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The American government is on a mission to disarm its people, not because they have been involved in more crimes than before but because there is a much bigger reason which is being kept secret from the public.

The media says no word on this as it would spark uproar and spark chaos. There lies a probability of a massive food shortage. Food is the only known thing which can spark chaos even in the most peaceful countries.

America will be no exception when the food crisis bomb explodes. Read through this backyard liberty blueprint review and start taking measures to secure some food for your family. Maybe you have read other reviews somewhere else, but this is the smartest you will read regarding food security in times of crisis.

FEMA will steal your food

Backyard Liberty FEMA will steal your food

In case a disaster strikes the USA, FEMA under the protection of constitutional laws has the power to come and take food which you have stored in your house and carry it away.

Take it to its masses and leave you with little or no stock to take you through the crisis period. Due to this fact it makes no much sense to have dozens and dozens of stockpiled in your home as a preparation for a disaster.

You will be left shocked when all is taken away. All the efforts and resources you have put in that activity will go to waste as it will not serve the purpose which you intended. The goal to feed your family

This is the hardest test a person can get. Being robbed of what you rightfully own. To make it worse, you are being robbed when you desperately need the food.

Then what is the best way to prepare

kyard Liberty what is the best way to prepare

The best way to get set for a crisis is having a system which will be producing food on a continuous basis and will be impossible for the government agencies to carry it away from you.

The system to put in place is covered in the backyard liberty pdf blueprint. This is a system which will be like a backyard garden; but entirely different from the ordinary backyard garden. It will require you to put no fertilizers and additives to boost your plants.

Backyard liberty blueprint

Backyard Liberty Backyard liberty blueprint

This is a book written by Alec Deacon in collaboration with Nate Storey. He is aware of the ways that the government is preparing for any crisis that may arise at the expense of its citizens. The things which will bring chaos right at the doorstep of every USA citizen.

He has a website named Just as the name portrays, it is an indication that he keeps a hawk’s eye on any matter related to food security. Not only food but any other mechanism strategy you can apply in times of crisis.

He is a whistleblower who reviews and posts warnings in the site, or He is the kind of guy who bitterly clings to his guns and the bible.

He has taken upon himself the responsibility of exposing to true patriots of America the hidden threats that can violate your right and your sole purpose to live.

During his recent research, he unearthed the 4 undeniable pieces of evidence to show that there is an impending food crisis in America. This crisis will make your family survive on scraps if you don’t take the required precautions.

All that is needed is in the pdf book, if you buy a copy, then you will be among the lucky few.

There is an impending shortage of food security, and the government plans to literally steal food from you if the disaster strikes. This will leave you helpless and be fighting for the remaining little food.

Luckily if you have found this review, you are just a few steps away from learning how to deal with such a situation.

How you will not only feed your family in such a situation but rather, rise back to power and become the envy of the desperate people.

People will listen to you and follow whatever instructions you give. This will put you in the best leadership position for a fallen society. Not only that but when you buy yourself the eBook, you will realize how cheap it can be to save your family from years of miseries.

You will know the exact strategies to make a 10, 15, 20 or infinite years stockpile. The most appealing part of the system is that it will cost you much less than what you can spend in food stores buying the stockpile for all those years.

 If you are in any doubt that this will happen, then have a closer look at these four signs. They review what exactly will trigger the chaos and lead to the final eruption of social unrest.


Backyard Liberty Hunger

For sure a hungry man is an angry man. When hunger strikes a country, everybody starts to fight for himself. The problem with this strategy of fighting is that you might have no opportunities at your exposure to fight for.

This will lead to a quite painful death. As you can remember, the summer of the year 2012 caused a serious food shortage. Desperation and despair were written all over the people’s face as they were wondering what next.

Most of the countries like Mexico, Russia, Australia, and Spain were affected too. Nobody was spared. This was the worst drought which reduced and almost brought our wheat and corn export to an end.

Farmers were forced to sell their livestock prematurely as they had no fodder to feed them on. This scenario might have contributed greatly to the worst meat shortage ever in 60 years in 2013. 

If you’re ready to start protecting your family and making sure they have enough food to eat no matter what happens, click here to get Backyard Liberty Blueprint today!

Obvious, the government does not want you to know all these information.

Backyard Liberty the government does not want you to know all these information

The drought caused the Ogallala aquifers plains which is the main source of irrigation water and the largest USA underground water to almost dry up.

More serious and pathetic projections claim that the dust bowl of the 30’s might be back anytime soon.

All these factors will surely cause famine and hunger to a very great extent. This will be the starting point of crisis, people trying to take what does not belong to them by force.

The second signal of a looming crisis is Greed.

The government and the banks have realized the shortage in the food sector, they will involve themselves in speculation business to trade on foodstuff since their supply is low, this directly translates to a higher level of margin since the demand for food will be high.

The food packages are getting smaller and smaller, like the 3 oz of salmon shrank to 2.6 oz.

This means a reduced value of money

Backyard Liberty This means a reduced value of money

Inflation hits in and all the negative impacts of inflation set the economy on a decline move.

As usual, the government will deny all these facts and claim everything is okay.

Food speculation practices can lead to starvation especially when done by the financial institutions. This is a clear show of greed by the banks which can easily lead to food shortages and trigger crisis.

The third sign of a looming crisis is chaos.

Food prices are a social threat to the cohesion of the society especially when on an upward trend. Former Mexican president ‘Felipe Calderon knows it better since, in 2007, poorest Mexican took to the street in rioting. This was due to the increase in corn prices from 8 pesos to 10 peso overnight.

