The secret of deliberate creation is based on the premises that you can create the kind of life that you want for yourself. You can fashion your destiny, filled with abundance and success. The books aim at giving you the tools to enable you to create your reality, moment by moment.

The program is a complete guide that has been designed to empower you to manifest your desires or objectives by harnessing the limitless powers of the universe through the transformation of your mind. The focus is to enable break down all your internal barriers and empower you to control your habits.



  • After 40, people of all gender will start to age faster than before. Studies have indicated that in the absence of proper nutrition and exercise. A person body will age an extra six months for every year. It means that a 44-year-old will look and feel like a 70year old.
  • Studies have further shown that 90% of all people above 35years lose enough muscle that can help them to turn an extra four pounds, a day.
  • They consequently lose the only weapon on their body helps them to shape their bodies tone it and give it strength. These people will, also, gain more fat every year.
  • You can reverse the aging process of muscle loss and fat gain. You can learn to in a specific way, eat specific foods and think in a certain way to stop the aging process. You can slow down the growing aging process to a point where you start aging much less than a year each year. Thus, you can end up looking and feeling less old at 40 than at 35 (The creators of the program look younger at 50 than they did at 40)

Dr. Robert Anthony

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Dr. Anthony has spent over 30years studying mind power development. He has a Ph.D. in cognitive psychology and a master certificate in both Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Clinical Hypnosis. Dr. Anthony has authored 15books and many Audio training programs. His works include:

  • Beyond positive thinking
  • The ultimate secret of Total self – confidence

The author has also trained in all forms of energy therapy including:

  • NLP
  • FFT
  • TAT
  • EFT

He has accredited by the American Board of Hypo therapy, and he also doubles up as Energy Psychology. He has hypnotized over 15,000 people around the world in the past 25 years. He has worked for Federal Express, May Kay, Proctor and Gamble, and another fortune 500 companies.

The book is founded on the following principles:

  • Most people are not aware that they can create their realities; they go through life without making any deliberate effort to curve their lives.
  • Your thoughts are the background towards creating your reality. You should be conscious of the thoughts flowing through your mind.
  • You can control how your life flows.
  • You can achieve your dreams in life when you want to do it. The power is in you.
  • Antony firmly believes that everyone harbors and a capability for achievement both consciously and unconsciously. However, the people who do not succeed to achieve the real life that they envision for themselves fail to do so because they are unable to break through the barriers that they have erected around themselves.

The program will not only empower you to recognize the barriers but also to overcome them through a clearly defined process. The book will enable you to collapse the self-limiting beliefs and patterns that stand between yourself and your dreams.

The barriers that clearly stands out in or Anthony’s program and one that many people can identify with is your inability to translate theory into practice, to turn the knowledge that you possess into quantifiable, tangible returns that can yield rich dividends.

People spend a lot of time looking for formation about how to understand and penetrate various domains etc., without the ability to harness these resources for personal growth and self-gain.

According to the program, people mainly fall into two main groups

  • Those who play the life game of life to win (they take action based on the information that they have.
  • Those whose approach is to play the game of life not to lose (they are good at collecting information but do not take action). This means that their primary objective is not to go for what the desire, but to avoid failure and disappointment. They, therefore, do nothing. These people are full of fear action and failure. It is the reason why most people will not get what they want.



According to the eBook, to manifest your desires, you must align with them.  Alignment occurs when you conscious mindsets intention match with the beliefs of your subconscious you, therefore, requires the tools necessary to unblock your unconscious mind because these blocks are stopping you from achieving your goals.

For instance, you might be excited about setting your intentions and thinking positively, but this will be short-lived if you get frustrated with the lack of immediate results. You might move backward if you are not handling your frustrations in an appropriate manner.

You will see results once you explain the barriers that are preventing you from subconsciously from being in perfect harmony with your conscious.

Alignment therefore just means that you create in your life what you think. If you are full of negative thoughts and emotions, you will unconsciously create negative things in your life. If on their hand you dwell on positive thoughts, positive things will manifest in your life.


Manifestation comprises of three main components that can be explained in three simple steps:

Step one: Desire

The first phase has a concrete, specific desire.

Step two: Belief

You must then have an understanding of the law of attraction. The law of attraction will help you to manifest your desires. You will attract your desires through affirmations, having clear thoughts and a clear intention.

Step three: Expectancy

Step three demands that you believe so firmly in your desire that you start to act as if you have already attained it. You must also believe that the universe deems fit to grant your wish. It is not enough to think and believe you must go ahead and align your body through the right action.

The moments you desire something completely understand that you get it without any doubt, and move on with the expectation that your desire will show up.

The sec law of manifestation removes you from the default mode that many people survive in. The default mode is that environment that has been created by the society around you and the habitual beliefs of the people close to you. You will be influenced by these external forces when you are not aware that you possess the power to design your destiny.

For manifestation to happen Dr. Anthony says that alignment must occur on two levels

  • The laws of quantum physics
  • Conscious and subconscious alignment

The laws of quantum physics


In the world of quantum physics, thoughts, both positive and negative attract their equivalent vibrational match your good thoughts will attract positive things while undesirable thoughts will attract annoying things and need. This is because anything that you dwell on with intensity and emotion will activate the universe to bring it to your life. People mostly send out strong emotions about things that they do not want than they do about the things they want.

