The law of attraction has managed to spark a lot of controversy with many people alleging that it doesn’t work. I believe that as human beings, we all are different. What we like and dislike varies from one person to another. While some have applauded this law, especially the spiritual leaders, other people have been at the forefront trying to discredit the whole notion. But what exactly does this law of attraction entail?

What is the law of attraction?

I believe that most of us have heard about the scientific principle that states that like forces attract. Well, this is basically what the law of attraction means in a nutshell.

What is the law of attractionThat as a human being, we give out a certain kind of energy to the world. What we give out, is exactly what we receive. This just means that we attract the kind of energy we exude. Giving out negative vibes will only bring you negativity in your life, and when you have positive energy all around you, that is what you will attract. In a way, we are our own creators. If the universe gives us that which we desire, doesn’t that make us the creators of our own destiny? We think about different things every day. For instance, a day can’t pass without me thinking about a million things, ranging from my life, my past, my present and about the people around me. What the law of attraction maintains is that through our thoughts, we can control what happens to us. The occurrences surrounding our lives are determined by what we think about, and our actions.

Unlike most of the new age philosophies we have nowadays, the law of attraction is quite different. The law goes all the way back to the 1900’s.Thomas Troward developed this idea back then, and it has been adopted by many philosophers we have today. The law has continued to gain popularity worldwide, to even being advocated for by celebrities like Oprah Winfrey. The law is so good that it even has a book and a movie based on its tenets. Heard of ‘the secret?’ This was a movie that was released based on the law of attraction to show us what the law was and to give us a deeper understanding of the whole thing. You will realize most of us are skeptical and hardly believe in such ideas. We cannot all like the same stuff, but it can’t hurt trying to find a deeper meaning in life. We have sunk in the habit of worrying and being negative about everything that we rarely enjoy life. Take a moment, sit back and just visualize all the things that are working in your life. This will ultimately give you a sense of positivity, and you will suddenly feel better about a lot of things, even those that may not be going well.

How can you attract money into your life?

The law of attraction says that it’s all in our minds. Our thoughts determine how things go in our lives. Even when things are going wrong, I have tried looking at the upside, and this has made me feel better almost instantly. Why is this important? The law only goes to show that if you need money in your life, you first have to want the money, then you will need to think about getting the money and voila! Basically, you cannot attract money in your life when all you keep thinking is how you cannot get some money no matter what you do. Negativity and doubt only make it harder for you to prosper.

How can you attract money into your lifeYou have to think positively, and surely, this will spark some ideas on how you can go out there and make money. Don’t get me wrong; you cannot just visualize money and get it, without lifting a finger. Your actions will determine if you get this money or not. When you think, you should follow that up with subsequent actions. So how do you go about it?

Keep saying that you need more money in your life and you believe that you will get it. Having a mantra and saying what you need often will make it a reality eventually.

  • Create goals

Come up with ways on how to achieve your this instance; you can even create a vision board with different ideas on how you can make more money. The board is to guide you to your destination. Therefore, you have to follow what you set your mind on.

  • Sit back and watch it happen

When you start acting on your goals, you will be surprised when things start working for you. One of the goals I set this year was to start an online business. I set my mind to it, became confident, and now, my business is growing and doing better than I expected.

How to manifest your destiny

We create our own destiny. Have you heard about creating your little heaven here on earth? This only means that we should strive to build a good life for ourselves and enjoy it while we still can. Our thoughts, emotions and our actions pave the way to our destiny. You may wonder how this happens. It’s quite simple! What we constantly think about as we go about our everyday lives, becomes a belief. This is because more often than not, we reflect on the same things. Without even knowing it, our beliefs influence the decisions we make, which ultimately shapes the reality and our destiny. Let’s get critical for a minute. Think about the smallest object on earth and the most complex objects. These items did not just come about. They were a product of a process that involved endless thinking. It’s these thoughts that the creators relied on to make the decision to produce the objects. The same philosophy applies to our daily lives. You may not be aware of your thoughts most of the time because they are in our subconscious, but when these ideas are manifested, it becomes our destiny.

How to manifest your destinyYou should, therefore, strive to always think positively about all situations. Even when all the forces in your body want you to curse and wallow and lose hope, you should never give in to such urges. Be that ray of hope even to those who have lost theirs. Smile often and tell yourself that everything will work out in the end. Try to find the silver lining in a bad situation. This will become your destiny.

How to stop disbelief and doubt from creeping in

I have always been a realist. It did not always work for me because of most of the time; I ended up becoming so cynical that most of my friends started avoiding me. This kept going on until I realized that I needed to start being positive, and believe that things would work out.

