Security and safety as a whole are very important to everyone. Everyone will care about their own safety and that of their loved ones at all times, irrespective of where they are and what they are doing. You will make sure that those close to you are protected from any harm.

Home is one place that makes very many people feel safe. Is your home really safe? Or is your home really protected from any outsiders that might have bad motives to harm you? Is your family safe as well? Do you think that your home has the right security measures to keep you safe? Do you really need other measures to ensure top security in your home? What should you do to increase security in your home? When I mention security and home, you cannot just ignore this. Security at your home is a paramount issue. However, some people may feel that their homes are not secure, and they would really want to do something about it. Then we have Bulletproof Home for you.

If you do not have the ability to install the best alarm systems or other security gadgets, do not worry. There are many ways that you can apply and still make sure that your home is as safe as you want it to be. Here is a review of the guide that is going to take away all your worries today. This review will look at all the necessary aspects that will leave you informed about this guide. There are several things to look at. Is it worth buying? Is it legit or a scam? What are the pros and cons of this guide?

What Is Bulletproof Home?

Bulletproof Home Improve your Home Security

Bulletproof Home is a comprehensive security guide. It is a security guide since it contains many tips that you can use to improve your home security.

The Bulletproof Home guide is a legit product that has been practiced and benefited many. Steve Walkers created it. Steve Walkers is a military veteran who has many years of experience and survivor of several wars. He has been able to use the necessary strategies and measures to survive in very many war zones. Do you know what it takes to survive a military war? Maybe you do not have an idea. Or if you know, then you will agree with me it’s not simple. As a result of his experience, Steve Walkers came up with several ideas that will help you, whether trained or untrained, to keep yourself safe. They are tips that help one improve security in their home, making it secure.

What Steve did, he evaluated everything he knows about security and came up with this clear guide that provides tips step by step to help you benefit. Furthermore, all the information in the guide is arranged in chapters to ensure that all the recommended measures by Steve Walkers are followed in the right manner to benefit you.

The Most Amazing Features

Bulletproof Home The Most Amazing Features

 The guide comprises several amazing features that will leave you surprised. However, these features are contained in the chapters as arranged by the author. Each chapter contains several important facts. Here is a review of these chapters.

Chapter 1

 Have you asked yourself who Steve Walkers are? Do you want to know what made the author come up with such a guide? Do you want to know things that will help you believe in what you are about to read in this guide? The first chapter is an introduction to your journey to becoming a solution to your security problems. Hence, this is a chapter with amazing facts about Steve Walkers. The chapter will let you know about the author. It clearly talks about his challenges in the battles until he came to retire. The challenges that you may be facing. The chapter also talks about some of the home security problems that he faced, handled, and forced him to write this chapter. Do you want to know how Steve Walkers handled his home security problems? Then this is the place.

Chapter 2

Talk of strategies. It is obvious that one cannot succeed in anything without a clear and applicable strategy. Many are times when people are caught unexpectedly, and they do not know what to do. There are many times when the local authorities or your alarms cannot help you. Then it would be best if you had a strategy for such a day. Here you will find some of the strategies outlined by the author in this guide. Furthermore, he talks about some of the principles that you can follow to tackle any security situation. They include:

    • Coordination
    • Training
    • Discipline
    • Equipment

The strategies are divided into two parts: deterring and delaying the enemy, then defenses that can be laid down as you prepare an attack.

Chapter 3

Bulletproof Home Attitude in time of Crisis

In many cases, people get really confused in times of crisis. In such times, people cannot control their emotions and attitude hence their actions. Your attitude in that time of crisis will determine your actions. Are you really able to get your attitude in order during that troubling moment and make the right judgment? This chapter helps you know how to get the necessary defense attitude rather than panic.

Chapter 4

It is about the things that make you a target. Did you know that sometimes we make ourselves enemy’s target by the kind of things we do? Do you really attract thieves into your home?

This is a guide that will show how to keep your home to avoid being a target. Furthermore, it covers privacy, storage, home appearance, among other tips.

Chapter 5

 Did you know that your defenses are the first step to improving security at your home? Do you have the right defense mechanisms that will keep all the intruders away? Or your home is one which anyone can get in whenever they feel like.

Chapter 5 will talk about all the measures you should take to work on your defenses. Hence, it is well structured into layers of defense strategies.

The first layer of defenses will be working on the outer part of your body. Furthermore, the author believes that the type of defenses you place on the outside will determine the type of people who get access to your home. Therefore, it is the first step of defense.

Layer number two is about strategies that will show you what to do if they can get into your compound. Furthermore, you will definitely not allow them to get into your house as well. There are several measures to protect your house. And the third layer will talk about things you can do if, in any case, they find their way into the house. Several tips will talk about defense mechanisms you can use if this intruder is already in your house. You will not just sit still. Allow this intruder to harm you or your family simply because he is already in the house. Or because you do not have a gun. There are plenty of tips here.

Chapter 6

In most cases, the problem arises when it comes to handling the situation directly with the attacker. If the intruder has managed to get you face-to-face, what do you do after that? Do you start to scream or running? Will you leave your family, or will you defend them? Does it mean that you must have combat training to handle such situations? NO. You have to fight for your life and that of your family.

