When I first read the eBook by Alexander Cain going by the title Alive after the fall, the first question that came to my mind was: is this another scam or is it legit?

It is not fair to make a judgment on the book without a critique in the form of a review. Out of the various book reviews that you have read on it, this will be the most incisive and honest.

When I first visited the alive after the fall website, I felt amazing to learn about how to survive after the fall for your loved ones.

There are many disasters and tragedies which confront the very core of our existence as pr biblical prophecy.

What’s inside this book by Alexander cain?

Alive After The Fall What's inside this book by Alexander cain

In this product review, let’s see how alive after the fall prepares you in the following ways:

  • Offers you timely information on the top 5 electronic devices that you need to survive after the disasters.
  • It proposes the Faraday cage which is designed to protect the 5 devices against EMP weapons.
  • It offers you timely advice on what medications you should store in your first aid kit to safeguard your health against the diseases which will befall the people following the ‘fall of Babylon’
  • You will get tips on how to take care of your car engine from exploding following the use of EMP weapons.
  • Helpful information to safeguard your home and property from vandalism and looting.
  • Ideas on how to make food and your medicine stay for long as the effects of the tragedy persist.
  • You will learn how to make food for your loved ones without relying on gas or electricity.
  • In short, alive after the fall program will tell you everything for survival mindset keeping calm.

Surviving a nuclear attack

 Alive After The Fall Surviving a nuclear attack

What would you do if there was a nuclear attack? Many people have no idea what they would do in case of the magnitude of it.

There is so much that you do not know that is contained in the e-book. Alive after the fall also includes:

  • What to do immediately after a nuclear attack.
  • Alive after the fall program tells you various ways to keep off the harmful nuclear radiation during disasters.
  • How to help people overcome the effects of the illnesses as a result of radiation.
  • Demystifying the myths by separating the long-held myths from fiction.
  • Last but not least, alive after the fall tells you how to survive and how to access medicine supplies after the fall.

Chemical attack

Alive After Fall Chemical Attack

If there was a chemical attack, there is a lot of information that you will need to know to protect yourself.

There are 3 areas that Alexander has focussed on regarding the chemical attack:

  • Using what you have at home to keep yourself safe at home in case of a chemical attack
  • Coping with an attack
  • Knowing about the type of particular chemical in chemical warfare.

Best survivor package

Alive After The Fall Best survivor package

I found the Alive after the fall as a handy survivor package for a post-apocalyptic period. At that time, there were no TV, iPads, or any south entertainment ave suite 410.

Still, many people managed to survive after the fall due to using various safety measures and survival strategies. In this alive after the fall book, you will learn about many useful survival tips.

If you never face such circumstances, you should also buy and read this book. It is important because this will help you in gaining knowledge about how to tackle such a situation.

Through this, you would be able to reduce your stress and anxiety if you ever face such a situation.


We all know how impossible it would be to survive post-nuclear attacks without access to food. Food plays an important role in keeping calm and assertive to people.

Even if you had food reserves, you will deplete them and must find a way to cook some more to keep you alive.

Alexander cain’s Alive after the fall e-book help everyone to stay assertive after the fall and prevent food shortage. It helps them to learn the ways to preserve food during a disaster.

For more details, you can visit the website or approach to 1444 south entertainment ave, ave suite 410 boise, or suite 410 Boise Idaho 83709 USA.

Safety ‘pockets’

Not all areas will be safe for you to hide following. Alive after the fall book will help you learn about safety during a crisis, emp attack, emp strike (or emp strikes), and disaster strikes.

The expert advisor health professional program in this ebook will also help you learn about how to tackle disaster situations.

In Alive after the fall book, you will also get insights into product reviewer compensation disclosure, calamities, and emp attacks.

It will also teach you to deal with emergency situations while managing power source for the auto motor circuit. In this way, this ebook will make your life easier and give you a complete survival plan.

Busting the myths

How much do you know about the nuclear attack? The truth of the matter is that there are so many falsehoods being bandied on the nuclear war and its facts.

The package provides you with all the details that you need to know about the nuclear threats, dispelling the 5 major myths about the attack.

