Success, the main motive which pushes us forward. From the moment we were born, our life has program us to conquer the heights. But for some reason, most of us never had the life we admire.

Fear of failure, full of self-doubts, and the thoughts of doing it wrong. These factors have been pulling us backward. You might have done many things, but it never worked out for you. Money, wealth, love or health. No matter what we desire for,  we have been facing setbacks along our way.

Where Has It Gone Wrong For Me?

You got the answer within you. Your negative thoughts have been affecting your life all along. Almost every successful person begin with two beliefs, The future can be better than the present, and I have the power to make it so.

These people have access to the one true missing key, a key for manifesting their dream life. And this is what you have been missing, you lack the positive thoughts. The mind every rich and abundant people have. Along the way, you started limiting your desire and dreams, resulting in narrowing your success.

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How Do I Achieve My Goals?

Your only limits are those that are imposed by your imagination, your true potential should never be limited by your thoughts. If you look at how the rich and ultra abundant people think or how their mindset gives them their breakthrough.

They let go of their painful energy and harvest abundance from their past. In short,  successful people literally choose and create the story of their lives success. Let go all negativity, unplug from all the negative energy.

The criticism, skepticism, limiting beliefs of others, your own doubts and fears and the pains from the past. Mastering your subconscious gives you access to the definition of personal happiness.

How Do I Transform Negative Energy Into Positive?

If you think you can’t, the thought itself will make the task preposterous. Money, if you want more money, you’ll need to believe you’re a magnet for it. Love, if you want to love, then you need to believe you’re lovable. And if you want better health, then you’ll need to believe your body is amazing.

You need to let go of these doubts, insecurities, and negative energies forever.

How Do I Do It?

All your negative energy can be effortlessly transformed into positive energy. But you just need to know how. We’ve been to lectures and classes before, but they all keep repeating the same topics and it never really help us improve. We’re tired of hearing their success stories. In fact, we are not paying to hear their stories.

You need proper guidance in mastering your subconscious, you need to convert all those internal energies and let go of everything holding you back. We need a program which shares the breakthrough and techniques to be successful.

Which Program Should I Trust?

You have been introduced into many programs already, but you need a program which is different than others and working. “The Abundance Index” by Ed Lester has the key to manifesting your life. The program made an incredible difference in people’s lives around the world.

Before getting into the program, let’s talk about the author.

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Who Is Ed Lester?

He is a well-known writer and personal development trainer based in New Zealand. Lester runs highly regarded personal transformation programs globally. With his teachings, he helps thousands of individuals all over the world experience success, happiness, and abundance in life.

The Abundance Index is a powerful tool created by him to make positive changes by understanding your abundance quotient.

Based on the Law Of Attraction and Creative Force, this program will make an incredible difference in your life. You want to feel amazing, want to enjoy the vibrant way of life. Then this program is for you.

The Abundance Index

The whole purpose of the program is to convert all your internal energies and to let go of everything holding you back. It’ll help you let go of all your worries and negative feelings and thereby you’ll be gifted with energy which gives you true abundance.

The program will tell you where you are in life, and once you decide where you want to be, it helps you get there. you’ll know how to go ahead in your life by clearing all the things blocking your path.

The Abundance Index makes you realize how amazing you are, and your amazingness leads you quickly back on to your true life’s pathway.

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business man fixing his tieWhat Does The Program Teach Us?

Ed Lester teaches us about the Law Of Attraction and the Creative Force behind achieving what we desire. The ultimate way of attraction has always been the secret resource of rich and successful.

The program helps us discover our hidden potentials,  and thereby making us achieve more than we ever have. It not only transforms you but at the same time your changes influence everyone around you positively.

Law of Attraction
The Law Of Attraction always works, all you need to do is ask what you want and believe in it. Law of attraction increases your confidence and self-belief, and it helps you in understanding the power of your subconscious mind and how to use it for your gain.

More happiness, more success, more money, and more love. In shorts, create the exact life you always desired, with minimal efforts.

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Contents Of The Program

The Abundance Index program includes 16 training modules as audios. Each module includes two mp3 audio recordings which will slowly train you to attain success in every field of your life.

Relaxation techniques to find your hidden abundance. It presents you with an instant feeling of calmness and peace of mind, where everything becomes possible for you.

Self Confidence
Topics about achieving the self-confidence you always seem to lack. If you ever suspect that your confidence has been the thing holding you back, then it helps you to escape that forever.

Law of Attraction
The key to making Law Of Attraction work faster than you thought possible. It helps you in realizing how special you are, and it leads you quickly back on to your life’s pathway.

Achieving your dreams
How to get richer by attracting more money and enjoying life. The program prepares you to believe in yourself and with that mindset, you’ll be able to achieve your goals. The program helps you in achieving peace of mind, harmony, and relaxation

It teaches how to use your imagination and creativity to create the life you desire. With all the self-confidence, your life becomes lighter which allows you to conquer the heights you always wanted.

Negative to Positive
Remove all the negativity from your life and change your lifestyle. It helps you in finding what you always desired. The perfect car, the perfect house, the perfect partner, and the perfect career.

Benefits Of The Program

  • Aids in making the best decisions out of your imaginations.
  • Helps you in building better social relations.
  • The program helps you in improving your self-confidence.
  • Unlocks your true and unique personal power that has been hiding inside you
  • It helps you in losing weight using the Law Of Attraction.
  • You’ll let go off all your negativity, the program helps you in changing your negative energy into positive.
  • It helps you get past around your financial worries.

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What Do You Get?

