Fire starting in extreme weather conditions is one of the most necessary pro-survival skills. This is the very reason why I give great importance and make sure the quality of the item and tools I carry in my survival gear, especially the fire starter I’m about to review- Everstryke Match review.

I need a few checkpoints in all the tools I carry for starting a fire, which ensures concrete reliability. These are the conditions I use to judge all the tools I am planning to rely on. And to be honest, gone are the days when we had to use flint stones to start a fire or carry a gas cylinder with us. Based on these factors, I am writing this Everstryke Match review and my experience with it.

Everstryke Match: Points To Check Before Placing The Order

Everstryke Match Points to Consider

It’s quite an advertised product, so coming across it was all quite generic. I had seen several affiliate advertising programs running one too many times, and some were also offering free Everstryke.

Other match review and ratings under different name email my husband checked were quite positive for the matches, and the matches did look good in the image. I checked other reviews under comment names and even searched similar matches and lighter because I was sick of the traditional Zippo lighter.

Given the reasonable price of the product by the Family Protection Association, I think anyone would be willing to try it. I have read that many people got free Everstryke. Well, I was no different. I placed the order from my email address. But what really drew me to this item was the innovation in the idea behind it. I obviously did try out the Everstryke match at home before I included it in my survival gear for a trip.

Everstryke Match Review- Why I Bought It?

To be honest, I am quite a hopeless enthusiast when it comes to such things. Matches are versatile and have a lot of uses. They are invaluable when you are staying outdoors. In survival situations, they can help you make potable water, keep wild animals away, and stay warm. While there are many ways that you can waterproof regular matches, it is always ideal to buy ones that are designed to repel water, to begin with.

And I think the general idea behind Everstryke Match is already quite compelling itself for someone to buy it. Not to oversell it all but the idea of a stainless-steel metal body on a matchbox sounds quite luxurious and very distinct from your traditional matchboxes.

More importantly, the waterproof feature (I tested it) of the Everstryke match was also a pull-in for me to purchase. And on top of that, only one metal match stems in this box, and I am quite familiar with the sorrows of spilling wooden matches out of the box.

Everstryke Match Review- The Idea Behind

Everstryke Match Fire Background

The idea behind the product is to use the fuel-dipped wick and strike it at the side of the device to release sparks, and it will light. So, step 1 is to fill the canister with the fuel through the same opening where the Ferro rod goes.

You can choose any fuel lighter fluid for your convenience. I would suggest the fluid that generally goes in lighters or Zippo fuel fluid would do the job just fine. You can buy this from any gasoline station or convenience store. Just ask for regular lighter fluid.

You must be careful to fill the match just enough so that the lighter fluid doesn’t overflow when you screw the metal rod back. Make sure to hold the canister upright when you are filling the fuel.

Test At Home

Moreover, I would also recommend you, people, to do all this preparation before you head out for your trip as I did. To be honest, I actually tested the waterproof feature of the Everstryke match from the reviews while I was on my trip along a grand reservoir.

The match stem requires you to dip the Ferro rod back into the device after every strike on the striker that lights the fire. Then, so that the wick can get soaked in lighter fluid, you need to wait around two more minutes, and you are good to go to start the next fire.

My First Impression of Everstryke Match

Everstryke Match Very Useful

So the first thing that really shocked me after shipping as I was opening the package was how small this fire starter really was. I mean, it’s a really tiny canister- small enough to conveniently and discreetly carry it around in your pocket.

I will tell you about my experience with the other features it offers, but this match stem’s size was a happy surprise. To be exact, the Everstryke match measures less than two inches in height.

Features As Advertised

Adding to the convenience factor, a piece of metal clip on the canister makes it possible to attach Everstryke Match as a keyring with the rest of your keys. Before I head further into my review, let me clear the already advertised features of the product.

Details Provided

The details of Everstryke Match clearly mention that it contains one Ferro rod and wick-built in O ring. According to the provided information, when you strike it, the sparks generate at over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit and the flame goes at over 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

I obviously didn’t measure the temperature, but the flame did light up in a couple of strikes on the striker. So, I think we can believe them.

