Do you get worried every time you face the possibility of an attack? How prepared are you to protect your loved ones and yourself if you experience an assault? Is your daily schedule too tight for you to train on fighting skills?

If you answered yes to these questions, then the Combat Fighter system may be right for you simply because the survival kit may teach you fight skills and techniques that protect yourself and your family in each situation. Here is our Combat Fighter review for you to make an informed choice before you buy.

What Is the Combat Fighter System by John Black?

Combat Fighter Improve Fighting Skills

The Combat Fighter system is a stepwise electronic program that claims to help people improve their fighting skills. Besides, people may use the combat secrets after a short training of the fighting system program. Further still, you can practice the program tactics at home.

So, you have practice routines at your convenience within your busy schedule. Fortunately, the fight training content on each page is easy to follow and work out. In any case, you watch videos for mastery.

Who Is the Author of the Combat Fighter System?

This review article found that the program author is John Black. Again, he works in the US Army and has over 20 years in the military. Besides, the author understands that many people don’t work for the army.

Indeed, ordinary people may lack time and chance to improve their land-based self-defense techniques. At one time, he got attacked but couldn’t defend his girlfriend from her ex-boyfriend.

So, he created a more comprehensive life-saving guide to help people defend themselves anywhere in the world. Consequently, John Black decided to share the combat skills fight system’s page. More still, he gives regular update posts to freshen the program.

How Does this Combat Fighter Program by John Black Work?

Combat Fighter Teach to Become a Fighter

Briefly, our review shows the program follows simple steps. Specifically, it would help if you covered all the lessons progressively. Further still, all the self-defense techniques are safe. And all the materials come in digital format for home use.

“If we pick a fight, then we’re just as bad as them. Combat should be used just to help people who can’t defend themselves, period.”

“Well, if I don’t fight back and they pound on me, then I’m one of the people I should be defending.”  ― Tamora Pierce

In summary, you get some of the moves and strategies below.

Surgical strike methods.

The line strike moves.

How to dominate a force hijack?

The tipping factor principle.

What the Combat Fighter System Contains

Combat Fighter What's Inside the Package

Combat Fighter What’s Inside the Package

The Combat Fighter system step-by-step techniques include:

  1. Centerline strike

Reportedly, this mirrors the knee jerk that can knock your opponent instantly, and you can retreat quickly. But you must follow the right way to avoid death.

  1. Blitz blast

The blitz blast is said to be devastating and may overwhelm the opponent in a few seconds.

  1. Force hijack

In a word, these techniques tap into your body’s reflexes to deflect and harness the force of your opponent against himself.

  1. The surgical strike methods or underhand ocular control

Here, you learn to overwhelm an opponent with a killer neurological disruption. Obviously, this is the best method against a more powerful opponent.

  1. The one and done

Basically, this is a simple and unavoidable way to win a fight. And it can remove all techniques taught by any combat instructor for many people.

Plus, you can recognize your enemy’s most vulnerable target so that you react with an intuitive and overwhelming action to win the fight easily.

  1. Tipping point principle

In particular, it trains you when to turn defense into an attack at the opportune moment.

  1. Third eye situational awareness

Equally important, you study how to identify and take advantage of subtle signs of opportunities open to you to beat the opponent.

Contents of the program

Once you buy the product, you receive the complete package that comprises the following content.

“There’s only one basic principle of self-defense. You must apply the most effective weapon, as soon as possible, to the most vulnerable target.” – Bruce Lee

  1. The training manual e-book. This manual is the master guide with guidelines to follow and actualize to get the desired results.
  2. Training program Videos. To help you watch each technique shown in the manual clearly.
  3. And the bonus content. The bonuses give you more information to help you succeed in the program.

Bonuses of The Combat Fighter Program

Combat Fighter Bonus Products

Generally, the author offers you the following three special bonuses when you buy the Combat Fighter system.

Bonus 1. Advanced situational awareness

According to our review, this guide helps you to detect and deal with violence. So, you get simple, tested monitoring techniques. Apparently, the methods are based on John Black’s military experience.

Hence, you will be able to analyze a dangerous situation and therefore prepare how to handle it. In summary, the manual has observation, monitoring, and scanning techniques to help you avoid attacks and violence beforehand.

Bonus 2. Alpha survival manual

In essence, how do you survive in an extreme situation? Here you learn the techniques to deal with incidences like terror, invasions, and similar incidences.

In short, it has monitoring, observation, and scanning tips to help you in any situation. In the end, you study the emergency plan to save you and others using professional tricks and techniques.

Bonus 3. Alpha Nation online-coaching community

In a word, the Alpha-Nation Coaching Community is a one-of-a-kind online community made up of motivated men called Alpha Nation. Imagine you get 30 days of free access to this online community to master the Combat Fighter skills.

