This world is not a place to sit in and relax. You can not just be doing the “eat, drink and be merry” kind of things. Just because the continuity of this world is subject to your actions. Most probably the earth will come to a still-stop if you were to stop doing what you ought to!

No one knows to what extent the existing resources are going to last and no one knows what will even last? The earth is not a fixed deposit that you will only increase with time. But it is to decrease and diminish at some point in time. The resources would all go down and then you would be in trouble.

Is this seeming anything easy to you? You have not read any history so far regarding hunger and deaths. This is not just about hunger it is about people dying with hunger and with the scarcity of usable resources. The world has seen worse and the worst is yet to come.

No one in this world wants to get ready for the time being that may disrupt balances. For all are enjoying what today has in its lap. No one cares for what tomorrow may give birth to. It is more like today and tomorrow being two stepsisters.

All care of one and ignore the other like “ueue” in a queue. Whence one in is utmost care the other suffers. No one really bats an eye on the one that is yet to come and that is the real problem. Today is nearly gone and we need to be ready for them tomorrow.

How do you really gear up for tomorrow? The real way is to get lessons from yesterday. You can not know what you can go ahead if you don’t know what was done behind. No way can be traversed without the knowledge of the path and without the art of sailing.

This world is more or less an ocean with mountain-high waves and tides. You can never get through if you only intend on doing it with a mere innovation. Though the newly introduced motto of doing what is creation would inspire many but to a man of actions it would only be a motto.

There can never ever be a way of getting out of an outrageous sea without the olden art of sailing. The one who knows the art of ancestors is the one who can review his ability to get out of it. For someone with numb knowledge of these arts, the world would be ruder.

What would happen if the world goes out of resources one day? If there remains no grown food to you and you need to stay alive, what on earth would you do? Many people would say that the creator would care for what He created and rightly so.

But one thing is damn sure that the creator won’t be coming on a motorboat to save you from drowning. He can show you the path but would not be traversing it for you. You need to take measures to make things better for yourself and those measures are nothing but learning to survive.The Lost Ways Start Learning The Lost Ways Of Storing And Preserving Nutrition And Calorie-Filled Food Today

Even a lion that has the instinct of hunting has to learn the art of survival and we are much cleaner in this case. We do not know what to do in circumstances that demand skill and courage and we surely do not really have both on hand. The nation today is tech-oriented and knows what to do with electronics.

At times, these devices act like your ex. Then you would know why skills are necessary. Older people say that people who lose the skills of forefathers can never carry out survival at later times. I was of those who thought what would the primitive techniques help in today?

But to my surprise, the days are no longer about thinking of what to create but what to save and how! Life is nothing about growth or all that. It is more about a race of survival and believes me no one is gonna help you here. You need to run on your own and get to survive.

What you need to make this survival possible is a review of what your ancestors did. Talking of those who lived centuries ago. They would all be taming nature to make life possible and that is what you too need to master. Even if you won’t be heading to a chaotic situation, yet you would be having the art of taming nature.

Once tamed, nature and its aspects would be enough for you and your needs. Though your ancestors were far efficient with physical fatigues, you can learn to be the Monarch of the past with The Lost Ways guide.

The Lost WaysClick Here To Learn The Lost Ways; Create Nutrition-Packed, Light, Easy To Store Food Reserves That’ll Help You Survive Any Emergency!

Lost ways: What is it?

Lost ways is a guide and a book. It is a diary and a journal. It is a leaflet of instructions and a brochure of advertisements. The guide is a call to learning but a primitive method as a course of study. The guide is all about re-mastering the older techniques.

You have been great at many things. You mean you and your pasts. The ancestors of ours were of those who framed the modern world but with primitive methodologies. Their skill was more implacable than what we are being taught today.

Each and every way they did something is far more superior to what we are accustomed to. In the matter of easing ourselves, we have got working out of our manuals and we are more or less all couch potatoes, to say the least. Let’s just have a small tour of the past and know what the people in the past did and what you can master after you buy The Lost Ways guide.

Taming plants

The first and foremost part of making nature your submissive is to let it thrive under you. The only thing that you need to do is to make it dependent on you and then you can have its fruit to you. It depends on you and it belongs to you for sure.

In this review, you are getting to know what you can do but The Lost Ways guide can teach you how! You know that all the early people had to be in the fields to make growth possible and all. Farmers do that today but the majority do not even bother gardening a pot.

