Want to become a Total Money Magnet?

Life is full of abundance be it money, wealth, that beautiful car or house that you are eyeing for. You desire it & you get it that is how the concept of life works.

Everywhere, I see people struggling to pay their loans, credit card bills, compromising on things and keeping the unfulfilled desires deep in their hearts and are continuously getting under the burden of Debt.

I wonder who doesn’t want to be a millionaire ? Who doesn’t want to be financially sound? Who doesn’t want all the luxuries and amenities in life?

I Dr. Steve G Jones am a multi-millionaire several times over with the client base of Hollywood stars, Directors, CEO’S & Famous athletes but my life was no different than the person described above until I found a six-step millionaire mind secret. I never dreamt of being in the place that I am today- content & secure.

Not So Good Old Days

Child Cry Sit Sad Want To Be Alone Alone Boy

My childhood was rough and struggling. My mother died of cancer at the age of “6” impacting my father to an extent that he became an alcoholic. I had to struggle a lot like a small skinny child for basic necessities and grew up thinking that getting money is the hardest thing.

I always wanted life to be good and was hopeful that miseries will turn to happiness, one day but somewhere in my mind I was always scared of what if it doesn’t happen. Isn’t this is a natural feeling that every one of us feels while growing up? Think about it?

Like my perception, Life was never favorable to me and gave me more thorns than flowers.

With growth came more responsibilities and I reached a point where I wanted to give up everything. I realized things will never be enough. I reached a stage where I was literally begging money from my friends to pay my bank debt. Life was miserable.

Think about it? Haven’t you ever felt like this? You must have since you have stumbled upon this page. I am sure this might be the case with you somewhere.

Let me tell you!! You have reached the right place. You will get all your answers to hear.

Your life is no different than mine; you might be going through the same things, I passed.

Do not worry? This is absolutely normal and YES, this is meant to change & this will change with a six-step secret which has been reviewed time & again under the rigorous testing.

Life Took 180 Degree Turn

A small thought shared over a cup of coffee by my friend “Dan” which made me walking money attracting a magnet. One small secret and here I am as one of the most successful people.

Whatever I need I can attract within a fraction of seconds howsoever small or bigger the amount is.

Universe has an abundance of wealth which is enough for everyone and anyone. Doesn’t this phrase sound familiar? Definitely, it does.

Happy Businesswoman

You must have heard about it many times and would have practiced but with no fruitful r. Do not worry, you are not the only one in this, I had similar thoughts.

You are in the right place. Watch closely what I am going to tell you next, it will change your thoughts & life to a whole new level.

Dr. Steve G Jones has worked with people of every age and community and has realized that every one of them including you is missing on the right link:

The major things that are restricting us to attract more wealth are within us.

 Scan over it and discover if it involves one of your reasons as well.

  • Missing the brain of a rich person/millionaire Focusing on the hardship of life. How life has been mean to you? Isn’t it is a natural thing that comes to mind all the time when you look at bills, loans? Ever thought about it?
  • The preconceived notion of an individual that has been formed due to past life know this is not in anyone’s or I would say your hands, whenever we see anything, our mind automatically starts making perception of it and yes this is absolutely normal.
  • Focusing on the scarcity of things can your brain over it & review it closely. You will realize whatever we don’t want. We end up thinking more about it.

I was no different. I had a similar mindset and was doing everything to be at the right place but life was throwing me in the same phase again & again. I was going nowhere but was revolving in the vicious circle of life until a miracle happened and I felt as if I was awakened from a deep sleep by Dan.

I was happy & excited. I clearly remember the day, things started to change for me. I was able to see through opportunities.

It was as if, they were being created for me and the Universe was showing me the direction to follow it.

“God himself wanted to help me”

I suddenly remember the online business that I had with my friend “Frank” which was not much profitable but every now and then few pennies would pop up in the account.

Businessman using mobile phone communication technology

Things were turning and twisting in the right manner. I was inspired & got an amazing Idea of making it profitable and in no more than 3 weeks, I was able to cover all my debt of $ 60K.

