No one can predict what is going to happen tomorrow? We all have seen the movies on disasters and even most of the people have experienced tragedies in real life as well. Therefore, it gets really important to prepare yourself for such events when they occur in real.

The Prepared Path

Today I am going to review one of the finest survival course available in the market, ” The Prepared Path”.

This is a high degree course developed by Damian Brindle on how to get through survive in multiple situations like (Financial Interruption, Natural Tragedy, etc.)

So, if you are looking for a reliable course to train yourself for the emergency, this is one of the most well-designed manuals.

After reading the course by myself I decided to sit and review the product for all the people who ever had any concerns about this course. I can conclude that this is a worthy course for all types of users from beginners to experienced people.

Here, I will be defining some major benefits and also down points of the course so that you can be clear about the product offered by Damian.

The course offers 12 different modules that focus on different survival features. You can follow the methods to protect yourself and your family because disasters don’t send invitation beforehand.

In this review, I will be highlighting the major points from each module for better understanding.

Module 1: Water

We all understand the fact that water is of utmost importance to our lives. We also know that clean water is very necessary.

Through this module, Damian has tried to rationalize everything about the use of water from flushing the toilets to the watering of plants.

The module talks about the usage of water and how we should not waste water. Likewise utilizing the rainwater in the house and discover how to make that happen are some of the important areas covered in the module.

Module 2: Food Storage

The second guide on Food Storage includes lots of information about food security and how to follow the rules to extend the nutrition span in food. For instance, the temperature, storage space etc are some of the factors which can help in storing the food for a longer duration and still getting it fresh.

In this module, the author has tried to explain various food-related concerns such as what type of food needs to be stored and what are the food items that you should not buy at all for the emergency.

The importance of oils and fats and adding the bulk of them in your survival kit and different ways of cooking them are added in the module.

 The Prepared Path Module 2: Food Storage

Module3: Sanitation and Hygiene

Hygiene and Sanitation go hand in hand and even in this module, both the topics go hand in hand. While it specifies the benefits of proper sanitization and various factors of maintaining the hygiene ratio in clean survival region.

The classic theory of “DIG & DIE” is also well explained in the guide.

Digging up and trying to compost and if possible burn the organic garbage.

How to carry dental supplies, have the military showers with solar options.

The guide talks about the use of paper towels, soaps, rags and also store enough of pesticides to wash the linen. Maintaining hygiene and good and healthy living is what this course teaches you very well.

Module 4: Security and Safety

There is no safe feeling knowing that you are actually safe in real. There are different ways of ensuring that you are safe and that’s what this module will focus on. You will be able to find many security tips like adding home security methods to doors and windows as they keep the intruders at distance.

Carry smoke detectors, incorporate extinguishers to prevent fire possibility and also keep them close to anything that can produce the harmful gases.

Practice the evacuation plan and also store some extra supplies near the home.

The module also shares the tips on how to strengthen the windows and doors by using the security film, plywood and brace them and plan a well-executed defense mechanism.

The Prepared Path Module 4: Security and Safety

Module 5: First Aid

In the case of an emergency, the first thing anyone looks for is a first aid kit. You should understand the basics of right first aid and medical assistance.

A well-equipped kit should cater to cuts, burns, and all the basic injuries. You get to learn the actual importance of using the kit and the medicines.

You should be prepared for all types of misadventures. Learn the basics of CPR and also store the necessary antibiotics for the animals.

Remember to keep condoms to prevent any unwanted pregnancies. Consult your pharmacist for the efficacy of the medicine and its expiry.

Keep the essential oils handy as the backup plan for various basic issues like a headache and stomach etc.

These are some of the tricks proposed by the course that should give you relief from the disaster attack.

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 The Prepared Path Module 6: Hot Water & Cooking

Module 6: Hot Water & Cooking

Cooking food and using hot water are two fundamental options to keep yourself away from an array of serious diseases. How to develop thermos retention and different methods to use fuel in a different form are some of the points added in this module.

Using propane stoves and storing a few tanks. Adequate regulators and hose to use five-gallon tanks. The use of the quality oven and also learning different forms of cooking on the campfire is proved to be added the bonus for the surviving skills.

The guide also teaches you how to build makeshift stoves and study on their usage. Preferably, the use of charcoal to add the possibility to prepare food also add to the benefits.

Module 7: Cooling and Heating

Based on your geographical location, the guide will help you on whether cooling or heating is the best option to take The routine of cooking outdoor in summers and vice versa will also help you in the surviving.

