With all the threats, diseases, and fighting all around the world, ways for survival has become a need.

Methods of defense for protection come in many forms like insurances and home security systems. However, our attempts may not be good enough in the worst cases.

Medical preparedness is an area where our survival plans fall short. Knowing the right thing to do during a medical emergency is important especially during times when a hospital is from your reach. Dedicated survivalists should know just what to do in times like these.

Taking a complete EMT course can help. At least one family member can do this. But it will be even better if everyone in the family or team can take the course. Hands-on learning of medical and emergency skills will definitely be helpful.

But what if you can learn helpful skills from just reading? Independent study is less expensive. This is how guides like Survival MD come in the picture. This is our review of the survival guide.

Survival MD Unique survival guide.

What is Survival MD?

If you’re a prepper, you might have already seen this survival guide on prepper websites. You might have also read some reviews of it.

Most reviews you’ll see are from people who aren’t that serious about survival methods. But as a prepper, I know how to tell if a guide is helpful or not.

This is a comprehensive survival guide created to help ordinary people to learn the skills that are useful during emergency situations. These skills are especially helpful when health care providers and hospitals are not available.

The guide is a downloadable eBook. It has 206 pages and it provides information on medical preparedness.

The author aims to give and provide the necessary skills that are important in times of crisis. If you’re not really a prepper, you might wonder what the author’s intentions are and why he created the guide. You might be curious about what motivated the author.

Survival MD First aid kit

Who’s Behind It?

Robert Grey is a mechanic and he’s in his forties. The skills he is teaching in this guide are unique and useful.

From his own perspective, and based on his experience, death mostly occurs during an urgent situation where medical help is not accessible. Due to the people’s inability to handle medical situations, lives perish.

One incident is when disaster Katrina struck. It left Americans with no access to enough medical supplies and health care providers. These kinds of occurrence let you understand the importance of knowing how to take care of people who need first aid or medical attention.

Robert collaborated with a Romanian doctor, Radu Scurtu. They came up with this very helpful survival guide. They are both passionate about imparting knowledge to ordinary Americans.

Their aim is to help people out in knowing what to do in a crisis. People can use the techniques they provide to cure diseases, illnesses, and urgent situations caused by major disasters.

Survival guide professionally written.

How Does Survival MD Work?

The survival guide equips you with the knowledge in preventing as well as treating diseases during the crisis. This guide will teach you how to deal with medical emergencies when doctors, drug stores, and hospitals are not accessible.

Information about handling wastes when public services are not provided is included in the guide. This guide will potentially tell you what and where to search for a solution when the situation is a matter of life and death.

Every minute and seconds count. This survival guide will save you from a deadly situation.

You will also learn how to quickly switch out centered on TeCaMoLo diagnosis. This principle has been utilized by doctors in third world countries. They use this to unravel the cause of certain medical issues.

Survival MD Robert Grey

What’s included in Survival MD?

The guide book features these chapters:

  • The importance of practice and prevention
  • Preparation for certain diseases
  • Dental remedies
  • Sanitation and hygiene (for women)
  • Medications to prepare handy
  • Preparing a medical response kit
  • Alternative medicines
  • First aid solutions
  • Health and sanitation during emergency situations
  • Things to do when there are no doctors around
  • CPR information
  • Common illnesses that arise during a crisis
  • Non-traumatic illnesses
  • Infectious diseases
  • Diseases that come up in certain climates
  • Surviving emergencies when you have prescriptions
  • Medical reading list for preppers

Survival MD Robert Grey

Every chapter is discussed in great detail with illustrations. Other topics include the most valuable tools, UTI, digestive and respiratory system diseases, herbal medicine, simple first aid techniques, common injuries, performing body check and self-diagnosis, making hand sanitizer, kinds of trauma, recognizing the signals of medical distress, treating a bullet wound, stopping bleeding, foodborne, waterborne and airborne diseases, and etc.

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In simpler terms, here are the main things that you will learn from this guide:

  • You will be equipped so you can stay alive for months despite the absence of a medical professional.
  • It shows you the most common mistakes you may make in a crisis situation.
  • The guide gives you tips in preparing a first aid kit designed for disasters.
  • It discusses the need for waste management and provides proper garbage control.
  • Information about a secret kept by the medical networks that can highly save your life.
  • It states nine important things you need to have in your bag when you have to leave your house.
  • A medical principle called TeCaMoLo is also explained to help you with diagnoses.
  • Effective medicines that must be kept are recommended. The guide also explains the ones that aren’t good for your health.
  • It offers medical pieces of advice on aligning a dislocated shoulder.
  • The guide teaches you how to arrange prescriptions that will last for months.
  • The guide gives you five main causes of death during a crisis or disaster.

