Cosmic ordering secret is a product unlike any that I have reviewed so far. It combines various philosophies and little-known practices to create one of those rare products that are grounded in research and contain effective techniques. I can hear many of you scoffing disbelievingly at this point. I definitely was when I first heard of the grand claims made by this product. However, after reading and trying the methodologies employed, I was forced to radically alter my viewpoints on a number of things.

Cosmic Ordering Secret

As Sherlock famously said – “when you’ve eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however unlikely, must be the truth.” It was the same process of elimination that forced me to accept the validity of the claims made in this PDF, simply because there was no other explanation for the radical outcomes I had achieved by employing the techniques described. But let’s dive into a detailed review of the product, over the course of which I shall be explaining how this product worked for me, and why.

Is this another law of attraction product?

Let’s face it; there are tons of products on the market promising to teach you how to use the “law of attraction” to achieve results in all areas of your life. Maybe you’ve tried some of them and come to the same conclusion I have – that they are simply scamming unworthy of my time or money.

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Which means you probably have two questions running through your head right now:

  1. Is this product any different?
  2. If so, how?

Let me deal with each of those questions in turn. Firstly, yes, this product is vastly different from most others on the market. Do not get misled by the hype-creating cover page; this book is jam-packed with material that actually makes a difference.

  • The author, Zoey Knightly, herself spent 9 years trying out various law of attraction programs and failing. That was the very inspiration for this ebook – to take a fresh, advanced and functional approach to manifest your desires using the law of attraction.
  • The methodology employed in this book is completely revolutionary and utilizes a little known secret known as cosmic ordering.
  • Unlike other material, this product shows you how you already influence the universe around you. From that perspective, it is far easier to learn to channel your intention to what you desire, than having to acquire an entirely new skill even to even affecting the universe. This product single-handedly restored my belief in the law of attraction, much to the shock of my “rational” mind which thought it wasn’t possible. The key feature that realigned my thinking right from the outset was the 3 secrets.

The 3 Secrets

This product claims to reveal “the 3 secrets” of cosmic ordering, that would, apparently, enable me to find:

  • A dream home
  • My soul mate
  • A fulfilling career, and
  • Tons of money

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Naturally, when faced with a claim like this, I was skeptical. My skepticism slightly wavered when I saw their unique method, which is intriguing, to say the least. However, I told myself, that realistically, this is probably a get rich quick scam. This skepticism continued throughout her explanation of the three secrets, even though I did recognize the validity of some of her statements, having experienced similar things myself. However, upon trying the product, with an open mind and practicing what was described to the letter, I was forced to drastically alter my viewpoints. This was no get-rich-quick scam. This was a revolutionary system that I could not believe I had found. It was a system that actually worked, and it both amazed me and baffled me that so few people know about this. After my initial shock and bewilderment had passed, my next impulse was to tell as many people as possible about the efficacy of this product. I began writing this review with that intention. However, I realize that my experiences, unless backed by sound reason, would be considered merely anecdotal. Therefore, let me first explain why this product is different, and examine the premises that make it both novel and effective.

The mechanics of Cosmic Ordering Secret

Unlike other such products, Cosmic ordering secret does not claim to teach you some mystical method of making the universe respond to your call. No, this book takes an inside-out approach and tells you something revolutionary: The universe is already responding to your intention, however, the response so far has probably been feeble because you do not know how to channel your own intention. Let that sink in for a minute, and understand the massive repercussions. I realized that this implied that what lay in between me and my dream life was not other people or external miracles, but simply my own mind. For me, this was the biggest revelation of the book. Once I understood this, I realized that all the limits I had assumed about my own abilities were – yep you guessed it – self-imposed. This simple realization alone made this product a decent buy for me. However, it doesn’t just stop there. Zoey Knightly, the author of this wonderful ebook, goes on to give you the tools for harnessing your mind to get whatever you want from the universe. Let me move on to the three secrets themselves:-

Secret #1:

The first secret is described as the difference between wanting and knowing. Wanting, desiring something really bad is not the answer to manifestation. Instead, according to Zoey, it is knowing you will have what you need.