Constructing makeshift coolers, storing Woodstock and making use of wood stoves are some of the areas covered in the course. Depending on if you want to stay cool or warm, decide on the types of the room where you want to stay.

Module 8: Lighting

It’s only when the power goes off you realize the real importance of artificial lightning. The course highlights these points:

  • Investing in the good quality flashlights with good battery supply along with candles for uninvited blackouts.
  • For special disaster situations, the use of headlamps are the saviors. Don’t be dependent on DIY candles and they can prove to be really risky. Be sure to add rope lights and also a small setup of solar power.

The Prepared Path Module 8: Lighting

Module 9: Communications

We are living in a world where the communication is really important and since the knowledge is the power it is important to communicate for effective results.

It’s necessary to know how can you contact your friends and the family during important situations.

Purchasing small FM/Am radio, NOAA for the weather alerts to keep yourself updated on disaster requirements.

Choose people from outside your state to act as the mediator to keep yourself updated with the surroundings.

Module 10: Fuel and Power

It is important to be well equipped with the fuel and that’s what this module explains that why you should learn to use the alternative modes such as diesel, kerosene for the multi-purpose requirements such as heaters, grills, and lanterns.

Purchasing rechargeable batteries allow sufficient energy for your regular needs. Use gasoline for the car and fill it up at least once. Invest in the inverters and ensure it runs successfully.

Module 11: Clothing and Shelter

The patchwork, plastic sheets, and wooden rooftops are for the shelter as they cover the walls, rooftop, and windows too.

Ensure that you have all the personal protection tools within the distance to safeguard the functional parts. The ample amount of clothing is must to maintain the dry and warm body needs during the chilled weather.

Module 12: Everything Else

This segment covers everything from fitness, insurance, keeping necessary items like tape, lubricants, glue etc. Keeping the cash handy and collecting the barter items etc.

Do not share lots of information with people and also it’s important to focus on the needs and the requirements of children, elderly, pets and individuals.


The Prepared Path Conclusion
It’s always better safe than late because, at the day end, your safety is as important as the criterion for major aspects of life. That’s the reason why you must buy ” The Prepared Path” Course. It goes through all the important modules of our lives and adds clarifications.

The course also comes with the bonus content that consists of dozens of valuable files. These files are in the form of PDF. And will assist you in arranging and improving your methodology of taking care of your family.

I truly wish that this review has helped in deciding whether you would buy this course or not. The objective is to assist you to skillfully manage any sort of problem.

So, irrespective of what the calamity is all about, in case your head is up and high you can still battle the most difficult situations in the most pleasant way.

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  1. It is always beautiful to learn of the things that will help you later on. I do feel that this post is the best when it comes to helping. I am now equipped to defend all the scenarios that come by.

  2. There will always be those days that would make you think if that day would be any different. I’ve always thought about when the end of the world would happen and that scares me big time. Reading this had me nodding my head all the time because it makes so much sense.

  3. Shannon Gerard

    Safety is an essential criterion of each of our lives’ aspects.The Prepared Path is a very comprehensive course on how you can be able to survive at times of SHTF. The layout of the program is quite amazing with it being arranged quite well in a step by step manner.

  4. The Prepared Path – Survival Course does what it is relied upon to do in addition to completes every one of the capacities foreseen. It is clear to make utilization of and furthermore requests very little time and vitality to learn.

  5. The Prepared Path – Survival Course does what it is relied upon to do in addition to completes every one of the capacities foreseen. It is clear to make utilization of and furthermore requests very little time and vitality to learn.

  6. This system is full of several methods that show how good it is. I have been able to use many of these methods which include tips on safety, food and healthy which are really important in survival.

  7. Kristine Brown

    The Prepared Path Review – Is It Worth It? – Human Path is a survival school that teams, tight-knit community and are fully prepared for disaster anywhere they may be,

  8. I have been using the system for some 4 months now. It is not just me who is following this guide. I have been using it with my entire family. This is because it contains amazing tips that have been really helpful for me.

  9. Stupid review with extremely poor English. From the information prdivided, completely useless. Fools will get a totally false sense of security with this kindergarten level book.

  10. The course is comprised of twelve modules, each one giving you a great understanding of each aspect of survival so you can take the necessary steps to organize your family and have all you need to face a disaster. In the forthcoming paragraphs, we explain what you’ll find in each section of the course.

  11. Sleep easier knowing that you’ll be ready to take care of yourself and your family if disaster strikes.

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