  • Refuse to doubt

How to stop disbelief and doubt from creeping inIt’s okay to question things every once in a while. After all, you should not believe everything you see or hear. What you don’t do, however, is let these doubts dominate your mind and your thoughts. The moment they start creeping in your mind, do all you can to not think about them. This is because, when you are in doubt constantly, it becomes a habit and suddenly, you start giving out negative vibes to people around you. Sometimes when everything around you seems to be falling apart, it becomes hard to look at the bright side. Instead, you wallow for days on end not realizing that this won’t change the situation.

  • Change the narrative

When you realize that you are beginning to have doubts, engage your mind in other activities. Start thinking about other good things in your life, and you will notice the doubts are gone.

  • Build self-confidence

Questioning yourself and your capabilities is often a sign that you do not believe in yourself. Work on building your self-esteem once again. Start on a project you didn’t think you can handle and see it to completion.

How to stop disbelief and doubt from creeping inPush yourself to do things that you were initially afraid of doing. You will be surprised to realize there is nothing you cannot achieve one you set your mind to do it. Having doubts will prevent you from manifesting your destiny. This is because the disbelief will block all the positive thoughts trying to camp in your mind, giving way to hopelessness and negativity. The law of attraction leaves no room for doubt. When you start visualizing good things happening in your life, you have to believe that they will happen. You have to be open-minded and trust the process, knowing fully well that some things may not go according to plan but waiting to find out, and believing that something else will work out. There is no other way around it.

Top 5 books for law of attraction

  1. ‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne

If you know or have heard about the law of attraction, then you must have heard about this book. It is one of the original creations, with testimonials by various people on how this law has helped them change their lives. What makes this book so popular is because it was written when we knew so little about the law of attraction. Therefore, it helped pave the way and help most of us understand the basic concepts of the law.

  1. ”Think and Grow Rich” – Napoleon Hill

The title may have you thinking that it’s one of those books written specifically for business owners. Napoleon was quick to point out that the content was suitable for anyone needing advancement in their lives, and not just if you want to be a millionaire. The book will come in handy if you want to get rich, but this should not lock out the rest of us who want growth in other areas of our lives, even spiritually.

  1. The Secret Law of Attraction: Master the Power of Intention – Katherine Hurst

The reason I love this book so much is because once you read it, you can get the relation almost instantly. When I embarked on reading it, I had no idea what the law of attraction meant. I only had the basic knowledge. Katherine does an amazing job on this. She uses practical tasks that you can engage in to help you fully understand the notion.

  1. “The Power of Intention” – Dr. Wayne Dyer

In this book, Dr.Wayne speaks of intention and not attraction. He explains that both words mean the same thing and that for you to reap the benefits of the law of attraction, you have to have the intention to change your thinking. I can recommend this read to those of you just starting on this journey because you will know how to drop the negative thoughts and doubts from the outset.

  1. “Ask and It Is Given” – Esther & Jerry Hicks

If you want to learn how to best manifest your destiny, then this is the book for you. Esther and Jerry often quote Abraham-Hicks, who they seem to develop as a non-physical entity representing flows of the society. Despite the constant criticism from various people that it’s not realistic, its teachings on how to achieve good health, relationships and even careers will leave you yearning for more. It’s deeply spiritual and it will help you advance your thinking of life philosophies.

Discover how to use the law of attraction to improve your life

Knowing about the law of attraction is one thing, and realizing that you can use it to change your life completely is another. If you feel like your life is at a standstill, you can try following the tips I will give you and watch as your life turns around.

  • Connect with your inner self

The first step is getting in touch with your inner self. You cannot know what you want in your life if you don’t know who you are as a person. There are different ways in which you can achieve this, like meditating.

  • Know what you want in your life and ask for it

You have to know what you want out of life. Whether it’s a new house, kids, a new car or even better relationships. I realized that we know what we want at the back of our minds, but we are often too afraid to acknowledge these needs. It’s the only way to a more fulfilling life, trust me.

Discover how to use the law of attraction to improve your lifeAfter acknowledging what you want, ask for this, I mean create positive affirmations and keep reminding yourself of this need every day. For instance, you can keep saying ‘ I want a new house.’

  • Create goals and work towards them

Our thoughts are useless if not followed by actions. You have to develop ways on how you will get what you want. If you want better friendships that uplift you, you have to begin by letting go of the friendships that don’t help you, to be able to create room for better ones.

