Also known as paruresis, this is where people find it impossible to pee in front of other people. They will experience that feeling which is a deep seated fear that may be caused by different things. The shy bladder will hound you for days unless you can get over that.

There are ways that can help you get over that irrational fear and worry which makes you unable to pee while there are people around you. This will help you get the fear out and the guides that I have provided are surefire ways of getting through the whole process.

The Lone Ranger Technique

When you are afraid to pee while people are around, you will most likely be suffering from something that originates in your brain meaning that the fear of the people can be manipulated to get you through the processes.

So, what you do is imagine that there is no one around. Don’t look at anyone. Find something and fixate on it, it could be something in your head or something that you can see. Either way, it will be something that can take away the fact that you are in company.

Just be natural and pee, don’t think about it, just release that grip and there you go, we have splashdown.

Beating the Shy Bladder Syndrome The Lone Ranger Technique

Listen To Something                     

Overcoming this will require you to have distractions. The best distractions that you can have are the ones that you create yourself. Try plugging in your earphones and listening to some loud band blaring into your head. Just relax and concentrate on the nose.

That way, you won’t be able to hear anyone’s pee or even your own making it a silent occasion where the only thing you can feel is relief and Metallica shouting something in your ears.

Do Not Say Anything

When you are peeing and there is someone there next to you, do not say anything. That will just make it worse. Even a casual hi can be very awkward resulting in a sudden stop and you will be left there stranded with your pee and nothing to say about it.

Don’t look at the other man’s business or even in his face. That will just throw you off your game.


You can plan the excursion to be happening when you are alone and there is no one there to see you and this won’t be hard. There are those times you know when there are people in the bathroom every time. There are the times when it’s all yours. You will time this to coincide with the times that you go.

What You Need To Know

Paruresis is not a condition of the urinary tract, bladder or kidneys. It stems from the mind and the only way that you can win is by getting those negative thoughts out until gradually, you cannot feel them anymore. It takes time but it can be done.

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  1. The shy bladder will hound you for days unless you can get over that.The best distractions that you can have are the ones that you create yourself.When you are peeing and there is someone there next to you, do not say anything. That will just make it worse I make plan the excursion to be happening when I am alone and there is no one there to see me and this won’t be hard.

  2. I have been a lone ranger for a very long period of time. I do feel that it has had an effect on the way I talk to people. The need to beat this shyness is something that I have therefore wrestled for a long time. But with this article, I am now able to figure my way out. I am grateful to this.

  3. Sarah Meza

    The Paruresis Treatment System is completely guaranteed and totally discrete. A comprehensive yet simple, step by step system designed by professionals in the field of Paruresis and proven to work time and time again. We think it’s the only treatment program you’ll ever need.

  4. Kelly Riggins

    Shy Bladder Syndrome is a minor affliction, but it’s something you absolutely do not want to suffer from. The embarrassment and feelings of inadequacy it creates are not to be sneered at.
    Paruresis, as it is scientifically known, is the inability to urinate while there is another person in the room. For example, has this ever happened to you?You need to urinate and make your way to the toilet in a bar and inside the toilet are some rowdy, drunk guys.

  5. Heather Chavez

    Paruresis is not a physical condition because nothing is wrong with the person’s urinary tract. The urinary sphincter must be relaxed in order for urine to flow from the bladder down the urethra. Anxiety about urinating overstimulates the person’s nervous system and ‘clamps’ the sphincter shut. Failure to urinate heightens the person’s anxiety, particularly if the bladder is uncomfortably full.

  6. There is no one who has better words to say this but me. Reason being because i have had the condition for a long time. Beating shy bladder syndrome is system that has helped me a lot. Thank you to the author.

  7. Emily Winters

    The medical and mental health support required to get you to this goal may take time, which can be anywhere from months to years.

  8. The anxiety associated with a shy bladder can lead you to dramatically change your behaviors to avoid going out in public. This can affect your relationships with friends and family and impede your ability to work.

  9. Excessive drinking can also overstretch a bladder, making it hard for the organ to contract and push out urine. As such, paruresis is usually diagnosed when someone reports being able to pee just fine when alone at home, but not in public, nailing down the difficulty to social anxiety rather than a physical root.

  10. William Rollins

    Some might be fine peeing so long as they have a urinal of buffer space or their own stall. Others may be so anxious about public restrooms that they can only go when they are fully alone, in their home toilet.

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