Cosmic Ordering Secret The 3 Secrets

I can confirm this first secret from my experience. As a college student I have found that when I went into an exam or competition knowing I would do well, I invariably did well, even with minimal preparation. Conversely, when I went into an exam unsure, despite a lot of studying, my results would be average at best. This paradoxical outcome often left me perplexed. At the time I blamed this phenomenon on something reminiscent of the placebo effect, whereby your brain only allows you to use its maximum potential when it is convinced that it needs it. Now that I have a fuller explanation, the premise remains unchanged. The exciting bit is this – it does not matter why you are convinced, so long as you have a deep sense of “knowing” that a certain outcome is going to ensue. This means that my reasons for believing I was going to do well could be rational (I have paid attention in class so I will do well) or irrational (I drank orange juice today so I will do well), and it wouldn’t make any difference whatsoever.

This is a fundamentally new way of thinking. Preparation matters only in convincing yourself you can achieving something. But it is this conviction, not the preparation that leads to results. Thus, the conviction could stem from literally anything – as long as you have a deep-seated knowledge that events will turn out a certain way, they probably will. This explanation intuitively appealed to me as it explained a phenomenon I had experienced all my life. With great excitement, I plunged into what remained of the ebook. And that brings me to the second secret.

Secret #2:

Secret 2 points out that we’ve fundamentally been missing out on something: that the universe loves us unconditionally. This seemingly exaggerated line has a nugget of truth at its core, which I realized as I made my way through the book. This is the why behind this product, the reason why it works. Of course, the universe cannot be said to “love” us in any manner resembling the way humans experience love – the universe does not have a brain like ours and is incapable of the complex neurochemistry that goes behind the feeling of love. No, the universe can only be said to love us in so much as it actively helps the manifestation of events which we desire to know will occur. In much the same way as a loved one would alter their life to make sure you are happy and have what you need, the universe goes out of its way to manifest clearly expressed intentions. I found this realization to be quite heartening. It basically meant that we’re literally never completely alone in this universe because the universe itself is in our favor. Now, simply knowing that the universe loves us is not enough. We need to know how to be able to tap into that love and access the huge power the universe grants us. And the answer to that is similar to the answer that makes any loving relationship succeed – you need to be willing to make yourself vulnerable to a loved one.

Cosmic Ordering Secret The 3 Secrets

When you intellectually and emotionally reveal yourself to the universe at your most vulnerable and intimate moments, the universe is able to flood you, in turn, with “an avalanche of abundance”. This is the key to having a successful working relationship with the cosmos. And this brings me to the third secret.

Secret #3:

The third secret is also about love. However, this time it concerns your experience of love. The premise of this statement is in fact quite true, that love is the most energetic state a human being can be in (In contrast with fear and anger, which are the least energetic). According to the author, these feeling of love is the “language” which you can use to communicate with the universe. Again, this is metaphorically true. I have found that love is, in fact, one of the most powerful motivators in the world, which drives us above and beyond to achieve things we didn’t even deem possible.

Cosmic Ordering Secret The 3 Secrets

It stands to reason, therefore, that a mental state of love is most primed to receive the abundance offered by the universe. A loving mindset is very unique in another aspect – love knows no boundaries or limits. It is no wonder, then, that a loving state is most effective in manifesting the boundless energy and success that the universe wishes to bestow upon us.

Placing Cosmic Orders

Ok, so you know that the universe loves you and wishes you well, and you also know that the language in which you can most effectively communicate with the universe is that of love. This still leaves the elusive question of how exactly to communicate specific desires to the universe, and ensure they are manifested. Zoey calls this akin to place a “cosmic order”. After understanding the modalities of such orders, it was easy to understand the origin of this nomenclature. I realized that once I became experienced and practiced in communicating with the universe, manifesting my desires was literally as simple as placing an order for groceries. No kidding. This technique was incredibly easy to grasp, given the in-depth yet simple manner of writing employed throughout the ebook. While reading, I was able to relate to numerous instances in my life where I have, inadvertently or subconsciously utilized such cosmic ordering. Indeed, the explanations throughout this ebook are as entertaining as they are concise. Realizing how I did it in the past was a key step to being able to consistently manifest cosmic orders in the future. Yet this realization was an intensely personal process and would differ for everyone. Everyone has their own experiences which tell them how they can effectively communicate with the universe.

