The product that we review today is life-changing. I decided to write about it as I know how unpleasant paruresis is and how it can damage your life. I am an ex-sufferer myself. I searched and searched for cures and tried it all. When I almost lost hope, this came.

Like my mother taught me that when you discover something that has been helpful to you, tell the others. Spread the news. Make this world a better place and help people live in peace.

As a matter of fact, this does not cost anything and it is not painful at all. I have prepared a Q/A session for you that will grant you some general knowledge on what this guide offers.

You can add stuff in the comments section if I missed anything. I thank you in advance for that. So, here is my review to you:The Paruresis Treatment System Program

What Does Paruresis or Shy Bladder Mean?

This syndrome is a mental condition that does not let you urinate when others are around. Your sphincter muscles block, so the urine cannot pass.

The sufferers are unable to urinate in common restrooms or when they are visiting someone else. This physical and mental condition does not allow them to urinate in their own house when they have guests.

As you can imagine, this condition left untreated can cause serious damage to the social and economic life of the sufferer. I should know…

What Are The Causes Of The Shy Bladder Syndrome?

The first cause of this embarrassing state is anxiety. When this syndrome kicks in, it can disturb you really bad. Anxiety is real and dangerous, so it has to be treated.

Another serious reason for this mental and physical issue might be a past experience that left you with a trauma: either you peed in your pants while sleeping or in kindergarten and someone made fun of you, leaving you with this awful image.

Because of the feeling of anxiety and the rush of adrenaline, the sphincter muscles shut downThe Paruresis Treatment System Program

When Does It Occur?

Mostly, for me, at least, in restrooms, as there are no separating doors.

It can also happen when you have unknown people around you.

You sometimes might get frightened by the feeling of anxiety itself, and thus shy bladder rushes in.

Even if it sounds odd, it can happen while you are with your close ones. You might feel ashamed to pee knowing them near you.

Is There Any Treatment For It?

The “Gradual Exposure Technique’, a cognitive therapy method is the solution to this kind of trouble.

The Paruresis Treatment System Manual explains this technique of exposing yourself bit by bit to the anxiety trigger until you heal.

The program gives you the solution to overcome social anxiety. This main factor causes huge trouble in the life of all sufferers. Only an anxiety disorder sufferer can really understand the seriousness of this condition.

This disease blocks you. It makes you function at the minimum. It can destroy your life if you let yourself carried away. Still, this guide gives you some important insights on how to cope with this illness.

Of course, you must commit to your own recovery. So, if you have had enough of this depressing condition, it is time you did something about it.

Who Created This Cure?

The main author of this guide is Rich Presta, an ex-sufferer of serious anxiety that is now completely recovered and that has helped people cure this illness for years.

He is a popular professional whose products are successful all around the world and who are present in the most famous magazines and also TV shows like Psychology Today, CNN, Discovery Health Channel, MSNBC, etc.

Rich Presta and Dr. Cheryl Lane, a Doctor of Clinical Psychology are the two founders of this program. Moreover, the author uses the experience of other medical experts in treating anxiety, with important diplomas and proven expertise in Psychology.The Paruresis Treatment System Program

What Are The Bonuses?

The author offers a lot of gifts as support for your anxiety treatment. And those are:

1) Main Manual

The role of this main book is to help you get rid of ruminating thoughts that cause anxiety. Thus, you manage to become real again and regain your independence.

2) Audio Lessons

Perfectly created, the main manual is accompanied by this MP3 guide that you can listen to anywhere you go. Thus, you can put your earphones on in the subway and listen to the audio guide. You can also use it to learn relaxation methods wherever you go.

3) P.A.T.S. Volume

The main manual is also featured by this MP3 guide that allows you to practice what you learn in the manual. Without practice, you only know theory and that is not helpful. So, I think that this volume is extremely important for your healing. From my experience, it is a great guide.

4) Helix Report

With this report, you find out what fear is. You will understand that anxiety is real but irrational. Due to this fact, you will activate your consciousness toward healing.

5) Mastermind Series to Reduce Anxiety

I absolutely love this part. It is, in fact, a free discussion between the author and some other experts in psychology and doctors who treat the anxiety syndrome. This MP3 is incredibly useful and reassuring for those of you who think that curing anxiety is impossible. Because you are wrong.