  • Positive thinking

You cannot let doubts flood your life. You have to have positive thoughts to be able to give positive vibes to other people. Exuding energy and self-confidence will go a long way in turning your life around. Do not forget to be thankful every day. Sadly, we cannot acquire everything we want in life. But when you think about those people suffering out there, then you know you have so much to appreciate out of life.

How to use thoughts to attract wealth

Our minds are always working even when we seem to be resting. It’s all in our subconscious, our thoughts, and our emotions. How can we turn these ideas into becoming our reality to gain more wealth and ultimately, financial prosperity?

  • Having positive affirmations

You have to keep telling yourself that you need more money,  that you deserve it and you will get it. You just need to start thinking about something to make it happen. Think about wealth all the time, when you wake up and before you go to sleep. Let the notion stick to your subconscious.

How to use thoughts to attract wealth

  • Realign your thoughts

What is in our subconscious may not always be manifested to us. It is now up to you to align your thoughts into your conscious mind so that you can start to think about them actively.Think about what wealth means to you and what acquiring it will signify. You can also create a list of ways on how you will get to your desired point.

  • Dispel all doubts

Do not give doubts any room in your mind. When you start questioning yourself, you will not achieve your desire, which is getting wealthy. Let only positive thoughts reign your mind even when you start thinking about all the reasons why you won’t attract wealth. When this happens, counter it with thoughts of why you deserve to be happy and financially stable.

  • Work

By now, you know well that you cannot get anything easily, you have to sweat for it. You already have set plans so this will be easy for you. Implement those plans and watch as you kick start your journey into financial freedom.

  • Be happy for other people

When you are jealous of other peoples’ accomplishments, you are not doing yourself any favors. What you are doing is blocking your path to financial abundance.

Be happy for other peopleWhen you are genuinely happy for others, then the world is bound to reward you by granting your desires.

  • Help the less fortunate

You can have a lot of money today, and wake up to nothing the next day. You should learn to share your wealth with the people who have so little.

Help the less fortunateWhen you hold on to what you have, the universe sees no reason to add more to you, but when you give out part of what you have, so much more is added to what you have left. Here is the deal. To be rich and wealthy are not the ultimate goals in life. They sure do make life comfortable but you should first aspire to be happy and be at peace with yourself. Stop using all your energy in focusing on what you do not have. Instead, be grateful that you are alive and able to change the course of your life. This is the only way you will have positive thoughts that will ultimately result to the world responding in the same way back to you.

With the law of attraction, you only get what you give out. Never forget that. Let your thoughts and actions be good so that you can manifest all other things including wealth and prosperity into your life. Patience is a virtue you are required to muster throughout this process. You have to know that you can’t just ask for something and it’s granted to you immediately. I learned that I enjoy things more when it took me some time to acquire them. Makes you appreciate what you have, and the effort it took to attain it. Your destiny is the only thing you are in control of in this life. Make it worth your while!

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  1. Jesse B. Bynum

    When told about laws of attraction the first thing that comes to my mind would be associated with dating, I don’t have the idea that it can also be applied into attracting positive things into life. Thank you for this, it makes me feel positive about how I can use this to attract new positive things in my life.

  2. Most people look for scientific proof with things like this. And I get that. But there are things that transcend logic, science, and reason. Maybe it is hard to accept the fact that we indeed do attract the things in our lives. Once you accept that, you will realize that all the things and events in your life were, are, and will be because you attract them!

  3. Anyone interested in “Law of Attraction” must read the “Secret”. It is like the Bible for alternative thinking, a new paradigm that is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to the internet, people are becoming aware of what they really are. More importantly, they are starting to realize how much potential and power they have. Just remember that you get what you attract in your life.

  4. I feel like play with money by following these tips and I am going to do that. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ask for what you want and the Universe will follow! That is what I have learned from this article and what I apply daily. I don’t know if it’s only in my mind, but it does work, so thank you!

  6. Irene Salazar

    After reading this course, I’ve become a staunch believer in the law of attraction. This is because I have actually experienced it working in my life, and gained huge success 🙂

  7. Disbelief is a very bad habit for sure. It makes you not even trust in your own abilities. So am happy everytime when I come across such a wonderful experience on kicking this thing out. I am looking forward to great transformation

  8. We always think so low of ourselves and what we can achieve btw. It is never a good thing especially to us girls who are highly affected. It is time to step up and make things happen. Let us do this girls.

  9. Marjorie Mattice

    Get into this and then you will never ever think of leaving these methodologies. These are the greatest thing that you may experience in life. Highly recommended to all.

  10. Your unconscious and conscious mind will accept these affirmations because there is no disparity between what is and what can be. And that is when the affirmations will work.

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