NanoTowels have hit the headlines of most revolutionary product reviews.

There is no doubt that this is a novel technology. More so, in a unique sector where chemical cleaning agents have had an unrivaled natural competitor for decades.

Furthermore, NanoTowels have been hailed by both preppers and survivalists as the best sanitary gift technology ever gifted them.

NanoTowels cleans only with water

What is really NanoTowels?

NanoTowels are towels made from nanolon fiber to achieve a 100% natural cleaning solution.

Characteristic properties of nanolon fiber

Nanolon fiber has the following key properties;

  • 75% polyester
  • 25% polyamide
  • Extra thin – almost 100 times thinner than a human hair

NanoTowels pack

Why are NanoTowels billed as the best prepper or survivalist sanitary tool?

When disaster strikes, the first invader to its victims is diseases due to poor hygiene. Typhoid, cholera, diarrhea, and dysentery are some of the leading diseases.

To a prepper or survivalist, nothing can put all your survival plans into disarray as these diseases. Hence, to have NanoTowels is to equip yourself against these diseases. These technology towels ensure that you remain clean and hygienic at all times.

Important features of this towel

  • High density – almost 100,000 nanolon fibers per square inch.
  • Hundreds of times finer than a human hair – super-thin size ensures that, cumulatively, there is a large surface area available to interact with content.
  • Super-absorbent – as a result of large surface area, this towel is able to absorb much more liquid than other kinds of towels on the market today.
  • Quick drying – in addition to being super-absorbent, the large surface allows maximum aeration which results into quick drying.
  • Reusable – you can reuse this towel for up to 400 times.
  • Non-abrasive – wiping with this towel is safe as it does not damage your beautiful surface since it is non-abrasive.

Wide applications

Dirt and spills happen on many different types of surface. With this natural fiber technology, you can be able to wipe and clean;

  • Floors – you can wipe all types of floor.
  • Countertops – you can easily wipe and clean countertops in houses, clinics, labs, and other places.
  • Glass – you can clean and wipe all types of glass materials.
  • Stainless steel – you can easily clean and wipe stainless steel surfaces in the kitchen, office, car, or elsewhere.
  • Bathrooms – you can easily wipe off and dry wet surfaces in the bathroom, especially the bathtub, mirror, sinks and more.
  • Spills – you can easily wipe and absorb spills.  Also, you can use the opposite side to dry the cleaned part.
  • Interiors of your car, boat or recreational vehicle – you can easily wipe your dashboard, steering wheel, handles, upholstery and windows and other interior parts of your car without much ado.

You can use the NanoTowels in the kitchen

Multifunctional properties of this revolutionary towel

There is no doubt that this towel is the most revolutionary of all towels. The number of other it substitutes proves its versatility. It is a perfect substitute for;

  • Face towel – yes, you can use it to wipe your face. Its super-absorbent and non-abrasive properties mean that you can get rid of excessive oil from your skin in the most comforting and soothing way.
  • Dish towel – dishes are both oily and watery. This towel serves this dual-purpose quite well. Furthermore, it doesn’t just wipe but also cleans at the same time.
  • Bath towel – when in the bathroom, you don’t have to worry as to what you need to use in wiping yourself. This towel does it well. More so, its super absorbent properties make sure that you leave the bathroom without feeling uncomfortably damp.
  • Clean wipes – this towel, though non-abrasive, does clean just as much if not better than the abrasive alternatives. Furthermore, it doesn’t wear off the surface being cleaned.

You can use NanoTowels in the bathroom

What is in a pack?

When you buy Nano towel pack, you get the following as part of a great deal;

  • A set of 4 nanolon fiber towels – you can meet your kitchen, bathroom, car needs from one pack.
  • Each towel measures 14 x 14 inches – the towels are wide enough for a larger surface area yet not bulky to handle.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed – you get full satisfaction for all the 300 – 400 usages or between 2 to 3 years.
  • 100% money-back guarantee – should you not be satisfied, for whatsoever reason, you get refunded 100% with no questions asked. Well, it is still good to leave feedback.

Why use nanolon fiber?

Concerns for have become loud. Furthermore, these toxic pollutants have been associated with cancer, diabetes, and depression among other unhealthy medical conditions. Worse of it, there is a rising cost of dealing with the negative effects of toxic pollution.

Wipe car interiors

Nanofiber has fully addressed these concerns by being;

  • Environmental friendly – unlike using paper towels. Also, you save on trees. Again, you improve the atmosphere by not releasing toxic fumes into it.
  • Long-lasting – a paper towel lasts for as long as your first use. However, this towel can be used up to 400 times and for as long as 3 years.
  • Economical – durability, effectiveness and environmental safety make it the most economical choice.
  • Safer to use – Toxic chemicals found in cleaning agents makes it imperative for you to keep them out of reach of children. However, with this towel, you, your children and pets are safe from toxic poisoning. You don’t have to worry at all.
  • Multiple applications – we have seen how versatile this towel is. You can use it on virtually all surfaces around you plus the largest surface on your body – your skin! 

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Environmental cost compared to a paper towel

Paper towels have dominated our households. Yet, they are the third largest contributors to the loss of our forests. Every roll you use wipes off a portion of the ozone layer. The consequence of it is that nature eventually punishes you by sending you unmitigated ultraviolet rays. The end result is skin cancer and premature aging.

