Witchcraft Secret Manual is a program for aspiring witches and modern-day witches. It can be for anyone who is embarking on a journey that is spiritual to learn rituals and natural remedies. Witchcraft is a term that can seem intimidating at first because of its negative connotations. However, witchcraft offers remedies that combine intention and ingredients to fulfill your desire.

CIA now confirms that the thoughts you have can shape your reality. These are the two things the Witchcraft Secret Manual deals with. This manual contains magic spells, including secret spells, love spells, money spells, and more. Therefore, you can solve all your problems easily with these love and money spells and improve your life. “If you truly want to find magic, you must believe in its existence.”

What is the Witchcraft Secret Manual?

Witchcraft Secret Manual Power of White Magic

Witchcraft Secret Manual lets beginners work with the power of white magic to create witchcraft spells. The different spell system is only restricted to moral purposes. It further assists you in your life to get progress in your aspirations, needs, and goals.

The manual comprises all the spells by witches. Your life can be magic once you learn the art of spell casting. You cannot find it like other books in bookstores but you can download the manual in PDF format.

According to the Witchcraft Secret Manual Review, it has in its source ancient ties of the author. In order to make it infallible, he has practiced white and black magic for 35 years.

This unique and amazing program is beneficial for anyone who is trying to become a witch and easily cast spells. But why use this manual? 

  • You do not need any form of proper knowledge or experience in being a wizard or witch to be able to perform effective sorcery
  • Unlike other programs, you won’t have to invest a huge sum of money.
  • The program does not require foreign materials to enable you to effectively cast spells.
  • The program does not require you to go outdoors or go to a faraway location. You get the comfort of staying at home.
  • Whatever magic you will cast will be white magic, which is not as harmful as dark magic. Thus, there will not be any unwanted side effects.
  • The product ensures that your identity is kept safe. It is discreet and confidential, as it comes only in digital format. Also, no one needs to know that you have used the product.
  • Using the product gives you the wonderful opportunity of enjoying the pleasure of acquiring the triumph of love in your life.
  • You will be able to acquire complete financial freedom in a swift and safe manner.
  • In the process of casting spells, you will end up losing a few extra pounds without undergoing any sort of diet or intense training. 
  • The product helps those who are heartbroken, in moving on with life and leave behind the bad memories that drag them down.

Who is the author behind the Witchcraft Secret Manual?

Witchcraft Secret Manual The Creator

The author of the Witchcraft Secret Manual is Esteban José Portela. He belongs to the fourth generation of the witches of white magic. Additionally, he is developing skills for more than 35 years in the field of black magic. This program is easy to follow and a practical guide for anyone who wants to tap into their inner witch.

He helps a witch learn the witchcraft secret of white magic. As per his manual review, he shares information and ideas about the aspects of magic. The spells that it provides helps improve your life.

How does the Witchcraft Secret Manual of Esteban Jose Portela work?

Witchcraft Secret Manual Fulfill your dreams

According to the Witchcraft Secret Manual review, its main work is to answer the questions of others regarding different spells. The main features of the Witchcraft Secret Manual of Esteban José Portela are given below.

  • It clears the confusion around sorcery and casting a spell.
  • It tells you how to find love again by using a love spell.
  • The program works as a guide to help you get access to an energy that attracts success, wealth, and money.
  • The product teaches spells that make you more attractive to your wife using the magic of beauty spells.
  • The product further enables you to work on a spell using candles to get your partner back.
  • Other spells provide the secrets to make the love of your life take notice.
  • This is one of the best manuals for people who want to improve the aspects of their love relationship.
  • The manual plays a part in letting you know all the secrets to get success and improve your industry standard.

Who is the Witchcraft Secret Manual Program of Esteban Jose Portela intended for?

Witchcraft Secret Manual Tired of not having Goodluck

Esteban Jose Portela intended the Witchcraft Secret Manual for people who suffer from bad luck. Also, his intended readers are those who want to use his information to learn about the types of magic spells. It is one of the best products that one can use to get something back in their life.

So you will get your power back once you use this program. This secret manual will give you spells to practice to achieve success and get money back in your life.

What can you learn from the Witchcraft Secret Manual

Witchcraft Secret Manual Detailed Spells

According to the Witchcraft Secret Manual Review, you can get an abundance of spells that improve your life. As one of the best products, it gives you all types of magic remedies, rituals, and recipes.

If you are a believer, then you can get the book online. It offers a part-by-part organized and easy reading. There are different charts that separate the ingredients, spells, and purposes. You will get a vast amount of information on spirituality, charms, witchcraft, symbols, lunar phases, colors, and more.

Its first part gives you spells related to charms, weekdays, lunar phases, cauldron, wand, and magic hours and days.

Its second part deals with love spells regarding how to get proposed, married, forget love, stop divorces, and get lasting love. Part two also includes fortune and money spells on how to be employed and attract wealth and money.

Lastly, it deals with spells like a home spell, protection spell, and spell for enhancing beauty. Home spells attract happiness in your home, fulfill desires, cleanse your house of negative energy, and amulet protection. Protection spells help people with ritual aura purification, night spell, and protection against all sorcery. A beauty spell will fight cellulite, make you irresistible, help you lose weight, and enhance your eye color.

