Numerology is the study of numbers and establishing a link between what is happening to a particular number. For example, a number 1 can be set to be lucky, and a number 2 may be established to be unlucky.

Such precise meanings can only be attached to a number after a detailed review of a certain number of events or a comprehensive application of mathematics in their computation.

Countless ancient civilizations recognized the power of numbers. They used it to analyze and comprehend the cosmos and its behavior. As a result, numerology has evolved over thousands of years to become what it is now.

However, most people are unaware of it now. It’s important to remember that numerology readings aren’t as simple as they look. To acquire a proper reading, you’ll need to seek out a professional numerologist. has a piece of software that is capable of performing very sophisticated calculations and deducing certain information depending on the information fed to it.

What is all about?

In Layman’s Terms, offers free online numerology reports. This report contains what are known as correct insights into one’s life, such as life path numbers, soul drive numbers, and other vital and significant numbers. According to’s creators, their services enable consumers to acquire “correct numerological readings and life counseling.” can help a wide range of people like:

  • Anyone who wants to realize their maximum potential needs some guidance along the road.
  • If you believe in fate and want to learn more about yours.
  • Those who enjoy planning and setting objectives want to take their game to the next level.
  • People who are trapped want to figure out what’s going on in their lives.
  • People who are curious about new systems and concepts.
  • People who love discussing this topic in a lively community.

How does work? assembles a group of numerologists, authors, software developers, and educators dedicated to building a reliable platform that provides authentic numerology knowledge, know-how, and applications.

This shared commitment has only one goal: to help you make the most of situations in various aspects of your life, like your professional life and personal life. It also touches relationships, life strengths and weaknesses, and realizing your potential by tapping into talents and skills you may have been completely unaware of previously. strives to provide in-depth information and analysis on issues that matter to you. They gather all of the information professionals need to help you navigate your life path, discern the good from the bad, and utilize that knowledge to your benefit.

Contrary to obvious opinions, isn’t only about numerology; the website features nine sections to guarantee the best customers experience.

The website has the backing of experts in the industry, allowing visitors to check the site’s claims and ensure utmost openness independently.

This information is mostly based on your birth date and your full name

They claim this is the only software in the world that has such an excellent capability. Everything in this world is energy and can be linked to a particular force. tries and performs an in-depth analysis of your birth date and your full names to know how your life is placed to be through some of the below outlined algorithmic reports.

Premium numerology report


Numerologist Daily Numeroscope

  • Romantic compatibility analysis.
  • Customized personality profile.
  • Life and success snapshots.
  • Complete one-year forecast.
  • The phone phenomenon report.
  • The lo shu personality exposed.
  • The rabbit’s foot, cricket, horseshoe, four-leaf clover, pot of gold, good luck multiplier system.
  • is actually one of the websites which will offer you the most insightful report of your life.

There is no more wandering around in the path of trial and error while all the obstacles have been removed from your right path. Your only obligation is to get your free report from and start the path of self-realization.

The analysis of the correlation and the vibrational relationship between your name and the birth date is what aims to look at. Using this information offers you a customized report on your personality, character, and your full life report.

The report is comprehensive with more than 100 pages of reviews derived from more than 900 individual calculations. It is the only one you can get both online and offline. It’s so comprehensive and accurate to the point that people have been witnessed to cry over themselves on realizing what life holds for them.

It also exposes the phase of life you are in and the main challenges which you will have to get over to become victorious.

How is the chart constructed?

Numerologist Based On Eleven Numbers

The numerological chart is based on eleven numbers 1 to 9 and the additional master numbers 11 and 22. These are reduced to single digits of 2 and 4. Since they are both master numbers and single numbers, they portray extraordinary occurrences. The main concept is to reduce all the numbers you have no matter how long they are to a single unit.

For example, a birth date of 12th may 1974 can be reduced to 12+05+1974=1974+17=1991. Adding together these numbers you get; 1+9+9+1=10+10=20=2+0=2. Thus such a birth date can be reduced to a single unit number 2.

This is not always the case

Not every aspect of your life is calculated by adding the sums of the dates, months, and years. The more than 900 traits calculations are based on a variety of playing with the numbers. They can be taken individually or added to every single number. There is a very wide range of mixing the numbers to become or get any report. These operations are however automated to improve efficiency

The free report

A minor analysis of the top 5 value determinant is actually done free online on his site. These top core elements are;

Life path– The number 2 we have computed above is called the life path number, and that is the only way to calculate it. These numbers have both positive and negative traits. Their full expressions will be shown on your report once you buy the lifetime report. After you establish your number read what it says about your life path from the chart.

