People lie every day. It’s not a conducive situation, but that’s just the way it is. The worst part ,is not knowing when you are being lied to, and when someone is being honest.

Bust Liars

I bet we would all love to have those instincts that tell us when someone is lying. It happens all the times in movies, right? I know I would. No one deserves being lied to. Whether it’s from your spouse, your children, friends or even your parents; whether it’s just once or multiple times, you ought to know the truth. There is always that relief that comes over you when you finally learn the truth, no matter how bad it is. I realized that even when you may think someone is lying to you, and confront them, without major evidence to support your claims, you can’t do anything about it. What that does is worsen the situation.

Bust Liars What that does is worsen the situation

What if I told you there was a way to always tell when you are being lied to? Quite unbelievable, right?

Well, today’s review will have you feeling better about the whole lying debacle.


There’s a new site in town. Using tried and tested scientific techniques; will have you telling apart the liars and the honest people in no time. This is not a scam. You only need to read ahead to be convinced.

Bust Liars This is not a scam

About the author

Mark Adams created this site because one thing he does really well, is tell when someone is lying. This has been his job description his entire working life. Having worked for thirty years in an agency, he just retired and decided to help other people do what he does best.

He can not only help you detect when you are being lied to, but also can help you get the whole truth from a person.

It’s not exactly an easy task. However, Mark has dedicated the rest of the life in showing you the ropes. This is through giving you tips and tricks that will go a long way to help you achieve this.

He started working on his book Bust Liars during his working days. Since it’s what he did for a living, writing the guide was an even easier job for him. He then developed the site to help him market his book knowing he’d reach more people this way.


Why buy this guide?

We have already established that at one point in our lives, we have been victims of lies, in one way or another. That’s enough reason to make you opt to buy Mark’s guide.

More so, there is a feedback feed on the site that provides for excellent reviews. This is from different people who decided to buy the book and try it out. The methods detailed in the book proved effective and they felt obliged to share this with others in form of a review.



  • You can make people tell you the truth
  • You get to detect when anyone is lying to you and stop them
  • You finally know what kind of people you have in your life. Are they trustworthy?
  • You can appreciate when people come clean without necessarily having to lie first
  • Your life becomes peaceful; you stop looking over your shoulder wondering if people around you were being honest

Bust Liars Pros


  • People say that what you don’t know doesn’t have the ability to hurt you. Realizing that those you trusted constantly lie might break your heart.
  • You may lose a lot of relationships as a result.
  • You might end up finding information that changes your life forever.

Bust Liars cons

What you get with the guide

Mark used a simple, step by step approach to lead you through the whole book until the very end. He holds your hand all the way, and makes it a personal experience of realization for you. This has been done in 5 vital but easy steps.

By reading the guide, you will be able to know a few things pertaining to your new journey.

  • Tips on how to get people coming clean even if they didn’t want to in the first place
  • The tell tale signs that someone is absolutely lying
  • Reasons why anyone would lie
  • Different types of lies and how to detect them right away
  • Advanced methods to make you a good lie detector
  • How you can be in control of any conversation you find yourself engaging in
  • Tricks on specific words to use that will have anyone saying the truth
  • 7 phrases that will have any listener zoning out in a conversation

Bust Liars What you get with the guide

Everything has been made quite easy for you. And all that’s required is just to buy and read. That’s it! You do not need any special powers to be able to understand what’s being said. As if that’s not enough, you get two additional bonus copies with your purchase of Bust Liars. These two books will go a long way in enhancing what you will have learnt from the original guide. But there is catch…You only receive the bonus guides if you buy the initial book, Bust Liars; Become a human lie detector.

#1: Bust Liars; Body language magic

The title says it all. In this bonus guide, you will learn how to read the body language of different people. This is especially when engaging in a conversation.

Bust Liars #1: Bust Liars; Body language magic

You will be given tips on how to detect different kinds of movements. Some show interest, while others show despair. The best part is you can even tell when people are keeping secrets from you before they even talk. The book goes for $39.95 but you get it for absolutely free.

#2: Bust Liars; Hypnosis mania

You must have heard about hypnosis before. Most people usually associate it with mental patients who are hypnotized by psychiatrists, or cults.

Bust Liars #2: Bust Liars; Hypnosis mania

It is such beliefs that Marks wants to quash in this book. He takes you through what hypnosis really is, how it’s done and its benefits. You can even learn how to practice it on yourself. How cool is that? This is all in a bid to have you connecting with your inner self.

Is the book right for you?

How do you know if anything is ever good for you? It’s simple. If you can relate to the content, then definitely it’s meant for you.

girlfriends sitting in modern coffee shop

In this case, if you feel that you are lied to a lot, and would love to know how to deal with that, then this is the book for you. It wasn’t created with a specific lot in mind. It can be used by anyone who is interested. The author uses simple English that can be understood by any person. You can also consider reading the reviews of customers on the site and try to establish if it’s something you’d be up for.