This part will help understand how to react to intruders or thieves with weapons such as rifles, firearms, and other dangerous weapons. It will also help you learn how you can use weapons yourself to fight the intruder. How will you be able to use the weapon without injuring yourself in the process? This will cover various types of weapons, from light weapons such as hot water, bright light to heavy weapons such as guns.

Meet the Creator of the Bulletproof Home Guide

Steve Walker, who has served in the United States Army for almost 22 years, is the author of this program. The developer claims that he realized that the bulk of the most prevalent strategies for ‘prepping’ were completely pointless. These methods include things like storing food in your basement and constructing perimeter walls. This he recognized after witnessing firsthand the devastation caused by the Arab Spring in Egypt in 2011. He watched as a buddy, Amir, used all the conventional tactics to make his home safe and secure…only to be slain by an angry crowd only a few days into the revolution.

Meanwhile, Masud, who lived near Amir’s house, aided the creator’s escape by sheltering him and his sister, who stayed with Masud for two weeks before returning to America. The author claims that over the 14 days he spent with Masud, his eyes were wide awake to what needed to be done in a crisis. Masud was able to depart and return home without being hurt. When so many people were hungry, he was able to eat and provide us with food. And his methods weren’t rocket science; he hadn’t spent a fortune on fences, walls, or safe-rooms; Masud did things his way.


Bulletproof Home Bonuses of the Product

To help you even benefit better, Steve Walkers has added several other things that you can use for your security measures. Therefore, here is a list of things you will find in the guide apart from the ones listed in the chapters.

  • How you can convince your partner to start prepping and in a way that will not make you look crazy.
  • Doctor in a box. This comprehensive guide will help you understand how you can handle any injuries resulting from the crisis.
  • Prepping Guide. It is simple and comprehensive that will help you put into practice everything taught in the main guide.
  • How to Survive an Economic Collapse.
  • Unlimited Power. In many cases, power is an issue during the crisis. You will need to know some of the tips that will help you get back power. There are five tips.


Bulletproof Home Pros of the Product

Simple Language

You do not have to worry about the language. Furthermore, the guide is written in a simple and easy-to-understand manner to help you get the full details. All the methods in the guide are well arranged and structured to help you understand faster.

It’s Affordable

The guide is very affordable. When comparing the risks and costs attached to being attacked, this guide will cover over 30 clear and effective methods. There are also no future payments when you buy the guide. Once you purchase the guide for the first time, then you are ready to go.

Different Purchase Options

It’s not the same as other products. Hence, this is a guide that will cover all your needs. You can choose from three options if you prefer a digital product, a physical one, or even those in need of a mixture of digital and physical products.

Prepared By a Professional In Security Matters

It is not one of those guides made by someone who does not know what they are doing. This is a type of guide prepared by a person who has tested the measures provided. Furthermore, Steve Walker was in the army and understood everything about security, explained in his guide.


Requires Clear Implementation

It is not one of those guides for the lazy ones. It is a type of guide that will require someone to read it and understand. After understanding all the measures then you have to take time and implement the measures.

Only Available Online

This becomes a disadvantage to those who are not able to do their shopping online. Hence, the product is only available online, which will have some people left out.


Security is a very important and sensitive aspect of our lives. In addition, it will take everything for someone to make sure that they are safe at all times. However, sometimes it becomes difficult to maintain the necessary safety measures even in our own homes. It is time for you to change the way you plan yourself and keep your home safe while you are away. Get the Bulletproof Home guide today, which is not a scam, and improve your home security.

Get the plan for a Bulletproof Home, start securing your home properly, and establish quick escape routes just in case!

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  1. Bruce Browne

    In the event that you’ve effectively done a huge amount of research on the most proficient method to ensure your home and survival procedures, at that point chances are that you will know truly every thought that this person offers.

  2. A life-saving program that everyone should own. I got it a while back, and I discussed all the details with my family to make sure everyone knows exactly what to do in a difficult situation. The Bulletproof Home is a must-have!

  3. Nowadays, we are faced with terrible security issues all around the world. This program is designed by keeping in view the security issues faced by different people around the globe. Whether you are a housewife, a security guard or even an adult: this program will teach you all security life hacks in one go. Strongly recommended!

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  5. William Croyle

    This product is a series of techniques of home defense whose aim is to keep you together with your family safe at times of civil unrest. The techniques are accessible to you as a complete beginner or a seasoned prepper.
    The claim by the creator is that he came to the realization that majority of the most common techniques for ‘prepping,’ were entirely useless. These techniques are the likes of food storage in your basement and building of perimeter walls.

  6. It is the right thing i did and i cannot regret at all. I have benefited from this system and found out how much it can offer. So what i think is that it is the best program to buy if you need to be safe in an easy way.

  7. This program is accessible immediately after purchase through a simple download. User-friendly, the guide is filled with some points that you can easily use to protect the people you love.

  8. All we need is a quiet and peaceful life but the hard times we are passing through like poverty and hunger bring about surprising and harmful reactions such as crimes, burglaries or assaults.

  9. According to the video presentation at Bulletproof Home Defense, the things you should be doing to prepare your home for a disaster can be done with limited resources, even if you only have one hour a day and are working with a budget so low you may have difficulty making ends meet.

  10. Gives you the peace of mind that you need. Ensure your safety by knowing how to defend your home against any possible intruders and whatever disaster that may happen.

  11. Learn real knowledge from survivors of disaster and actual preppers. All the strategies and lessons contained come from individuals with personal experience of living in war-torn areas.

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