Tell me, do you love your family? Are you constantly worried for your family’s safety? If you are, then you should probably start doing something about it.

Nowadays, it’s very important for people to start practicing the self-defence mechanism as the crimes rates are increasing day by day. Many peoples have faced horrible situations like robbery, rape, kidnapping, killings, etc. The law just doesn’t seem to work fast enough.

Family Self Defence

When it comes to your family’s safety, I have no doubt that all of us would try our best to maintain that. But what if someone gets hurt or faces those situations that are nightmares for us. What then? What if you wake up in the middle of the night one day and find yourself tied up with the rest of your family with a gun to your head? Things like this do happen in real life, and I suppose it’s happening to someone anywhere, right now. Therefore, to ensure you and your family’s safety you should always be prepared.

Now the question arises that, how can you do that? Well, I have a great solution for you. Frank Bell’s Family Self Defence. This program is solely designed for people like you who want to ensure your family’s safety first. This system is for men, women and even kids! The program brings the right self-defence that you and your family could use to protect yourselves. By learning these methods, you’ll learn the ultimate self-defence to stop even the brutal assaults from happening.

What’s Family Self Defence about?

Family Self Defence is an A to Z self-defence manual guide for families. Despite the age differences of the members, this manual is for all. This guide is an instructional manual that teaches you to use some effective movements to protect yourself. It’s very easy to learn, and the PDF book is very simple to understand quickly. Even your kids can learn it very easily.

The handbook contains unique approaches of self-defence that are explained in plain English. To tell you the truth, we are living in a society where there is constant danger around every corner.

But this book of self-defence can be the perfect solution for all your problems. The author of this book, Frank Bell, wanted to share his expertise with us for giving us a chance to live a normal life.

As a matter of fact, with this book and the strategies it contains, you could save your family from any danger.

You just have to take some time out of your daily life and practice the techniques. Within a very little time, you’ll be able to defend you and your family in any perilous time.

Family Self Defence What’s Family Self Defence about

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And if you still have confusions about this product then you’ll know the ins and outs of the product by just reading this review.

Is it worth it?

This program could be a sign for providing a protective shield to your loved ones. By studying this e-book, you will gain privileges to be aware of the most effective techniques for stopping and preventing brutal assaults. When you are able to understand the procedures of Family Self System, you will be assured to know that you can stand up for yourself no matter how hard the situation gets.  So unless you don’t want to survive, you should start to learn self-defence right about now.


And there is no other better program than Family Self Defence. Once you have mastered the full self-defence system, you can surely survive and win this brutal world. And the best part is that, no matter what your age is, this program is easily applicable for you.

So, if you are thinking whether to buy this program or not then think no more because this program can be the ultimate self-defence e-book that you desire.

Who is behind the system?

The person behind this system is a 44-year-old, system analyst Frank Bell. He is one of the behind the scenes guy who trains the bodyguards of many famous celebrities and high profile figures. These people need to protect themselves and their clients by acting fast and effectively in order to save a bad incident from happening. And they can do so fast that many public or paparazzi’s don’t even notice that something happened. This is just because they know just where to strike and blow and knock out the enemy fast before they could harm their clients.

So why all on a sudden, Frank Bell decided to share this information with us?  This is because he faces a very traumatic event in his life that we never really want to face. Just two days before a Christmas, he experienced a break-in in his home. Although he knew 13 different martial arts, he still was unable to save his family from being harassed by the criminals.

After the incident, he started to research for better techniques for protecting his family, and he discovered three special one that actually works. These three techniques are the top 1% deadly and effective moves from martial arts all around the world. Frank wanted to share it with us because he didn’t want any other family to suffer as he did.

What should you expect?

Once you buy this product, you can start by learning different techniques and information regarding self-defence.