6) Mastermind Transcripts to Reduce Anxiety

Again, a wonderful idea to have the reports transcribed. You get to hear and also read the information that the author provides, which is for me a job well done.

Is The Shy Bladder Syndrome Curable?

As I said before, I know very well how this disease behaves. So, now that I am free from it, I can honestly say that it is curable. I am living proof. Also, have a look at all that people who gave positive feedback on this product. They are also free from this syndrome. You can free yourself from it as well.

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What Are The Pros Of This System?

1. I must admit that I was skeptical about this product, as I even tried medication. Still, I promised myself I would try it all. The Paruresis Treatment System saved me.

2. I no longer feel anxious while I am in a restroom, so I can pee like a normal person

3. I no longer am ashamed when I see someone looking at my peeve

4. I can now focus on my work and personal life, without

5. I can now urinate in any restroom, without having to hide away from other eyes

6. I am free from this obsession of someone looking at my peeve while I urinate and making fun of me

7. I regained hope, as I never thought I could become free from this syndrome. I got my life back.The Paruresis Treatment System Program

What Are The Cons Of The Course?

1. I would have loved to meet the creators of this course and I am sure that I am not the only one. A personal meeting with them and the chance to put them questions would be awesome

2. It would be helpful to also get to see those people speaking. There are only audio and written guides, so this could be taken into account for the future

3. The course makes you a bit dependent on one of the professionals. It should teach you more of self-help methods rather than listening to podcasts. It would certainly increase your self-confidence.

My Conclusions

For me, this guide was the Godlike hand. I needed help and quick. I was in a mid-state of anxiety, but with big chances to get worse. I am glad to say that I am free from any syndrome now and that I am able to cope with my anxiety. I now know how to use it as a boost for whatever I do.

Furthermore, The Paruresis Treatment System is completely risk-free, as it allows you to claim your money back within 60 days from purchase. So, you don’t risk anything. If you don’t like it, just ask for a refund. Still, if you like it, pass it on. Maybe you know someone else who suffers from this syndrome or simply anxiety.

After you get rid of this syndrome, don’t forget to add your own review on it. All the people that suffer from such a condition need to know that there is a solution. Still, you must be committed and follow the guidelines strictly for the next period of time. Hence, it is totally worth it, I can guarantee you.

The best thing about this guide is that you don’t have to take any medicine. I had, and it affected my liver. So, while you are free from any risk, why not try it and get rid of this condition once and for all?! I wish you all the best and hope you recover from anything that bothers you. Best wishes and good luck!

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  1. Winford H. Musgrave

    It is not always funny when you discover that you have a bladder that is very loose. However, I am happy to the fact that the tool and this posts point me to all I need to have the problem solved. I am therefore looking forward to an improved lifestyle at the end of the day.

  2. Michael Johnson

    I highly recommend this book to any individual who is experiencing Paruresis. This book is the best place to begin in your recuperation to beat Paruresis. It guided my the correct way to start my recuperation which has eventually changed my life.

  3. I know what it is and how it feels because I have been in that situation for sometime. I am so much grateful that over time, I get to learn and understand the way out. Let us keep working for a common goal my awesome ladies.

  4. I would recommend this highly to people who are suffering with paruresis because it is the best solution to that very problem.

  5. I wouldn’t really mind using this system again and again. Reason being it is a system that is very unique. This is because it is so much better than going round with medicines.

  6. Leonard Passmore

    It helps to be able to go wherever and whenever you like and when you can’t do it like normal people, you will need to have some help with this.

  7. John Ryan

    bullshit fake report

  8. Robert Wilson

    The program is built to help and assist you in comprehending, overcoming and facing the problem with a step by step specialized guide and program to solving the problem of Paruresis. The step by step guide offers an effective way of coping with the problem and replacing your irrational thinking pattern and mental techniques to solve your problem.

  9. Lindsey Russo

    This book offers a successful plan to overcome paruresis that has been tested and successfully used in workshops around the world. After using the methods in this book, I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in my ability to use public restrooms with success.

  10. Linda Whitaker

    It shows out commonly among people and families living together and the earlier this is tackled, the better is for the individual to lead a better life free from hesitation and guilt.

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