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 For centuries now, people have been seeking the relationship that exists between the things that man invents, those that he cannot understand and the universe. By drawing parallels between these and other events that take place on earth, they have successfully come up with systems that purport some divine inspiration. They have found the link between events that occur in day to day life and have linked the two to give us numerology, astrology and other mystical ‘sciences’ which are based more on folklore, myth and the desire to explain the inexplicable.

Successful businessman with arms upThis has gone so much as to penetrate the daily live of individuals who end up believing that the divinity in these studies is genuine and that it they attracts success. Personally, I know what to think but we shall explore some of those things in this article to see what it is all about.



This is the study of a relationship between a number and occurring events in which the believer of this subject will draw parallels and show that the two are related. It’s very much like astrology because of the divine nature in the way that it works and the mysticism involved. They also study the numerical value of letters and symbols that are contained in a word or a name. The people who study this kind of subject are called numerologists. They have written comprehensive books on the subject and have permeated popular culture through films and fiction books being used to explain mysticism and other things that are beyond the human ken.


What Are the Most Powerful Numbers in the World?

The most powerful number is called powerful due to their connection with divinity, religion and theories and beliefs that were put forth by pioneers of the subject. Sometimes it’s all in the ancient beliefs of a number being cursed or holy. Here is a look at some of the most powerful numbers in the world of numerology.


  1. The number 7

This is the most famous number in the world and people will at random choose it for the reason that it is considered a lucky number. More often than not, people will point out the really important or famous things which contain the number seven in them. Some of these will include:

  • The colors of the rainbow
  • The days of a week
  • Seven notes on the music scale
  • The seven dwarves in snow white
  • Seven continents on the planet earth
  • Seven seas
  • The seven ages of man in Shakespeare
  • James bond is agent 007
  • Cristiano Ronaldo wears the shirt number 7 and he is a star
  • God hallowed the seventh day
  • People in religious books are asked to do things seven times

Seven keys to the lucky

The list of seven and its luckiness is very important to people and they have taken it into their system that it is the best number anyone can wish for or on. Despite the fact that seven cannot be neatly divided into definite umbers without fractions, it is a favorite of many.


  1. The Number 1

 This is the exact opposite of the number 7. It is the unluckiest, most cursed and very evil number with a heavy leaning on the dark side. This number has been associated with the worship of the devil, the presence of things that dwell on the dark side and the things that are connected to ghosts and ghouls.

devil fire font - number one

When it comes to numerology however, they have a bit different ideas about this number and what it can do. Even with their rather positive outlook on the number, the people who are related to it are required to undergo some transmutation for their vices to be curbed. It is taken to mean the changes that take place before one can break into new ground.


  1. The Number 11 (An Old Soul)

This is the number that represents illumination into the human mind and the universe. The people who fall in this category are very sensitive, they have supernatural intuition and they have enormous power in the psychic connections. It has inborn duality which creates characters that are varied in their natures and inner struggles against one’s own self. They are geniuses who have their mind set on everything. They have a general knowledge of every aspect of life, the universe and the mystical aspects of it. People in this number are supposedly treading the path that is between achievement of greatness in all its glory and destruction by their own hands. It is a psychic number because greatness and the achievement of self-realization is not so much on logic as it is the belief of the mystics and the impractical.


  1. The Number 22

This is the most powerful of the numbers that are considered powerful in the numerology world. It has all the qualities of practicality but does not suffer the debilitating effects of 11 which have issues with treading paths of greatness and self destruction. 22 s will mostly think practically and can find their archetypes in which case they bring them down to earth in the physical form. They also have a tendency to not utilize their potential and if they sink into the ambition too much, they may end up not achieving anything at all. That is why the people in this number should work towards self realization more than ambition.

man opening shirt revealing a vision


  1. The Number 33

This number has been associated with conspiracy theorists and other weird groups which have different outlooks n mysticism. Walt Disney for example is associated with the freemasons who are in turn associated with this number due to some linkage that conspiracy theorists have an easy time seeing and pointing out.

Businessman touching multimedia iconsIt is the most influential of numbers and the people who are in this category will have lots of creativity and material that they churn out and seek to teach to others. They are channeled to the earth and they have the desire to reach for greatness in all its glory.


Which Numbers Spell Out Success

When it comes to the matter of success and what it means to be a certain number, they have a system that ranges from 1-9. Each one of us falls into one of these numbers. Here is a summary of what the y mean and the different success rates of each.

