Magic has always intrigued me, I can never forget the cool tricks I saw at magic shows as a kid.

Growing up I learned that magic is not confined to enchanting appearances and disappearances. There is so much more.

Ever heard about magic spells that help you achieve what you want?

Magic is an ancient art that is pursued and acted by various devoted followers. There are ancient spells that have their origins in the history of magic.

Spells to control another person’s feelings or to find love actually exist and have been practiced in the history of magic spells.

The magicians who know about these always guarded and kept these spells a secret. It is their legacy and a very intimidating power as well.

Such spells have been cast and their benefits reaped over time by many experienced magicians.

Now just think, if you had the ability to cast such spells? Yes, you can actually have access to these amazing spells!

Simple Spell Casting System

Simple Spell Casting System Change your Life

This E-Kit is the perfect package for you, it is full of information and tools that will help you cast a winning spell.

Change your life by learning from an actual witch, cast easy 3-minute spells which will surely work.

Inside this Simple Spell Casting E-Kit System, there are so many spells…

  • Use 3 clovers for a job
  • Quad crystal for promotion in job
  • “Mystic Love Box” creation
  • Scissor break-up spell
  • Repair relationships
  • Health sachet
  • Spell for money
  • Triple Purple Protection
  • And much more…

There are so many different spells that you can do, with very little tools and ingredients. Also, the components used are not very difficult to procure.

The Full Version

The E-Kit is offered in two versions: Lite and Full.

You get additional benefits with the full version. And what are these benefits? They are listed:

  • Spell Casting Manual (139 pages)
  • A Checklist
  • Secrets of Successful Spell Casting (48 pages)
  • the eBook of shadows (Vol. 1)
  • Simple 3 step spells (2.5-hour interview)
  • Simple 3 step spells Workbook (6 pages)

While the Lite version includes all the things stated above except the Simple 3 step spells Workbook and the 48 page Secrets of Successful Spell Casting eBook.


The Successful Spell Casting Secrets Manual

This is a book that helps you how to cast spells successfully. It’s a 48-page (full-color) Successful Spell Casting Secrets Manual that covers practically every conceivable spellcasting blunder and gives easy techniques, tactics, and secrets to help you avoid them.

This supplementary product teaches you to perform one “pre-spell” step if someone has touched your altar since you last cast a spell. Not only that, but you’ll learn four essential spell-casting processes that most novices overlook. There will be other things you will know. You will not be able to limit your knowledge of the four incredible rituals that unleash the energy inside honey to improve desire in your relationship, cure physical diseases, attract true love, and safeguard everything vital in your life.

Volume 1 of Rose Ariadne’s E-Book Of Shadows

This simple E-Book Of Shadows (Volume 1) installs fast, easily, and safely on both PCs and Macs. It includes 100 new spells that are both distinctive and powerful. The astonishing ceremony that employs a safety pin to eliminate the energy of any curse is the most interesting of the numerous spells you will learn.

Simple 3-Step Spells That Anyone Can Cast Using Common Household Items

A 2-1/2-hour interview with “Marla” (a world-famous paranormal investigator and lifelong “kitchen witch”), a 62-page guidebook, and a 6-page workbook is included in this set.

Who brings this to you?

Simple Spell Casting System Magic Inside You

The witch behind this magical product is Rose Ariadne. She knows that most people want to believe in magic but they try to look for some support or proof. She urges you to believe in the power of spells that have the potential to transform your life with incredible miracles.

Rose Adriadne’s grandmother was a collector of old magic books that she kept in her attic. She grew up among the descents of one of the oldest magical groups called Ancient Druids in Glastonbury, England. And studied the books she collected and lived a life full of happiness and prosperity.

Also, she showed Rose most of her books, except the Old Magick Grimoire that was written in a secret code. The Druids wrote this book, it contained the spells they created, practiced, and kept to themselves. Rose’s grandmother had to hire a translator to decode that book of Magick.