Atomic shelter

You will get all the information you need to ward off the radiation in your home. There are tips on how to save you from diseases brought about by harmful radiation.

The survival gears that he proposes will help you live through the apocalypse. Whether there is a chemical or a nuclear attack, the survival kit will keep you alive until the apocalypse.

From the reviews, it is evident that many people are ill-equipped to cope with such a situation.

Quick response 

So much could go wrong in the first few seconds following a chemical or nuclear attack. The package provides you with the timeliest tips on the first few things that you should do or not, to avoid the prolonged exposure to harmful radiation.


There is an online survivor group that is at hand to help answer the hard questions that you may have on the survivor tips.

You will get support on what is in the package as well as what is not in the package. Alexander Cain leads the survivalists to offer all the assistance you need on the online platform.


Alive After Fall Pros and Cons

There are several advantages which come from the package. They include:

  • The ease of use –everything is broken down into simple steps that you can follow
  • The accounts given are very accurate; hence you will get everything as the Bible prophesies.
  • Alexander has provided a well-researched account of what the bible says about the apocalypse. There are many reliable sources from which packages are compiled.
  • You will get the survivor tips to keep you alive during the harder times ahead of time following the apocalypse.
  • In case it does not work as espoused in the package, there is a money-back refund guarantee. No questions are going to be asked and the refund will be prompt within 60 days.
  • Wide range of information that you will need to protect you from the harmful side effects of the radiation that is emitted following the use of EMP weapons.
  • It offers a practical approach to using simple home equipment to protect yourself from harmful radiation.
  • There are survivor tactics that are going to know the various types of chemicals and how to deal with them in case of an attack. These tips are backed by the military science for warfare defense.
  • Whether you are a beginner or experienced on matters to do with the apocalypse, this guide proves quite handy and will thus help at your hour of need.
  • The bonus package offers one value to the package and especially when you are exposed to chemical or nuclear dangers.

The cons

However, the guide has several inherent flaws. To begin with, you will only access it in electronic form.

There are many users who would like to read the physical book but you can only do so if you print it at your home.

The writer of the guide should have been considerate in ensuring that this guide is available in print forms, at least as per what the reviews are showing.

The guide seemed to have been written with the Christian in mind. The non-Christians may not necessarily embrace what is contained in the book.

There are many users who do not subscribe to the Holy Scriptures; hence they feel alienated from what the guide says in the prophecies. Even among the Christians, there are those who will have a bone to pick with Alexander Cain.

Moreover, the price for the guide is too high. Although it comes with a discount, the discount may end shortly and many others would not be able to get it.

The best thing about this guide is that it is suitable for everyone around the world.

It provides realistic survival strategies during and after crisis and calamities to everyone. Before you buy it, make sure to read its disclosure statement at the product site.

Alive after the fall book reviews

Alive After Fall Review of the Product

The customer reviews about alive after the fall ebook are positive. You will see many positive feedbacks from the customers about alive after the fall program on kisspr.com llc, media contact website.

These customers do not belong to any specific culture, religion, or country. Hence, it proves that Alive after the fall is beneficial for everyone.

You may find many other books on survival techniques but no one can compete with alive after the fall. On account of performance, alive after the fall ebook yields the best results.

Why choose Alive after the fall?

Alive After Fall Why Choose the Product

If you are thinking about why you should choose alive after the fall program, it is due to the following reasons.

  1. Alive after the fall program helps one in protecting himself and his family after a disaster.
  2. One can easily get it from the website on his email address.
  3. Alive after the fall program comes with a money-back guarantee so that one can buy it with confidence. Its money-back policy is same for everyone in all situations. So, anyone can claim to return the money as pr money-back guarantee but there would be no need for it.
  4. As its name depicts, it includes all the things that are important to learn for survival.
  5. As it is an online program, You don’t need to pay any shipping charges. Instead, you can access all things in this program within only a few seconds.
  6. The author of this book tells you the most realistic ways to come out of disaster and crisis in the world. So, you can such this ebook as a survival device that you can search and use to protect yourself and your family.
  7. With Alive after the fall program, you can enjoy lifetime customer support.

How to buy alive after the fall?

