I was 28 when I stumbled with Basic Past Life Regression Certification, back then it was a more expensive program that was delivered through days of intense training. I remember I was feeling lost and couldn’t really understand what was going on.

Basic Past Life Regression Certification Review

I was not happy with my professional life, and I didn’t know where to turn. After following the Basic Past Life Regression Certification, and experiencing the truth about my previous lifetimes on this earth, I started to understand why, and where I was supposed to go.

Many people have some amazing regressions, the film like memories sometimes, I remember having vague memories, but many feelings, linked to other countries, other people. This information took a lot of time to process, but after that, I understand that my destiny was in helping others, and one great step was sharing my experience with the Basic Past Life Regression Certification.

Changes experienced

  • More peace
  • More clarity
  • A broader perspective of people in my life
  • Clearer purpose
  • Increased motivation
  • Openness of heart

Regressions are really not a phantasmagoric experience that only a few can experience, we all carry some memories of our past existence in this earth, and it is accessible. Gurus meditate hours and hours and can clearly access to all those memories.

It is incredible, and shocking, to open the door to that wisdom and, the most important thing, to incorporate it into your life so that, instead of continuing starting from scratch, you can learn from your ancestors and be better.Basic Past Life Regression Certification Changes Experience

Looking for my past lives

As I mentioned in the review, I felt a little lost in life. I went to psychologists, career coaches, etc. And they all provided great advice that I still apply in my life. However, none of it really hit the nail.

Once, while watching tv, there was a documentary of people who have had access to their past lives by happenstance, and while I was listening to their stories, I remember some things clicked with me:

  • Sometimes, my imagination was too real, it felt more like a memory
  • I had strong reactions to things that didn’t call for them
  • It seemed like I knew a lot about certain stuff that I had really not studied, or practiced in the past
  • From time to time, I longed to be in other countries I had never been before but felt like it
  • I would have sudden nostalgia for things I hadn’t experienced

With this in mind, I started to look for hypnosis programs that could help me, and that is when I found Basic Past Life Regression Certification.

Starting to explore

Before getting certified, I was a client of someone certified. I always thought this was more of a paranormal thing than an actual discipline.

During the first sessions, I had access to glimpses of what seemed dreams, but they were charged with emotion and detail.

Places I had never been to, people I had never met, languages I had never heard and, even though my logic couldn’t understand word by word, something inside knew what these people in my “dreams” were saying.

As this exploration went on, I understood that:

  • There is a bigger purpose for me, that has been taken by previous lives and I needed to take
  • I found that purpose and chose a way to follow it
  • There have been many people before me that have fought and died for me to be where I was
  • I owed it to myself to honor this lifetime and existence

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Things to consider

Listen, it was never easy. Now that I am writing this, I can talk about it with calm and understanding. However, exploring your past lives can be painful sometimes. You can relive the death of loved ones, loss, poverty, traumatic experiences.

Many people forget about this starting stage, and they only talk about the final results and how amazing they are. I believe it is important to warn people that you will visit a past life, and life is composed of joy, sorrow, and peace. This is not for the faint-hearted.

Also, sometimes, although this has never happened to me, some people have realized that someone very close in their life now, was someone close to them in the past. Which can be a little disturbing depending on the current reincarnation.

What I advise in these cases is not to change the relationship we have with that person now, AT ALL! The real relationship that we are trying to heal is that of us with ourselves, and that should always be the focus.

Getting certified

As I had decided to become a therapist, and after living the results that I lived during my process, I went to my hypnotist and asked about the certification, I took it and it was amazing.

I went to the workshop, it was intense, and it was filled with people who were more advanced and I benefited from their experience.

All through the course, a lot of Pandora’s boxes were opened, but with the certification, we also learned how to control them and get past them to the truth about our origins.

I was very much pleased to see how all the aspects were being addressed so that we wouldn’t be blindsided by such an intense, and unknown, experience.

If more people would do this, there would be more information and this could benefit people all over the world.

After I got my certification, I decided to buy the online program, just in case I needed to go back and check on some things, which I did for some months.Basic Past Life Regression Certification Product

Basic Past Life Regression Certification

It was not long after I started helping people with regressions, and exploring mine a little more. I decided to go through the online program and I couldn’t believe it:

  • It was as complete as the actual course
  • It addressed all the issues the same way
  • The effectiveness was not compromised
  • The progression was so easy to follow

At some point, I understood that the online program was just as effective as the personal approach. In reality, some people want to learn by themselves, or they don’t feel they are ready to let the world that they are studying this for fear of being shunned. This is also a great added value to the online certification.

There are so many online communities founded by experts in the matter, that really you don’t need to be in a room with all them together when you can be on a discussion board.

Helping others

I could say that I was lucky to find out that I was supposed to help others and heal their inner world. Through this wisdom and the knowledge contained in the course, I was able to help other people whose purpose was not so clear. The reactions are diverse, but they are always for the better.

Some people

  • Open their own businesses
  • Take that plane to somewhere in the world
  • Reconnect with their families or friends
  • Forgive
  • Move abroad
  • Pursue a new career
  • Divorce

Everyone has their own path, and I became empowered to guide them and give them support on their journey, regardless of how difficult or questionable by society it was. What I always say is: If it is good for your heart, it is good for the world.

Is this for you?

Again, this is not for the faint of heart. You need to have some spiritual strength (recommended), or psychological background.

If you are interested in undercover the meaning of your life and helping others do so, this is an amazing tool that is also beginner friendly. It guides you through the whole process so that you can walk through other people as well.

It is important to be well trained before trying to help others, otherwise, you might end up hurting them more than you can help them, this is why this program is important because it trains you to do so.Basic Past Life Regression Certification Is this For You

What makes it different?

Research, experience, and intention. The creators of the program composed an amazing piece of work, not only in the information but also in the delivery and explanation.

The training is thorough, as it should, and it speaks to the heart and brain, not only to one of them. So you can connect both parts and make a more wholesome approach that can deliver better results.

The focus is in connection and discovery for the progress of your current life. It is not supposed to get you attached to something that has already passed, which makes this approach liberating and empowering, instead of constricting and attaching as many others do.

It has definitely changed many lives, and I am thankful it has changed mine as well and that I have been able to help others.

Every time I sit down with a patient, I open my heart and mind and work with them all the way, and I never stop being surprised by how intense and liberating this experience can be.

Are you ready to live it?

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  1. I am very happy to come across this post. My life is very confusing right now. I have a strong feeling it has to do with my past lives. I cannot wait to start the program.

  2. Yeah. You can obviously see your past. There is a lot to look at in this guide. It is a guide that has been structured by professionals and it is worth every cent.

  3. I wonder what I would be without this system. It has done me a lot that I cannot explain. Provided me with working tips that no one could have given me. Another than thing is that it is a very affordable book.

  4. Several general topics are discussed on helping prospective clients appreciate the value of PLR therapy and vetting the client as a good candidate.

  5. I am happy i did not waste my time. I am happy that i came across a system that has really worked for me more than i thought it could. I really find value for my money.

  6. Theodore V.

    Exploring your soul’s journey through past life regression can provide insights into how to mitigate or balance your karmic patterns now.

  7. John Schroeder

    This course covers every step, so you could take it without any prerequisite training. Most students will have a background in therapy, spiritual healing or have had an experience or interest in with past lives.

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