Finally, the third part deals with talismans, candles, magic with salt, and incense. Candles enable you to contact other people, wards off depression, protect against illness, and creates stable relationships. Incense enhances the power of herbs, protects from negativity, blocks negative vibrations, and pacifies a friend. Magic with salt protects against envy, bad luck keeps bad spirits away, scares an enemy, and more.

Bonuses of the Witchcraft Secret Manual

Witchcraft Secret Manual Bonus Product


Reading previous reviews of the Witchcraft Secret Manual, I gathered some of its advantages. Here are some of them:

  • It is good for one who is just a beginner.
  • The manual requires minimal investment.
  • It has a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • The white magic of these products does not have side effects that are unwanted.
  • It has accessible materials.
  • You can read it from the comfort of your own home.


Some disadvantages and problems of the Witchcraft Secret Manual are given below. They are also based on previous reviews:

  • You require an internet connection to get the product.
  • Its results will vary.
  • Some people will have confusing beliefs.

Does the Witchcraft Secret Manual book practice work?

Witchcraft Secret Manual Testimonial

The followers of the Witchcraft Secret Manual occult practices attest to the usefulness and effectiveness of its information. It helps to improve your life in terms of your marriage, love, education, and others. Therefore, the users do not deny the effectiveness of these world-popular Wicca practices present in the manual.

So, if you want to take charge of your existence, and direct your dreams towards fulfillment, then visit this site. It will further save you from investing in systems that actually do not work.

How to download the Witchcraft Secret Manual for free?

Some sites will claim to sell the Witchcraft Secret Manual for free. The title of their pages will be Secret Witchcraft Spells for free PDF Download. And then after saying it’s risk-free, it will lead you to a low price. You can get the 60-day money-back guarantee and more benefits, but the product is not available for free. Any site that claims that you will get free copies is actually a fraud and will sell you illegal copies. Since neither of these options is good, you must only buy it from the official website.

How much does the Witchcraft Secret Manual cost?

Esteban, the author, asks a simple question to his buyers how much is it worth to get your love back? Or to divorce the love of your life? Or to improve your business forever?

The buyers can think it’s more than $1000 and $2000. And, it can be even more. But you can get everything through the holy book of incantations and spells. Yes, you will get the best results from this book that will change your world forever.

But you do not have to make huge investments for that as the Witchcraft Secret Manual has a lower He also offers a 60 days risk-free period. Once you get the spells, you will just have to wait before it starts to work for you. Then slowly, you will be able to accomplish all your goals and ambitions.

Your order will be confidential and discreet with SSL encryption. So nobody will ever know you took the help of this witchcraft guide. As soon as you make your payment, you will get access immediately from the comfort of your home.

Is Witchcraft Secret Manual a Scam?

Witchcraft Secret Manual Ancient Ties

Some pages have titles that say the Witchcraft Secret Manual is a scam, and Esteban Portela is a scammer. We must not fall prey to such deceptions. They use such titles to attract potential buyers to visit their website. Sometimes the websites also use terms like the fear factor on the top of their headlines.

When you visit their website, they share the most positive review. So, in order to avoid wasting time, steer clear of such sites that play such dirty games. As they first attract you by pretending to have a bad experience, and then they scam you.

The websites that are all authentic have titles like Witchcraft Secret Manual Review. Therefore, read the review from such websites. They will give reviews that are one hundred percent legitimate. And, you will get to learn more about it through their experiences. Such websites will not deceive you into thinking about what the guide is not. It will show you the actual truth behind such manuals.

And lastly, they will not attract you with fake titles. Another book on witchcraft is Life Can Be Magick by Miranda Oakridge.

Can we get discount codes from the Secret Witchcraft Practices Manual?

Another way that you can get scammed is by a fake discount. The original website offers the book at the original pricing of $39.00. Therefore, do not buy the book from links that say 50 % off.

Some YouTubers are nowadays making videos of finding a discount in the Secret Witchcraft Manual. But, if you follow what they are saying, you will end up disappointed. Hence, go for links that do not make false discount claims.

Even some websites claim that they are selling the book at $39.00 after cutting a 75% discount from the original pricing of $156. So, do not follow such links. You will yourself get to know if Esteban Portela drops the price himself.

What can the Secret Witchcraft Manual do for you?

Witchcraft Secret Manual Teachings

It can help you if you have been abandoned by your loved one. Whether she has fallen out of love or got a new boyfriend, you will get her back. You can take the help of the love tie to get the person that you are crazy about.

If your partner does not want a serious relationship, you can secure it by simply using a love spell. It will also help you forget a person that you were in love with in the past.

Lastly, it can increase the profits of your business and attract good luck. If you do not have a job, you can get one with the help of spells.


We can conclude by saying that the Witchcraft Secret Manual by Esteban Portela helps a great deal to solve daily problems. It also comes at a reasonable price which makes it a worthy investment. You can fulfill all your dreams with the help of this book. Once you read the review of the buyers that they share online, you will be rest assure of its effectiveness.

Therefore, it is popular throughout the world. As soon as you buy the book, you will get many sidebar benefits. So, do not hesitate to buy it. This is because, once you make the purchase, you will see your dreams immediately manifest before you.

Witchcraft Secret Manual Try it now!

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