With the more frequent droughts being experienced, it is almost certain that anytime soon people will be on the streets rioting here in America.

As food index rises, there is a sure cause for rioting since the purchasing power of money goes down. This makes life harder and making ends meets becomes a nightmare.

This has been experienced before

Backyard Liberty This has been experienced before

When Russia experienced droughts in 2011, it halted the wheat exports; Arabs rebelled and formed revolutionary groups.

The September 2012 Benghazi killings had nothing to do with the Allah movie but directly related to the rising food index.

These are clear statistics to show that chaos can really be triggered by food shortage.

This is the exact shortage the USA is almost experiencing.

There is no level of civilization that can cause people not to riot.

Greece is the mother of democracy and has been in and out of mass protests

People are raiding food stores in Spain to access food.

These raids and rioting lead to the fourth element of a crisis which is destruction.

Currently, more than 46M Americans are living on food stamps this is a clear indication that there is a looming danger soon. Almost half of these numbers are children, and this triggers the matter further as a parent will be ready to do anything to ensure her kids get the required food.

If you want your family to survive, you need a source of food, and you need it sooner than later.

The USA does not need to be a country full of fights and wars for you to be unable to feed your family.

A little breakdown in the transportation section can ruin all the food distribution process or if an angry mob breaks and steals food from the local stores. You will have nowhere to get food from, and even FEMA won’t help you, by the way, they can’t even help themselves.

 Backyard Liberty A little breakdown

You will be left at the harsh hands of an irresponsible government. This will turn your life upside down. You will be left with only three options. Either steal, borrow or beg for food to feed your children.

During the great depression everybody saw how children worked in labor farms just for a plate of a meal, wives left their husbands thinking that it will be easier for them to survive on their own. Many families could not maintain the bond as everybody thought that it was better off if they were on their own.

In a situation of crisis, food can buy anything. Ability to feed your family will portray you as a leader. A person who has the potential to save society.

You might think that wild animals can offer an alternative source of food in case of crisis. BUT you will be astonished to see like 500 people targeting the same deer, and you will wonder how they will even share.

That will be a wide-open grave just waiting for anyone to get in. People will kill each other while fighting for food. When the social unrest erupts, you will need to have at least 5-10 years of food at your disposal to be able to survive.

Keeping such a stockpile will cost you an arm and a leg. This is a fact. However, there is still an option of getting the same food to get you through such times at a fraction of the cost. The solution lies in the backyard liberty blueprint.

As Alec Deacon was doing his usual online researches, he stumbled upon something that people living in war-torn zones were using to feed their families. Places like Gaza. They have no fertile soil, no time to do farming and no time to do trial and error farming methods.

He discovered that they use Aquaponics. This would be the best source of food during an extended period of crisis. This made his mind not to rest until he gets a solution and a clear way of how it is done.

He asked his subscribers to help, and the solution came 8000 miles in Australia. The farmer was harvesting around 80 lbs of tomatoes, 15 lbs of peppers, 60 lbs of zucchini, 60 lbs of cucumbers and many more vegetables, onions, beets, radishes, spinach and even some carrots.

On top of that, he was getting around 700 lbs of fish every year. This was all from a 300 square feet piece of land. The whole system had cost the farmer $6000. However, such a system would not work in America due to climatic changes and even the cost involved was just too high.

 Alec Deacon set out on a research mission to be able to get the same thing at a low cost of around $1000 or less. This would at least be more affordable to people and would be a lifesaver in case the worst comes to be.

In an aquaponic setting, fish and plants sustain each other. The fish do the fertilizing for your crops, and you end up having fish to consume almost hassle-free. This cannot be compared to the hydroponics farming method as it is very expensive and requires a lot of water.

This water might not be available in times of crisis. This leaves aquaponic as the best alternative to practice in times of crisis. In this system the situation is a win-win game. The ammonia-rich waste from the fish is the best fertilizers for the plants.


  • No watering required.
  • No fertilizing.
  • No bending.
  • Actually no real work.

Backyard Liberty This water might not be available in times of crisis

Learning about aquaponic got Alec really in a big search for information. Unfortunately, most of the information that could be found on the internet was either too complex or downright irrelevant.

However, in the course of research, he got to learn from one professor who was making aquaponics at the prices range he was looking for. A few hundred bucks. His name was Nate Storey.

Alec Deacon hired the services of Nate and was able to develop a system which can be set up even by a 12-year-old. The collaboration resulted in a system that hardly requires any water. It requires 10% of what conventional backyard gardening would consume.

This makes it an excellent means of making food at the time of crisis. It is cost friendly as its total cost stood at $190 per set. This is a system which you can even hire a person to help you do the hard work of constructing and still get excellent results.

The best part of the method is that you don’t have to wait for the crisis to hit in order to start using its product. It is actually every homestead system. It can cut your grocery expenses by over $180 per week.

The PDF book will also teach you the 3 fish species you don’t need to babysit and the species which can get you into the wrong hands of the law.

Get yourself a copy of the backyard liberty blueprint.

If you order today, you get to enjoy 12-month email support and a number of valuable bonuses.

The bonuses are,

  1. How to build a water biofilter.
  2. Surviving an economic collapse.
  3. 27 items you need to have before a crisis.

Make a wise decision today and order the eBook.

Not only will you cover your family but it will also provide you a rich supply of food.

The purchase is 100% risk-free. This definitely makes it a perfect opposite of anything scam related. You will get full value for your money, and in case it fails to satisfy you


Click to get Backyard Libery today, and you’ll finally learn how you can grow your own aquaponic plants, giving you a sustainable, gmo-free, organic food source for your family!

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