Reportedly, this section has hundreds of video lessons and articles about how you can become a man and a leader of high power. Above all, you can share your ideas, learn new techniques, and freely enjoy communication in the forum.

Benefits of the Combat Fighter System

Combat Fighter Active Duty Special Operations

Among the benefits, the Combat Fighter system helps people learn several survival techniques. Here is a summary review of its many benefits.

  1. Firstly, you gain more self-confidence, peace of mind, safety, and security to protect yourself and your family.
  2. Secondly, you become an able fighter with the step-by-step techniques just in a weekend.
  3. Then, the system helps you eliminate nervousness and fear when faced with a possible fight.
  4. Next, you avoid the shame people get when they can’t protect their loved ones during an assault.
  5. You’ll get a handful of simple techniques that will help you achieve the desired results.
  6. You’ll also get a lifetime warranty to test all the resources put together to ensure that the system works perfectly for you.
  7. Again, you’ll never fear violence since you become physically and mentally prepared.
  8. And you become a professional fighter quickly, which saves your time.
  9. Ultimately, you learn to be more alert, recognize your opponent’s weaknesses, and be more aware of the surroundings.


  1. Unfortunately, you may get harmed if your perceived fighting ability prevents you from escaping a dangerous situation.
  2. Additionally, there’s the danger of death if you use the techniques to jump into all fights
  3. You need to read and work out more as you practice each tactic.
  4. Without an internet provider or connection, you may not be able to access this resource.

Who Can Purchase the Combat Fighter Program?

Combat Fighter Violence Without Rules

Are you still unsure if this system is for people like you? In summary, this manual is suitable for the following people.

  1. To begin with, this guide is for you if you lack confidence in your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones.
  2. And all people who want to learn more about fighting.
  3. Additionally, those who enjoy learning and are ready to invest money plus efforts to save their lives?
  4. Next, you may use the system if you follow basic instructions and moves by reading a manual or watching a video show.
  5. Plus, it’s great for all newcomers but better for the advanced who want to use strategic martial arts tactics for self-defense.

Frequently Asked Questions During Our Combat Fighter System Review

During our Combat Fighter system review, users had these questions about the combat skills guide.

How do I access Combat Fighter now?

Encouragingly, you get the training materials in digital format–in PDF and MP3. Moreover, you can browse online. Basically, you click the button provided on the official website to download the eBook after you pay and provide your name and email address.

Then, save it on your device. And you can use it anywhere. Plus, you can access it through most devices such as laptops, computers, and mobile phones.

Where can I buy this product?

To be safe, you buy this product on the official website only. Interestingly, the creator gives special non-public offers through the site.

Of note, the program is not available in local stores. So, it’s only available from the official site to avoid scams. Plus, you will get both written and video materials.

What’s the pricing of the Combat Fighter system?

The one-time payment is a bit high. Yet, it’s reasonable if you consider the perceived benefits. Plus, the many video materials and the Alpha survival manual content provided.

Additionally, it covers the bonus and lessons you may get from the official page. Fortunately, you get a 60% discount if you buy now, which lowers the price.

Does the product provide a guarantee?

Combat Fighter Money Back Guarantee

To spice it up, you get a 100% money-back guarantee for the first 60 days. So that, if you aren’t satisfied with the product, you can claim your 100% refund through email.

And simply because you get exactly what the sales page describes. A street fighting system of self-defense techniques learned for a short time to help protect yourself and loved ones.

Is the Combat Fighter product legit or a scam?

Essentially, many users during our review said the skills work for any man who puts in the efforts required. Surely, it’s not a magic guide for anyone.

But it’s a proven way to master the combat techniques found on the official sales page. Every customer review had most people saying it resulted in attitude and personality change. This change made them more confident.

But be wary of sites that usually use a title to their page that says something like, “Combat Fighter System’ scam alert. Simply because users say it’s not a scam.

Is the Combat Fighter system product worth it?

Combat Fighter Testimonial

Firstly, the combat methods used in the Combat Fighter system program are battle-tested. And testing was by both inexperienced civilians and top soldiers.

In essence, the SEALs and Delta Force in the United States, JTF-2 of Canada, British SAS, and many other top tiers one spec ops units in the world used such methods. Besides, the author guy is a special forces operator.

Final Words

To sum up, our Combat Fighter system review found several users saying the program had practical combat fighting skills. And that investing in something that may save your life in dangerous times, improve your body shape, and protect you and your families was worth it. Plus, it gives a defense mechanism with simple fighting techniques that are more effective than army defensive methods.

Furthermore, the price of the product is reasonable with attractive bonuses. Besides, you get a 60-day money-back guarantee that you claim via the email provided. So, your investment is risk-free, which gives you a reason to buy the program.

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