1889 – Johnstown Flood – 2209 Lives claimed.
1906 – San Fransico Earthquake – 3000+ Lives Claimed
1941 – Attack on Pearl Harbour – 2403 Lives claimed.
2005 – Tropical Cyclone – 1836 Lives claimed.

Family Bunker Plans
The only thing certain about life is its uncertainty. We all today live in a world of larger risks.

Every one of us is wary for our families. Not every one of us is with our parents, wife or kids to help them when they need it the most. Round the clock, around the world, we hear horrifying stories of sufferings of people.

We feel helpless for those spoils of war & disaster. Only one question then haunts us – How can I keep my family safe from all of these? What are my survival chances in all of this? How can I ensure the safety of my kids?

One stop solution to all your above questions: Family Bunker Plans. Mr. John Hartman, a retired member of the United States armed forces, has created this plan. John is a certified disaster & survival expert.

Some years ago he decided that it was absolutely necessary to provide his family with a safe Hideout and that’s when he came up with this brilliant plan.

He knows the uncertainty of the events that can happen to any one of us. His ultimate solution was to build a survival bunker. With his vast knowledge & experiences, John has created a guide that can help us build a personalized bunker for survival in situations of crisis.

As we always say Precaution is better than cure, there is no harm being prepared for something rather than regretting on the situation later. It’s fortunate for us that someone like John having experience of dealing with situations of disaster & survival has taken a lead to provide us a Survival Guide

Today I will write a review about the program to give you an insight into what this plan offers in real. I will try to keep this review very simple and unbiased to ensure that you can decide if it’s worth the shot.

About John Hartman:

John Hartman is the creator of Family Bunker Plans. John is a retired US armed forces personnel. He is a certified disaster & survival expert.

John with his colleague Brian has created a safe bunker for their families, now they have summed up their knowledge in creating a step-by-step guide about how to make this Bunker. With his sharp survival skills, John aimed to create this Programme to help everyone, build a safer home within Home.

About John Hartman

Everything About This Program

This program is an amazing Step-By-Step guide about building a bunker to safeguard your family & suffice its needs as long as 6 months. There are detailed lists & diagrams that take you through the building process. It will also provide you with the secret sources for cheaper material to build your bunker.

3 D diagrams keep it easy for you always so you don’t get caught up in calculations. You also get crucial site preparation tips. The design & planning tips help you to plan the correct layout considering your family needs. A checklist & step-by-step instruction saves you the hassle of searching for how to get a building permit.

You can easily figure out at all the times where your layout is going & how you have to plan further with the help of professional 3D pictures. Most importantly you get the detailed layouts of the essential electrical circuits required to keep your bunker powered.

Through this review, I will help you discover the characteristics of Good Bunker, such as:

  • The bunker should always be hidden & secretive.
  • It must be just impossible to get into.
  • Most importantly it should accommodate your family comfortably.
  • The right ventilation is what is going to keep you alive if not food.
  • The bunker must fit in with food & water supplies at least for six months straight suitable to your family needs.
  • It should have renewable source energy to have continuous power at all times.

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Everything About This Program

What Does the Program Contain?

The Family Bunker Plans is a step-by-step guide to creating a secretive shed for loved ones in the times of crisis or survival situation. The program swiftly guides you about building a low-cost bunker & systematically explains the criticalities of building it.

The program also provides you with some secret sources & tips so that you can build it on your own. The information in this manual is a combined knowledge of two disaster & survival experts.

Location:  It describes & guides about how to finalize the location for your secret bunker. As in the times of crisis, if it is not easily accessible by the family members, your efforts are in vain.

Secrecy & Privacy: In the crucial times, the public often tend to attack those who can provide safe shelter; hence at all times family members should keep the information of the bunker private. In such times anyone can try to break & enter into the bunker & hence it must be built strong & impossible to break into.

Ventilation: The bunker must be properly ventilated. It must have a constant flow of fresh air, as the survival chances are more dependent on the air you breathe rather than food.

Spacing & Comfort: While building the bunker, always keep in mind the number of family members you want to accommodate in there. Your stay in the bunker is not definitive; hence it should be comfortable for all the members to sustain inside the bunker.

Necessities of Surviving: After ventilation water & food are the main necessities of surviving in the bunker. You must prepare for straight 6 months of food & water supplies. The durability of the bunker: It should withstand the terrorist attack as well as the effects of a natural disaster.

What Does the Program Contain

Additional Informational

The Family Bunker Plans, prepared by the two experienced disaster & survival experts, is your ultimate chance of survival in situations of war, natural calamities & uncertain events. This guide will also take you through & provide some important information about:

  • Important Site preparation tips. These very important tips to be followed to maintain the secrecy & privacy of the bunker.
  • A checklist of How to get your building permit. Just go by the book & you are done here.
  • Design & layout planning with advice from trained experts.
  • Professional 3D drawings & Pictures to make you understand in the easiest manner possible.
  • Instruction on correctly preparing your site, this is the base of your container building; you must follow the instruction strictly.
  • Electrical layouts & circuit diagrams with tips on unlimited & renewable power supplies options.

Summing up we can say that Family Bunker Plans is a complete guide which will free you of all your worries for your family even if you’re near or far away from them.

It’s Your Home within Home.