The essentials to reaching your desires

Quantum of physics: Here, Dr. Anthony will teach you that your beliefs and thought processes create the kind of life that you are living right now.

The law of attraction

Your life follows this law of cause and effect. Events that occur in your life are not by chance. You have deliberately or otherwise attracted them to yourself.

The collective consciousness


You will know that the reason why bad things happen to good people is that they are consciously or unconsciously does not understand their role in designing the happenings in their lives. What you reap is within you as an individual, or within your collective family, company or society.

Something in your life has caused every single state of being thought, action or word in your life before it; and it will cause something to happen in your life after it. What is to be founding the effect of your life already exists in the cause. You must understand that you are the cause of everything in your life.

Your natural inner guidance system:

You will be taught that every single thought that you dwell on will move you closer to what you want or further away from it. Fortunately, you have within you an inner guidance system that helps you to know which direction you are moving away or towards your dreams. This spiritual guidance informs you about your progress by giving you feedback; positive for the right direction and negative in the wrong direction. This feedback comes in the form of emotions.

The flip switch


The flip switch is a technique that will help you to change your vibrational energy in a moment anytime you feel any negative thought. This is because it is more beneficial to feel good than feel bad. The flip switch will help you to consistently feel good in the midst of all the negative influences in your life. The flip switch technique instantly moves you away from negative low energy to an active higher state of energy.

Remember: Any negative vibrational frequency, however small, brings back more of the same negative rate, only multiplied. On the other hand, operating vibrational frequency no matter how small will cancel out the negative incidence.

Your essential silent partner (your subconscious mind)

The moment you were born, your potential was activated both in the physical and non-physical dimension. One of the powerful things you will learn is that you are not a body. You, also, have an ego, which is simply what you think you are. The ego is based on your conditioning and your past experiences. The ego has led to a disconnection in human beings. If you rely on your ego to create your future, you will always work with limitations within you that are based on your past.

Heart set – versus the mindset

The pdf indicates that the main reason why many people struggle through life is that they do not truly know what they want. You only think you know. Many people clearly know what they do not want, but they find it tough to define what is that they want. You cannot achieve what you clearly define what you want.

What you will get when you buy the secret of deliberate creation.

Disc one:

  • Introduction
  • Quantum physics
  • The key to creating your future.
  • The law of attraction

Disc two:

  • How the collective opinions of the people around you control your life.
  • How to use your natural inbuilt guidance system
  • The secret of the flip switch
  • Introducing your essential silent partner

Disc three:

  • Heart set vs. mindset
  • How to know what you desire
  • Your creative magic energy
  • The law of critical mass

Disc Four:

  • Communicating with your ESP
  • Understanding time and your ‘point of power.’
  • Allowing vs. resisting

Disc five

  • Removing self-sabotage and mental blocks
  • Let it go and let it happen


  • How to know it is time to take action
  • The road to no more excuses
  • The ultimate secret to creating your life by design.

If you buy the program, you will also get to following bonuses

  • Beyond positive thinking. This program gives you the formula to get the result that you desire.
  • Betting on yourself – This program will provide you with strategies to be a total winner.
  • The ultimate secret of total self-confidence
  • The magic power of super persuasion
  • Do what you love, love what you do. This program enables you to achieve the ultimate personal happiness and financial freedom. How to make the impossible possible – this program is designed to help you better your life through seeing possibilities.
  • 50 ideas that will drastically change your life. This is an essential program that directs you towards happiness and prosperity.

This program is for you if:

  • You have been struggling with your job, business and finances
  • You have always been engaged in frustrating, dissatisfying and disappointing personal relationships
  • You have been struggling with poor health, bad, mood, anxiety and stress.
  • You have a desire that you desperately want to achieve, but you cannot seem to make it, no matter how hard you try
  • You have always been dreamt of
  • You have read a lot of self-help books, and your life has not turned around.
  • You think it is too late to have what you want
  • You purchase many self-help books, and your life has not turned around
  • You think it is too late to have what you want
  • You have labeled yourself a failure
  • You feel lost in your life; not knowing where to start.
  • You are alive!

Dr. Anthony promises that after the pdf, you will:

  • Free of worry, doubt, and fear
  • You will be able to eliminate limiting beliefs and negative patterns
  • You will be happy, and you will stop struggling
  • You will see unlimited opportunities for self-fulfillment
  • The program will empower you to create the kind of life you want for yourself deliberately.


  • The program is in a simple, clear language that is easy to understand for instance, following the theoretical and scientific aspects of the program is easy.
  • The program is flexible. It does not alter your schedules
  • The program is practical. You will find the instructions easy to incorporate into your life
  • The tracks can be uploaded to listen at your convenience
  • Reviews show that the bonuses are very generous. The total value of the gifts is $97
  • The creator of the program has unquestionable credentials
  • The pdf is a complete training, and you do not need premium products.