How much does it cost?

When you hear about having to buy something, the cost factor is always the limitation. Well, you don’t have to worry about that today. Purchasing Bust Liars will only set you back $39.99.The initial amount charged was $ will actually save a whole $57 from the purchase, which is quite a bargain. However, the book is only available for a limited period. This only means that you have to make the decision to make the purchase or not fast. Time is your working against you right now. Mark kept dropping the prices when he realized many people all over the world wanted access to his lying guide. He thought he would make it more affordable to everyone. Considering the wealth of knowledge you will be gaining from this read, the cost is a small price to pay. After all, nothing good in the world is free, right? That is what ultimately differentiates this from a scam. With the latter, you are always told of all these benefits that you get at almost no cost at all. Only to end up gaining nothing at all. Most will leave you in a worse state than they found you. All you are required to do is trust in the process. Read the guide and start exercising the techniques given. You are bound to start seeing its effect soon.

Is my card information secure?

With the recent issues of cyber security, you have to get an assurance that your information is safe. On the site, you will be required to give out your name and email for a free sample of the book. Mark guarantees that this information is secure against third party access. It’s fully protected and will not be shared with anyone without your consent.

Credit card and lock

During the purchase, you are also required to give out your card information to make the whole transaction a success. You will only need to give out your country, your postal code, email address and details regarding your card which are the holder’s name and card number. I will have you know that does not get any access to any information you provide regarding the payment..

All payment transactions are facilitated by Clickbank, which is a renowned online system for such payments. They are the only party with access to your card details and you can rest assured it’s not shared with anyone else. Payments are only forwarded to the Bust Liars site after you successfully download your book. Bottom line is , this is a book you will love having on your bedside table. It’s not only a good read, but it will teach you a lot on how to deal with different people and how to control conversations. You will be wondering where it has been all your life. In case you buy and feel that it’s not been what you expected, you have 60 days from your date of purchase to return it, no questions asked. You will be refunded the full amount of your purchase, and that will be that. You will not go through any hassle at all.


My take

What I love most about the guide is the fact that it’s written in a simple language that anyone can understand. The methods have also been thoroughly tested scientifically, which makes the content believable. Most of all, detecting lies is what Mark has done all his life. The concept is not new to him. It’s only fit that he chose to write a guide on a subject he knows best. By reading my review, you have probably made a decision whether to buy this book or not. If you can relate to it in a way, then by all means go ahead and make the purchase. But, if you still feel that it’s not for you, then that’s still okay. We all are different, and we have different experiences. That is what makes us human. What works for one person might definitely not work for you. That is why this guide has not been imposed on anyone. You can only be interested if you feel that you can relate. If this is what you have been looking for, then good luck. I sure hope it works for you.

Click to learn how you can Bust Liars – no more guessing, now you’ll know for sure whether they’re telling the truth or not.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I busted my cheating boyfriend with it. UH! I had my suspicions for about some time but couldn’t really make him spill any beans. But finally using the tips I caught him lying. I guess I can do better from now on.

  2. This program seems to be what I was looking for for a long while Where do I sign to buy it? 🙂

  3. I genuinely thought that I’m going to need this guide only for work purposes. But turns out that this thing is handy as home as well…

  4. Richard Calvert

    Bust Liars is an easy to follow eBook designed to teach the methods used to reveal if someone is telling lies. There are many ways to detect that a person is being deceitful. There are communication giveaways and emotional signs that indicate lies. Something as simple as the type of words not being used can expose a liar. Trained observation of verbal and nonverbal signs, human behavior, reveals the lies and the truths. It is important to know the different types of lies and why people lie. Bust Liars offers basic and advanced lie detection techniques.

  5. Bust Liars is the latest program that teaches people how to tell when someone is lying to them, and how to get this person to tell the truth. The program also reveals emotional signs that help people know if their husband or wife is not telling them the truth, and verbal and nonverbal signs that help them know whether their children are doing what they said they were doing. In addition, this program is designed by a human lie detector who has over 20 years of experience in teaching other people how to tell when their partner is telling them the truth. Since Mark Adams released the “Bust Liars” program, many people used it to discover the truth about lying. Accordingly, a full Bust Liars review points out whether this program is worth.

  6. There are many ways to detect that a person is being deceitful. There are communication giveaways and emotional signs that indicate lies. Something as simple as the type of words not being used can expose a liar.

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  8. Bust Liars is an easy to follow eBook designed to teach the methods used to reveal if someone is telling lies. There are many ways to detect that a person is being deceitful. There are communication giveaways and emotional signs that indicate lies.

  9. Robert Gracia

    Trained observation of verbal and nonverbal signs, human behavior, reveals the lies and the truths. It is important to know the different types of lies and why people lie. Bust Liars offers basic and advanced lie detection techniques.

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