When you buy the abundance index, you will also receive the following:

Financial Abundance Miracle
This is a program which helps you in the process of changing your financial mindset. It’s important for you to have a financially abundant mindset, it helps you in relieving all your pressure.

If you’re worried about getting past around your financial worries, then this program helps you in getting past that block. It’s a step-by-step process which will give you the breakthrough you’re looking for.

Virtual Personal Trainer
Imagine having your very own personal trainer, who guides you on your journey of happiness, health, wealth, and fulfillment. This program gives you the key to quickly install a habit of being motivated and energized.

Losing Weight Effortlessly Using The Law Of Attraction
Are you tired of doing all the diets and workouts and still not get the results. The methodology and tools for losing weight easily and permanently will blow your mind if you use this program.

True Inner Wisdom
It helps you in forgetting all your limitations, you’ll unlock the inner strength and power you really appreciate that have been locked away from you.

Source Code For Success
Your source code is all of that energy that will accelerate your progress.If finding your true purpose in life or becoming stronger so that you can leave your dreams was a big priority for you?  Finding your source code will help you in it.

Build Connections
The program helps you in building relationships. Are you hoping to make more friends or build more professional partnership, to feel more comfortable and confident socially? The program teaches you how to build relationships and how to make it last.

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The program receives tons of reviews from clients all over the world, about their amazing new job, wonderful relationships, romance, and true love and the life-changing success stories.

In a review from Janine Asif, she said,

I only wish I found your site sooner, It would have saved my time and money. The false advertising makes me boil! I can’t believe you’re offering the service at a very low reliable price. It is really really appreciated.

In another review by Addison Joe, he said,

I have been part of this program from the beginning. The program is well put together and materials are great, contains full of good instructions. The product is a great inspiration.


From my personal experience, I could say that the program worked well for me. It made a big impact in lifting my self-confidence, I was never a person who would like to socialize. But after going through this program it made me build up relationships.

And it also helped me in overcoming my fears, the fears about my financial stability. I no longer need to worry about it. Ed Lester’s methods have changed my life and I recommend the program to everyone out there who’s looking for the key to success.

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  1. Virgie D. Salazar

    I think of this product as a personal investment, which I consider the best form of investment. Will recommend this to some of my friends!

  2. There are many things that our mind is able to do. However, when we fail to train it very well, then be sure that the scarcity mindset will always be on the play. I love the fact that with this amazing post and tools, I am able to improve my status. Let us do this.

  3. Cynthia Aguirre

    Awesome guide to get the mind out of scarcity and that shell that it can develop at certain times and this one for sure can help you like it helped me.

  4. After using this program, I was able to develop a mindset which was necessary for me to succeed as a businessman. Today, I am a millionaire! I’m truly grateful to this guide.

  5. The Abundance Index is an amazing arrangement at the reasonable cost and it is a well made item that really works it gives completely client bolster.

  6. Emma Madigan

    This is the post I mostly need because I badly need some guidance on this matter. With its description, I’m confident that I will learn the techniques and methods quickly.

  7. Guadalupe Plourde

    This program helps people in making small changes in their lives that will cause an even bigger impact and change their lives completely. Have you been trying to make everything right in your life but nothing seems to be working?
    Do you wonder every day on what exactly could be the reason that’s making your life look this much like a mess? Then you have just stumbled at the right product that is going to help you fix that today.
    With this guide, you are going to learn about your abundance quotient and how to develop the power of positivity

  8. Brendan Ignacio

    Abundance Index as a navigation system. It basically tells you where you are in life, and once you decide where you see yourself, it helps you get there. You have to just follow the instructions. Once you make use of this program, you will be able to get clarity where you are in life and how to go ahead. Most of the times, there is just one thing that stops us from getting what we want. Once we get rid of that single bottleneck, everything changes. All aspects of our life fall in balance. With the help of this program, you will be able to identify that one bottleneck factor and change it.

  9. Wow. It is really amazing. I never thought there were such guides. My friend recommended this system to me and it is working very well.

  10. Joanna Hogan

    I find the methods recommended by the author of this program way more effective than anything i have ever come across. I have been using them and they are worth following.

  11. The abundance index has been extremely helpful for me. It is a guide i think i have been looking for. And this is because it has offered me with methods that i can use to make myself better. I have used it and i will say it has done me good. I like it a lot.

  12. It is now 6 months since i started using the abundance index and i have to say that i have really benefited from using this system. My life is different for i have been following all the tips provided in this system. It is one of the most effective guides i have ever come across.

  13. Harold McNair

    Each module focuses on a different aspect of your life and will help you become the person you have the potential to be. You just don’t know it yet.

  14. Mandi Creighton

    This program helps people in making small changes in their lives that will cause an even bigger impact and change their lives completely.

  15. Jeanne Grubb

    We need to develop positive thoughts for us to see the good things in life and ultimately get all that we desire. Positive thinking motivates a person to work towards their goals.

  16. Angela Bird

    With this guide, you are going to learn about your abundance quotient and how to develop the power of positivity.

  17. Christine

    Positive thinking motivates a person to work towards their goals. It makes us hope that the future holds better things in store for us and so we should not despair.

  18. The goal is to create an index that aggregates existing data being actively maintained by reputable organizations, to reflect the quality and availability of each essential human need.

  19. Della Sands

    Positive thinking motivates a person to work towards their goals. It makes us hope that the future holds better things in store for us and so we should not despair.

  20. Magdalena O.

    Positive thinking motivates a person to work towards their goals. It makes us hope that the future holds better things in store for us and so we should not despair.

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