All of us have fancied being in an apocalypse at least once in our lifetime. The media and movies in recent times, made apocalypse sounds like a survival game which involves chasing zombies and killing anything that comes in our way. Although, it’s not a thing to be taken lightly.

Okay, I admit, surviving a zombie apocalypse would be an amazing adventure (though it’s a fantasy). However, have you ever thought about your loved ones during these times? Or would you abandon them to go on your own?

Well, let’s talk about reality. A zombie apocalypse has so less chance of happening. It is something made up for the audience and for pure marketing purpose. However, there are still deadlier prospects than a zombie apocalypse and you might not want to hear about it.

EMP Protocol

Fighting a brain-dead zombie is no big deal. But, how about fighting people who are fighting for their survival. That’s not going to end too well, and it certainly won’t entertain you when the whole world becomes your enemy. Okay, I said zombie apocalypse is a fantasy, but what am I talking about?

I’m talking about the near reality that is going to hit us anytime soon. There won’t be any zombies on the road, but there will be people who are looking to take advantage of the weakest. They’ll try to harm your child’s, your loved ones, your family -and who knows, even you might get forced to harm others.

I’m talking about EMP (electromagnetic pulse). Recent studies and research confirm that our sun will blast a CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) towards earth by 2020. If the speculations are to be believed, it is going to happen anytime.

A CME that will travel 300 miles per hour, that is going to affect the entire world. It is said that in the U.S, the damages done will cost around $41.5bn/ day. And what makes this more catastrophic is that it is going to last for months or a few years before we sort this situation.

electronic graveyard

What is going to happen?

With sun producing at least 3 CMEs each day, our power grids will be fried and taken out within a matter of time. no electricity, no lights, and no phones, soon the country will turn into an electronic graveyard. Trucks will stop on its way and will stop delivering goods and water to our daily needs.

In shorts, there won’t be any food or water to support millions of U.S residents.  With law enforcement being unable to communicate, people will turn against each other in order for their survival. The stores will be looted in the first few hours, and the rest will start looting from the weakest.

How to survive such a situation?

You’re living in an electronic graveyard now! What would help you survive? Anything that’d give you an advantage will maximise your chances of survival. In this case, electronic equipment’s like phone, torchlight, and batteries would give you a huge advantage over others.

However, how would you keep these things working on an electronic graveyard?

That’s why you’re here. Today you’ll learn how to protect your electronic equipment against powerful EMPs. I’ll introduce a guide which will teach you how to make a shield, a shield that will cost you no more than $5. But, before we get into it, let me introduce you to the creator of this guide.

EMP Protocol How to survive such a situation

Dan F. Sullivan

He is a survival expert who’s known around the world for his publications. Sullivan is also the editor-in-chief of which you might have checked out already. You could find his posts on American preppers network, personal liberty, zero hedges, Infowars, and many more. That shows how established he is, and you could trust all his tips on survival.

in his book, EMP Protocol, he explains how to survive a complete blackout. He will teach you how to make a Faraday Cage and protect your electronics from any harm. The e-book has got great reviews from around the world, and it’s a must-have survival guide for anyone.EMP Protocol Dan F. Sullivan

EMP Protocol

This is a guide that contains all the answers to your worrying concerns. You no longer need to worry about protecting your gadgets or phones from EMD. Plus, Sullivan will also teach you how to make free energy when you’re running for survival.

Created by Sullivan and his amazing group of prepper workers, EMP Protocol is one of a kind guide that you will find nowhere else.

What you’ll find inside EMP Protocol

1. Step-by-step methods

Inside this guide, you’ll find easy to follow methods on how to make your own Faraday Cage. These methods are demonstrated with step-by-step videos; hence, you’ll have no problems following it. The plus about these videos is that it’ll teach you how to make Faraday Cage within $5 budget.

EMP Protocol What you’ll find inside EMP Protocol

You’ll find these methods nowhere else, and Sullivan even teaches to make cages that are small and lightweight to fit in your bag. You’ll also learn about the materials and type of boxes you need while making a Faraday Cage.

2. What to do when an EMP strikes?

Okay, you’re preparing yourself for the crisis. But do you know what to do when it happens?

You might be outdoors or inside your home, though, an EMP strike will happen without any notice. But you don’t need to worry anymore, EMP Protocol will teach you what to do in those circumstances. You’ll be able to rush your family inside and stay safe and protected.

On the other hand, you need electricity even after the grid collapse. In this section of the e-book, you’ll find 3 easy ways to generate electricity with the spare parts you kept in Faraday Cage. With these methods, you’ll have endless electricity for month and years ahead for your adventure.