You surely don’t have to incur this huge cost.

It is estimated that per every ton of each paper towel;

  • 15 trees have to be cut
  • 20,000 gallons of water have to be polluted by industrial refuse
  • Water loss is enough to feed and quench the thirst for 40, 0000 people. Almost a whole small-town community.

You definitely won’t admire a barren landscape. Furthermore, you wouldn’t wish to live in a desert with such scorching sun and exposure to sunburns. You are better off not inviting this tragedy to yourself by wiping off the ozone layer using your paper towel.

Save the tree

What can this towel wipe out

This towel can capture and wipe out almost all kinds of unwanted elements on your surface, including;

  • Liquid spills – accidental spills on kitchen counters, dining tables, among other places
  • Dust – on all dry surfaces
  • Dirt – on utensils, countertops, car interiors, etc

Super-absorbent qualities that do almost all the miracles

This fabric absorbs like an ogre. For its standard size, it is able to absorb and capture up to 10 ounces of water without a drop. This allows you to ferry this liquid into the sink and conveniently squeeze it out.

The great benefits of Nano cleaning fiber

1. No toxic chemicals:

You are free from toxic chemicals.

  • Hands are spared – chemicals in cleaning agents are corrosive. They wear out your skin.
  • Foodstuff is spared – fumes from cleaning agents are particles. These particles float in the air. Eventually, if you haven’t covered your food, they may land into your food. This accumulates into your body as toxic substances. Some of these toxins are from heavy metals such as lead and mercury. Heavy metals are hard to eliminate from the body system. They accumulate over years and when reaches critical mass can harm your vital organs including liver and kidneys.
  • Health is spared – toxins in the cleaning agents increase oxidative stress. Consequently, you eventually start suffering from memory loss, premature aging, and malignant cells, among others. This can trigger diabetes, dementia, and cancer among other critical medical conditions.
  • Children and pets are spared from the powerful scents in chemical cleaners. While you may withstand scents from chemical agents, your baby and pets are more sensitive to these scents. They may get injured without your knowledge.

2. Safer to use:

No toxins simply mean that your skin and nostrils are not at risk of absorbing poison which can harm your system. Consequently, this can cause oxidative stress thus resulting in many complications such as depression, diabetes, organ failure, and premature aging.

  • Toxic ingestion is avoided
  • Allergic reactions are non-existent
  • Respiratory contamination is completely kept off

3. Extremely convenient:

Just take up your towel, fold it and wipe. No need for pouring and mixing some toxic chemical agent.

  • Just water – you need nothing else to use these towels except water.
  • Wipe to dry – the super-absorbent and trapping properties of the fiber ensures that both wet and dry particles are wiped off.

4. More effective:

Super-absorption, clean non-abrasive wipe, and wide application make this towel the most effective tool to have with you against accidental spills, dirt, and dust.

These towels last for as long as 2-3 years or up to 300 to 400 usage frequency. Buy once and forget for a very long time to come. 

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  1. Wow, have never heard of such a thing before, but now I literally can’t live without it! So effective and safe!

  2. The NanoTowels are amazing. I got some for my home, and I am happy that I can keep everything clean and organized in a few simple steps. Because I am a minimalist, this tool was handy to replace a lot of cleaning items I used to use, and that were dangerous for my health and were cluttering my space.

  3. The product is made up of nanolon material which has the best cleaning properties as compared to other materials. The towels have two sides of cleaning; one for cleaning while the other is for drying the spot you have cleaned.This means that you do not have to use more than one towel for cleaning.This product is eco-friendly and safe to your skin. The properties and working of this product cannot be found be found in reviews of other cleaning tools.

  4. Kelly Riggins

    As I previously stated, the towels are made of nanolon materials. The nanolon fibers have a high attraction for dust, dirt and liquids. This means that the towels are able to absorb most of the stains may appear.The towels are usually sticky so as to ensure that the stains are absorbed instead of spreading them on the surfaces that you clean.

  5. Once Nano Towels have become soiled, you simply wash and re-use them. The makers point out that it is not a standard microfiber cloth, but a “next generation fiber” that will deliver superior results.

  6. James Nichols

    Once Nano Towels have become soiled, you simply wash and re-use them. The makers point out that it is not a standard microfiber cloth, but a “next generation fiber” that will deliver superior results.

  7. Tried them on my pedestal sink that had soap scum and toothpaste build up and I had to scrub a few times but the sink came out clean! I was amazed at how it cleaned the soap scum off my shower door.

  8. Janice Barnette

    The large, absorbent cloths soak up a lot of liquid, so they’re good for spills and families with young children, who have lots of small messes throughout the day that don’t need to be sanitized. Large size makes for quick cleaning.

  9. Michael Porter

    It is a good choice for busy people. Because it is easy to clean and saves a lot of money when you buy paper towels. After one use, the paper towels disappear. It makes cleaning everything easy.

  10. I wouldn’t say that NanoTowels can be used with only water for all cleanup jobs, like soap scum or grease, but it is excellent for wiping up liquids, cleaning glass, and picking up dust.

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