The Law of Attraction and the positive thoughts you impart into the universe actually help. If you are a true believer, you also need to know that you can also attract money. Yes, it is actually possible to attract money and emotional relief by limiting your belief related to health.

According to countless positive reviews, the Money Beyond Belief has proved to be a greatly helpful product. It benefited people who believed in this concept and those who had been struggling for years.

Just imagine, 12 months from now, you will have lesser financial problems and additional money in your bank account. You will also be attracting all the opportunities of making money like its ‘magic.’ It might seem impossible to you. Still, with this product, you will experience this magic in reality.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Before buying this product, let me tell you more about how it works. This is basically a collaborative effort of Joe Vitale and Brad Yates. Brad is an EFT expert known as the “law of attraction guru,” from his role in “The Secret” movie.

Money Beyond Belief is fundamentally a voice recording series of live calls by Vitale and Yates with participants. This is not a regular conversation; it expresses, arousing, emotional, touching, and inspiring.

If you have not heard about the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT earlier, here is a preview for you.

EFT is a powerful, transformational tool that you will presently come across in the market. It is exceptionally effective and direct but extremely simple, as it engages your speech, feelings involving your body. Your entire mind and body engage in this process as you tap on particular energy points and more…Money Beyond Belief Program

Brad Yates

The whole thing gets more interesting during this conversational audio with participants’ comments, questions, and specific issues. Brad and Vitale take these live calls after they have talked during their processes.

They will tell you more about the energy points of your body that you need to harness. When an experienced practitioner facilitates, this process can help you with your fears and the limiting concepts. You get to understand the wrong assumptions about a topic and provide the energy required to let the negativities go.

Brad is also a well-known teacher, speaker, and bestselling author of the ‘law of attraction principle. He has collaborated with people from different fields, such as psychiatrists, chiropractors, NCAA athletes, and federal and corporate attorneys.

Brad Yates is ideal for this job, and with this YouTube channel, you can get access to multiple hours of useful free sessions. I like his work as he digs deep and continues probing any crucial topic very effectively without pause.

He is an expert at following the words and energy (repeated by you) in an organic way, which flows out of him. Then you repeat these positive words and energy continuously into the universe. This positivity you release is bound to come back to you multi-fold and bring back good fortune as well.

Money Beyond Belief

This program is specifically good for many reasons and not just aimed at earning money through sessions of standard tapping.

  • Both creators have plenty of working experience with clients about financial topics. So, they know about less obvious beliefs and problems buried deep and shared hesitantly by people.
  • People face problems such as a conflict between a good or selfish person, rich characters on TV being heartless millionaire jerks.
  • Various such topics are discussed, so you get some serious food for thought, and Brad works with you through all the processes.
  • The preliminary relaxation exercise and conversations assist you in warming up about finances to get deeper into the tapping levels.
  • Most of the issues discussed will be the general socially programmed beliefs or ‘shared views’ related to money otherwise ignored.

While listening to the recording, I noticed that the thing he discussed next was linked to the direction of my own thoughts at that time. Most probably, this might happen with you as well. These are just shared beliefs related to money that runs under the surface.Money Beyond Belief Program

Role of EFT

According to previous reviews about the Emotional Freedom Technique, it is immensely powerful and effective. Reportedly, it has helped the lives of numerous people in so many different ways and areas. The DVD featured EFT on the well-liked “Try it on everything.” Apparently, it is useful in areas like:

Addictions and Compulsions


Chronic Physical Pain


Emotional Trauma

Not getting adequate sleep or no sleep at all

Physical diseases

Stress disorder

Money Beyond Belief

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Brad explains EFT in short as aiming at a physical or emotional issue by modifying it as a suitable setup confirmation and prompting phase. And you have to persistently do this by tapping certain parts of your body till the issue vanishes.

So basically, this program gets you to tap energy median spots on your body. This unblocks, heal or clear energetic problems that finally materialize in your daily life.

The energy median spots of the body that you will be tapping on to are:

  • Side of hand
  • Underarm
  • Collar bone
  • Chin
  • Under Nose
  • Under Eye
  • Side of Eye
  • Eyebrow
  • Crown

A disruption in these energy spots can present itself in different ways. Some ways of representation are limiting beliefs, negative emotions, disease, physical pain, emotional turmoil, and much more.

You will be using a combination of phrases, assertions, and tapping energy spots to unblock them. Doing so repeatedly will alter your physical and emotional reality.Money Beyond Belief Program

What do you get?

EFT can heal and help you recover from your problems in many ways. And Money Beyond Belief aims at the deeply engraved common belief of people like us about money.