  • You’re going to learn how you can take down any sized criminals within 2 hours whether they are armed or not.
  • Why you can never use a fist in a fight. If you punch the wrong way, you could easily end up with serious injuries to your hand.
  • The method of “lazy man” allowing you to make some deadly moves even while watching the TV.
  • A covert way called “vision field expansion” that expands your senses. This method helps you to see exactly what is happening around you. This method can be very helpful if you are facing a group of peoples.
  • Use the secret human body’s natural “fulcrums” that will bring anyone to their knees.
  • The ultimate deadly joint manipulation methods that can be used by even an 80-year-old. They can even break the arms of the enemy pretty easily.
  • What to do and not to do when being held at gunpoint. A simple wrong move could end in something terrible.
  • The thing to do when you are tied up and are completely vulnerable. No rope can stop you now.
  • A detailed and oriented explanation on where actually human body is vulnerable and how to use only simple moves in those areas to strike them down.

Family Self Defence What should you expect

There are also a lot bunch of techniques that could transform you into a very strong and fearless being.


There are some extra bonuses with the package that’ll help you to learn more about protecting oneself.

  • Mental Toughness

In this module, you will learn the secrets of the US military, navy seals, special ops for individual mental toughness.These secrets are used only for handling deadly threats.

  • Self Defence

The guide includes some simple exercises. It only takes 2-minutes to do them but they will make your muscles and body stronger. It will help you lose fat too.

  • Checklist

A special list of 37 items you should always have at your home. These items are far too essential for any kind of bad situation.


  • The methods are really simple, fun and effective to learn.
  • It’s available in video format.
  • The module provides lessons and training that will help you to defend yourself.
  • Within just 15 minutes you will discover the secrets to self-defence.
  • The program is affordable.


  • The Family Self Defence is only available online as an e-book.
  • You won’t have any physical trainer to learn the techniques. You have to do it on your own

Family Self Defence Cons


When it comes to safety, I don’t think you can ever fully rely on the government. Even after so many precautions, the crime rates are increasing tremendously. In these circumstances learning self-defence mechanism can surely be a plus point for you and your family. You never know when you might have to use them!

Family Self Defence is an advanced level e-book that has the possible promise to help you protect yourself and your family. Though the program could be more improved it would still help you master self-defence and improve your awareness.

Family Self Defence

Immediately after you go through it, you will never feel vulnerable to anyone again. The skills and confidence you will have after mastering the techniques are going to take you to a whole another level. Overall, the review has been positive. And also, it’s 100% risk-free as they provide a 60 days cash back assurance. If you think that it’s high time to step up, then you should definitely consider buying this product.

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  1. I always wonder what I can do in case my family is endangered. Some great tricks in this article here. Thank you!

  2. A very comprehensive guide… My family do feel a lot safer now (we aren’t Expendables, but we are good). I also worry a lot less, knowing that my kids can take care of themselves a lot better now.

  3. Michael Skinner

    Simplified process of self protection which makes sense. Contains a lot of interesting information that you will find truly useful and practical. For instance, it demonstrates in detail how risky and unnecessary is to attract an intruder with your hands. You will learn much more valuable alternatives.

  4. Family comes first. When it is about their safety, it is most important. But you cannot always be there with your family to protect them. In that case, each of them has to know to defend him or herself. I was looking for such a program to learn self-defense for my whole family. This is the perfect guide to learn self-defense at any age to protect own and others.

  5. There is a great comfort in knowing that your family knows how to protect themselves. Especially because you can’t be with them all the time. This program will show you how to equip each family member with defense skills that they can use to keep themselves safe.

  6. I really love my family. I would rather die on their behalf. I sought the family self defense product for my family because of a robbery experience last summer. Everyone, including my small daughter now understands how to fight. In fact, she is so dangerous nobody cares to bully her at school Cool, isn’t it? Five star review!

  7. Joanne Murakami

    Family self defence system is created in a very simple manner making it easy to understand. In addition to that, it is made of very clear instructions that are also realistic making it easy for the user to deal with. I am happy that i bought it.

  8. This is a brilliant, understated, wonderfully crafted record from a band who it feels have been building up to this moment their entire careers.

  9. It is a very affordable system but worth buying. It is worth because it will keep your family safe. There is no loss in buying this program.

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