from wild animals
  • The Survival Staff comes in a convenient design and has a perfect balance
  • It has a blade inside that can be used in your defense


  • The price might be too much for some potential buyers


Trekking and going out on an adventurous trip with friends has become a common thing. However, if you are not prepared with a proper kit, staying out in the wild might get dangerous for you. Along with sufficient food, you will also require proper protection. Thus, you will require a knife, a spear if necessary, and a multipurpose blade.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could minimize most of the items to help you carry less load while trekking? This is why the Crawford Survival Staff is one of the best. Whether you wish for a blade show or use a dart and blowgun 7combination to practice hunting, the staff is one of the best.

The staff also comes with a stainless steel blade that can be used as a spear. The blade shows of the staff can prove to be rather useful when out in the wild. It has an aluminum-anodized body with a storage facility inside to help you access trekking accessories anytime you want.

Whether you wish to fire a dart at an animal or simply clear the path ahead amidst a thick jungle, the staff can prove useful in any situation. You can go through any Survival Staff review for more information.

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