“The fascination of shooting as a sport depends almost wholly on whether you are at the right or wrong end of the gun”

– P. G. Wodehouse

Are you ready for any situation? Do you have adequate faith in your instincts and talents to rescue you in the case of an armed gunman or any other circumstance involving being fired at? Certainly not! Even the most experienced troops would tell you that every time they participate in one of these engagements, those who learn something new.

The United States Congressional Research Service, reports that there are approximately 310 million civilian firearms in 30% of the households in America. The majority are for self-defense; to protect life rather than to take one.

However, as firearm ownership continues to rise, the level of firearm handling skills is not rising to match. Regardless of how many firearms you have or which type you prefer to use at any given moment, one fact remains forever true.

It is the skill and not the firearm you possess that ensures that when you need to use a firearm, you use it accurately and without unintended consequences.

Up for review is a book whose primary objective is to equip its readers with real-life tips and techniques that will improve their shooting accuracy.

Let me introduce you to its author so you may understand how invaluable the information in this book is.Spec Ops Shooting Rookie

Brian Morris

This training guide was put together by Brian Morris. Brian is a seasoned weapon and sniper operations expert. He has accumulated over twenty-five years of military and combat experience under his belt. To top it off, he is a Green Beret.

In the course of his service, his commitment and quality of execution have seen him earn several commendations. Those commendations include The Bronze Star, The Army Commendation Medal, and the Joint Service Commendation Medal.

As a Green Beret, Brian has had a front-row seat, not only to the Green Berets techniques but also to those of international elite forces such as the Israeli Defense Force and the Korean Special Forces. He realized that there was a gap in shooting instruction.

The training was based on hypothetical situations. Situations where external elements were controlled. Students who train under these conditions found their skills come up short when out in the real world.

One example he uses to show this is the instruction provided on how to focus on a target. The traditional approach to focus is to use the front sight post or to align the front and rear side aperture and focus on the sight. Brian points out that this works perfectly when you have a chance to control your environment.

This option is not available in real life. His approach is to focus 100% on the target and then on the smallest point possible of the target. This is also his first training tip. A tip you get for free just by reading about the course.

He has consolidated his observations and his own skills and training knowledge into a guide he calls Spec Ops Shooting: A Green Beret’s Guide To Combat Shooting Mastery & Active Shooter Defense.Spec Ops Shooting Rookie

Spec Ops Shooting: A Green Beret’s Guide To Combat Shooting Mastery & Active Shooter Defense

The Spec Ops Shooting guide is a comprehensive and extremely well laid out step-by-step tactical and shooting guide. The techniques included in the book have been built around the body’s natural reflex movements.

By making this the grounding element, Brian has been able to develop a program that accelerates learning regardless of the shooter’s current skill competency level, age, physical condition or preferred firearm of choice.

The strategies are also designed to mimic real-world situations. From varying external environments to possible physical reactions various events may trigger.

Unlike most training shooting programs, this guide encourages first-time gun users to start their practice with an arrow. This should not deter you.

This approach guarantees that you will have a solid foundation with regard to accuracy and timing. Furthermore, this will ensure you avoid common errors made by users who skipped this step.

The following three main techniques are the training foundation for this course.

  • Instinct Combat Shooting (ICS) – Our bodies have a natural survival instinct. When a threat is perceived this instinct kicks in. That instinct will cause you to either flee or fight. In either case, time is lost. This technique will train your body and mind to work as one unit thereby not losing any precious time.
  • Setback Translation Technique – This technique will teach you how to turn setbacks such as blurry peripheral vision into advantages. Those advantages will help you improve your shooting accuracy.
  • Tactical Follow-through – Once you’re engaged in a shoot out it is easy to get distracted. This technique will teach you how to stay focused and stay on target until the threat is eliminated.

Additional Information

The Spec Ops Shooting guide also includes instructions on the following:

  • How to identify your dominant eye but also how to train to shoot with both eyes should the need arise.
  • Numerous accuracy drills such as:
    • The down & dirty target drill
    • Flat range stationary single target shooting drills
    • Flat range moving multiple targets shooting drills
    • Multi silhouette target in-depth double-tap.
  • The appropriate shooting stances for each technique.
  • The three different hand grips (Two hands, One hand, Offhand) and when best to use each one.
  • Mind management and how to build situational awareness by developing all of your five senses.
  • Understanding the mind of a terrorist with the goal of eliminating a terrorist event.

The above represents just a sample of what the training guide has to offer.

If you buy the book you will not only receive carefully curated instruction that will improve your shooting accuracy but also information of keeping your skills current.Spec Ops Shooting Rookie

Learn More About Spec Ops Shooting Today, And Start Shooting More Accurately Than Ever Before!

3 Bonus Programs

Also included with your purchase of the Spec Ops Shooting guide are the following three additional bonus items. These items have been carefully selected to round off your training.

1. Green Beret Home Defense

The first bonus item will teach you how to protect your home from armed attackers just as a Green Beret would. In addition, you will learn how to avoid making your home an easy target for would-be attackers.

This book also provides further instruction on how to develop your situational awareness skills. Also included in this bonus item is the answer to which type of firearm is best for defending your home.

2. Front Line First Aid

In the event of a gunshot injury, this second bonus will show you how to control and stop bleeding from a gunshot wound. Additionally, you will learn how to stabilize a gunshot victim to boost his or her survival chances plus tips on wound care that accelerates healing and prevent infection or further complications. Finally, you will learn the correct way to pick up and carry a gunshot victim.