Some ideas started making me money and others saving. Everything changed for good & in 1 year I officially was declared a millionaire which was a huge surprise for someone like me. A person who was under the debt and was miserably failing became a millionaire, was a huge success.

So what was it? Was it a coincidence or a full proof plan? I was equally surprised yet excited!

What happened that day with Dan? What is it that he has done to me, which changed my entire life?

Thinking of this, I met Dan again to understand the concept.

What he told me took me by a surprise. He didn’t’ do anything special but applied the technique of Total Money Magnetism:

The Technique that anyone in this world can apply to create wonders:

  • Deprogramming the brain and giving a rich brain.
  • Understanding that without any thought driving the action there is no action.
  • Thoughts are the drivers to success

The rich brain is programmed in a way to have a powerful connection in the areas of money, wealth & success & without the thought of the rich person; we will never be able to attract the wealth.

Similar Example of Oprah Winfrey

UK - Nelson Mandela Birthday Dinner in London

Oprah Winfrey was not from a very well to do family, but she always had a rich brain. She was able to grab opportunities. She was never disheartened by the scarcity of life & eventually ended up big but what if she had a poor brain, she would have sulked over it and accepted the way life was coming to her.

Some people are born with rich brain and are able to attract richness in life no matter what they do but for the people like you and me, we are born with poor brain but DO NOT WORRY, the good news is that we are capable of deprogramming it to a rich person’s brain to attract security and wealth to life.

The only thing that is missing here is the right approach. The approach that no one has ever spoken about.

An approach that needs to be defined by proper set systems, reviews, and procedures and should be scientifically tested. Isn’t it something you think about? Give it a thought.

How is poor brain described?  the poor brain considers being alive is successful because it follows the survival instinct

Cons of having Poor Brain.

  • Being stuck in one place with no solution
  • New Opportunities or idea is a threat
  • Worrying over the same thing with no answer

Do not panic! The brighter side is, it has been clinically tested & proven that at any age of your life, the brain can be reprogrammed to a rich brain with Total Money Magnetism.

Reviews from Our Clients to Testify the Claim:

  • Avi Valenstein – I’m a salesman and I came to Dr. Steve for help in boosting my Income & in the week following, I made $10k extra commission. Now I am a whole new level of thinking and income—Steve you Rock!!
  • M.W – After listening to you, I have now found myself both a business partner & an investor who wants to invest $1.5 Million in my concept. Meanwhile, my partner has been headhunted twice for 2 jobs, one which is triple his pay. All in the space of the month. Incredible! Thanks for your great sessions.

These type of reviews, I get to hear from people on a regular basis. Their life is changing. Changing for good. Things have become easier for my clients; Opportunities are taping their door in the form of quick cash, steady income and wealth.

Startup Stock Photos

The six-step secret has worked for many and you are here, just one step away from a life of richness, financial stability, wealth and more importantly success.

You deserve all the happiness in the world.

If you think you have reached that stage in life where you have done struggle but with no benefit & is prepared to be a millionaire, take a step right now!!

Buy!! Total Money Magnetism and see your life unfolding and miracles happening.

 Key features of Total Money magnetism:

  • Fast – It works in just minutes a day without fail
  • Easy – It works automatically and things start falling into place
  • Clinically tested – It is scientifically tested & proven to work

No matter where you are staying, what your age is? It works for everyone.

So do not think much! Give it a shot!! Buy, the six-step secret of a millionaire’s brain and be ready to share the example and review of your success with others.

 The major steps the program will be covering are:

  • Millionaire Detox – It clears all the negative thoughts & doubts that are physically hampering you  to manifest
  • Thought Virus Override – It wipes out the entire blockage in the mind & is proven to boost the income by 40% within the first month.
  • Millionaire Mind Amplifier – This step amplifies & intensify the millionaire process
  • Million Mind Maker Money Accelerator – This step increases the speed of result up to 45% activating wealth reverberation effect in the brain which gives you the thought of a millionaire, result of millionaire and wealth of millionaire.

So do not think much!! This program has been designed especially for people like you & me.


It is coming at a huge discounted price for now so that anyone & everyone can buy it and take benefits.

