Thought Elevators

Thought Elevators

Hello folks, I would like to share my reviews of the Thought Elevators by Eric Taller a powerful tool to transform your life to the better by using powerful keys to reach the state where you are in control of your mind and life.

In his audio tape, Eric Taller explains that you are what you attract and that the universe is powerful, it is always listening and gives you what you may have unknowingly asked for. He explains how to reach a Theta State by using music, instead of hours and hours of meditation.

Now, this Theta state sounds like a difficult term but it simply means that being a state of mind where you are at peace in your mind and are open to attract positive energy in your life and everything you touch.

5 Years Ago

Portrait of a lonely and desperate drunk hispanic woman

I hit a rock bottom and one point in my life 5 years ago, everything was going wrong, I was losing friends, my partner left me, I was making debt instead of money and I was just miserable with the direction that my life was going.

To make matters worse, it is not like I was in my 20s where trying again was not so difficult, I was approaching 40, and I was starting to realize that everything they said about life starting at 40 clearly didn’t include me.

My family was also sick and tired of me constantly not being present at gatherings and holidays, I was broke, there was no way I was going to show face when I could even afford to make my little nephews and nieces happy with candy!

Now I didn’t arrive at this point within a day or year, it was build up that could see coming for quite a while since I started working. I didn’t like my job, I was not satisfied with my salary, and my boss was a nightmare to say the least. All these factors contributed to me becoming a very negative person and had pessimistic in everything that I do.

My Health Issues

Thought Elevators  My Health Issues

All the stress that I was going through became to affect my health in ways that I did not imagine. The negative energy I had in me was attracting negativity into my life. Just when I thought that I worked hard enough to impress my boss, things would go south on the way.

I started having headaches and was tired all the time. No amount of resting or therapy was helpful and I realized after using this product that it was because once I am healed, I would attract the negative back into my life.

Everyone was starting to be concerned with me at this point and they were alarmed at my acute weight gain. I was not exercising like I used to or having a healthy diet either. It was just easier to grab fast food and continue my self-pity.

I remember that at some point I started using a lot of money on massage therapy with the help of family because I could not have a full productive day without needing to take several breaks in between. My work became even more negatively affected by this.

Before Then

Thought Elevators  Before Then

There are a few good things that happened in my life I have to admit. It is not like it was consistently bad and not fulfilling over the years before the epic downfall. I was happy, I was a dreamer who loved following her heart and dreams, I was fond of traveling and family like was blissful.

One time, one of my adventures took me to India, which probably why I immediately started Thought Elevators once I found it. Being at Asia was an experience like no other, I unfortunately and unlike Eric, was not fond of meditating or inquisitive about monasteries and monks.

But I was surrounded by a billion people who believe wholeheartedly in

  • The power of positive thinking
  • Karma
  • Meditating
  • Universe energy
  • Peaceful states of mind
  • Attracting what you give

I recognized what they do and I admired it, but I suppose I was not ready to welcome it to my life and frankly did not know how to welcome it to my life. But looking back, it would have been a wonderful opportunity to learn how they do it.

East Asia Knowledge

When listening to the audio made by Eric about his product, I learned that he got some knowledge from interaction with East Asian monasteries. It is very fascinating because this is a person who made sure to research before he gives out his method.

He has spent countless hours with monks and studies their techniques, listened to their stories and received a lot of recommendations on how to reach a peaceful state of mind where you can now reach out to the universe.

The best thing that I heard on the time is that he was in a good position to make comparisons of the various methods that the monks used and got to use which method was more effective and bore better results!

As someone who has been in Asian environments before it was very intriguing to listen to Eric Taller tell his story towards finding out the best way to reach theta state. I could not wait for the audio to be over and to start using the method he has created.

My Meditation Pants

Thought Elevators  My Meditation Pants

There are a lot of things that I had to take into consideration before I decided to use this method. I was skeptical if it is going to work on me. I had done my research and found out that it is very difficult to reach a theta state.