Survival MD Robert Grey


The guide is professionally put together and very well written. It is a great study asset for you and your family or group. This is a great addition to your library. You’ll never really know when a medical emergency is going to happen.

Here are some of its benefits:

  • They are very safe to practice and suitable for emergencies.
  • This guide won’t require any medical skills or background.
  • The guide is simple, detailed, and great for everyone.
  • The information in this survival guide is based on research as well as Robert’s experiences.
  • You don’t have to invest in a huge amount of money to learn the survival methods.
  • It is a cost-effective guide and highly reasonable.
  • This guide will benefit you in medical emergencies.
  • The eBook purchase offers with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Developing countries like America are 80% dependent on professional health care. However, in a time of disaster and general crisis, people turn to several means of assistance.

And when access to an ambulance is out of reach, people reach out for help to anyone who can help them. Thus, grabbing this survival guide is very helpful in real life situations. You can help others, and you can also help yourself when disaster or emergencies strike.

Bonus eBook

A great bonus eBook also comes with Survival MD. The title of the book is “How to Live Without Prescription Medications.”

This guide tackles a lot of medical information not covered in many survival guides or medical health books. This is a great benefit for people who are currently on prescription meds. They are pain killers, statins, blood pressure meds, anti-inflammatories, and medicines for type-2 diabetes to name a few.

This 35-page book is actually worth the price of the Survival MD guide. This is a definite must if you have any of the above conditions. However, always get the advice of your physician when possible.

Note that this guide is written to help people on prescriptions so they can stay alive during a disaster. This is only when getting to their physician is impossible.


Survival MD is the survival guide for the average person. No need to have very good comprehension. The guide is simple and easy to understand.

It will walk users through the steps they need to take and things they need to know. Treating ourselves and those around us during emergencies is a great skill to have.

While the guide is designed to benefit us when doctors and other medical professionals are not around, the guide is great for people who want to counteract diseases and illnesses in ordinary situations.

This is the ultimate survival guide to helps you stay calm during a crisis. This is indeed a great self-help book. Besides, the book isn’t expensive. Why not add it up to your collection of guides? Regardless if you are a prepper or not the guide is very helpful.

We highly recommend it. We cannot overstate the need for aid in times of disasters. Everyone needs to have the saving skills this survival guide provides.

If you take life seriously, you will realize a lot of things to be thankful for once you’re in crisis. Isn’t it great that you know exactly how to handle emergency situations?

Survival MD

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  1. Jordan Hess

    This is a great guide for someone who likes to be prepared in the face of anything that life throws at him. It is a great resource for getting an idea of the situation that may arise during times of crisis and distress and helps one prepare in advance for the same. It is extremely comprehensive and gives one the confidence to deal with emergencies. Highly useful and highly recommended.

  2. Ever since I gave birth to my son, my husband said I’ve been paranoid about his safety. He bought this in just to ease me and well it worked. I’m still tensed about him always, but this has calmed me a lot.

  3. William Goodson

    At some point, we have to be prepared for the worst. And you know what I believe? It should start now. Someday, everything we are abundant of will turn inadequate and scarcity will be a big issue. Of course, how could you also stay alive when you don’t know how to take care of your health? So, find alternative problems (and I bet there are remedies that give you more solutions than prescribed meds. There are side-effects to those).
    I repeat, as much as you can, start preparing now!

  4. Even though I knew nothing about how to survive a catastrophe, the Survival MD proved its worth. I can say I’ve prepared right now thanks to this guide.

  5. My happiness is just fulfilled with this program. I am now more into outdoor activities. Thank you for the easy presentation here.

  6. We highly recommend this book and feel it’s well worth the $22 given the wealth of highly useful and critical MUST HAVE knowledge imparted.

  7. Philip Richardson

    It can teach you to make sure that you are managing garbage and waste correctly, how to avoid making mistakes in disasters that can lead to death.

  8. It doesn’t require any medical practitioner skills whatsoever. The program is detailed and for everyone’s usage.You get prepared to battle any disaster by yourself.

  9. Kevin Carter

    The content covered ranges from preventing infections from happening to the common illnesses you should expect in a disaster. Another thing you will get to learn is how to handle the different casualties including women, children and the elderly.

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