She passed away just after a few months when the codes were cracked. As she found out what was written, she immediately understood why it was kept a secret. Now, those secrets were passed on to Rose Ariadne and she can now share them with you.

The Simple Spell Casting System Learn The Simple Spell Casting System You Can Use To Cast Spells To Protect You, Or Get You Closer To Your Goals!

No waving wands

Simple Spell Casting System Believe in yourself

This review will not have any waving of wands or incredible reincarnations. But there will be magic words…and spells!

Spells are my absolute favorite, and that is exactly what we are here for. This spell casting E-Kit is easy to understand and read; granting you the power to improve your life with simple spells.

This package contains a number of spells, all spells are different from each other and have a unique motive. The ingredients required for performing each of these spells are very simple and easily available.

There are hexes and spells from ancient grimoires that can help you achieve success, find love and so much more…

All you need to do is:

  • Believe in your emotions and yourself
  • Always utilize the recommended herbs
  • Gratitude towards Mother Earth for her blessings

The recommended herbs are undoubtedly the most astonishing aspect of the Simple Spell Casting System. The herbs that are mentioned in the book are not exotic, hard-to-get ones like moonflower or Mandrake.

These are regular herbs like mistletoe and ginger that are easily available in any flower shop or store.

Initially, as I read the reviews about this product, I thought these spells would not actually work. I did not believe this is possible. I used to think that there is some science behind every bizarre occurrence.

Everything: from Love to Money!

I thought I should buy the E-Kit, just to try the money spell and prove it wrong as it won’t work. I believed I could never get rich with a spell, that was just not possible!

So, as the instructions said, I did everything to the T but I just did not believe in that spell.

And, it did not work, because there was no belief!

It is written very clearly in the book that the essential thing is to believe in the spell, which is the only way to get what you want. So, I believed this time (still half-heartedly) and did the entire spell again.

The book said that I should not expect sudden results as shown in some magic-based movies, so I waited.

The very next morning, as I went on my regular morning runs, I found a $100 was lying on my everyday path.

I remember feeling a little scared at that moment. The money spell I did was certainly working, but not as effective as it was supposed to. Only if I had believed with my full heart maybe I would have benefited a lot and become rich.

What do you need to do?

Simple Spell Casting System Transform your Life

But, after this money spell, I became a true believer. And I thought, now I can try another spell.

I Will not tell you the details of how well it worked but I can only tell you that the reviews do not lie. This book of simple spell casting is just great. It will magically transform your life from a sad skeptical one to a happy fulfilling one.

You just need to believe!        

There will be a feeling that the universe itself wants to help you. Just follow the easy steps with simple ingredients.

It actually works!

It’s not just me; I have observed huge changes in the life of other people who used this e-book. One thing is clear that you have the power to harness the energy of this universe, through spells and the universe will help you make them successful.

The spells included in this eBook are extremely easy to cast. You basically get access to a digital grimoire that is created on the basis of ancient spells that were guarded by witches till now. They are as easy to undo as they are to cast.

There are big spells similar to incantations too! And no, you will not be using shouting phrases in Latin and there will be no wand-waving as you see in movies.

An incantation is a magical formula for causing a magical effect on a person or items. The recipe can be chanted, sung, or spoken aloud. During ceremonial ceremonies, an incantation can also be used.

Words are commonly employed to access or guide magical power, uttered aloud or silently. As a result, esoteric language is especially adept at generating metaphors that establish symbols and connect magical rituals to the rest of the world.

This is the real deal and it will assist you in almost anything.

Occult Connection

It has nothing to do with the Occult.

The Simple Spell Casting System has no connection to the powers of the Occult. In case you were concerned that these could be eerie occurrences like the occult then you don’t have to worry. Relax; no spooky stuff is involved.

There will not be any summoning of ghosts or be raising dead people.

The focus of these spells is to help you or that you can help others by boosting their life a little. You will not provoke any dark elements, the magic is mostly white.