Affordability – You are your own builder, No Hefty fees, and no deadlines. It saves you tons of cost here.

Design – A thorough step-by-step guide lets you feel like a pro & you can build it with ease.

Strength– The materials & design listed in this guide will provide an impossible to break bunker.

Customness – It lets you customize the bunker as per your requirements, so every bunker created is unique.

Timeline– The step-by-step guide lets you build the bunker at your own pace & still you can complete the task in the record time.

Secretive– While others will be thinking about options, you will always be one step ahead with the safety of your family as the bunker is a secretive place you own.

The Most Comprehensive And Up To Date Construction Guide Available

Bonus Features

The Bunker plans is really amazing as the steps are quite easy to follow. Anyone can build their own customized bunker. You can always involve your family in the exercise, which surely is a bonding memory to hold the family together at all time emotionally.

You can buy this program as a one-time investment. This is wealth your children can inherit. With a low cost, you can keep your generations safe. This is gift A granddad can plan to give it his Grandson. A gift from a father to his son.

Many people have shared some amazing reviews about the program on the website which talks about how effective and useful the product has been.

The survival plans are not only a manual it is an amazing promise to keep your family safe from all the dangers of the world. Plus if you avail this manual now, You get 3 Bonus additions:

Survival Stockpile
1. Survival Stockpile – It’s a manual that gives you the complete list of essential tools and all the important things you need to get away from all the tragic events while staying at peace, safe and sound inside the bunker.

Family Protection Plan

2. Family Protection Plan – In this plan you will get the information on the excellent Family protection methods that will not fall apart at all.


Off-grid Backup3. Off-grid Power – The guide will give you step by step ways that to set up the unlimited power through small off-grid electricity system. Being able to use power means your chance of lifetime survival is good.


The Family Bunker Plans is not just a manual or guide; it is your duty towards your family. This is the best way to keep your family safe & protected from all the dangers of the world.

In many online reviews, many customers have shared their feedback about how the plan has helped them in the places where they were afraid to live normally.

The program also offers 60 days complete money back policy. That means if you are not happy with the manual for any good or bad reason, you can simply send an email to the support team and you will receive the refund back into your account.

With nothing to lose, this program gives you an opportunity to think out of the box for the safety of your family.

So get your hands on “Family Bunker Plans” and just in case if you need the support their customer service is always available just a call away at their support system anytime.

So tag along & find your way to buy this ultimate modern solution to your family safety. Order today!

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  1. Very comprehensive review and thank you for writing it. I already bought some products you reviewed and I’m very satisfied with the quality. I will try this too because my family’s safety is the most important thing for me.

  2. No one really knows whats gonna happen the next minute. In today’s world of chaos and terror literally, anything bad can happen. The best you can do is keep a backup plan always ready and this is one such great plan. Thanks for creating this.

  3. James Nichols

    In our time today, when terrorist attacks haunts in some country we are not safe. This amazing survival plans is an excellent one time investment.

  4. Tracy Mundt

    This is a great program, and really helps one with survival techniques during emergency situations. Go for it, you will not regret it.

  5. Donald Hicks

    Very easy to get the product. Unlike it is with goods that you have to go to the market to get, this product is very easy for you to access. You can be able to download it at the location you desire to have it. It is also very safe.

  6. Donna McLean

    I can’t anymore with this guide. We live in times when we don’t know what happens tomorrow. Hence the best favor we can do to our ourselves is being prepared should any disaster strike. To me, this bunker idea is one of the best strategies have come across so far and I can’t wait to share with as many people as possible

  7. Vernon Willman

    step by step guide, a guide that is assured to teach you just how you could build a bunker that is safe and also having an amazing design for your loved ones, you search has come to an end. With the Family Bunker Plans, the full description of your search has been met.
    With it, you are going to be able to realize tips on getting materials that are cheap enabling your bunker building be very cost effective.

  8. Victoria Elliott

    This is a guide that is assured to teach you just how you could build a bunker that is safe and also having an amazing design for your loved ones, you search has come to an end. With the Family Bunker Plans, the full description of your search has been met.

  9. Considering all the scenarios that came up in this article, a veteran by the name John Hartman came up with a sane idea to ensure his and your familys safety. You may be asking what this article is really trying to propose. The answer is simple. A key and solution to ensuring your familys safety with the introduction of a program called as the Family Bunker Plans.

  10. Linda Liston

    It is a program worth taking. This is because of some very few things that actually matter. One of them is that it is very affordable. Second is that it is very effective with facts. And another one is that there is use of simple language that is easy to understand and apply.

  11. The information out in this manual are combined knowledge of two disaster and survival experts. It is layed out in a step by step guide to build your own survival bunker for your family.

  12. Julia Fischer

    I got even closer with my family. We started to work on my underground bunker. My family also helped with the project, we actually had many great bonding moments during the build process and I got even closer with my family.

  13. The main aim of creating the program was to tackle with the scenario of any untoward happening and making use of resources to ones best interest in a survival situation.

  14. In addition to the tips offered in the guide, there are professional 3D diagrams that will ease the construction process. These diagrams are there to help you prepare the site and learn step by step how to set up your bunker correctly. Often, people make mistakes during site preparation which eventually leads to poorly constructed containers.

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