Example with number 2

The first 2 positive attributes: -inventive in ideas and strong in leadership

The first 2 negative attributes: -dominating and egotistic.

Birthday number

Just as it spells out, it’s the day of the month you were born. For example in our case it is 12th and from the chart, the first two attributes of that day are the energy of 3. These numbers and their meanings run from 1 to 30 to represent the number of days in a month.

Personality number or the inner dreams number

When constructing a table to use to compute the numbers, use numbers 1 to 9 and write the alphabetical numbers in a sequential manner until all are used. After doing so, you will realize A, J, and S Fall on letter 1 and so on.

Soul urge or heart’s desire number

These are the numbers that show what gives you peace of mind while you are executing your daily activities. These are computed in a different way from others since it only takes into consideration the vowels in your name. i.e. A=1,U=3, E&W =5 , O=6, Y=7, I=9. After calculation read the number meanings from the review chart.

Life Path Number

The life path number is like a compass, it guides you along with the map of your life, informing you of your life’s direction and the path to achieving your life’s purpose.

Expression number or the destiny numberNumerologist Deluxe Numerology Report

This is the number that shows what you must achieve or at least what you were meant to achieve from the time your mother or parents gave you that name. It reflects all areas of your personality, from hidden skills to what is required of you right now to be entire, and how to maximize your performance to its maximum potential in whatever you do.

The numbers show your destiny or potentials. It is computed by adding all the single-digit numbers in each of your names and reducing the sum to a further single number. The numbers are numbered from 1 to 9 and letters A to Z are allotted in a sequential manner.

These and an additional few hundred more calculations and statistical data will be taken from your name and birth date number to give you a clear picture of what life holds for you.  These tables and data have been in use since ancient times, and they were inventions of the mathematician Pythagorean.

How do I get my free report?

Go to the website and fill in your birthday, name and click on get my report now. The report is presented online to you in a video format but not in detail.

Later in the process, you will need to enter all your three names so that the system can calculate your destiny number.

At the third step, you will be required to provide an email address to continue. After your soul urge numbers are completed, you will be given the chance to buy your report

Mike Madigan is a genuine man who does not want to brand himself as a scam and thus offers a refund policy on terms that you have never heard before.

If within the next 365 days from the time of purchase you feel the report was in no way helpful or you feel any of your rights or freedom was violated, you will be entitled to a full refund with an option of keeping the bonus accompanying the sale.

Attached bonuses

There are a number of bonuses you will get when you order your report for $37 only. The program and the bonuses have been significantly reduced in pricing so that it can be affordable to every single person who may be interested to know. You will only have yourself to blame in case you reach a point of saying ‘I wish I knew’ in your life.

The phone number phenomenon report

Decode the meaning of your phone number and know exactly how it is impacting your life.

The Lo Shu personality is exposed

This is a Chinese method of getting personal traits by entering each number in your dates of birth on a grid and then reading their meaning from the Lo Shu chart. The numbers can appear on the grid once, twice, and thrice or four times and each has a different symbolic meaning. It may look complicated, but the report will show you all this.

The good luck multiplier system

Numerologist Which Numbers In Your Life Are A Sign Of Luck

Get to know which numbers in your life are a sign of luck and capitalize on those in any situations you are working on. These and more premium bonuses outlined below will be sent to you when you buy your reports.

Mastering your matrix

Learn how to align yourself with your life in order to easily increase your income and have better health. Learn how to turn your desires into a reality with ease with a matrix approach.

One-minute relationship cycle

Your life goes in cycles of 9 years and knowing at which point of the cycle you are in makes it easier to relate to other people.

60 seconds palm reading guide

Your palm has patterns, and just like the numbers, patterns also have a hidden meaning. You will discover whether you have an air hand, earth hand, fire hand, or water hand and how your heart line says about your emotions.

You will get to know how the size of your fingers determines how smart you are and the secret of the thumb.

Finding your lucky stars and the magic 84

You will learn how emotional cycles affect your life, how to get out of any financial problem in case you are faced with a hard situation. Know how to cope with a busy schedule without losing on anything.

The dream interpreter

You will get to know which dreams to take seriously and which ones to ignore. Also, know how to derive the meaning of a dream.

The psychic secrets

You will discover the most guarded human secrets and how to tap into your subconscious mind to achieve anything you want in life.

