When exploring the market for used vehicles, checking the VIN of a vehicle is very important. On the world wide web today, there are a wide variety of VIN check websites. These websites offer varieties of services to help meet the demand of a user in buying a used car. An example of such a website is FAXVIN. Faxvin – an information technology service company that offers abundant information about used cars and their histories.

Faxvin is one of the largest used car databases in the world that provide users with an accurate report of a used car. FAXVIN’s VIN reports feature all about the damage done to vehicles, including small damages to a total loss. Moreover, They provide users with third-party validation of car histories. Their VIN reports service helps sellers and buyers to gain confidence in becoming honest dealers and smart buyers. This FAXVIN review gives all information you need about FAXVIN.

FAXVIN Vehicle History Report Services

Faxvin Completely Free

Faxvin offers quite a range of information. This information is about the past of a used car. This service helps to guide a buyer in purchase decision-making. The information of these report services includes accident report, flood, hail, fire damage, vehicle History, inspection, service, registration info, lien and repossession records, mileage Rollback, odometer readings, and personal, Police, or Taxi Use. Other information includes recalls and defects, structural damages, the type of the vehicle, theft and recovery records, total loss report.

Faxvin Data Sources

Faxvin Data Sources

Faxvin offers not just an ordinary VIN vehicle history report but detailed VIN reports such as accident info. According to this review, the content of the FAXVIN VIN report using Vin lookup is reliable with a good database source. According to our review & user’s response, Faxvin collects and analyzes almost all information types, including U.S. Motor Vehicle Title System (NMVTIS), State inspection stations, salvage auctions, manufacturers, and insurance companies. Others include fleet and rental vehicle companies, facilities that deal with collision repair, car dealerships, auto auctions, and all major motor vehicle agencies in the US and Canada.

If you need car spec validity, the use of the VIN number is important. FAX VIN will provide and save you from unreasonable and risky decisions when buying a used car. For the best accuracy of your search result, FAXVIN developed the most effective engine that works with the vehicle data stored in a different source of information mentioned above.

What are the Benefits of Using FAXVIN?

Being a premium VIN check service provider according to our review, FAXVIN offers benefits including:

  1. Unbiased information
  2. Free Assistance to obtain better information
  3. DMV VIN Check
  4. User-friendly website & payment options
  5. A long list of information pulled out from a reliable source of information.

Faxvin services feature relevant and up-to-date information. In other words, they have won the trust of their users, including vehicle sellers and buyers, for years. Many customers from Canada and the U.S choose FAXVIN over leading competitors as a helpful resource to get detailed and comprehensive VIN number ID check reports. Interestingly, over 98% of users are completely satisfied with the VIN number identifying help and information reports they received. This is possible with the use of the pro checking tool-type it offers.

Positive highlights of FaxVin

Faxvin Highlights

The questions of positive highlights of faxvin arise based on this review. Above all, Faxvin has a range of positive highlights according to the votes of the people. They include;

  1. The domain name features a “registered till date.”
  2. Many years of set
  3. Alexa’s ranking of faxvin is based on the traffic volume (103402)
  4. They offer payment options that offer a “money-back guarantee.”

We support these highlights based on users’ responses and the services they received

Negative highlights of FaxVin

The negative highlight of Faxvin based on this review is that the identity of the website owner is hidden on WHOIS. Based on the votes of the people, FAXVIN lacks well-defined customer service. These issues and complaints are serious and must be addressed. Therefore, issues and complaints like this can give users scam orientation since they have no one to relate with whenever questions like this surface.

Faxvin Company Reviews

Faxvin Vehicle History

The user’s complaints are that FaxVin’s company identity is hidden. Although, this may be for a valid reason known to the administration of Faxvin. As a result, spammers use this hidden information to email website owners. However, the identification of the site owner must show the true identity of the owner, which allows for authenticity.

