The EBook is designed to equip you with skills to protect yourself from domestic attack; to empower you to face the unpleasant eventualities that you might not anticipate but can happen to you anyway.

Millions of citizens and families have fallen victim of sudden attacks that have led to the loss of properties and lives. By the end of Fight 4 family, you will have learned all that you need to know in your quest for self-confidence and strength to face any eventuality that may come your way.

The EBook is not a traditional technique like taekwondo and karate. It is a much more practical approach to combating real life confrontations.

With Fight 4 Family, you will no longer have to be at the mercy of bullies and burglars. You will protect yourself from:

  • Home invasions
  • Attempted rapes
  • Street attacks

The Ebook is for anyone who would want to keep themselves and their families safe. The truth is that law enforcement cannot be there for you anytime you need them. It is your responsibility to learn to protect yourself and your family.Fight 4 Family Program

Look at the following statistics from the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

  • An estimated 3.7 million household break-ins occur each year.
  • On average, 28%of them occur in the presence of the family members, putting them in great danger.
  • In 7%of the burglaries, a household member experiences some form of violent victimization.
  • This translates to about 266,560 people that suffered a brutal attack in their homes every year.

John Hartman

John is a retired member of the U.S military having spent 15 years in the Armed Forces. In the army, Hartman learned many military-style self-defense mechanisms that are closely guarded. Also, he is a certified survival expert. The program is a combination of survival and military-style hand to and combat.

Fight for family

Fight 4 Family has based on the premise that every individual has an innate self-preservation instinct. Life and health are the highest human values. The inbuilt ability is the body’s weapon to defend itself and ensure continued survival. To guard these values, you need to learn to harness this basic instinct. That is where the program comes in.

You cannot defend yourself if you do not have basics of self-defense. The objectives of the course are to teach you to master basic concepts associated with the possibilities of self-defense in your private life. You will be able to:

  • To enable you to learn complex of conflict
  • To learn the management of conflict
  • Master the basic breathing exercises which will serve the purpose to warm up or muscles and tendons in readiness for an attack.
  • You will form practical skills of self-protection and the proper movements during fighting
  • You will be able to develop the natural, practical skills of protection. The program will teach the following: the one thing that you should never do when you are being followed in the street. If you do, this one thingy will be left in a love of pain.
  • You will learn the powerful weapon that you have on you all the time, and you are not even aware of it. With this weapon, your attackers do not stand a chance.
  • You will know about the ‘primal move ‘that is instinctively your best fighting tactic. You are born with a weapon, and you will be taught how to use it effectively.
  • You will come to know why you should never use your fist in a fight. You will instead be taught something else that is more powerful and damaging.
  • You will learn how to break your attackers’ noses and knock a good amount of their teeth out. This you will learn to do in one simple, brutal movement.
  • You will learn special exercises to prepare your body for a hand to hand combat.
  • You will learn the skills to protect yourself. (how to fall on soft and hard surfaces during a struggle)and the appropriate movements during a fight.
  • You will get to know how to protect yourself if you are attacked in a confined space.
    • Dodges
    • Jumps
    • Side rolls
    • Roll-overs
    • Forward movements
    • Backward movements
    • Sideways movementsFight 4 Family Program
  • You will able to form practical skills to strike the attacker with your arms and legs and protection from the attacker’s arms and legs during a struggle.
  • You will be able to construct and improvise weapons to fend off the attacker.
  • You will be taught the types of arms strikes:
    • Strike trajectory
    • Hit part of the hand
    • The correctness of fist formation.
  • You will be trained on the application of various strokes and the means of protecting yourself against them.
  • You will be taught how to train specific muscles that you need to use in kicking and blocking.
  • The system will help you to learn how to protect yourself against grabs from the attacker:
  • Clothes grab in the:
    • Front
    • The collar
    • Behind
    • The hair
    • The girth of the trunk in all the different places.
  • You will learn to protect yourself against strangulation from both erect and bent positions:
    • Front strangulation
    • Side strangulation
    • Rear strangulation
  • You will be in a position
  • You will learn the defense characteristics in the supine position.
  • You will be taught how to turn a simple accessory ( cane or an umbrella) into a weapon for defense.
  • The pdf will demonstrate how to protect yourself from knife stabs:
    • Knife sticks from the top
    • The knife stabs from the bottom
    • The knife stabs hitting from the side.
  • You will also get six new closely guarded tactics that should only be used in life-threatening situations.
  • A sneak peeks into the techniques that you will learn from the pdf.
  • You will be taught what to do when you feel that you are being followed in the streets. You will learn how to avoid panic and take control of the situation. Also, you will be taught the deadly mistake that you should not commit in the case.
  • The program will show you that everyone walks around with some weapon; not necessarily o a gun or a knife, but common, everyday items that you can use to square out an attacker.
  • You will be taught that there is a primal move in every single person to survive a dangerous situation. You will be taught how to harness this primal instinct to fend off an attacker. The move will not be fancy like other martial arts, but it will do the job.
  • The program will teach you that throwing punches and using your fists in a fight will put you at the mercy of the attacker. This is a very significant piece of advice because throwing punches is the first instinct for many people when faced with Ann attacker. The program will teach you a deadly alternative to using fists.

