Hello, fellow patriots. Information is power, the latest events in the world seem to be leading towards disaster, and the government seems to be keeping information from us.Protect yourself an dyour family in this times of chaos

I don’t want to sound paranoid freak, but the signs are out there, especially in our country. We just need to notice how our society and economy are changing, we can’t fully trust our own police system and other institutions.

Everything is happening for a reason. The government is getting ready for an incoming crisis but, are you prepared?

Chaos Around The Corner

It’s not a secret that global and local economy are not as they used to be. Trust in government in reducing and we can’t do much. However, we must understand they don’t want to generate mass fear, so they have devised other ways to provide national information and statistics without falling in fear.

Yes, they moderate information to keep the population in calm and at ease, but if you read between the lines you will know what I’m talking about, and I am not alone.

Liste, you can see how many people are unemployed, even the ones who used to get government support have suffered since benefits have reduced or they just stop getting their checks. Who is taking care of them? What would YOU do if you were in their place?

Who Else Is Getting Ready?

Well. let me tell you

  • China is changing its commerce rates and fares to their own currency.
  • They stopped believing in the dollar
  • They can see that our economy is not doing so well
  • We are running low on reserves to back up our coin

This can only mean the global financial crisis. We might wake up one day to find that these wall-street men have announced that our assets are now worthless.

As adults, we can’t leave our lives, and those of our loved ones’, in the hands of a system that constantly suffocates us.

Takeover Survival Plan Who Else Is Getting Ready

Getting ready for the inevitable

Have you heard this old saying “ a prepared man is worth double when the storm strikes”?

It’s important to consider:

  • Do you feel ready to wake up and face a total crisis in the country?
  • Are you ready enough to overcome the financial crisis?
  • Can you do what it takes to survive?

Not to say that I used to think about this all the time, but after reading the guide, then I can make better decisions.

You only need to open your eyes and see the signs in the street in order to take actions, before it’s too late and a major crisis knocks at your door.

Above all, not to rely on the government to take actions now, they are struggling to keep the crisis away, but when it does strike, I’m sure there will be a martial law among other restrictions. Our lives are our responsibility. You need to know how to react and survive in those conditions.

Our country was founded by survivors, now it’s your turn to become a true survivor, not only for yourself and the ones you care about, but also for your country, and remain a true patriot

Next Steps

After reading a lot of reviews, searching online, and buying cheap self-defense courses, I understood that it takes more to keep us alive and survive to any contingency that might come.

When I found the Takeover Survival Plan of James Wright, I felt it was really complete. I mean he is a veteran SEAL.

Who else can teach you how to effectively survive better than our own elite forces?

He explains several points to consider in order to survive, this is why I decided to buy:

  • Financial Forecast
  • Seal Survival and Defense
  • Survival Food Guide
  • Survival Medicine
  • Weaponry Guide

I won’t write about all of them, but I’ll try to specify the things that I have learned after taking those courses

Takeover Survival Plan Next Steps

Financial Survival

Well, as a financial manager myself, I had spread my investments and my assets even before I took the course. However, James, based on his own battlefield experience and business courses in the army, explains which assets become a priority during the chaos.

Knowing this is extremely useful, especially because currency can easily turn into common paper, and be as worthless as the paper it’s printed on.

Some stocks also might decrease their value during crisis times because they won’t have normal conditions to work and grow.

You need to think twice about where to put your money, and how fast you can get access to it if you see disgrace at the door.

Having access to money, assets that will keep or increase prices during the crisis will become your priority after this course. James explains step by step and also share a copy on his own financial plan where he follows his own strategy, this makes it easier to relate to and understand.

Seal Survival Defense

The second priority: You need to know how to defend yourself and your assets. There is no point in learning how to safely keep them if in one night someone can overcome you and steal all your effort.

If you have a family, it’s also important that they learn how to defend themselves, I  mean, you can’t be everywhere all the time. James techniques are designed so that even a kid can effectively use them.

Your muscle memory will be ready for any eventuality (I wish I will never need to use it, but who knows)

He gives techniques to be available to:

  • Make an effective defense against one or multiple enemies
  • How to read their body language
  • Soft spots to attack in order to finish asap the incident

He explains that the longer it takes you to conclude any kind of incident, the fewer opportunities that you have to come out unharmed.