Spells in the eBook basically help you:

  • To Earn Money
  • Land a job promotion
  • Create Love Potions
  • Help a friend to find love
  • These are just a few…

This eBook converted a non-believer like me into a firm believer. Just a little trust and belief will take you a long way. Let the energies of this universe help you.


The Simple Spell Casting System will teach you how to cast spells and use them to your benefit. With this E-Kit you will start believing in magic and its power.

Rose Ariadne ensures that the secrets of magick discovered by her grandmother reach everyone who might need them.

It is a great product that helped me brew potions and cast easy spells with easily available ingredients.

Its biggest positive is simple and easy-to-follow instructions with easy components. My favorite part was creating charms; I am really amused by their way of working.

The Simple Spell Casting SystemStart Using The Simple Spell Casting System To Start Using Real Magick To Improve Your Life Exponentially!

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  1. David G. Francis

    For me, it is important that it is not connected to the occult. Then I might just try this out. I know a lot of people don’t believe in this, but magic and spirits are all around us.

  2. Michael Daniel

    It looks like simply the phrases some psychologists say you have to repeat in front of the mirror. But the whole magical scene really gives it more power, I must admit.

  3. The first time I used spelling it didn’t work. Well, that had a reason. I couldn’t believe this completely. I had doubts in my mind. So it failed. But, then I did it with more belief. This time the spell worked but slowly. Then my belief became stronger, and it started to work like really good.

  4. Francis McDonald

    With this system, you are able to learn the history of magic and its origin. With this information, you will be well aware of what magic is and what you are getting yourself into. With the use of simple language, you are in a position to easily learn magic without fearing complicated magical words.

  5. Jim Thompson

    Learning the art of casting spells or doing magical tricks is just for the purpose of fun and this guide is an awesome source of learning it. Helped me learn tricks. Though I can not fly but I can make some things disappear at times. P.S Your comments might be!

  6. Samantha Ortiz

    This system is pretty cool. I have never been into magic since childhood but it seems so enticing to me. It would be nice to be able to cast the spell. It’s very interesting though.

  7. Donald Martin

    The Simple Spell Casting E-kit does not use its “powers” from the occult. If you were worried about it because it sounds like eerie occult occurrence then you can be rest assured that it doesn’t involve any spooky stuff. It doesn’t involve raising the dead or summoning ghosts.
    The spells used are completely to help you or others get a little boost in life. They are mostly white magic and steer clear of any dark elements.

  8. David Springer

    This system has been inspired by an ancient grimoire by an old with from ancient England. Before this witch died, she had made a lot of important discoveries about the magical world.
    To her, magic was life and she would cross boundaries to develop a magical idea, when nearing her time of death she made an important discovery that she intended to work on but she was not able.
    This magical discovery was locked under a top secret coding and nobody could access it, after she went through the grimoire she was able to understand why it had been locked and protected.
    After going through the grimoire she discovered that it had a series of magical spells that were very powerful and effective in the magic world.

  9. This is really nice. I enjoyed using every bit of this program and i am happy. It is a system that i would like to use again and again. Thank you.

  10. William Croyle

    When i was getting this product it was all just out of curiosity. I wanted to know how it feels to be able to cast some spells. Nevertheless, it is nice because for now i know a number of spells.

  11. JosephFreno

    fqlv delta

  12. This is so fascinating and as you go down the lines, you will be unlocking three major key in these life: Love, Wealth and Luck.

  13. Meredith Loftus

    This is none other than the simple spell casting system. This grimoire has been carefully organized to bring a pack of wonderful spells that you can use much to your advantage.

  14. Donald Hernandez

    One of the key achievements she made before her final breath was discovering an ancient grimoire that was highly protected and locked with a special secret coding. With the help of a friend, she unlocked the code and after going through the grimoire, she understood why it had been so carefully protected.

  15. Use of simple language you are in a position to easily learn magic without fearing complicated magical words. This product is recommended for anyone who has the urge to learn and believe in magic.

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