NOTE: Your objective in the situation of an attack should always be to overpower and subdue your attacker as quickly as possible, and avoid aggravating the situation even further

  • You will be taught the soft-hand techniques. Using these techniques, you can easily break your attacker’s nose and break their teeth. The interesting fact is that this technique is easy to learn and yet it can turn the tables on you very fast.
  • You will further learn six secret techniques that are so lethal that you should only use in a situation of life and death.

Click here to start learning exactly how you can protect your family from any intruder or attacker by getting Fight 4 Family, and learn what tools and equipment you’ll need to get, and what moves you should practice!


Bonus one: underground weapons

Underground Weapon is a complete guide to turning the various objects that you have lying around your home into weapons. You will be given a complete guide on how to build five dangerous weapons that can be used to protect your family. You will learn to create:

  • Collapsible steel baton
  • Highly potent pepper spray
  • A powerful slingshot
  • A thermite bomb

The bonus is valued at $79ut it comes free with the order of Fight for Family.

Bonus two: Fighting fit

This bonus is a complete video training series of ‘At Home ‘fitness routine. You will get 22 videos and 53 minutes of high-quality training. The objective of the video is to give you strength and speed to fight off even the strongest attacker.

Bonus three: Plan B Survival

When all other interventions fail, this is the weapon you will use to end the confrontation. Plan B may mean that you run away or take a life. It is the last resort to surviving a dangerous situation. The bonus is valued at $59, but you will get it for free on the order of Fight for Family.

The bonuses alone add up to a value of $257, but you will get them all for free with the purchase of the program.Fight 4 Family Program


The product has received high reviews. These are some of the things that have been said about the program:

The program takes a realistic approach to self-defense. Street attacks are nothing close to what people think they are. They are ugly affairs and often end up on the ground.

There are no rules of knowing what the attacker will do:

  • Is he planning to walk away after he has caused you considerable damage?
  • Is he planning to finish the job and kill you?

The program is advantageous over other traditional defense programs like martial arts; Karate and Taekwondo which do not take a realistic approach on defense. For example, it would not be easy to adapt karate in actual attack situations since all the moves are calculated, unlike an attack situation that calls for the use of basic human survival instincts.

The pdf teaches defense techniques that are:

  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to implement
  • Highly efficient at dealing with any attack.

The challenge with other traditional fighting programs is that it will obviously take time for you to master them. The program is advantageous because instead of teaching kicks and punches, it simplifies the process of learning and shows the mastery of the tactics.

The program teaches you to hit the attacker where it matters most and inflict maximum damage in the process. It aims at not primarily to hurt the attacker but to stop them from hurting you. You will know how to instill maximum injury and pain on your attacker.

From the program, you will learn that no matter how big and vigorous your attacker is, they still have the same vulnerabilities in their bodies that other people have. It is on these vulnerabilities that you will have the opportunity to inflict enough pain that the attacker can no longer hurt you.

The program will work for anyone. You will be able to empower your child from bullied in school, and you will equip the rest of the family with the skills to fend off an attacker who breaks into your home in your absence.

