What is an anxiety disorder? The wonderful world of Wikipedia defines it as follows. A group of mental disorders characterized by significant feelings of anxiety and fear.

In the United States, 18.1 percent of adults suffer from an anxiety disorder. That statistic is from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). However, there is a fear that this number is actually much higher. The low score is attributed to misdiagnosis and fear.

Panic Miracle REVIEW

How are anxiety disorders treated? The majority take prescription medications daily. The majority accounts for 65 percent. Another large group takes mood-altering drugs on a regular basis. They make up 43 percent. Sadly many treat their symptoms with alcohol.

A question then comes to mind. Can anxiety disorders be treated holistically?

The product under review today says yes they can. Furthermore, they have a permanent cure. Let’s check it out.

Panic Miracle

Panic Miracle The Book

The Panic Miracle system is a 3-step holistic approach to dealing with anxiety disorders. Those disorders include all types of panic attacks, phobias, and anxiety. The program is available as a digital product. An ebook. The ebook is two hundred and fifty pages in length.

Chris Bayliss put the program together.

Who is Chris Bayliss

Chris is a certified nutritionist specialist. He is also a health consultant and medical researcher. This ebook is extremely personal to him. He suffered from chronic anxiety for fourteen years. In addition, he also has had multiple panic attacks.

Chris has used medication to treat his chronic anxiety and panic attacks. The promised effects were always temporary. In addition, the unpleasant side effects of the drugs were always on the horizon. Always ready to disrupt his life in one form or another.

Consequently, the quality of his life greatly diminished. As a result of his chronic anxiety and panic attacks, he could barely leave the house. Unwilling to continue down the same old path he made a choice. He used his medical background to find a holistic remedy.

Ultimately, this ebook is the culmination of his commitment and multiple successful holistic treatments and strategies. Those treatments and strategies brought him permanent relief to him. It has also brought the same relief to thousands of others.

Drug Side Effects

Panic Miracle Drug Side Effects

Can you treat panic attacks, phobias, and anxiety with drugs? Yes, you can. However, you will think twice once you see this list of side effects.

  • Lack of energy
  • Slow reflexes
  • Slurred speech
  • Confusion and disorientation
  • Depression
  • Dizziness and general lightheadedness
  • Impaired thinking and judgment
  • Persistent memory loss or forgetfulness
  • Nausea, stomach upset
  • Blurred or double vision
  • Mania
  • Hostility and rage
  • Aggressive or impulsive behavior
  • Hallucinations

Program Details

Panic Miracle Program Details

This is a comprehensive program. There are multiple tips and techniques to learn. Let us look at some of them in detail.

1. How to customize the strategies for your specific panic attacks.

Three things can impact an anxiety disorder. The first is your lifestyle. The second is your environment. The third is your physical makeup. In short, no two people experience the same disorder in the same manner. This makes customization key for any successful treatment.

2. How to analyze panic attacks

Correct analysis of a panic attack allows you to treat it effectively. With this in mind, the program outlines seven key steps for analysis. You will learn what they are. In addition, you will understand why they are crucial to the process.

4. The link between diet and anxiety disorders

What you eat contributes to who you are and what you experience. As mentioned above, your experiences contribute to your anxiety. In order to eliminate anxiety disorders permanently, nutrition must be part of the treatment. With this in mind, seven nutritional rules are in the book.

5. Breathing strategies

Anxiety accelerates your breathing rate. Two effective breathing techniques have been identified. In the event that you have an anxiety attack, you can use either strategy to slow your breathing.

6. Memory Re-Scripting

Some panic attacks are the result of stored memories. This program utilizes a method called memory re-scripting to nullify the panic-inducing effects of the memories.

Panic Miracle Memory Re-Scripting

7. Fear Hierarchy Table

Fear is made up of multiple elements. This program teaches you how to face your fears by using the fear hierarchy table. To eliminate fear permanently you must treat its root cause. This table shows you how to break down your fear and reveal the root cause.

8. The link between your mental state and your anxiety levels

An anticipation is a powerful tool. When you anticipate success and you achieve it, a great feeling takes hold. Unfortunately, your brain has a negative default. It anticipates more bad than good. You will learn how to change this and free yourself of the adverse effects of negative anticipation.

In addition, you will also learn about the acceptance paradox tool. This tool shows you how to combat negative thinking. As noted above this thinking already exists in your brain. During a panic attack, it increases. The acceptance paradox teaches you how to accept what is happening in order to confront it.

9. Maintaining a Panic Diary

Recording how your panic attack starts is key. In addition to that, monitoring how it develops is also crucial. The program will show you what you should pay attention to and record in your diary. Your panic diary helps customize your treatment strategies. Definitely, this is key to the success of the program.

10. The link between stress and anxiety

Increased stress encourages panic attack and anxiety. Stress is not all bad. You will learn how to reduce and eliminate bad stress

11. Supplements

This program will also show you a number of great anti-anxiety supplements that complement a holistic approach to treating anxiety and panic attacks. These supplements were not plucked of a random best selling list. Their medical benefits have been tested for over fourteen years.

12. How to handle a panic attack

It will take some time to permanently eliminate your panic attacks, phobias or anxiety. This program shows you how to handle a panic attack when it occurs. The process involves five basic steps. These steps provide the optimal response to a panic attack. Not only do you learn to regain control but also to reduce the duration of an attack.