To come out of the disaster and crisis, you must buy Alive after the fall as the survival device. The author guarantees that it will help you in quickly recovering from disaster while living a peaceful life ahead.

Therefore, you can easily buy it with just one click from its original website. After making the payment, you can get it at your email address from where you can download and read it.


If you are struggling with any crisis or disaster situation, alive after the survival program is for you.

It will help you in learning the most useful and handy approaches for tackling difficult situations. In addition, it will also help you know how to take you and your family out of catastrophic events.

Being highly knowledgeable and experienced, Alexander Cain gives life-saving tips and advice to survive post-apocalypse.

Before it goes back to its original price, make sure to buy it today at a discount. Read it yourself or gift it to your loved ones to help each other prepared for the difficult situations.

Alive After The Fall

Click here to learn how you can be Alive After The Fall of western civilization as we know it – and learn to thrive!

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  1. As a servant of God, I do believe on the bible prophecies. People see the verses as what it is but they should go deeper to the real meaning of the verse. I do agree to what ‘Alive After The Fall’ claims. It is every man’s need to own the e-book. I just hope the author has a paperback because I really want it on my shelf, a perfect addition to my ever growing library.

  2. B. Robbins

    Amazing, I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before, thank you for sharing! This is quite impressive and will totally give it a shot.

  3. I was looking for a guide like this. I mean, I am skeptical about the collapse thing. But still, I think it is better to be safe than sorry.

  4. Gary M. Kavanaugh

    It is always difficult to stand when you fall. Most of the people do even give up after falling. But through this post, I have learned on how best I can be able to stand and be on the right track even when I fall.

  5. Mary Schaeffer

    Falling is part of life which should not be taken to bones. This guide is like opening a new horizon for all the people who have been falling during up and downs of life. Falling means you are trying and this means you are alive. Thank you for sharing.

  6. In this uncertain age, I am glad I read this book. Everything makes sense and I am pretty sure will come in handy at the end.

  7. Gwendolyn Harvey

    Nuclear wars are bound to happen and all that needs be addressed. We can not be stopping them because we are not entitled to be doing anything like that. We can just take preparatory measures for such incidents and this guide can be a leading stone in this matter.

  8. Elizabeth Decker

    We have to be prepared regardless of when or whether the situation will go wrong. I think the quality of life is decreasing, and that the major crises are very probable. When will it happen? I don’t know, maybe in 5, maybe in 10 years. But I do know that this program can help you survive.

  9. Travis Smith

    This review gives me a hint to go out prepared for anything that could happen. Prevention is always better than cure. Preparation is really a must in any circumstance.

  10. Angelica Ithier

    Is there any way one can purchase a hard copy..
    Or someone can walk you through purchasing and printing the ebook

  11. Elizabeth Sawyer

    This program provides step by step plan to prepare all the essentials before the EMP Strikes, so you can easily avoid the risk of the crisis.

  12. Live after the fall is nothing i have ever seen before. It is something so unique i have no words to explain. To start with, the author has done a very good job in explaining every step. Second, they are methods that are so effective.

  13. It is direct and to the point. It is written for the novice, but an experienced prepper would find benefit in the book.

  14. Gladys Murray

    Worth reading to keep you and your family safe! It is direct and to the point. It is written for the novice, but an experienced prepper would find benefit in the book.

  15. Mandi Creighton

    The guide was formulated out of the various tips he collected from all his studies. He was able to formulate the survival guide. The guide was indeed made to help everybody to overcome various challenges they would encounter in life.

  16. Michael White

    Can I get this in a book

  17. Randy Foster

    I want only the hard copy..

  18. Fred Cariey

    This is a scam! An EMP bomb is real and it creates a lot of havoc but this video gives a very exaggerated and unrealistic view of its impact. The US military is prepared and immune from what is described. You can save some of your electronics or a generator by googling this “faraday cage”.

    I enjoyed the biblical interpretation but the EMP damage characterization is way over exaggerated!

  19. Keith Wooden

    All of the information above is designed to take you through all the immediate effects of an EMP and to help you put together the best survival plan for this biblical disaster. It’s like having your own “Noah’s ark” packed with knowledge for the upcoming disaster.

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