FaxVin Sign Up

On Faxvin’s description, account creation is done after the first purchase. After placing the order, then faxvin will send the report, login, and password to the user’s email. Moreover, the description also made it clear that, clicking “Order & View Report” translate to an agreement with terms and condition as well as NMVTIS Disclaimer.

Faxvin Webshop Review

Faxvin’s domain name registration was done several years ago. The older the site, the more trustworthy and more accessible for use and reviews. Another positive highlight of Faxvin is its Alexa ranking. This ranking is based on popularity and listing. This has to do with the number of monthly traffic and how many websites link to the site. Above all, we consider this information to be valuable for integrity.

Faxvin Technical Review

FaxVin seems to support payment methods that offer a money-back guarantee. Such options include MasterCard, VISA, Alipay, and PayPal. Therefore, these payment methods allow users, in most cases, to get their money back If the services rendered are not satisfactorily done.

Faxvin on Facebook Reviews

Since FaxVin contact information is not totally open, it does not translate into being a scam. One out of the available places to contact FaxVin is through their social media platform. Based on this FaxVin review, the company operates a FaceBook page. In conclusion, Faxvin operates a Facebook page with the name @faxvin.official.


Is Faxvin accurate?

Faxvin Value of your Car

The accuracy of FaxVin depends on the integrity of its data source. As a result, the source of Faxvin’s data is reliable. For instance, FAXVIN draws its data for reports from the likes of U.S. Motor Vehicle Title System (NMVTIS), State inspection stations, Salvage Auctions, and many more. To make it more reliable and for the benefit of users, Faxvin developed an effective engine that arranges the data for proper use.

Is it safe to give out VINs on Craigslist?

Yes, it is safe and entirely secure to give out VIN on Craigslist. Your VIN is just like a license plate that is important for a buyer to make a better decision. In conclusion, it allows them to check the history of the car before purchase.

Is AutoCheck as good as CarFax?

Although both have an advantage over one another, however, one significant advantage AutoCheck has over CarFax is that it tracks auction cars better than CarFax. Due to these things, it is less useful since most used cars have been auctioned off at some point in their history. Other ways in which users prefer AutoCheck over Car Fax include clarity of AutoCheck score and how the report impacts market value. On the other hand, CarFax features an advantage over AutoCheck. For example, it has a better record of how many owners a car has had and successfully verifying mileage.

Can I check VIN history for free? (Free Vin Check)

Faxvin VIN Decoder

Yes, you can check VIN history for free. To check one VIN report for free, use the following data sources. Firstly, you can decode a VIN on the FAX VIN check site for a free VIN check. This option on the FaxVin website is absolutely free. Simply create an account on FaxVin to enjoy this feature. Secondly, visit the National Insurance Crime Bureau site (NICB) for a free VIN check. This site provides information about the criminal report of a car or vehicle. This information will prevent buyers from buying stolen vehicles.

Thirdly, you can get a free VIN report from a local car dealership. These local dealers must legally provide such reports for free. In a situation where the dealer refuses to provide it, then the risk is not worth it.

Is FaxVin a scam?

The trust score description, according to our FAXVIN reviews, is an average based on votes. This is because we think FAXVIN is legit, safe, and not a scam. According to Scam Adviser, fax vin is subjected to about 40 facts analysis found online in public sources. This source shows that fax vin is not listed on spam, scam, and phishing sites. Our conclusion is also based on the location of the company, reviews found on other sites, and many more. We can conclude based on the expert’s response that FAXVIN isn’t a scam but safe for consumer access.


Faxvin is one of the most well-known providers of vehicle history reports. They provide one of the most detailed and user-friendly services when it comes to vehicle data points reports. It is certain that their services are nothing close to a scam. While the company, FAXVIN, may have negligible shortcomings in this space, FaxVin’s report is the first step in getting a good vehicle based on our review.

Faxvin’s report gives detailed info about any damage done to a vehicle ranging from small damage to a total loss. These reports will help anyone out there buy and sell vehicles with absolute confidence, irrespective of your location and status.

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