Now what! Scared? If your money gets stuck? If you take a step right now. I’m giving you 60 Days money back guarantee which you can refund anytime if you are unhappy with results, BUT Wait I am sure this will never happen!!

Some added advantages if you buy our plan today!

  • Millionaire Mindset (Free)
  • Mark Ling’s 3 fastest ways to make million online (Free)
  • Platinum millionaire mind maker audio track (Free)

As every thought derives action and I strongly believe that there is a reason that you have come to this page. A desire to be emotionally, physically, psychologically & financially secure.

The unsaid desire to be a millionaire and be a master of your own destiny. Isn’t this is something that you were looking for? So go ahead, get enrolled under the Total Money magnetism program. Buy it & welcome to the world of abundance and be ready to enjoy the life of a millionaire.


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  1. I wonder who doesn’t want to be millionaire ? Who doesn’t want to be financially sound? Who doesn’t want all the luxuries and amenities in life?With growth came more responsibilities and I reached a point where I wanted to give up everything.Things were turning and twisting in a right manner.i followed all the ideas given above.and now i dont have any kinda tension.and money is coming to me in a magnetic speed.

    • Moneymastery

      Total Money Magnetism is jam-packed with rock solid advice that any success-driven person needs to get their hands on. The 5 fundamentals of money magnetism (part 2) lay an invaluable foundation to financial freedom, and the 10 secret success principles of the ultra wealthy (part 3) are proven rules all successful people live by.

      If you want to be wealthy, I highly recommend you read this book!

  2. I have been dying to get some useful ideas that could get my situation together again. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this post now.

  3. Janet Davis

    I followed this technique and became a money magnet. The techniques are easy to follow and you can see the positive changes within a week.

  4. Bob C. Davis

    It is true that without money, there are some basic things and services that you can not access. I am however very much motivated by this post. I now know that I have the abilities to attract money to the self and make life much better. This is more than amazing for sure.

  5. Robert Fulton

    The law of attraction has proved time and again that you definitely can attract the desired money into your life. All that stands in between a poor man and all the money that is waiting to come into his life are his negative thoughts and beliefs. This program teaches one how to think like a rich person – rather how to think rich thoughts. Like attracts like, and thoughts full of abundance will attract abundance into one’s life. There is no doubt about this. Go for the program guys, its worth it!

  6. It is always amazing to know what to do in order to make it in regards to the financial freedom. It is an amazing thing to do for sure. I am hoping that we keep learning from such like posts and become even better.

  7. Its similar to flipping the light’s switch. But the thing is, you have to take care of grid and wiring system before you can turn on the lights, and that’s exactly what this program does; it helps you fix brain’s wiring system.

  8. Jame Dingess

    This program shows you that if you have been struggling in life that it is the mindset you have that is to blame. This program will show you how to get rid of it and replace it with a more powerful mindset that creates wealth and abundance in your life.

  9. Moneymastery

    Total Money Magnetism is jam-packed with rock solid advice that any success-driven person needs to get their hands on. The 5 fundamentals of money magnetism (part 2) lay an invaluable foundation to financial freedom, and the 10 secret success principles of the ultra wealthy (part 3) are proven rules all successful people live by.

    If you want to be wealthy, I highly recommend you read this book!

  10. Total Money Magnetism will help you harness this mind power that will result in financial success. The program is not like the other financial help guides that promises to give you useful information that could make you rich in 5 minutes and at the end of the day, they end up not being able to deliver.
    This program is not just some scam, no! It will not only provide you with techniques and tips to achieve financial freedom, but it will also make you a better person in all spheres of life.

  11. Maria D. Chandler

    I would call it a transformation system because that is what it is. It is very clear and has helped me in changing so many things about my life. I know feel free because i can get what i want in life.

  12. Stephen King

    Total money magnetism is very unique. I actually never expected that it would work this well for me when i was buying it. It is full of great ideas on how to make money in life. I have been using those tips for more than 3 months now and there is change.

  13. To me it is even difficult to clearly explain what i have experienced by using the total money magnetism because it works much different from other systems. It has taught me so much that i cannot explain. I like it module.

  14. Catherine

    The step-by-step program will help the person making use of his brain powers to create total financial autonomy, wealth, and success.

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