The “Phrase”

Zoey talks cryptically about a “phrase” that made all the difference in achieving successful manifestation of desires. The success of this phrase is backed by the reviews of thousands of people who have tried it. Naturally, again, I was skeptical. Using a magical phrase to manifest what I wanted seemed to me reminiscent of monks chanting “Om” in the Himalayas. Therefore I took this claim with a major pinch of salt. However, I had nothing to lose, so I went ahead and tried the phrase.

Businessman showing his palms

And to my astonishment, it worked. Now, I have never believed in stuff like the law of attraction, which I thought was pseudo-science at best. You can imagine how this event shook my beliefs to the core. I hastened to try again, making sure that I was precisely following the steps given it the PDF. And it worked. Again. At this point, I was scared and thrilled at the same time. All my beliefs about how the universe works were falling apart, and with it were all the limits I thought I had.


This enlightening product comes with a plethora of free bonuses, including:

  • 7 ways to vanquish energy blocks – This is a concise but interesting book detailing how certain mental, emotional and psychological factors can disturb or disrupt the communication between you and the universe. This PDF served as an FAQ to resolve common problems with manifesting techniques described earlier, and as such is an invaluable addition to the package.
  • 5 common foods that boost your connection with the universe Before reading this book I had no idea that the food I consumed could actually boost my communication with the universe.
  • 101 cosmic ordering ideasThis is a kick start guide on what to ask for, once you get the hang of cosmic ordering, Quite frankly, this was really useful once I learned to apply cosmic ordering effectively since it was easy to get overwhelmed with all the possibilities available. This bonus serves as an easy guide to getting started with cosmic ordering, and implementing the ideas contained in it alone would be sufficient to radically alter your life.


This product is enchantingly fresh and unique, and reviews by hundreds of people bear testimony to the same. It is a unique take on the law of attraction that does away with the mystic mumbo-jumbo and gives you tools that can actually help you achieve your goals, without all that wasted effort. Buying this product is like purchasing a golden goose – one investment that yields never ending returns.

Cosmic Ordering Secret

Click this link to learn how to fulfill all your wildest dreams and desires, and order the cosmos to comply with your wishes!

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  1. I love this, thank you so much for the advice. Not everyone puts this together in this way. It would be amazing to try now.

  2. I’ve recently gone through a big ordeal, I lost my job and broke up with my fiance of 10 years. All of what I invested on crumbled down in a small rock, I have to start all over again but I don’t know how. Thank you Kerry, I may need this program as soon as possible.
    I hope my life turns around positively after this! I’ll update you!

  3. Great that the course has no fluff or water. Everything is easy to follow and understandable. And effective!

  4. Anna Bratton

    We all dream for sure. However, the only difference that exist is hope the dream is handled. I am still learning of the greater things that I have always assumed. It is that time to get to know these things and the way forward set as well.

  5. Robert Tribble

    I’ve been through a lot recently, and sometimes I just don’t know how and if my life will ever get better. I just lost my job (again) a week ago, and I have some loans that I need to repay. I am a bit confused, but your article gave me hope that there might be a way out from this hustle. Thank you! I will try it!

  6. One of the biggest factors that contribute to you receiving whatever you want from the universe is your feelings. Cosmic Ordering Secret will show you how to harmonize your feelings with your belief so that you can attract whatever you want into your life.

  7. Mildred Bennett

    With Cosmic Ordering Secret, everything is well laid out and after following the principles outlined therein, your wishes will become a reality.

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