When the skill will be forgotten, that is when the tough attire of life will show up. No skill simply means no great simplicity or ease in life. When skills are not with you, ease is hard to come by. The methods of older people may seem too boring but they are effective as heck.

The guide does not ask you to farm fields or become a botanist. It is all about learning about simple plants that can be a lifeline and can be grown at will. These simple knowledgeable skills will lead you to be the innovator of primitive techniques.The Lost Ways Start Learning The Lost Ways Of Storing And Preserving Nutrition And Calorie-Filled Food Today

Safety First

Not that the older people were only on the brisk of risks. They were in war-like situations with other villages and you might be at war with criminals. Your possessions might be the want of loot or a bandit and that is when you would need to know what to do.

This review is not going to teach you that but you need to know what to do in certain situations to be safe. The time in which we exist is quite complex. We do not live in times of open-gorilla-wars and we do not live in peace too. Our belongings ain’t safe and they ain’t at the utmost risks too.

To make sure that no one goes to latch onto something that is ours, we need to know how to tackle such situations. The know-how techniques of operating and handling such a situation are what is included in this very guide about The Lost Ways.

Hideouts and more

You will not just be learning to survive mainly havoc but the natural chaos too. At times nature can be quite cross and that can be bad for you. You need to have an idea of what to do at what time to make things go better or you would die as nature’s victim of wrath.

The older methods of being safe from climatic chaos and all that can be found in this guide that has been written out of all knowledge with all the knowledgeable older generation peeps.


Claude Davis is a survivalist who has published many books on the subject, many of which concentrate on the skills utilized by American pioneers and Native Americans. He authored the preface to The Lost Ways, assembled and edited it, and is still updating it.

The Lost Ways e-book, which includes Davis, was authored by 16 writers, and it isn’t easy to give information about all of them. Only a first initial and the last name are given for several authors: G. Arminius, S. Patrick, M. Richard, M. Searson, M. Taylor, P. Vlad, and S. Walter. Others, such as Fergus Mason and Jimmy Neil, are unsure how they truly contributed.

Other contributors  include:

  • Shannon Azores – a specialist in preserving water supplies by 17th-century mariners.
  • Erik Bainbridge- a Native American who specializes in constructing underground roundhouses and root cellars.
  • Theresa Anne DeMario – an expert in wildcrafting, a kind of foraging.
  • Susan Morrow – a UK-based chemist responsible for the book’s medical content.
  • Lex Rooker- a survival author who focuses on making nutrient-dense meals.
  • James Walton specializes in self-feeding fireplaces and recipes from the 18th century.

The Main E-Book 

It’s a 304-page e-book called The Lost Ways. It’s been updated a few times. Version 10 of the fourth edition was the most current publishing when I read the book and wrote this review. This is why older reviews may refer to a different page count or fail to mention a specific chapter.

Claude Davis talks about his life at the start of the book. When he was born, his parents were elderly, but his grandparents were still living. They were born in the 1800s, grew up in the country, and were members of a family still passing down pioneer survival techniques. They passed on some of these talents to Davis, and that heritage had a significant influence on the man he would become.

The Lost Ways is a survival guide designed to be used as a reference guide. While many survival skills are applicable elsewhere, North America is given special attention. It also discusses the methods used by American pioneers and Native Americans. These aren’t the only methods that will work, but they are the most sustainable given your resources.The Lost Ways Start Learning The Lost Ways Of Storing And Preserving Nutrition And Calorie-Filled Food Today

The Bonuses

With this guide come the following perks:

1. The guide to growing background survival food:

Not that every man knows what to grow in the backyard and how to. No one knows what to keep in the company when practicing survival and whatnot. The guide will teach you to keep all in mind when planning to tame nature.

2. The EMP power way:

The guide is about to tell you what you need to do at times of an EMP attack. Though the primitives did not deal with it, they have provided the way to be safe from it and that is through hideouts. The ways listed in the guide are far more than what this review can tell you!

Bottom Line

The bottom line is to make sure that you know what it is and why you would love it! It is all about learning to preserve and reuse all that is awesomely helpful today from the times of old. The ways may seem old but they will work for sure!

The Lost WaysPrepare For The Worst; Click Here To Start Learning The Lost Ways Of Storing And Preserving Nutrition And Calorie-Filled Food Today!

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  2. Jeanette Wilson

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    I have always wanted to generate my own food and this guide made it possible. Certainly highly recommended!

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  9. My husband and I have had need to try some, and although I was a little skeptical at first. I will say they work. Most of the ingredients can be found in the yard or on the roadside, and just need a little prep time.

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