The program is affordable, less time consuming as compared to other defense programs. For example, martial arts will easily cost you a $100per month. You, also, will have to spare time to attend some classes per work.

The program will help you to be ready for any situation; it includes over fifty minutes of training and twenty-two training videos that are primarily designed to make you stronger and faster.

REMEMBER: The criminal always expects you to behave like a victim. They hope that you will panic and give up. When you do not follow the script, and you fight them back, they will often abandon the attempt to attack you.

The program will not only show you how to defend yourself but also teach you how to locally make effective weapons using supplies that can be found at any hardware store around. These weapons will give confidence and maximize your ability to repel any attack.

The program is very comprehensive, and you will be able to master self-defense techniques that in any other situation can only be taught through hands-on training.

Plan B Survival gives you even further training. In some attack cases, basic training is simply not sufficient. For example; imagine a situation where you are dealing with:

  • Someone who is high on drugs
  • Someone that has mental issues, and, is acting in an irrational manner.

When you are armed with the kind of information that you will draw from this program, you will live a fear free life. You will not have to worry about home invasions or being attacked on the streets. You may not like the idea of causing serious bodily harm to another person, but it is sometimes inevitable and necessary

Any attack must be treated as life or death situation, and you must be willing to do whatever I take to walk away alive. The world is a dangerous place, and you should not let yourself be a victim.

Ascertain review rated the program at 100/100 based on the comparison of its sales performance and the performance of other products.

The refund had a very reasonable reimbursement rate. This means that many users had their expectations met by the product.Fight 4 Family Program

Do you need to fight for a family?

  • It is easy to feel safe because you have:
  • You live in a beautiful, safe area
  • You have a security system in your home
  • You are healthy and active, and you can take on any attacker.


  • What if the attacker learns to disable your alarm system?
  • What if the attacker targets your wife and children?
  • What if you have to run errands on another part of the town that is not exactly as nice as where you live? What then?


  • The program is easy to learn and practice
  • You will eventually feel safe after learning the strategies to protect yourself
  • It is not aimed at people who already have mastery of defense programs. Anyone can learn to defend them using the program.
  • You will be taught the techniques for handling various violent, life-threatening situations.
  • You will learn to sharpen your senses and the best ways to be more alert to your surroundings.
  • The program is affordable. Any household can afford to purchase.


  • You can only buy the book online. You, therefore, need the internet to be able to enjoy its benefits.
  • After you buy the book, you will need to devote time to practice the methods and the body language to sharpen your senses.
  • Is the program legit or could it be a scam?
  • No review pointed to the possibility of the book being a scam. It would appear that many users are satisfied with the program. It is not a scam.

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If you’re a man who would fight for your family, take down all those who threaten them, and would like to learn how then click this link to get Fight 4 Family today!

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    Fight 4 Family program are powerful yet straightforward, they offer customary individuals a brisk method to learn essential and valuable self-protection techniques which can help in numerous genuine circumstances.

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    This survival course was designed to teach people strategies of self-defense. Strategies that would prove essential in protecting their families as well as themselves from any form of attacks. From kidnappings, to home invasions, to assaults, and not forgetting muggings.

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    This survival course was designed to teach people strategies of self-defense. Strategies that would prove essential in protecting their families as well as themselves from any form of attacks. From kidnappings, to home invasions, to assaults, and not forgetting muggings.

  6. What i have found in this program are real tactics and skills that i never thought i could ever understand. However, i have found it really amazing since all the techniques provided are really easy to understand and i am happy about it. It is really easy to use and it feels really good.

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    Skills that you will never learn anywhere else. Very easy to learn but technical at the same time. At the end of it all you will find out that it is the best decision you made to buy this product.

  8. Fight 4 Family” (also known as Fight4Family) is an informative course that was designed to teach you lethal and simple fighting tactics, in addition to user-friendly blueprints that can help you build powerful weapons from home, and lots of other things that will allow you and your family to survive any potential attacks.

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    Considering the amount of information in the main guide, as well as the three bonus guides that John currently offers, we believe that the Fight 4 Family program offers great value for money when compared to similar self-defense courses online.

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