We all like to think that we could on some level be blessed with the power of being psychic. I mean, wouldn’t that be cool, to be able to know something before it happens, before you see it, before it becomes clear to others?

I would murder puppies if it could make me psychic, just kidding. I am a big fan of puppies. Well, is it real? That is what I set out to research so I could come up with a better answer than ‘I don’t know, maybe…I really don’t know?’

The Sixth Sense Of Sight Beyond Mere Mortals

Being psychic, means that you have a sixth sense which allows you to see and know things that are not so clear to the other people around you. This makes you a bit of an oddity or freak but it’s awesome to be able to do that.

This ability to see what is not clear to others is categorized under extra-sensory perception. You can see, smell, feel and hear things that we are not aware of. You may also be on a whole new level like Uri Geller who claimed to be able to influence the physical world and had telekinetic power.

I Know What You Are Thinking, I Have Psychic Power

The Branches of Magic-like Powers

  1. Fictitious Power– You know; like in the movies and the books where everything is blown out of proportion to make for an interesting read.
  2. Dowsing– this is where they use these powers to detect metals and hidden underground treasure. Sounds like a pipe dream which it is according to skeptics.
  3. Mediumship– Remember those people who can talk and see ghosts? This is where they fall. They can call upon your dead loved ones to talk to them and relay your message.
  4. Psychics– This is the most common to find and it involves the perceptions of stuff through some sixth sense that very few people have.
  5. Telepathy– Did you hear that voice in your mind, intruding your thoughts and whispering for you to do something? That was Professor Charles Xavier of the X-Men’s power. He can get in your head remotely.
  6. Telekinesis– One second am here, the next am not. Did I just move that bus with my mind? That is telekinesis, the ability to move things by harnessing the force of the universe.

There are so many powers but the most common are the ones that you see here.

Get Your Psychic Out

I Know What You Are Thinking, I Have Psychic Power Get Your Psychic out

In each and every one of us, there is that feeling of being specially gifted that we all have. Maybe your psychic side is dormant and needs you to jumpstart it so that you can see it manifest. So, I am going to give you the techniques that will turn you into a magic man/woman.

  1. Learn the kinds of psychic abilities because something familiar may jump out at you and you will find yourself remembering things that you never knew were there.
  2. Practice progressively and get to know where your strengths are. Feel the energy in the air, the objects and the person and record down your feeling about it.
  3. Meditate in order to achieve balance and focus on the energies and impressions given off by the objects that you encounter.
  4. Develop intuition and feelings because this will help you pick up on the signals and the different feelings of people around you. It makes you a radar of sorts because you are perceptive than most.
  5. Unlock your chakras which are the energy points on your body that give you the balance that keeps you networked with your psychic side. This way, you can see the auras of people and sense negative and positive energy.

I Know What You Are Thinking, I Have Psychic Power Unlock your chakras

Finally, you now know what to do young master go out to the world and find yourself and others. Help them find themselves and be one with the universe. But seriously it is quite simple to hone the psychic in you and bring that side out to aid you in daily life. Just concentrate.

Oh wait…the question about whether psychics are real…well, am not so sure they are not.

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  1. I ended up printing this and putting it on my wall at home and at work. Well written. Soooo interesting.

  2. The tips offered are really helpful for your mind with positivity. As a Reiki practitioner, I always strive to connect with and channelize positive energy for healing and well-being. The guidelines suggested here have helped me to increase my focus and concentration. I also wanted to mention that I have been connecting to a lot of positive people lately. And the credit goes to Theresa’s suggestions.

  3. This was one of the most interesting things that I read this week. I have shared this with my friends and colleagues who agree that it’s really interesting what physic power can do.

  4. Rhonda K. Devries

    This is really amazing. Oh my goodness. This is the kind of guide that i think there are very many things that you will find out about this product that will really help you. If you want to know so much about psychic power then this is it.

  5. Psychics may have strong natural interests in the paranormal. Evaluate your interests throughout the course of your life. Have you always been curious about things like ghosts, reincarnation, and premonitions? If so, this could potentially point to psychic powers.

  6. It is all about psychic power. Everything that i have ever thought about and wanted to know about psychic power is in this guide. The presentation is very clear and has enabled me to master the real secret.

  7. George W. Davis

    There is something about this guide i have realized is special and there is no other guide that can give me. It presents all the tips and methods into psychic power in an easy manner. I have learned a lot form the system.

  8. It’s a powerful feeling and you are compelled to tell them about it, even warn them if necessary. If those events come to pass, you might be psychic.

  9. Tamika Spencer

    You often feel watched, or you could swear that someone is about to enter the room, even when you know yourself to be physically alone.

  10. Daniel Davis

    You may get gut feelings about a situation that prove to be true. This does not have to be something major. It can be a small gut feeling.

  11. Intuition not only uses our mental senses to inform us, but it also uses our bodies to send us unique messages. You may have heard it said, “He makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.”

  12. Donald Littlejohn

    Ask yourself if you have ever met a person who seems to be surrounded by musical notes or someone who you associate with a landscape or a certain color. If you do, then this is a good sign that you may have a special gift.

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