  • A review of the book shows that the program will not give you a quick fix to life. You must be willing to do the work. The book is, however, not a scam.
  • A review of the program indicates If you want a hard copy of the plan, the price is almost double the eBook
  • Despite the convenience offered by the CDs’ you still commit six hours from your schedule
  • Reviews indicate that you have to want to change to benefit from the program. This does not make the eBook a scam.

Start Creating Your Complete New Life Deliberately And Purposefully Today, By Clicking Here To Learn The Secret Of Deliberate Creation And Using It To Maximize Your Potential!

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  1. They say you create what is happening to you. The reason you got wet from the rain in Friday night is because you forgot to bring your umbrella in Monday morning at work. Every experience you are exposed to is good for you. Your boyfriend of 5 years broke up with you? No problem. There’s more fish in the sea. New possibilities and new experiences, you shouldn’t look at all these things negatively and that is what the program is aiding us to accomplish.

  2. The life around you is the sum total of your actions. You are responsible of what you create in your life. This is exactly what Mr. Robert Anthony talks about here. I love the fact that I learned so much from this amazing program. These CDs changed my life. Thank you Mr. Robert.

  3. Laura J. Mayfield

    I believe in experiencing growth throughout our lives. However, at times we do not manage to grow because of very many issues here and there. I am glad that we have a post like this to just give us guidance through the ways we can create our own life. It is a good thing for sure.

  4. The events we currently face, and will eventually encounter are the reasons we grow to be the person we are. We’re made up of experiences (may this be difficult and heart breaking or enjoyment). It all comes down on how you will face these challenges. Most people would run away from there problems. Thus, they really never grow and enhance their problem solving skills.
    Yes, you may think that these problems are hard to solve. But if you are willing to find a solution, there will alwys be one. That is what the program taught me and would like to share with others as well.

  5. Peggy Wyman

    By learning the Secret of Deliberate Creation tips, strategies, and techniques, a better life is within your grasp. This program has been craft in the way that you adsorb really the knowledge and the techniques discussed during the program.

  6. The program will show you how to restructure your life into being winner which is really easier than perhaps you believe.

  7. Sarah Daluz

    This is a great program for anyone who is struggling with manifesting their desires. I felt this course was a perfect add on to the knowledge I had about the Law of Attraction and really made it easier to understand the Law of Attraction at a more scientific level.

  8. Marcos Gorman

    This book made me realize that everything that I ever wanted was actually always in my control. Now, I have learned how to shape every aspect of my life through mind.

  9. Wonderful piece here. This is really well made. I think many people need to go through this piece and find out many things they do not know. I found it entertaining enough. It is really informative and in a great way.

  10. Marjorie Mattice

    My sister always thought she was never good enough to gain anything in life. She struggled to find jobs, and when she lost her last job, she felt down. Like all of us, she has hopes and dreams as well. She wants to get a new car and a better job. When I introduced to her this program, she was very skeptical but also curious. We read it together and completely changed our perspectives on life. She is now extremely confident and sure she will achieve her goals. She went already to a couple of interviews, and the employers loved her, now it’s her time to choose the right company. Thank you, Mr. Robert Anthony. You gave us the right mindset to carry on.

  11. Very insightful book! I recommend this to people who feel lost most of the time.

  12. Josephine Davis

    People find it very convenient to blame others (parents, partners, fate, destiny) for their predicaments in their life. Victimhood is easier to embrace. You can then easily dissociate yourself from the root of the problem and build a wall to falsely secure your ego. I learned all this through hardships in my life which put me down so much that I reached out to this book to take a different look at my life. Now I’m focussing all my power on controlling my life with the effective guidance given in The Secret Of Deliberate Creation.

  13. William Vega

    Everyone should have some control over his or her life. We all should believe in destiny but that doesn’t mean that we will rest doing nothing and everything will be perfect; not at all. Whatever we want we have to earn them. For that, we must have the potential. This program can help us to get control over our mind and life. We just need to follow it with patience and sincerity.

  14. Top secrets that i think i could not have found them anywhere. The kind of secrets that one would be yarning to find more about. This is amazing since i have learned so much about my life and how to make better out of it.

  15. Best Program ever I have seen. Lot to learn and understand regarding yourself. Living life in fantastic way.I have doubled my income, have good health and on the way to increase riches into my life. Thanks Dr Robert Anthony sharing your wisdom with us.

  16. All you need to do is to change alitle bit of your normal habits, intergrate good thoughts and positive ideas. The combination of the previous ideas will be of great help in boosting a person thinking capability.

  17. Carmen Garver

    The topics in the secret of deliberate creation topics includes the law of attraction, the mode through which you will use your consciousness to control your life, introducing your essential sexual partner, the law of quantum physics, the road to no more excuses, how to know when it is the correct time to take action, the ultimate secret to creating your life by excellent designs among many other topics.

  18. The experience that the creator brings into the table is an experience that is worth a trust. With more than 25 years of teaching the law of attraction, you can visualize the seriousness in his field of study and attribute it to the seriousness in his ideas.

  19. Richie Valenzuela

    This book is also beneficial for the smart ones that have witnessed several people around them succeed and have now decided it is their turn to shine.

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