My worst fear was that I had to use my money on something that I didn’t know would work on me, there are so many scams on the internet and I was not ready to be a victim of a scam. I first made my research on different types of meditation and read reviews from people who subscribe to them.

The other thing that I did was to find out about the Thought Elevators success rate, one particular review stood out to me. The lady described so clearly her life before using Eric’s method and outlines all the different areas that it helped her quality of life improve.

I was very happy with how feasible using this method was because it was time-saving, I was able to do in a short time what normally takes hours. My family was very happy to know that I am not taking a lot of time with my meditation and they could still spend as much time as they, wanted with me.

Whenever I had time to spare, I would watch the video and listen to the tracks, it was so easy and I couldn’t be happier.

Mental Training

Thought Elevators  Mental Training

Thought Elevators methods take you through mental training and help you exercise your mind to think in a more positive manner. I was not prepared to the type exercises that it played on me and I was mind blown and amazed at how much power we have without realizing it.

I came to realize that the theta state is more susceptible to change and my brain became elevated to a higher conscious level. I also understood just how much you can reprogram your mind when you are in this state.

The best thing was that once I had watched the short 3-minute video and listened to the audio clips in the package, I could visualize and tell my mind what I want to achieve and concentrate on that. The amount of peace that I felt when in the theta state was very calming and provided some serenity in my life.

Thought Elevators

This amazing product consists of a 3-minute video and an audio track that you can use anywhere at any time. Because it is not too long and does not require you to go through hours of meditation to prepare for the theta state, it was just what I needed and fitted perfectly into my busy lifestyle.

It has 4 steps which are:

  • Clean State Mind
  • Positivity Pump
  • Daytime Dreaming and Visualization Techniques
  • Elevator to theta state

It caters to each and every requirement needed to successfully complete the theta state, and to reach it too! One thing you should know is that I am not easy to reach this stage, you have to make sure that you follow the steps as they are explained to you.

I especially loved that when you are diligent and strictly follow the steps as prescribed, you will receive a world of benefits. I was able to sit down and take time to write down all the things that worry and stress me from work, personal things, family, relationships and general social challenges.

I began to train my mind to have positive thoughts and took the time to make a move to fix my life. From there I had time to ease into my mind and concentrated on manifesting my desires. It was as simple as that!

The Benefits

Thought Elevators  The Benefits

There are so many benefits that you get when you buy this product. I will only focus on the ones that stood out to me the most. I was hard deciding on just this few benefits, I am sure that once you try it yourself, you will understand what I mean.

I was able to train my mind to think in a positive way for everything that I do and am involved in across all areas of my life. And on top of this, I was able to know how to send signals to the universe, because remember the universe pays attention to your signals, so they have to be the correct ones.

Dealing with stress became a less tedious process because I now have the tools and step by step processes on how to face all the challenges in my life. It is now easier to be living a stress-free and happy life.

My family became happier and living healthy because now mommy is not always worried like she used to. My husband and children are especially happy because Thought Elevators helped me make a happy home and sustain its happiness.

I am now healthier than before, my mind is no longer controlling me, I have mastered how to resist negativity and maintain positivity. This includes healthy living, healthy eating, healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle in general.

The Offer

The Thought Elevators is only $47 I am still amazed just how affordable it is considering all the benefits it brings to one’s life. We easily spend this amount on the most insignificant things and yet it is the same price that can transform your life.

Your privacy will be protected when you buy this product, I was happy that I was able to have my identity was safe and there was nothing to worry about on that aspect. Now, this is something that we all need at this age!

There is no risk what so ever when you buy this. Eric is so confident in it that there is a refund guarantee when it does not satisfy you! When I saw this, I knew that my life is in good health, I could not wait to start the method.

You only need to follow the steps and use it for 3 months then you will see the good results just like I did and according to some of the reviews here, I am not the only one who is very happy with the results.

Wait There is More

One thing that I really appreciate is a well-rounded program. A program that aims to cover all areas of personal growth and doesn’t just focus on one.

I found the extra material a great addition to Thought Elevators. Where I found the possibility to meditate even in my sleep.