3. How to salvage Faraday’s Cage?

It’s going to be a long survival journey ahead of us. We need all essential gadgets and gears and we need to keep it safe inside Faraday Cage. Though, do you know what the right electronics you need to salvage in Faraday Cage?

In this portion of the guide, you’ll find 12 electronics that you need to keep safe. This will come in handy on your long journey ahead, and these are the key elements in your survival.

EMP Protocol How to salvage Faraday's Cage

4. How to keep your electronics safe?

You’re saving up the electronics for your uses, but, what if someone tries to steal it from you? Even your friends will become your enemies in this long survival battle. That’s why you need to take safety measures before hiding all your electronics.

There are possibilities of someone seeing light in your window, or your kids playing with the torchlight. That’s going to put you and your family in danger. Well, EMP Protocol will provide you with stealth tactics that will help you avoid the unwanted guest

5. How to bag stuff?

Safekeeping electronics won’t take you through the blackout. You need an endless supply of food, water, and medicines in your survival kit. The author will show you what to take in your bag covering all the possible aspects. You’ll also find out how to pack and keep it safe from shocks, water, and punctures.

6. How to start your journey?

EMP could even damage your car and you’ll have no choice but to take the road by foot. Traveling by foot is always dangerous, and you’ll be exposed to threats on your way. In this section of the book, you’ll learn how to choose locations and the ways to travel safely.

These are only a glimpse at the things that you’ll find inside. Furthermore, the book also explains all the details about the survival ahead. From water, food, health, hygiene, to sanitation – you are getting all the information you need from this e-book.

Plus, if you buy this product now, you’ll also be receiving four bonuses included in this package.


Bonus #1 Getting home when SHTF

When this event happens, you’ll be in a hurry to reach home. In this bonus, you’ll learn the necessary precautions you need to take at that moment. This will show you how to reach your home safe, and it will also provide you information’s on the things you need to decide at the moment EMP hits your place.

Bonus #2 Barter for your life

You can’t survive this event alone, you obviously need help from others. This will improve your chances of survival and it also gives you enough safety compared to traveling alone. In this bonus guide, the author will tell you how to negotiate with others. This will give you an advantage whenever you negotiate with someone else.

There are two more bonuses included in this package. Combined with all these bonuses, you’re getting an ultimate guide for your EMP survival.

EMP Protocol Bonus #2 Barter for your life


I’m well aware of the EMP that is going to hit earth soon. With EMP protocol, I have already made the precautions I need. The author explains everything we need for our survival, and I feel more confident with my preparations. I’d recommend everyone to buy this guide.

Thousands including me have given positive reviews about this e-book, and I’m sure you’ll be one to give a review soon.

Access the EMP Protocol today, and prepare for this dangerous possibility – protect your family, and your home, click here to start!

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  1. Becky W. Urbaniak

    I am already prepared. When you use this system i am sure you will be surprised by how much you will find out. I like it because the program provides very clear and simple to follow instructions. The guide has provided me with the best skills that have helped me get ready for whatever that might happen any time.

  2. The guide which has a lifesaving technique and proven solution. Some EMP survival program tells you how to escape from the situation and how to protect our family from the critical time

  3. I think i am very much ready. The kind of information that emp protocol provides has prepared me for the future. It is well-explained and i have prepared myself for anything.

  4. The EMP attacks will make everything so much harder and that is not something that you want to deal with when you do not know the ins and outs. This one will teach you the things that will show you how to make electronics functional and how to use them without worry.
    There is also the part that will show you the way that you can make the Faraday Cages that will protect the devices that you have made from damage that may be caused by subsequent attacks. That is what you will learn in this program that includes the PDF, Videos and Pictures.

  5. It is a solution that i have found and i believe it works. That is because i have tried it and it is worth. The emp protocol teaches so many things and that is why it is my best. it is very technical hence the reason for using it.

  6. Frank Ellis

    EMP is very real. And the truth is that i am prepared. I have used this system and i feel all okay for sure.

  7. The guide educates users on how to make it 3 different devices in the tool of each box and one of them is small and light enough and you can easily carry it around.

  8. Luisa Marino

    You will learn all that you need to know when you want to survive something that is of this scale. There simply is nothing that you won’t know when you decide that you are going to use this one. This is the program for any event that will be caused by the use of an EMP device.

  9. Wilbert Sanchez

    The book is written with the average man in mind, the progressive nature if the contents will ensure that everything you get taught here is useful to you. The physic is clear.

  10. There simply is nothing that you won’t know when you decide that you are going to use this one. You will find it extremely useful to have this one with you. It is the one that will make you survive.

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