Brad believes that restraining or limiting beliefs are created early in our lives. The restraining way of thinking is usually passed on to us through our life experience with money, community, teachers, and parents. So, through this review, I can tell you that this program can assist you in the following fields:

  • Attract infinite opportunities for making money
  • Increase Intuition
  • Eliminate blocks and fine-tune the subconscious mind
  • Heal your deep beliefs related to money
  • Transform and elevate your relationship with money

This program deals with the serious issue, yet it creates questions of its own.

Is it NOT for me?

Yes, it might not be for everyone. Although the makers believe that everyone will be attracted to a product that will give you financial gain, there are repercussions.

Who will this product not attract? The answer is the people who do not believe in the “Law of attraction.” Also, some people believe in the law but might find it difficult to wrap their heads around the concept of tapping your body’s energy points.

And if you are one of those people who think that their beliefs cannot affect their physical reality, you can try this!

You can know for sure whether you are right or not. And there is no risk here. You get a full refund guarantee if you are unsatisfied after 8 weeks of using this program. So, you are not at any loss here.Money Beyond Belief Program

The Total Package

This is a digital MP3 product that you will be able to download after your payment goes through. What else do you get? Because this is not all, you also get bonuses:

  • 2 hours of MP3 audio called “Wealth Multipliers.”
  • Two hours of seminars done together by Joe and Brad
  • 2 PDF format books

The Wealth Multiplier or MBB number 1 disc contains an audiobook about healing restraining beliefs. It explains the birth of restraining believes and how they affect your struggle for money. It teaches that you must be more positive, target bad beliefs and clear the energy blocks.

In the second part of this Wealth Multiplier MBB, you will know about ‘the deserve reserve expander.’ This deals with the fact that you need to throw this thought out of your mind that ‘I can’t get rich. You deserve to make good money. This way, you will create a new image of yourself with unshakable confidence and a steady mindset to earn more money.

In addition to all the above, you get more bonus help, which includes:

  • Deal with beliefs of anti-abundance.
  • Nine-point quantum system of tapping.
  • The book “Wit & Wisdom on living a more meaningful & successful life.”
  • Hypnosis or meditation session as a guide towards your abundance
  • PDF “The 7 Lost Secrets of Success” by Joe Vitale

What is the Home Taping System?

The Home Taping System concept has been incorporated into the Money Beyond Belief program. As a result, you must have a thorough understanding of the concept to reap the most benefits from the product.

Loosely translates to a reference point that allows you to broaden your financial horizons to the greatest extent possible. As a result, you can generate lucrative ideas that can earn you money from anywhere, including your own home.

Final Verdict

Have you ever woken up and discovered the perfect recipe for your dream lifestyle right there, waiting for you to pick it up?

This review has taken care of that for you. It has tethered you to this program that, once activated, will take you beyond your aspirations and desires.

The product is entirely legit. Therefore, it is, in my opinion, the holistic assurance of a clean, rich life. There is no barbarism involved in how you get wealth and abundance.

This review, I believe, has ushered you into the ‘Do it yourself’ era. Grab this guide and start enriching your life while you still have vigor in your veins.

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  1. it’s ok

  2. it’s nice

  3. If you are open to new concepts, alternative medicine and quantum physics and you’re willing to try a new form of acupuncture then I think this could provide you with what you have been searching to find and I would say it’s worth checking out!

  4. Jeanette D. Reeves

    The working of this system is just magical. It is so much different from all other. I do not really understand how the author was able to create something so good but it has been my turning point. I have done so much because of this guide. It has helped me change the way i think and the way i look at situations by changing control to emotions.

  5. It is special in a way. The kind of tips provided in this system are so much different in their own way. From what i have seen, you cannot miss out when using this guide. You cannot fail to achieve a lot of freedom in money matters if you are using this system.

  6. I am really impressed by everything about this guide. I really love the way the system works. What makes me love the guide is the fact that it functions in a very simple way. The author has put together things that really make you feel that you have all the power you need to achieve a lot in life. The system has change my life and given financial freedom. I really like it.

  7. Samantha Ortiz

    The products is catchy and get this, it isn’t even worth a penny. Fascinating, don’t you think? The program entails 9 ancient taps that lead to astounding wealth and abundance.
    Best thing about this resource is that just one tap can revitalise your relationship to money, forever.
    This review helps you incorporate the ‘wealth mindset’ in that even after you’re through reading it, this said mindset keeps growing more and more.

  8. This Money beyond Formula seems a perfect breakthrough to driving that custom Rolls Royce. It’s entirely promising therefore any reference you pay to it will be rewarded, tenfold.

  9. This product is certain to help you achieve wealth abundance, yes it works. Julie M, one of the beneficiaries of this program wrote her satisfaction with this product.

  10. Michael Logan

    You have to listen to all of the conversation with Joe and Brad every time, as well as the callers, or skip around using fast-forward if you just want to get to the rounds.

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