Premium members’ only numerological software

You will get the lucky number analysis and the mini reading magicians.

You will also get to know what your aura says about you and also master the tarot in 3 simple steps.

About the author

Mike Madigan is the author of, and he has vast knowledge and experience in numerology. He works with a team of able members from all corners of the world to offer the best of what you can expect in respect to dissecting your life and trying to get meaning from each element.

Many people have followed his teaching and realized their meaning in life. There are a lot of reviews and comments on his website all offering a backup to what he claims to do through numerology. He is an expert mathematician and a computer scientist with more than a decade of experience in numerology.

How do I get the final report?

The pdf report will be sent to your email as a pdf download, and in the case of any uncertainty, you can always contact support through the contacts given on their site. The report can be your life report or a year prediction of what lies ahead of you in the coming year.

The report was delivered almost instantly after the purchase of the service.

The main advantages of getting your numerology life report

Numerologist The Main Advantages Of Getting Your Numerology Life Report

  • You will get the real blueprint of your life.
  • You will get a guiding manual when faced with a tough choice of making critical decisions.
  • It is backed by a 60-day click bank money-back guarantee policy and a one-year dispute time frame.
  • You will get an answer to the big questions in your life relating to business life, relationship, education, and literally everything you need to know about yourself.
  • You will gain a palm reading knowledge capability, which will help you in deciding the steps to take so that you are in line with the vibrational powers relating to your beliefs.
  • You can use the knowledge gained to look for the right spouse for you.
  • You will identify your weaknesses and strength and know-how well to deal with them.

For who is the report made?

  • Any person who is considered an adult and willing to discover more about his/her life
  • It is for those who have not ever realized their purpose in life.
  • Those entangled in relationship issues and don’t seem to strike it through.
  • It’s for anyone who wishes to walk the path of life with a guide to make life more bearable.
  • It’s for those who want an illuminating object in their life.

How comprehensive is the report?

The value you will get for the money is more than you can imagine. Every element of your life will be analyzed and offer you a customized report to move forward. Some of the critical information you will get May touch on;

Hidden Passion

This is the number that appears most of the time in our names. It reveals the inner potency of the soul.

The rational thought number

This is calculated from the first name and the day you were born combined and reduced into a single number.

Balance number

This is the number that reveals how you mourn a situation of how you deal with difficulties. Do you try to make yourself strong, or do you actually allow your feelings to take control of you? Do you mourn over the above the expected durations?

Pinnacles phaseNumerologist Offering Hope And Best Life Stimulants


This is an energizing phase in our lives offering hope and the best life stimulants. Through all our life phases we experience a different level of activities which can majorly be categorized into four elements

  • The spring of life.
  • The family raising phase.
  • Middle age.
  • Old age.

Calculating the pinnacles

Reduce the numbers in your birth dates into single digits depending on months, days, and years. Then add each number independently to get the four pinnacles phases as follows,

  • Phase 1=add month and day numbers together.
  • Phase 2=add day of birth and year single-digit number together.
  • Phase 3=add the phase1 and phase 2 pinnacle numbers.
  • Phase 4=add the month and the year single-digit numbers together.

Biggest obstacles in life or challenge numbers

These are the life hurdles you will have to learn in order to reach your final destination. There are three main problematic phases in our lives. They are calculated from the dates of birth in the following manner

Reduce each section to a single number that is a day, month, and year

First sub-challenge = get the difference between the month and the day of birth and read the challenge number from the chart. This occurs in the first half cycle of your life.

Second sub-challenge = get the difference between the day of birth and the year. The challenge occurs in the second half of life.

Final challenge = get the difference between the first and the second challenge. This is the challenge that occurs over your entire life and always obstructs you from reaching your goals.

Are Mike Madigan and his a scam?

The services offered have more positive responses online than what a scam can get. It has also been endorsed by influential persons in the likes of David Beckham and Jim Carrey. There is also the usual click bank money-back guarantee policy in place and a working customer service functional line in case you want to talk to Mike Madigan or any of his support.

Tired Of Not Being Able To See What The Numbers And Symbols In Your Life Represent? Click Here To Go To Numerologist Today, And You’ll Learn Exactly What Each Of Them Mean About Your Life!

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  1. Numbers do mean important in all of our lifes . Everything in this world is energy and can be linked to a particular force.The neurological chart is based on eleven numbers 1 to 9 and the additional master numbers 11 and 22. These are reduced to single digits of 2 and 4.these kind of all information’s are given above.thanks for helping us out.

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