After some practice now, I find it interesting how people see this as a mysterious or impossible thing to happen. The thing is, we were never taught that this was possible. We are so focused in our bodies, we completely forget inside.

Meditating, feeling better, are ancient rights for everyone. All of this is ancient knowledge that just has been put aside but thanks to books like this, we can find means to reconnect and develop ourselves.

Once you wake up to what you can be, life is never the same, you can never go back.

I still cannot believe just how good things are going at work, we are finally growing like we always wanted, I am attracting the life that I need and have always wanted. There are more laughter and peace at home and I am attracting success rather than failure.

From me to you

Now that I have shared my good news, it is up to you to decide what you are going to do. The fact that you have decided to read my review from top to bottom means that you too are ready to elevate your mind. I couldn’t be happier for you.

You may be having doubts still, and that’s understandable, I passed through that stage too, it is perfectly normal, but it is the action that you take that will decide if you are going towards your life purpose, or away from it.

I have come to realize that, for most people, it is easier to choose to do nothing, maybe because it does not take a lot of effort when doing nothing. But closing that means that you will continue to live an unfulfilling life.

But I am telling you now, buy and download Thought Elevators and your life will never be the same again. This is my last message to you and I wish you the best of luck in everything that you do.

 Thought Elevators

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  1. I’ve tried this guide before, and I agree with what you wrote. It is important to modify our thoughts patterns.

  2. Catherine

    The ‘thought elevators’ system has made me more upbeat than ever. It simply de-clutters your mind and creates an outlet for positive thoughts and emotions.

  3. Maria S. Williams

    Before trying to be positive, you need to clean up the house! You need to get rid off all the negativity, otherwise, the positivity won’t be able to shine. I’m glad that someone finally mentioned the importance of having a clean state of mind! Great post and even greater guide.

  4. I like the fact that more and more people pay attention to their bodies, but I don’t like that they neglect the importance of mind and spirit. This is a great example of a well-rounded program for anyone who wants to calm their mind, which isn’t easy, but I believe it can be done with the help of this program. Great post btw, keep up the good work.

  5. Love your post. When things go downhill, it is very hard to stop them, but it is even harder to push things uphill. I do believe programs like things can help you with that because they helped me. I will buy this and gift it to my friend, who is currently in a very hard spot. Hope it will help him.

  6. I was feeling really low, my whole life was a mess. But then I discovered this program. And I must admit that it is actually slowly bringing me back to life…

  7. You will be for sure amused by how this system works. Thanks so much to the author of this guide for taking time to create such a great guide. The product has taught me so much about thoughts that i never knew about. I really think that this is one system that has great impact in my life.

  8. I have just found a perfect gift for one of my friends who has been struggling with negative thoughts and emotions. I sincerely didn’t know how to help her but with this one, I am more than confident her issues will be sorted once and for all. I can’t wait to see that positivity coming out of her again.

  9. Jovita Dickerson

    Every one of the clarifications exhibited in The Thought Elevators are direct and simple to fathom and cling to. You will effectively figure out how to change your life towards greater inspiration, how to change your considerations into reality, how to get to zones of Money and wealth, association with an impeccable sidekick, essentialness, and how to accelerate learning, control and expel pressure.

  10. Robert Wilson

    Getting this typer of product is not easy. When you get one that works very well then you have to be glad that it has worked. My life is much better and i like it.

  11. Robert Wilson

    Thought elevators work very well. It has worked by enabling me manage my life better. The functioning of this product is really amazing. I have been able to better my reasoning and i feel better for a fact.

  12. The thought elevators system is a series of videos and ‘subliminal’ messages created with the intention of basically.. Improving your life. This will directly help you have more lucid dreams.

  13. It’s very simple, and it’s no more complicated than it needs to be. It’s a well produced, high-quality set of positive affirmation videos for various areas of your life.

  14. Mark Walker

    This program helps to Stop letting your subconscious hijack your attempts at improving your life. The Thoughts Elevator system helps people to control their worries and troubles in a positive way and take away anxiousness to feel calm and composed.

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