Takeover Survival Plan Seal Survival Defense

Survival Food

Once you learn who to get assets and protect them, now it’s time to take care of what will you eat.

There won’t be that many resources or stores available. You need to learn which products are the best to buy, and how to preserve them as long as possible.

Not all the food you can get will be useful and, you can’t just waste resources and time to get them. It’s better to recognize which ones to take and stick to the plan.

Also, electricity might fail at one point. Outdoor warehouses will be your best allies, you need to learn where and how to build them. To avoid animals or other scavengers that might come for your resources. Make it easy access for you, difficult for them.

As you can see, it’s not as easy as it may seem.

  • Take care of yourself
  • Protect your family
  • Advice your friends
  • Guard your house
  • Get food and water, and keep it safe and for a long time
  • Take care of everything, even animals, and bugs

Takeover Survival Plan

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First aid and medicine

Now that you have basics covered, here is another one: Medicine.

What happens in an emergency? I hope you’re not expecting to call a doctor if you feel bad or something happens. You need to train in basic first aid, which medicaments can be multi-use, just in case there are no reservoirs at the drugstore. The similarity of medicine and, in extreme cases, how to train with what mother nature has to offer.

Of course, it´s not about surviving in the wilderness, but it’s still a possibility. What I mean is, you must know and master how to effectively use what is surrounding you.

Even to cultivate and harvest basic remedies that might save your life.

Takeover Survival Plan First aid and medicine

Weaponry Guide

This part can be a bit shady, I know we are not supposed to become a commando or elite force, but still know how to operate, maintain, and even craft a different kind of weapons, could be the difference between surviving or not.

James Explains in the review that there are different kind of weapons for every different situation, not only handguns. For example, if a raiding party tries to scavenge your resources, you can not effectively defend yourself with a handgun against multiple enemies.

He gives a full training on:

  • In-house traps
  • Basic weapons and where to hide them
  • Self-defense
  • Reacting to different situation
  • Training your family

Also, don’t expect to become militia after this course, is not the aim of it, is only self-defense and nothing else.

Use of knowledge

Please remember, Takeover Survival Plan is a survival guide, not a war training manual. You are not supposed to become a warlord or anything like that, it’s just to be ready to defend

  • yourself
  • your assets
  • and your loved ones

All the knowledge learned here, as a true patriot, should be used for self-defense, in times of chaos. We owe it to each other as citizens of the same country.

It’s even suggested that surviving in groups is often easier than alone. You can give a second thought about it.

Takeover Survival Plan Use of knowledge


This review of Takeover Survival Plan is to let you know what I have learned. All the advantages that I can see in it and how important I feel it is…

But don’t just read the reviews, look for the signs, search and read between lines. You will see that the crisis is around the corner.

Time is precious, the sooner you start preparing yourself, the best you can face chaos when it hits and, unfortunately, it will hit. It’s a matter of when, and if you will be ready to face it.

Takeover Survival Plan

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  1. And on top of all things they want to our guns after they outsourced our jobs and took our pride and liberties. I think it will start with the collapse of Japan’s stock market. That will be the first domino to fall. Stay safe people, and stay prepared!

  2. Most of the time we assume that crisis can not happen and hence when they come up, they leave us in a very bad state. The main reason being, we are not people who are prepared all through. So to me this is very important for it makes us be in a state of total preparedness.

  3. This is a serious guide that I think all people should consider buying. You need to be ready for the future and that what this guide has helped me do. I am now equipped in terms of finances and food. Easy to read and use.

  4. My husband made me go through this program and I absolutely do understand, why he did that.

  5. Catalina Jackson

    This is a guide designed by James Wright to help you in making all the necessary preparations and taking all the possible precautions to keep you as ready as you will ever be for a disaster.

  6. Linda Mitchell

    Takeover Survival Plan is an incredible program that was put together to help you survive and protect your loved ones when that crisis strike without notice. It is a step-by-step survival training guide that will help you in times of floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other major disasters that will strike America in the foreseeable future. The program will help you prepare for everything such as water, foods, and other basic things.

  7. Garnet Burleson

    Your overall health will greatly improve because the physical activities that you will perform when you buy this product are really beneficial for the health.

  8. Stephen King

    The guide is comprehensively explained and covers all you need to know to get ready for whatever crisis may plague society.

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