What the Panic Miracle System Treats

Panic Miracle What the Panic Miracle System Treats

This holistic approach can permanently treat generalized anxiety disorder. In addition, it is successful on the following:

  • Cued Panic Attacks
  • Situational Predisposed Panic Attacks
  • Spontaneous Panic Attacks
  • Agoraphobia
  • Specific Phobias e.g. Vehophobia – fear of driving
  • Social Anxiety e.g. Glossophobia – fear of public speaking

Program Benefits

The program has many benefits. Some of them include:

  • Improved social relationships
  • Balanced and peaceful living
  • Freedom to try things that interest you
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Increased self-esteem
  • No more panic attacks or anxiety symptoms
  • Improved levels of personal health

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Bonus Items

When you buy the Panic Miracle program, it comes with the following three bonus items.

1. The Panic Miracle™ Relaxation Recordings

Reviews show that music can reduce anxiety. This first bonus item is made up of seven one-hour audio recordings of relaxing music.

2. The Ultimate Stress Relief Guide™

How you manage stress is key to reducing your anxiety. This second bonus is a step by step guide to effective stress relief. Chris Bayliss wrote this book.

3. Lifetime Updates

The Panic Miracle program is being constantly refined to ensure it contains up to date information. This third bonus item will grant you lifetime access to any updates made to the program.

You do not need to keep tabs on the updates. Any time one is available, it will be sent to you automatically.

4. Private Counseling Sessions

This fourth bonus item grants you three-month access to private counseling sessions with Chris Bayliss. You will be able to ask him any questions that come up as you review and implement the instructions in the Panic Miracle guide.

Counseling is done via e-mail. In addition, there is a twenty-four-hour response window.


Panic Miracle Private Counseling Sessions

We recommend this program for the following reasons.

  • The program’s creator’s technical background. This lends an academic perspective.
  • His personal experience. This allows him to address real challenges anxiety sufferers face.
  • The program reports 97.8% of Panic Miracle user satisfaction rate.
  • It is simple and easy to follow.
  • The bonus items have been carefully selected to complement the main program.
  • Finally, the holistic approach to treating anxiety eliminates the negative side effects associated with non-holistic approaches

On the surface, prescription medications are the easier route. However, when you start taking them, you cannot stop. They become part of your life. Furthermore, as they treat the anxiety disorder the side effects of the drugs create other conditions that you have to treat.

Anxiety disorders prevent you from living a full life. They dictate what you can and cannot do. They also control when you can do certain activities. Panic attacks, phobias, and anxiety are not diseases. Nor are they mandated lifetime afflictions. Treatment is available.

You chose to read this because you are a sufferer. You deserve a solution. Not just any solution, a permanent one. In addition, the solution should come with only generous positive side effects. A holistic approach is the only way to ensure that. Click on the link below to take back control of your life. Regain full control of your life. That control is only a short click away.

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  1. I was positive that it is impossible to treat anxiety without the help of medical pills or something. And I’m so happy that I was wrong.

  2. Anxiety can, in its own way, be good for you. The problem is when you get anxious about everything for no apparent reason (like me). So I needed to confront it and decided to look for the potential solution. Found a lot of programs, self-help “cures”, and opted for this one. It really did help me, and it provided help in an unusual way. All in all, I would recommend it.

  3. John Burton

    This is a comprehensive, user-friendly, and very easy to understand. Complete program that provides all the information a dieter will need to lose weight and burn fat. Even newbies that have never lifted a weight in their life receive adequate instruction on how to begin.

  4. I accidentally stumbled across your program. You have saved my self esteem and independence after years of crippling anxiety attacks!

  5. I often used to get panic attacks. Anxiety grabbed me badly. This program is helping me to get rid of such panic.

  6. Mary Gallardo

    The Panic miracle program has been a great aid to many. Uncrippled are the many from anxiety and panic attacks. Amazingly, this program is of relative use to any age group.
    In this review, you will find out how the life after of the newly salvaged was like.
    Heightened self confidence
    General improvement health wise
    Little or none fear of public speaking
    No fear of leaving the house

  7. The Panic miracle program has been a great aid to many. Uncrippled are the many from anxiety and panic attacks. Amazingly, this program is of relative use to any age group.
    In this review, you will find out how the life after of the newly salvaged was like.
    Heightened self confidence
    General improvement health wise
    Little or none fear of public speaking
    No fear of leaving the house

  8. No more anxiety for sure. The panic miracle is designed to get rid of panic in the most easy and effective manner and i have seen that happen. I would like to recommend it.

  9. Bruce Cooper

    This system contains all the methods, techniques and tips that you can employ to completely eradicate the following aspects of panic attacks and general anxiety. It contains all the techniques, methods and tips that can significantly improve the quality of life.

  10. It gives you everything you need to know, including how to structure your exercise regimen, diet, calming exercises, and those three steps we discussed earlier. You are getting everything you need to know in one package, thus doing all the hard work for you.

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  12. Jeremy Hammel

    Panic Miracle is aimed at training the way you think about anxiety and fear. The guide is definitely an excellent resource for anyone who is dealing with general anxiety, phobias and panic attacks. Thank you

  13. A simple holistic gateway had paved way for his absolute cure. He then started testing out the Panic miracle on other anxiety sufferers.

  14. Jeffrey Guillen

    Instead of paying so much to get counseled, not that I’m rebuking the art, but why not grab this guide and let the Chris Bayliss cure take its toll on you.

  15. Frank Casillas

    This great milestone has remained unknown, only known to a few people. This review intends to bring this awesome discovery in the light.

  16. Rebecca Knudson

    The program targets the root cause of the anxiety or panic through changing your outlook in life and modifying your lifestyle. It does not require nor encourage the use of commonly prescribed anti-anxiety drugs such as Xanax or Valium.

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