My Experience in Survival Life

Everstryke Match Prepare Lead Protect

I was actually quite excited to try the Everstryke match out on my next trip. So, I included it in my gear after I tested it at home. Matches or other fire starters are a must-have in any survival kit. A survivalist posted, A reliable source of fire is a survival necessity and can mean the difference between life or death in a survival situation.  Emergency waterproof matches are a strategic addition to your emergency kit, camping supplies, or hiking pack.“ Finding the Everstryke Match to include in mine was a great opportunity.

Undoubtedly, the Everstryke match didn’t carry any extra weight in my gear, and later I attached the canister to my jeans. It was a camping trip, so along with being part of survival tools, the match was one of the must-have items.

Everstryke Match In Survival Life

I finally got the chance to try the match out in the open at the campsite shelter. It was easy to grab the match right from the belt loop of my jeans, but I did fear I may drop it.

I unscrewed the Ferro rod out of the fuel canister and struck it at the side of the device. It did take a couple of burning strikes on the striker to get the spark enough for a flame to generate. It was quite windy outside, so I think you can understand but bear with me, I was still getting used to this match.


The flame was quite high, and it took a couple of seconds for it to pull back into a normal flame. So, I decided to try again and dipped the wick back into the container.

Since I had already tried the Everstryke match back at home, I already knew to keep o ring-built rod dipped for at least a few minutes so that it doesn’t burn out fast. It happened just like I predicted.

And Then There Was Rain

The Everstryke match was attached to my jeans, and it got drenched in rain when it started raining on our way back to the campsite the next day. So, the first thing I was quick to check was the screw container.

I would also suggest you make sure that the metal rod is tightly screwed inside the canister device before you throw it in water. This is because even I realized later that evening that the water could have slipped in and got mixed with the fuel lighter fluid if it was not tightly closed.

Everstryke Match: Waterproof?

Everstryke Match Waterproof

Matches designed for inclusion in survival kits must be waterproof. One blogger posted, Unlike a lot of lighters, most survival matches come already waterproofed and resistant to the wind. This allows survivalists to use them even in harsh weather conditions when they probably need fire the most.” And this is true. The conditions where you’d need fire the most tend to be the conditions when starting a fire is very difficult. This is why I decided to formally check if the Everstryke Match is indeed waterproof.

It actually took more strikes on the striker than before to light the match this time. Finally, however, it did light up.

It did turn out to be waterproof. So, after I came back from my trip, I did a full-fledged waterproof test on the product.

Waterproof Test

I dropped the match into a bowl of water. Unfortunately, due to its metal body, the Everstryke match quickly sunk to the bottom and remained there for a good 2-3 minutes.

After I took it out, I shook the excess water out, and it didn’t seem like any water droplets had sneaked in. I tried lighting the wick, and the match lit quite easily after a couple of strokes on the striker.

The Perks

So as per my conditions mentioned in the beginning, many factors did line up with my preference. Given the metal body of the container, the durability factor stayed intact for me.

I think that the container can be part of an emergency survival kit in your to-go bag through some rough times and work for a long time as long as you re-fill it with fuel lighter fluid, which is not really much of a hassle.

The Drawbacks

Everstryke Match Survival Tool

I think at times, it might be a bit inconvenient to wait for the wick to get soaked for people with a lack of patience. This may be one of the advantages of using a permanent lighter over survival matches. But for me, it didn’t take time for the wick to get enough fuel fluid to light for a decent amount of time during fire starting.

I would recommend the Everstryke match to my friends because it does meet most of my needs as a survival tool. But more importantly, it takes away the drawbacks of a normal matchbox. It stays dry, it can be relied on even in wet conditions, it doesn’t easily break, and it is contained in a stylish case that can be carried like a keychain.

Everstryke Match Review: Conclusion

Your survival in dire circumstances can depend on your ability to light a fire. Yes, there are ways to start a fire even without matches, but those would take long and would probably not be reliable. To ensure that you will have a source of heat even when it is cold and wet, you really need something like the Everstryke Match.

Being waterproof is actually a huge benefactor to this match because you are using a fire starter tool. Focusing on extreme situations, survival does depend on such factors that you may not be able to comprehend before.

The design of the Everstryke match is also well thought out, making it a pro lighter and easy to carry anywhere around the world, unlike normal Zippo lighters and matches. I hope you will love this Everstryke Match Review.

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