  1. This number is for people who have every potential to make wealth for themselves. They have good ideas that they stand by and work on, mostly alone. They are too creative and even when they don’t get encouragement; they have to see it through to the end.
  2. These will have to depend on the usual ethics of business that have been around for long to succeed. They are very amiable with their fellows and mostly acquire wealth just by being who they are.
  3. These are the ones who use charm and their personal aura to get ahead in life. They use their sense of having a good time to make wealth. They can become idols and figures other look up to like actors and such. They always portray the good side of themselves and it’s the one we suck up to.
  4. These are the hardest working of the numbers and they have a sense of working to get what they desire and do not expect to get anything just by being around like number 3. They have potential for achieving wealth because it is the thing that best defines them.
  5. These are the people who have a problem with spending money. Not that they hoard it, no, they just tend to use it recklessly and they will most likely need to relinquish the control of their wealth to someone who can regulate their spending and help them make the bet monetary decision.
  6. These are not so much into getting the money as they are into becoming comfortable and that’s why they eventually seek wealth. Once they reach this plateau stage that does not require them to keep seeking, they stop and maintain that position.
  7. These are unlike 6, obsessed with gaining wealth because in their playbook, poverty is a misery no one, especially themselves, should have to endure and they look for as much wealth as they can get their hands on. To live a happy life, they need to overcome this fear to become happy and comfortable.
  8. These are the people who are after satisfaction derived from having wealth. They are restless and constantly thinking about how to get the money and they always have at least a source from where they can derive income for their needs.
  9. These are the people who get their income or wealth from really stable places. They have successful careers and that’s what gives them a sense of achievement. They have adequate money and they are most likely to be charitable. They are not so much into hoarding money as they are into getting it and spending it on something concrete and useful.

That is the chart you fall under in numerology. In order to know which one is your number, you can calculate it from the birthdates as follows: For example, mine is January 9th 1998= 1/9/1998= (1+9+1+9+9+8) =37= (3+7) =10= (1+0) =1

Therefore, I am a number one.

What Does the Date of Birth Mean For Your Life?

Well, when it comes to birth dates, they can be categorized into the various months that you were born and given a start sign. What this means for your life can be describe sin the qualities, temperament and other aptitudes that astrologists claim are influenced by your star sign. For example, below here is the interpretation of the zodiac signs.


How to Interpret the Zodiac Signs

This is a very easy process, you just have to know what month and date you were born and cross check it with this list of the Zodiac Signs right here.

Aquarius- (January 20- February 18) this is an air sign that shows the inevitability of change. People with this sign are erratic and confused and they handle humanity well because they have seen all.

Aquarius like a beautiful girl

Libra- (September 23- October 22) the people with this sign are innovative and accepting of new ideas. They have balance and calmness when they come to terms with what their signs signify.

grunge zodiac - libraGemini- (May 21- June 21) this is the most unstable air sign and the people with this sign are always in search of sources of excitement and newness. They are free spirits with difficulty to follow.

Capricorn- (December 22- January 19) these are the people who are stable consistent and are leaders in their respective fields. Their intellect and thirst for knowledge is lifelong and they more often than not leave a mark in the lives of people around them.

Virgo (August 22- September 22) these are the one earth signs that are not set in their beliefs or paths. They are capable of small change and innovativeness. They are not comfortable with letting emotion ride them but they eventually change sometimes.

Taurus (April 20- May 20) this is the most stable and the people with its qualities are very stubborn and get easily irritated by water signs. They are around for a long time unchanging and the one place you can go to for stability.

Sagittarius (November 22- December 21) people with this sign are prone to striving to get higher than they are. They are compatible with air signs and they are most often philosophers and idealists.

Leo (July 23- August 22) they have a sense of balance despite wanting to be the centre of attention. They are proud and do not like to be rectified much. They are charmers and they have qualities that are fixed.

Aries (March 21- April 19) these ones very diverse and very energetic and they have little patience for sluggers. They have their inner fire burning most of the time and the child in them will always be there for a long time. They have control and they have the energy.

Pisces (February 19- March 20) these are the people with deep personalities, often with talents that are misunderstood causing them to have the tendency to brood. Because they are spiritual, they are often willing to follow their talent and share it.

Scorpio (October 23- November 21) this fixed water sign has some really dark qualities that are entrenched deep in history and the past. Learning from the depths of the water that run dark and dirty is their sole purpose and though they connect, it is not strong.

Cancer- (June 21- July 22) these are the most caring and encouraging of the signs. They are overprotective of their own emotions and they tend to clump up if they get hurt. They are so emotional and get easily attached to their roots and sources of emotion.


The Luckiest Number to Have

Here are the numbers and what they are attributed to.

7- it’s the luckiest of numbers and most common appearing in rainbows, week days and other significant things.

3- Doing things three times, having three of something is lucky too.

8, 5 and 4- this is mostly among the Chinese as they have their own words similar to them and they mean something good like wealth and other good things.

9- Appears prominently in Norse mythology like the nine realms

11- It is featured prominently in numerology as a powerful sign

22- Appears with eleven in numerology too

33- Same as 11 and 22 but with different functions.

42- Appeared in ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ or associated with the singer Jackie Robinson

Those are the ones that mostly appear at the top.


How to Attract Success Using Numbers

This is quite simple because in numerology, we have lucky numbers and you can time your astrology and numerology together to create numbers of significance. This will, according to the two closely related topics, increase your chances of winning or gaining. So;

  • Have things in 7s
  • Double check things thrice
  • Maximize on the readings of astrology and what they say about your day
  • Check your dates and the way they coincide with the movements of the stars

These and other things will be able to increase your chances of getting what you want, when you want it and in top form.


In Conclusion

When you look at the connections, you may be inclined to believe in their significance and their influence on your life. If you want to join the movement, you’re welcome. It’s free and it’s not a religion so you should not worry about your soul or other things. Think of it as a way to have fun with numbers.




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