3. The DIY Gunsmith’s Handbook

The accumulation of dirt and other debris and improper firearm care will have a negative impact on performance. This third bonus contains tips on cleaning and preventive gun maintenance to not only ensure your firearm works as designed when you need it, but also that it lasts for a long time.

Tips include how to disassemble and reassemble different firearms and eight of the eight gun cleaning kits that Brian recommends.

The Advantages Of This Program

If you are looking for more reasons why you should consider buying this program, here are some of the additional advantages that you may gain from it:

  • Because the program was made by someone with three decades of experience being a Green Beret, it is very efficient.
  • Everything that you may learn here can be applied to various conditions.
  • The program is designed simply yet comprehensively, making it ideal for even beginners to use.
  • The program has a lot of good reviews from various users. This signifies that it is indeed effective.
  • The program comes in the form of an eBook. Hence, you can access it anytime and anywhere you like.

Spec Ops Shooting FAQs

You may still have a lot of questions about this program that you would want to address. Hence, here are some of the frequently asked questions by the program’s various users across the web.

Can I Get Spec Ops Shooting For Free?

The Spec Ops Shooting program is only available for purchase on their own website. Hence, any other site that claims to offer this program for free is likely a scam or illegal.

Is The Spec Ops Shooting Program A Scam?

The Spec Ops Shooting Program is made by a person who was a Green Beret for more than three decades. And, as the saying goes, “Experience is the best teacher.” Hence, you don’t have to doubt the effectiveness of this program since it is a product of decades of experience.Spec Ops Shooting Rookie

Money-Back Guarantee

The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. This is due to the author’s background. Also, the fact that the majority of the techniques in the book are not taught at gun ranges. However, Brian understands that you may still have some reservations. To this end he has included a sixty-day, no questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee.


The events we have gotten accustomed to seeing in international countries are now being experienced here at home. It is no longer enough to just own a firearm. Your firearm handling skills need to increase the chances of you being faced with a skilled attacker have increased.

If you’re looking for bragging rights, this book is not for you. This book is for serious firearm owners. Owners who take the responsibility of taking care of their family and loved ones seriously. Who recognize that a firearm is not a plaything. Owners who recognize that it is no longer enough to just own a firearm.

The Green Berets are not only a superior force in the field of counter-terrorism but they are also highly secretive. You should not pass up the chance to get instruction and a look into their private world and learn their exclusive techniques.

When you buy this book you get the opportunity to learn from the very best shooters. You also get to bypass the rigorous training they endured to gain admission into their elite fighting groups. Additionally, you get to save the time and money you would have spent trying to gain these skills in a traditional setting. You also get instruction on techniques that local instructors have no knowledge of.

So, if you own a firearm and want to add among other skills, going from buckshot to bulls-eye while in motion, then this purchase will be a great addition to your personal library. Reviews also confirm that this will be money and time well spent. Act now so that you too can add your recommendations to the list.

Spec Ops Shooting

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  1. Mildred Bennett

    I can finally shoot better and more accuartely than my husband. And he has never been so happy! Thanks!

  2. There is so much to learn from this guide. It is also of great importance to learn how to shoot. When you get the guide you will find that the information contained is complete giving you all the details about the gun that you would like to know and that why i am recommending it.

  3. Anna E. Ryan

    Very comprehensive. Another thing about the product is that the author takes time to clearly explain and demonstrate how to use a gun. I have found the system to have a very simple language that is easy for anyone to understand.

  4. Jesse Camden

    The book has the three battle proven methods that will not fail you when you need them most and that is what you need to fixate in at the moment as it will help you get the best of the enemy that you are engaged with. This book is the one with the secrets to gunfights.
    These techniques will help you get the best kind of accuracy that you will need if you are to make it out there in the real life situations.

  5. Cesar Riggins

    This is a book that seeks to make you the better soldier when you are holding a gun out in the field.
    The book has the three battle proven methods that will not fail you when you need them most and that is what you need to fixate in at the moment as it will help you get the best of the enemy that you are engaged with. This book is the one with the secrets to gunfights.

  6. Spec Ops Shooting is not just a basic program that focuses on how to shoot accurately; rather, it’s a comprehensive guide that will also teach you other defense mechanism and techniques you can use to protect everyone around you. It was, a certain veteran US army who has scooped many awards because of his exemplary work in the army.his experience in the army to compile this guide so as to help users learn how to use a gun in critical situations.

  7. Jacqueline Bernard

    This method was designed to work with your body’s natural “survival mode,” which occurs when you are under a threat. Most people have experienced this mode before, when their adrenaline and heart rate skyrocket, making it difficult to control the small movements of the hands and fingers.

  8. Evan Vanderhoff

    This training program does actually receive very consistent reviews regarding what is considered both the Pros and the Cons of this program.

  9. Denise Million

    This method was designed work with your body’s natural “survival-mode,” which occurs when you are under a threat. ICS stops shooters from thinking about hitting their target and instead turns the shooting process into one instinctive move

  10. Christopher Norman

    You can also get to know how the terrorist thinks and how you can use this against them in a situation where you lock barrels. The steps are easy to learn as they have been well explained to make sure that there is no confusion and that everyone gets what they are supposed to do.

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